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'William Tell Overture' Mom

Still one of my favs

Mommy Rhapsody

And here's the mom's version!

It's A Dad's Life


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Random Round-Up 07-24

Opinion Piece by my husband and published in the Washington Examiner - A moratorium we need

President Obama Job Approval

Raising the Stakes in the New Black Panther Case

GOP Lawmakers Call for Investigation Into Alleged Racial Politics of Justice Dept.

Revealed: The Obama Donor List

Video: Journolist’s success in setting the message

Obama Journolist Operative Invited Other Journolistas to White House

Obama Commission Will Call for Trillions in Tax Hikes

Coburn Aiding in Justice Investigation of Ensign

Charlie Rangel Is Toast AND Charlie's fading friends AND House Democrat calls on Rep. Rangel to resign AND The Rangel Standard A public ethics trial will be instructive.

Can Charles Rangel Be Saved? Rangel's ethical woes have cast doubt on the 40-year veteran's future in the House.

Democrats worry Rangel's ethics trial will hurt party in midterm elections

Rangel Speaks, and Asks for Time

PJTV Video - Kruiser In Brief(s): Nachos, Hugs, Polaroids & Chimpanzees

Name and Shame - Known Journolisters

White House predicts record $1.47 trillion deficit

Healthcare (July 2010)

It’s Not Health Care ‘Reform’; It’s Exploitation To stop health care exploitation we must address the root issue: the nature of rights and the purpose of government.

Bill that would offer free malpractice coverage faces hurdles

The Drawbacks of Dutch-Style Health Care Rules: Lessons for Americans

'A Commandeering of the People' One of America's leading libertarian legal scholars handicaps whether the Supreme Court will find ObamaCare's insurance mandate constitutional.

Britain Plans to 'Decentralize' National Health Service

Mama Can't Find a Doctor, and Other Fallout From New Democratic Legislation

Public Option Redux

PJTV Video - THE WEEK IN BLOGS: Blunt Talk & Raptor Goodness. Plus, Unemployed? You're Not Alone

Taxes Are for the Little People, not John Kerry AND Sen. John Kerry Skips Town on Sails Tax

Stonewalling at the House Oversight Information Policy Subcommittee

John Galt in Skirts in Connecticut

An Open Conspiracy To Slant the News JournoList is a symptom, not the disease, of liberal media bias.

Hey, something I have in common with the JournoListers! - Journolisters offended by Keith Olbermann’s ‘misogynistic,’ ‘predictable,’ and ‘pompous’ show

I don't think you can be a journalist and carry water for a politician, and that's what they were doing: 'Here's the line on Palin.'"

Put Up or Shut Up, Ezra: Why Is JournoList Founder Klein Whining About Tucker Carlson?

Where the JournoLists Roam (and Moan) Liberal bloggers sulk at this year's Netroots Nation gathering.

Swing Districts Are Spending $13.5 Million More of Stimulus Than Non-Swing Districts

Breaking News: Two Days Post-Finreg, Banks Still Too Big to Fail

New Deficit Numbers

“Read my lips” all over again

Will Liz Warren be nominated/confirmed to head consumer financial agency? Does it Matter?

The Economic Case Against the Death Tax

Teachers Unions Fail to Secure Pork for Public Employees

The Lottery Makes a Strong Statement About Charter Schools

Cultural Defense Accepted as to Nonconsensual Sex in New Jersey Trial Court, Rejected on Appeal

WSJ: The Liberal Tax Revolt

From Adam Baldwin (he's even dreamier than VodkaPundit) - ‘Cry Racism!’: The Art of Mis-Communication

Bozell: Full Sherrod Tape Is Worse!

Congress Spent $604,000 on Bottled Water, $397,000 on Catering

The CLASS Act: Repeal Now, or Face Permanent Taxpayer Bailout Later

CNN Host Calls for Crackdown on 'Bloggers' in Wake of Sherrod Incident: 'Something’s Going to Have to be Done Legally'

The Arrogance of the Poltical Class, Cont'd

U.S. Chamber Applauds Congressional Inquiry Into Treasury's Consideration of $1.6 Billion Trial Lawyer Tax Break

New Blood for Social Security

Our national debt would horrify the Founders

Romer & Romer: Tax Increases Significantly Contract the Economy

Breitbart: Why No Politico, Or Bloomberg Firings?

