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Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-26

Under Baucus Bill, Mandate Penalty Could Lead to Prison, Congressional Analysts Say Ensign receives handwritten confirmation

The New Profit Picture

The Body Politics. On health-care reform, Democrats have become their own worst enemy.

House Democrats considering insurance tax

Bad Medicine. ObamaCare is hazardous to your health.

Corruption Daily Round-Up 09-26

Looks like there's a lot again.

Fail to buy health insurance under Obamacare and you could go to jail. Ensign receives handwritten confirmation

Gore-Backed Car Firm Gets Large U.S. Loan from Government (aka us the taxpayers)

Lefty protest vs. righty protest

Art Will Not Be Silenced! Win a $33.18 grant from the Iowahawk Endowment for the Arts.

Yosi Sergant Gets Hypovehiculated. Looking for a job? There are openings at the National Endowment for the Arts.

Left Employing Sexist Tactics to Discredit Giles, O’Keefe? What's hilarious to me is ACORN still thinks its operating in the shadows and can get away with this behavior. They're like politicians and Liberal elites. Those days are over, folks.

Reid blocks ACORN probe. Tracking abuse by political allies could be 'distracting'. Folks in Nevada should be asking just how deep into ACORN's pocket is Reid.

St. Louis University also funneling volunteers to ACORN

Congress slaps ACORN again Keep slapping Congress, you ain't done yet.

The End of ACORN

Palin’s Hong Kong Speech: I Can See Insanity From My Newsroom

Revising Web-based Newspaper Articles Without Informing Readers

Sarkozy Mocks Obama at UN Security Council: Hello, Big Media?

Thanks to Obama and Congress's meddling, financial system is now "more dangerous". Video. Hope for change, ya'll.

Yes, Washington did help cause the financial crisis

Friday Night Thoughts

Study: Regulation costs California economy almost $500 billion

President Obama Wants Your Tax Reform Ideas Here's a tax reform idea, Obama. Go to a damn TEA Party protest. You'll get a whole lot of ideas there.

Frogs, checks falling from the sky.

House Democrats considering insurance tax

Podesta Says Value-Added Tax ‘More Plausible’ as Deficits Grow. The "Value-Added" tax is a basically a national sales tax. Like we need things to be more expensive now. Dumbasses.

The New Profit Picture

The Body Politics. On health-care reform, Democrats have become their own worst enemy. Maybe because they're combining dumb government over-reach/intrusion with dumber regulations and failed policies

Rich Lowry talks about Barack Obama's U.N. speech. Wow!

Sarkozy Mocks Obama at UN Security Council: Hello, Big Media?

Immigrant Family Values

A Very Public They Said - We Said

NBC Producer to Anti-ACORN Group: ‘Bite Me, Jew Boy!’

**UPDATE** Politico: NBC Vehemently Denies Allegations Over Anti-Semitic Email

**UPDATE** ALG Statement in Response to Alleged NBC Email

NBC News prez blasts ALG: 'reckless' and 'defamatory' UPDATE

**UPDATE** NBC News Statement

I heart VodkaPundit for putting all of this in perspective. “Bite me, Jew Boy.”

Birthday Girl

This is my birthday weekend. I take birthdays very seriously. I consider them National Holidays of Me.

So my aim this weekend is to be the laziest wife and mother ever.

I may not blog too much. Just letting you know.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Two of My Husband's Articles

The Military-Industrial-Environmental Complex

And a solid fisking of Paul Krugman. Fisking Paul Krugman

Laws Meaningless in MA

Judge Rejects Request to Delay Swearing In of Kennedy Successor

Seriously, this is a hot mess. Kennedy and his cronies created a law that required a special election in order to prevent a conservative governor of Massachusetts from filling Kerry's empty Senate seat when he ran for president.

Then Kennedy gets all tumor-y but refuses to give up the seat so that a special election can be held. Now the Senate seat had to be pried from Kennedy's cold dead hands and the new liberal governor of Massachusetts and his cronies fearing the special election now mandated by law, has basically thrown out the law in order to appoint a Kennedy crony into the Senate seat until the Special Election can be held.

