Sunday, September 13, 2009

Father of the Green Revolution RIP

The reason why we have less farmland and more woodland is Norman Borlaug.

The reason why we have more food for more people using less farmland is Norman Borlaug.

The reason why we have better nutrition, better health, and longer lives is Norman Borlaug.

Who is Norman Borlaug? He is the father of the Green Revolution. A scientist who developed agricultural innovations that produced high-yield foods and saved millions, if not hundreds of millions, of lives the world over.

My husband's think tank honored him with their Promethus Prize but Dr. Borlaug has won the Nobel Prize and the Congressional Gold Medal for his work.

This obituary has all the details of this great man's life. My God take him to heaven for he has saved so many lives here on earth.

Another tribute to the great man is here.

(FWIW - I do believe this is also my 2,000 post.)

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