Government decides Sustainable Development Commission is unsustainable

It's time to end the excessive subsidies for corn ethanol

Kerry Eyes Lame Duck Climate Fight

Obama’s Solar Energy Fantasy In true postmodern fashion, objective facts have vanished in the mist of a progressive wish.

Cap and Trade only Mostly Dead

Still Waiting For Apologies

Obama's Soft-Core Socialism

Sharia Creeps

Breaking: Anita MonCrief to File FEC Charges Against Obama Administration

Do Public Sector Unions Drive States Into Bankruptcy?

Class of 2009 Employment Data: Jobs Down, Salaries Flat

California Roundup: $8 Billion Rail Project Results In Fewer People Riding Public Transportation

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Consent of the governed - and the lack thereof

Dodd-Frank Forum: Proxy Access and Judging Success

Hollywood Babylon—For Ugly People

A Paler Shade Of White – The Journolist Conspirators

Sherrod: Breitbart Wants Blacks to Be Slaves Again
If you’re impatient, fireworks being at about 1:50:

The Great Divide

The Fully Fettered Matt Yglesias (Or Not...)

Andy Stern Joins Georgetown University as Research Fellow

$30,000 Birthday Wishes for Obama

I witnessed Obama worshipping at Jeremiah Wright’s church

Put an end to affirmative action

Catholic sex scandal as undercover reporter 'films priests at gay clubs and having casual flings' AND Church blasts gay priests leading 'double life'

Democrats wary of motivation problem with liberals

In Economic Woes

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it

Latest Obamacare News

Some insurers stop writing new coverage for kids

So much for the keep the insurance you have line.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Heat Index Today - 110

It's too hot. I'm going back to bed and thanking God for the invention of Air Conditioning, Electricity, and Television.

God bless this modern age!

Power To The People Round-Up

Calif. council accepts resignations of 3 managers a good step but their pensions are obscenely large and will continue for the entirety of their lives.

Ford posts another quarterly profit as sales climb. People are picking Ford over Government Motors, gee I wonder why?

Ariz. judge raises the realities of porous border. She sounds sympatico to the people of Arizona and their reality.

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Bad Politician Bad 07-22

President Obama Job Approval

Obama's Poll Numbers Down, Imaginary Racism Up

Gee, I wonder why - Congressional Approval at Historic Low

Congress Ranks Last in Confidence in Institutions

Get in line Hillary, we are all frustrated - Hillary Frustrated by Obama's Foreign Policy Weakness

Friendly Fire on Capitol Hill Democrats are saying unkind things about the White House. The president has himself to blame.

Obama DHS Diverts FOIA Requests For Political Appointee Scrutiny

White House Backs Bill to Collect Employee Pay Information from Businesses

O's jobs errors. Why the president failed so miserably to deliver

PJTV Video - How to Defend Yourself From Dem-Holes and Manhandling Members of Congress

Obamateurism of the Day

Democrats Attack Small Business Owner for Speaking Out Against Obama’s Policies

Republicans need to show beef or they'll get the hoof

Plurality of voters believe the country would have been better off if John McCain had beaten Mr. Obama in 2008

Too many czars in Obama's kitchen

Trust Congress to mess things up - Opinion: Is Congress About to Hand Russia the Keys to Space?

Obama's Lack of Faith. It's time to start trusting the American people

Analysis: Race issues beset Obama's "post-racial" presidency

Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures

Congressman: Sherrod’s Hiring Should Be Investigated

Shirley Sherrod: Obama 'Is Not Someone Who Has Experienced What I Have Experienced Through Life' Gosh, are we going to go back to when many were questioning if Obama was "Not Black Enough"?

Wrestling for Suburbanites in Connecticut

There needs to be a law for this? Obama Signs Law to Cut 'Improper Payments'

In Economic Woes 07-22

The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon

Fiscal commission putting tax hikes 'on the table'

Punting on Financial Reform The real winners of the Dodd-Frank bill are federal regulators.