This kind of crass political trampling of the laws these liberal hoods have created and discarded should nauseate all Massachusetts residents. However, given that they keep re-electing Barny Frank, I shouldn't be surprised at all.

fear of sunlight

Baucus claims it's too difficult to put health care bill online.

The damn thing wasn't hand-written. If I can run this blog, surely the genuises in Congress can upload a document.


Obama knew about this second Iranian nuclear enrichment facility as President-Elect and he still supported the thugs of the regime over the people.

The incompetency and stupidity of this administration and the State Department boggles. It's not clear for how long former President George W. Bush knew about it. I'm sure that will be made clear soon enough. But if Obama new about this and still reached out to the Iranian mullahs, then that betrays a staggering naivety at best and, well, the worst is unimaginable.

Iran has been caught red-handed

Chickens Roosting

Iran Reveals Existence of Second Uranium Enrichment Plant

Iranian Nukes

In Political News 09-25

Rules for Counter-Radicals

Obama woes spark jump in Republican fundraising

Democrats Are Jarred by Drop In Fundraising. Complacency, Absence of Big Donors Cited. That absence of big donors stems from Obama and democrats attacking the rich. Gee, I wonder why the "big donors" don't want to donate.

Critics Assail Obama's 'Safe Schools' Czar, Say He's Wrong Man for the Job. Critics say Kevin Jennings is too radical for the job of director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, citing what they say is his promotion of homosexuality in schools, his writings about his past drug abuse and his onetime contempt for religion. In a just world, this guy would be prohibited from coming within 100 feet of any school, in Leftwing Liberal Obama-world, he's up for the Safe Schools Czar position. Hope for Change ya'll.

Wilder Declines to Endorse Anyone for Governor
The decision is a blow not only to Deeds, who has struggled to attract support from some leaders in the black community, but potentially for Obama, who is facing the first electoral test of his presidency in the race between Deeds and Republican Robert F. McDonnell. SNIP Wilder is the second prominent black Virginia resident to snub Deeds. In July, Sheila Johnson, the wealthy co-founder of Black Entertainment Television and a major Democratic donor from Middleburg, stunned the political establishment by endorsing McDonnell and his plans to revive the economy.

Obama's Swing-State Blues Virginia Democrat Creigh Deeds is running for governor...and running away from President Obama.

Corruption Daily Round-Up 09-25 - Updated

Watchdogs Wary of Early Push by White House to 'Politicize' NEA

‘Pioneer of Guerrilla Marketing,’ Specialist in ‘Leveraging’ Arts Community for Health Care Issues Coincidentally in on NEA Conference Call

Reid blocks ACORN probe. Tracking abuse by political allies could be 'distracting'

ACORN’S Enron-Style Accounting: Playing Musical Chairs with Big Money

ACORN's Illegal Lobbying AND ACORN Funded Political, For-Profit Efforts, Data Show

"he figured he could get away with it"

New Rasmussen Poll Shows More Trouble for ACORN

Oversight of tax-exempt groups like ACORN examined

Breitbart: I thought Bertha Lewis was grateful that we exposed ACORN’s corruption.

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit against HUD to Obtain ACORN Documents

HuffPo Cofounder Takes On ‘Democrat-Media Complex’

GOP aides: ACORN misusing contributions

Taxpayer Funded Filtering Activists to ACORN

Giles: The ACORN Suit Is 'Silly'


You're gonna see some repeats of stories here because there's a doubly-corrupt aspect to several of these stories in that someone thought they could behave corruptly and the media chose NOT to report it. The act of accepting, tolerating, and helping to hid corruption is corrupt as well.