Dem Plan to Cut Deficit Will Pay for Failed Stimulus … by 2130

Deficits vs. Unemployment: You’re Wrong, America

Congress should look under the TARP

My vote is to get rid of them - What should be done with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Mortgage Rates Hit 4.56 Pct., New Record Low

Setting the Table for Fiscal Restraint

US financial system support up $700 bln in past year-watchdog

“Financial Reform” And America’s March to Marxism

Opposing view on balancing the budget: Stop these tax hikes

Budget cuts force Newark NJ to restrict TP purchases.

The Truly Bizzare "Logic" of Dodd-Frank's Shareholder Empowerment Provisions

Oh goody - The Great Recession is just the beginning

Unemployment benefits to extend malaise

Jobless claims jump in latest week

White House Backs Bill to Collect Employee Pay Information from Businesses

As U.S. suspends deep-water oil drilling, other nations move ahead

Government Is Borrowing, Corporations Are Saving: Coincidence?

Bush Tax Cuts Roil Democrats

Media Bias 07-22

Keith Olbermann Opens Mouth, Hilarity Ensues This is truly laugh-out-loud!

When McCain picked Palin, liberal journalists coordinated the best line of attack

Your Daily Caller JournoList Document Drop Du Jour

Latest JournoList Revelations: Attacks on Palin

Old & busted: ‘Liberal media bias? Get real!’ New hotness: ‘Well, of COURSE the media has a liberal bias. Don’t act so surprised, rube!’

I'd add, the Left has actually manufactured completely false evidence of racism at Tea Party events out here. I have yet to see any outrage over that.

The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy Everyone knew most of the press corps was hoping for Obama in 2008. Newly released emails show that hundreds of them were actively working to promote him.

Video: Arch-propagandist troubled by media’s lack of ethics

2008 – The year journalism really died

A Note to All the Non-JList Reporters, and a Response from Henry Farrell

Journolistas Even Clam Up In Unison

NYTimes: Glenn Beck Was Right

Mainstreaming Hate. How media companies are using the Internet to make anti-Semitism respectable

Ugly Smear Of Mark Levin Launched By Friedersdorf-Friendly Site

Outrageous Lawsuit

A Couple Questions for Rep. Andre Carson

Daily Round-Up 07-22

Top Ten Racist Incidents of the Week

My husbands article in National Review - Preferred Risk


The Nation’s Worst State Attorneys General

A must-read - Elena Kagan, Barack Obama, and the American Establishment

Feds dismiss post-Enron tips of fraud

Workers on Doomed Rig Voiced Concern About Safety

No charges against Bush DOJers on fired DAs, no apologies expected AND Prosecutor firing was politics, not crime

There's no defense - Feds defend response to Tennessee flooding

Whatever happened to "Don't Be Evil"? 37 states join probe into Google Wi-Fi data collection

First came Climategate, now it’s JournoList; Who’s next for an email scandal?

Not sure what to make of this except it is a little hypocritical of the left to claim the right are religious fanatics when polls like this come out. One-fourth of Democrats think Jesus will ‘definitely return’ in 40 years

The Humanitarian Crisis of the Gaza Mall

Who? Hey, remember Al Gore?

Black racism: a real problem, or pure politics?

Shirley Sherrod, unfairly dismissed

Ms. Sherrod's Speech Was Most Certainly Not About Transcending Racism




Why the ObamaCare Tax Penalty Is Unconstitutional The federal power to tax is not unlimited, as the Supreme Court recognized when it struck down the first national income tax.

It’s Not Health Care ‘Reform’; It’s Exploitation. To stop health care exploitation we must address the root issue: the nature of rights and the purpose of government.

Obamacare Mandate Much Worse than a Tax

Repeal Obamacare?


Taxpayers Sue Governor to Invalidate Washington State Climate Change Executive Order

As U.S. suspends deep-water oil drilling, other nations move ahead

Study: Cap and Trade Could Cost 1.9 Million Jobs

Childhood Obesity and Lunchbox Privacy The food police go to school — with counterproductive results

How a long-ago Secretary of Agriculture became the demon of industrial food critics; and how those critics get the last half-century of agricultural history wrong.

Will the Party of No Foil the Half-Baked Greenhouse Machiavellis?

Greens fracture over Obama

Hey, remember Al Gore?