But before I begin, here is a media outlet how is behaving better. An apology to Sarah Palin

"he figured he could get away with it"

HuffPo Cofounder Takes On ‘Democrat-Media Complex’

Sergant slaughtered. Media bewildered

James O'Keefe 3, Big Media 0

Spokesman dismisses British media

New Poll: Most Americans See Media As Biased and Favoring Obama

"he figured he could get away with it"

Obama’s Self-Worship. The hubris is staggering.

DAMN IT Update - well, it's not surprising. This is Massachusetts, a place that once re-elected a Boston mayor while he was still in prison. Judge Rejects Request to Delay Swearing In of Kennedy Successor. I guess rule of law doesn't apply to the Bay State. Mass. judge considers delaying Kennedy successor. We'll find out at noon if the corruption in the Massachusetts democrat political system has spread to their judiciary.

Holder’s Civil-Rights Nominee

The Three R's in the Age of Obama: Rappin', Revolution and Radicalism

Taxpayer Funded Filtering Activists to ACORN

Honduras Gets Messier. But there is a clear exit strategy: elections. It would have been less of a mess if Obama hadn't meddled.

The Dog Ate Global Warming. Interpreting climate data can be hard enough. What if some key data have been fiddled? Gee, ya think?

Obama’s EPA: In a Classroom Near You. This is by a collegue of my husband.

Re: Inconvenient Truths You can also read about some Really Inconvenient Truths here.

At the U.N., Terrorism Pays. It was my duty as defense minister to stop Hamas rockets.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks at the U.N. General Assembly. Probably one of the only decent folks there.

Obama, what about human rights? A world of work awaits

TEA Party Protest Round-Up 09-25

For months now we've seen TEA Party protests of thousands of people and townhalls filled with hundreds of people that were relatively peaceful.

Certainly voices were raised and names were occasionally called, but very little violence (and that was primarily pro-Obama thugs bashing on folks who dared to question Dear Leader's policies). Yet the TEA Party and Townhall folks got called "angry mobs" and "racists" by the media.

So now we see how the Left protests, in America during the G-20 meeting and in Chicago, and how the media covers it... Compare and contrast.

Fifteen arrested at G20 protests That's a lot more arrested in one Left-wing protest than ALL the TEA Party protests of the last year.

Tut-tutting about "violence" at protests

On Rhetoric, Violence, and Militias

Union Protesters Arrested In Chicago Today.
Golly I hate those stupid drums.

G-20 leaders push global economic reforms Friday link to photos here.

Pittsburgh braced for G20 protests

US police fire tear gas at G20 protesters I'm sorry could someone please remind me when US police forces fired tear gas at a TEA Party Protest? WHEN!?!

Your freedom of speech right doesn't give you right to behave like thugs and criminals.

G20 Protesters Ordered To Stop March By Pittsburgh Police

And this is what we saw on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009 - tens of thousands of TEA Party protesters PEACEFULLY marching on Washington.

No violence and all the media could do is complain about a couple handfuls of distasteful signs.

I'm pretty certain the Media is in the tank for the Left.

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-25

Hear from the doctors themselves. Medically Incorrect, A Diagnosis & Prescription for our Failing Health Care System.

Baucus claims it's too difficult to put health care bill online. Ha! Baucus is afraid of sunlight.

Bad Medicine. ObamaCare is hazardous to your health.


Obama Can't Move The Needle

Obama votes “present” in health care debate.

Cantor Misses an Opportunity on Health Reform

GrGreatest Threat to American Health Care: Beltway Fever

Senate panel rejects bid to add drug discount

Health reform going far beyond core issues

Obama's Competing Waterloos And there are a lot of them.

Rev. Jackson to the rescue of Obamacare. Really?! Jesse Jackson's your non-partisan messenger for Obamacare?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still No Ratings

This website, Our TV Ratings, News And Information, was supposed to list the morning news TV Ratings today and I wanted to see how the Obamathon fared this past Sunday, Sept. 20th.

Puzzlingly, no ratings have been published.