Good news, right? Gulf boats having trouble finding any oil


Cedra Crenshaw, Candidate Mom, Escapes Clutches of Chicago Machine

Wooden 'Stonehenge' Emerges From Prehistoric Ohio

Boehner: 'Read the Bill'

Computers to translate world's 'lost' languages after program deciphers ancient text

Wise Words For Us All

I was led to this article by my husband and I agree the author makes an excellent point that is well worth reading. Homo stramineus

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daily Round-Up 07-21

President Obama Job Approval

Obama hits low in Quinnipiac approval rating

Obama's lack of faith

Bunker Time

Obama: It's All About the Perks

Corruption Watch: First Dodd, Now His Wife?

An interview with the pastor who has a plan to beat Charlie Rangel

Blago: Government "Proved My Innocence"

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Shouting at the Galaxy: Jessi Slaughter, the Cyber Police & a Brain Slushie for All the Haters AND Why Are the Smartest People So Dumb When It Comes to Obama?

Breitbart Didn’t Hide Sherrod’s Redemption and Other Things the Media’s Gotten Wrong So Far I'm still concerned about this but am inclined to gove Mr. Breitbart a fair hearing.

New Black Panther Case Should Not Have Been Dismissed

From Desmond Tutu - Obama’s Overdue AIDS Bill

I said it before and I'll say it again, Ken Blackwell should have been RNC Chair. RNC Treasurer Accuses Steele of Hiding GOP's $7 Million Debt

Kagan Promoted Shariah Law at Harvard

Killing Jews For Fun and For Profit: The Continuing American Adventures of Arab Bank

PJTV Video (AlfonZo!) - The Life & Times of AlfonZo Rachel, Part 1: The Birth of Macho Sauce

A Word of Thanks to Four Black Men and A Gun

Arizona Fights Obama's Immigration Suit, Blames Feds for 'Crushing Burden'

Why was this in the Obamacare bill to begin with? Gold Coin Sellers Angered by New Tax Law. Amendment Slipped Into Health Care Legislation Would Track, Tax Coin and Bullion Transactions

Mandate mendacity: The Obamacare tax

Florida doctors to consider splitting ties with AMA over healthcare reform

Making Americans Sick

And the worst record on timely access to primary care goes to …

Abortion, Third-Party Payer, and the Cost of Health Care

The Boundless Beneficence of Big Brother

Eek! Thankfully, we're all paid up. Homeowners Associations: The New Foreclosure

Gov't watchdogs: mortgage program is not working

I have to say as a conservative blogger, it gives me no end of satisfication to say "I told you so" regarding Media Bias and Journolist. Deep, deep satisfaction.

Steering the press. Proof that it's a game for the left

Obama wins! And Journolisters rejoice

'Call Them Racists' How "journolists" tried to suppress the news.

It Begins: Journolistas Start Preemptive Confessions

The Manchurian Listserv

Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox News

Tales From The Crypt - The Journolist Archives

Did MSNBC Adjust Website in Response to Diversity Criticism?


Son Of CRA: The Scandal Lives On

Dodd-Frank Already Having Unintended Consequences? You Don't Say!

Excluded from invitation list for Obama's signing of Wall Street reform: Wall Street titans

Goldman Sachs in $nub of Dems. Finance-bill fallout

GOP Lawmaker Blasts White House for $23M Spent on Kenya Constitution Vote

Washington bureaucrats can't run the auto industry

The Economic Case against the Death Tax

The Scariest Unemployment Graph I've Seen Yet

Bernanke Sees No Quick End to High Rate of Joblessness

How Financial Reform Discriminates -- Unless Your Daughter Goes to Wellesley

US financial system support up $700 bln in past year-watchdog

Groups line up against fiscal commission

Obama's Economic Fish Stories On unemployment, the president claims that the stimulus bill was several times more potent than his chief economic adviser estimates. Such statements hurt his credibility.

Unions Stifle Education Reform

California Official's $800,000 Salary in City of 38,000 Triggers Protests

Why Would 80 Police Officers Cost Oakland $100 Million?

ACORN Missouri Assaults Bank As President Obama Signs Bank Bailout Bill

Universities and Government Bureaucracies: The Left’s ‘Chokepoint Charlies’. The communists had their checkpoints. Leftists have their chokepoints. At the nation's universities and in government bureaucracies, they have the power to end careers and control people's lives — and they do abuse it.