This article from the New York Times (which tries to put the best spin on a bad situation) might explain why...Public Wary of Obama on War and Health Care, Poll Finds

PJTV News Videos

Obama's NEA: National Endowment for Assimilation Video that's fun to watch

A Prescription for Stupidity: Listen to Michael Moore and the Rest of Hollywood This clip ends with a great quote from Reagan, "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so."

Racism Everywhere! Two Videos

Are You A Racist? A Frank Conversation.

Matt Welch on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer—Is criticism of Barack Obama's agenda based on race?

Iowahawk vs. NEA

Iowahawk wins with "Earn Big $$$ the NEA Way!"

A Second Chance Is A Blessing

This young man's actions on the football field shows grace and character.

Ark. player ends game with noble gesture.
Thamail Morgan took the kickoff and headed up the field.
He was at the 20 ... 30 ... 40

He had been avoiding, dodging or just simply running through tacklers on the way. Football always had come easily for Morgan. This game was no different. By the time he hit midfield, only open space was ahead of him. The two-time Arkansas all-state selection was headed for a touchdown.

40 ... 30 ... 20

He glanced at the clock and saw the final seconds ticking away. He realized his team, Cave City, was on the way to a victory over Yellville-Summit, comfortably ahead, 34-16. He also realized two other things: This wasn't an ordinary game. And he wasn't the same Thamail Morgan.

When he reached the 2, he stopped. He took a few steps back and took a knee at the 5-yard line.
Read on and get a little teary eyed.

Great Quote

From Right Matters website (here) at the Washington Post website comes this quote from a roundtable discussion titled "Our Grandiose President" refering to Obama's speech to the UN yesterday. You know the one where he referenced himself 1200 times.

Moderator Ramesh_Ponnuru kicks it all off with:
"So for those who question the character and cause of my nation, I ask you to look at the concrete actions that we have taken in just nine months." That's from President Obama's speech to the U.N. yesterday. Has he ever uttered a more revealing sentence? Could his speechwriters turn down the administration's self-love just a notch?

The Quote of the day (so far):
I just worry that as our own Narcissus is so entranced by his own reflection in the pond of the media that he is going to take us all down with him.

Another Corrupt Obama Administration Official?

Obama Administration Moves to Shutdown Disclosure of Big Labor-ACORN Connections
Even before U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis was sworn in, Big Labor insiders like AFL-CIO lawyer and Obama appointee Deborah Greenfield were busily dismantling useful union financial disclosures produced by former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao. It’s another Big Government – Big Labor partnership aimed at keeping individual workers, whom they claim to represent, in the dark.

Why the hurry? Perhaps Union Bosses wanted to prevent the Virginia GOP and inquisitive people like Patrick Semmens from visiting DOL’s website that clearly reveals the Big Labor-ACORN collusion. Semmens discovered that teachers’ union bosses gave about $500,000 to the same Brooklyn ACORN office exposed on Both the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) awarded ACORN service contracts.

That’s right; union bosses gave teachers’ forced union dues to the same ACORN that appeared to have no problem facilitating child prostitution. No wonder Solis’ Big Labor friends want to shutdown financial disclosure!
Go to the actual website and follow all the nauseating links.

Massachuesetts in Arbitrary Hands

They changed the law, then they changed it again, then they ignored it.

All to keep a Democrat in Kennady's old seat.

Stay classy, Mass.

Massachusetts Governor Names Former DNC Head Kirk to Succeed Kennedy
The governor's appointee will serve until a special election is held Jan. 19, and will give President Obama the critical 60th U.S. Senate vote he needs to pass a health care overhaul this year.
And yes, this is the guy the Kennedy family asked for.

I feel ill. If Kennedy hadn't held onto the seat until they had to pry it from his cold dead hands, then Massachusetts wouldn't have had to do this dirty shifting about.

Another Czar in the Crosshairs?

Critics Assail Obama's 'Safe Schools' Czar, Say He's Wrong Man for the Job.
Critics say Kevin Jennings is too radical for the job of director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, citing what they say is his promotion of homosexuality in schools, his writings about his past drug abuse and his onetime contempt for religion.