Cap-and-Trade Bill Would Make Housing Less Affordable

Climate bill on the ropes

AL GORE SEX SCANDAL SHOCKER POLICE INVESTIGATE TWO MORE! AND Gore faces new sexual assault accusations

Green Dreams Die Ugly On Capitol Hill

Beware the Lame Duck, Looming Cap & Tax

Large China oil spill threatens sea life, water

Meet Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s outspoken attorney general

Obama's Reading Material

You know, the man can read any damn book he pleases but the last thing I want the President of the United States Of America to do is walk around in public flashing a book titled "The Post American World”.

What the hell kind of message does that tell the American people? What does that say about how he feels about the country he is leading, the government policies he is responsible for, and the future of the American people?

Sure, maybe he's reading it to get the "other perspective" but given this man's track record, I'm far more likely to consider this book a re-enforcement of his personal belief system than a study of what-not-to-do.

Photo emailed to me via my husband who got it from a colleague.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


From Stephen Kruiser's website:

Big Union/ACORN/Leftie Groups 07-20

Meet Mike Griffing.

Go Get 'Em - Breaking: Nevada To Press On With Criminal Prosecution of ACORN

Congress Tenaciously Determined to Bail Out Teachers Unions

Racist Govt Official/NAACP Award Recipient Resigns after Big Government Exposé

I'm Not One to Advocate Armed Insurrection. . .

Why Are Unions Pushing so Hard for Elizabeth Warren as Consumer Protection Czar?

Shirley Sherrod's Disappearing Act: Not So Fast

Think Progress Manufactures Another Fake Tea Party Racism Story

Media Bias 07-20

Some reaction to today’s big story about JournoList and Rev. Wright

The One-Party Media

Journolist, Jeremiah Wright and Groucho Marx

Breitbart got results.

‘JournoList’ E-mails Show Media Plotting to Kill Stories about Reverend Jeremiah Wright

First foreign allies now this: Obama restricts media from covering BP

How the Wright-Free Zone was Built

Think Progress Manufactures Another Fake Tea Party Racism Story

JournoList: …Yes, But the Reporters at Pravda Weren’t Such Insufferable Assholes

Chronicle Review Admits Bellesiles’s Story is False — Blames Student, not Bellesiles

Top Ten Most Left-Biased American Journalists – #3: JournoList’s Own Paul Krugman, The New York Times

In Economic Woes 07-20

Today’s Keynesians have learnt nothing

No Barney, we don't - Barney Frank: We Need More Government Intervention

Apparently, it is the Free Market that we need more of, Barney - Do Free Markets Lead to Fairer Wages?

Does Government Spending Stimulate Economies?

The High Cost of Dems' Policies

Stimulating Unemployment If you can't create any jobs, pay people not to work.

Comparing Pay in the Federal Government and the Private Sector

U.S. Housing Starts Drop to Lowest Level Since October

The SEC’s fishy deal with Goldman

Financial Regulations Reformed?

Obama Takes Illinois Mistakes Nationwide

When will liberals stop falsely claiming to be battling Big Business?

When a Monopolist Deceives

Please, No More Government Spending!

Bad Politician Bad 07-20

President Obama Job Approval

Actually this is a case of good politician - New Chris Christie video: How’d you like those first six months in office, huh?

DOJ's Green Light to Voter Fraud and Intimidation

Sestak's Attempt To Suppress Speech

Unsurprisingly - Obama garners little credit for sweeping change

Sharron Angle Can Smile

Obama: Mr. Incredible

When will liberals stop falsely claiming to be battling Big Business?

Elena Kagan vs. public opinion

Joe Biden, Underpants Gnome Voters are ignorant, he suggests. But don't worry, they'll learn somehow!

Daily Round-Up 07-20

July 20, 1969: One Small Step … One Giant Leap …

And this PJTV Video from Bill Whittle - One Small Misstep for a Man, One Giant Leap for Private Enterprise

‘JournoList’ E-mails Show Media Plotting to Kill Stories about Reverend Jeremiah Wright


Google's been pissing me off ever since they started pretending Christian holidays didn't exist. Google's Wi-Spying and Intelligence Ties Prompt Call for Congressional Hearing

“There is no law here…”

Thomas Sowell - Race Card Fraud

Taking Photos In Public Places Is Not A Crime: Analysis

Awesome PJTV Video - Pundits Gone Wild: The Megyn Kelly Smackdown, and the Larry King Tongue-Loesching

'Sanctuary' is lawless and deadly

Racist Govt Official/NAACP Award Recipient Resigns after Big Government Exposé

Why the Left Shouldn’t Defend the New Black Panther Dismissal


AN columnist on plug-in vehicles: "Electricity is not sexy" Your car may run on electricity but chances are in the US that electricity will come from coal. BWAHAHAHA.

56% Support Offshore Drilling; 47% Favor Deepwater Drilling, Too


RomneyCare Advocates: We Swear, This Time Centralized Planning Will Work

Obama: Mr. Incredible

“Of Constitutional Decapitation and Healthcare”

Feds Tracking Obesity Under New Stimulus Rule

Letter from Mrs. Obama

State rules clash with health pools

The ‘New Abortion Providers’

Patients’ health, pharmacists’ conscience protected in Wash., court agrees to halt trial


Bobby Jindal’s Plan

Libertarian Influence

The Automobile’s Forgotten Secret

A Staunch and Self-Confident Ally We have a clear common agenda: succeeding in Afghanistan, securing economic growth and fighting protectionism.

Climategate Inquiry Glosses Over The Facts

(Below is an article my husband wrote for the Washington Examiner, direct link here. I have copied it in full because like my husband, it is very, very good.)
When the Climategate e-mails were released last year, the evidence of misconduct by the scientists involved was so strong that the climate establishment was forced to commission a series of tribunals. Yet the conclusions of those inquiries are as specious as the science they were supposed to investigate. By asking the wrong questions -- or not asking them at all -- they have failed to advance the climate debate one iota.

The Climategate scandal began when an unknown party released thousands of e-mails taken from the servers of the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (UEA and CRU). The e-mails appeared to show the world's leading paleoclimatologists manipulating data to mislead, interfering with the peer review process and conspiring to delete e-mails in order to avoid freedom of information requirements.

Paleoclimatology -- the study of past temperatures -- is central to claims of unusual recent temperature. Most important is the "hockey stick" -- a graph of historic temperatures that shows a sharp increase in recent years.

The tone of the Climategate inquiries was set by Britain's parliamentary inquiry. With an election looming, the parliamentary committee could only hold one day of hearings, and found that the scientists involved had not attempted to mislead people.

Yet the hearings did not include testimony from the most severe critics of the hockey stick graphic, such as Canadians Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick, who could have explained exactly why the e-mails did suggest impropriety.

The parliamentary inquiry was also assured by the UEA that the quality of the science would be reviewed by another inquiry to be headed by Lord Oxburgh. Yet Lord Oxburgh's panel handed down a short report which did not examine the quality of the science at all.

The panel simply reviewed a selection of CRU papers -- selected by the UEA itself -- and pronounced itself satisfied that the scientific process was fair and proper. The chairman of the parliamentary committee, Labor legislator Phil Willis, told the BBC he "could not believe" this "sleight of hand."

Yet this cursory review suggested deeper problems. In his review of the hockey stick itself, according to the Guardian newspaper, the panel's statistician David Hand said that the scientists had used inappropriate statistical methods. Hockey stick co-author Michael Mann of Penn State University dismissed this as a "rogue opinion."

The final review, conducted by former bureaucrat Sir Muir Russell, was compromised from the start. Its chief scientist, while purporting to be independent, was a former staff member of the CRU. Once again, it failed to interview the chief critics.

This panel did not examine the other e-mails on the CRU server, as it was supposed to do. It cleared the scientists of perverting the peer review process simply because their efforts did not succeed, thereby ignoring their clear intent as expressed in the e-mails.

Further, the inquiry failed to ask the most basic questions of the CRU scientists, such as whether Professor Phil Jones had actually deleted inconvenient e-mails. Britain's freedom of information office said that the Cimategate e-mails provided the most cogent evidence imaginable that there had been efforts to avoid FOI requirements, yet the Muir Russell review did not investigate this appropriately.

Even this inadequate investigation, however, found that the way the hockey stick graph was handled was misleading. Imagine what it -- and the parliamentary committee -- would have found if there had been some witnesses for the prosecution.

Those who hope that these inquiries exonerate global warming science are engaging in wishful thinking. The Climategate e-mails are still there for all to read and the questions they raise remain unanswered. Until there are answers, Climategate rolls on.

Salad Spinner Centrifuge - Brilliant!

Salad Spinner Centrifuge: A Cheap, Ingenious Health Care Tool I am thrilled that these two young women invented a life-saving diagnosis device for the third world using a common kitchen tool. Let's hope these two go on to great things!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Obamacare 07-19

Obama Flip-Flops on the Individual Mandate (Again)

Rationer-in-chief. The appointment of a new health-care tsar angers Republicans

It Depends on What the Meaning of “Tax” Is

The Truth About Obamacare, Continued

As Massachusetts health 'reform' goes, so could go Obamacare

The president’s wooden-headed interpretation of our Constitution

The Lie Is Up, Ohio GOP Congressman Warn Governor Strickland

First lady makes push for health reform

Big Union/ACORN/Leftie Groups 07-19

No, George W. Bush Did Not Whitewash the New Black Panthers

Clarity and the New Black Panther Party

Video Proof: The NAACP Awards Racism–2010

Why the Left Shouldn’t Defend the New Black Panther Dismissal

Is NAACP blind to Farrakhan & Co.? The Nation of Islam is built on racism and lies

Unions ‘Own the Democratic Party’

Union Goons In Action

To Protest Hiring of Nonunion Help, Union Hires Nonunion Pickets Jobless Recruits Get Minimum Wage 'To March Around and Sound Off'

In Economic Woes 07-19

Stimulating waste. How politicians use tax dollars for self-promotion

It Depends on What the Meaning of “Tax” Is

Comparing Pay in the Federal Government and the Private Sector

Job creation is essential to recovery

CBO Warns the Nation; Is Anyone Listening?

Enjoy paying bill for president’s PR

RICO Law Made to Combat Mafia Used in BP Lawsuits

Re: Republicans and Spending YouCut is a terrific idea.

Surveying the Wreckage

The End of Wishful Thinking

Easy Credit, Hard Landing

IG report says Obama GM, Chrysler moves needlessly accelerated job losses

Reality gap: U.S. struggles, D.C. booms

Cameron Raids Dormant U.K. Accounts as Minister Attacks Banks

Bad Politician Bad 07-19

President Obama Job Approval

Dems Start to Panic As Midterm Reality Sets In

Independents turning away from Obama, Dems

Is California Irredeemably Blue?

Poll: D.C. elites a world apart

Dems Headed for Potential State House Disaster

Vet Snub Shocks Families

Justice Integrity Project: 'No' on Kagan

Obama lawsuit invites fortified state militia

Institutionalized Gangster Government

Who’s defending states’ rights?

Lott confirms he's a paid tool of the Washington Establishment

Enjoy paying bill for president’s PR

RICO Law Made to Combat Mafia Used in BP Lawsuits

A Dangerous Disaffection

Cameron Raids Dormant U.K. Accounts as Minister Attacks Banks

Daily Round-Up 07-19

DOJ Scandal: How Politico & WaPo Memory-Hole a Story They Wish Would Go Away


Kagan's Shariah Problem

Growing Number of Prosecutions for Videotaping the Police

RICO Law Made to Combat Mafia Used in BP Lawsuits

African Christians vs. Islamists

Spy Swap or Spy Flop?

Pity the Postmodern Cultural Elite

Justice Integrity Project: 'No' on Kagan

Feds haven't treated spill like national disaster


Is Climategate Over?

EPA’s Environmental Justice Tour

A Climate Absolution? The alarmists still won't separate science from politics.

Obama’s Michigan trip highlights misguided federal push for ‘green’ auto batteries that cost and pollute more than market-driven competitors

UK Facing Blackouts from Obama Energy, Environment Policies

Badass Petroleum


DOJ Scandal: How Politico & WaPo Memory-Hole a Story They Wish Would Go Away

How the L.A. Weekly Surpassed the Los Angeles Times

Calling New York Times: Congressman John Lewis was NOT 'Showered With Hateful Epithets Outside the Capitol' Last March

Michael Moore Caught Lifting Other’s Work

Wa Po’s Silence on New Black Panthers Story

Olbermann executive producer leaves show

Without Warning, Olbermann Announces Two-week Vacation On Air


I know my local ABC store hates it but I still think its a good idea too. Virginia Privatizing Alcohol Sales?