Man-Created Water Shortage = Food Crisis

I wrote about this earlier in this post titled, "The EPA Chooses Fish Over Americans"

Below are some old reports on the water crisis but it pertains the the on-going crisis in the San Joaquin Valley - where 12% of US agricultural products come from. Do we really need higher taxes, more unemployment and a food shortage in the middle of a recession for the sake of a two-inch minnow?

Paul Rodriguez's Message for Obama

Farmers Losing Crops to Endangered Fish

Fish or Famine

Drought to cut off federal water to Calif. farms

You can read more at the California Latino Water Coalition, here, California Water Crisis blog here and this PBS series California's Water

Are These Polls Predicting The Birth of A New Party?

66% Angry at Government Policies, 60% Say Neither Party Has Answers

59% Say Americans Angrier Now Than Under Bush
Neither of those polls look goof for either political party. With the TEA Party protests still going strong and the good folks at PajamasMedia urging citizens to run for all levels of political office, 2010 is going to be a very interesting year.

In International News 09-24

Sarah Palin gave an excellent speech in Hong Kong and deserves big kudos for it.
Palin's Hong Kong Speech Read the whole thing but this is the conclusion of a review of the speech by the editor-in-chief of National Review (William F. Buckley's magazine).
Palin is an authentic, powerful voice of the populist right and in the speech she implicitly connects its call for limited government and sensible fiscal policy with America's role as a world power. Palin can play a very important role in channeling the inchoate populist anger out there in a responsible direction, which makes it all the more important that she engage on the issues in a serious way and avoid rhetorical over-kill. The speech, judging from what we've seen of it so far, is a big step in the right direction.

Bayefsky's U.N. Update

UN Delegates Storm Out Of Iran Leader's Speech. To bad Obama doesn't have the ethics, guts, class, or intelligence to actually stop working with this lunatic and help the Iranian people gain true democracy.

U.N. climate meeting was propaganda: Czech president. President Klaus is a good man doing hero's work and deserves as much support as possible.

Curfew-trapped Hondurans seek food amid crisis. This is Obama's fault for supporting a thug over the Honduran Constitution and he should face and accept full responsibility for it.

Prez comes across as a gullible sap. Big UN Speech not so big afterall.

In Economic News 09-24

U.S. issues $7 trillion debt, supply to stabilize. $7,000,000,000,000 - that I think sums it up. I remember in the early 80s that $1,000,000,000,000 got people riled up. Even adjusting for inflation, this debt is crushing our prosperity for generations. Again, it is as if the liberals hate America so much, they want to kill all that's good about her.

Dollar under scrutiny at G20 summit

Corpse of a Thousand Houses It's foreclosure-palooza and the democrats want to raise taxes. Brilliant!

Stimulus funds boost number of federal jobs - by only 25,000 which the few remaining working Ameicans have to pay for via taxes. There are 2 million federal workers and roughly 30 million unemployed Americans. Not only is this 25,000 not good but it is indicative of the badness of a looming federal government.

HSBC bids farewell to dollar supremacy

Oxy oil discovery could spark new interest in California's energy potential. If the environmentalists get out of the damn way. Still let's keep up the good work. Oil Industry Sets a Brisk Pace of New Discoveries.

Not to worry. The Senate will ruin the above new oil finds for the rest of us. Senate Blocks Bid to Keep Offshore Drilling Policy
Senate votes against an attempt by Republicans to keep in place a plan by the Bush administration to allow oil and gas drilling along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-24

Health, Race And Obama

The President Risks Getting Stale. Continuous TV appearances can't rescue a bad argument.

From Bismarck to Obama - If you are going to pass a Big Idea such as universal health insurance, you need to give the public a Big Reason.

There doesn't seem to be a "Part 1" but you can go here and read all the other posts Mr. Lott written about Obamacare. LOTT'S NUMBERS: The Truth About Obama's Health Care Plan, Part 2

Mr. Policy Hits a Wall

McConnell Blasts Government Over 'Gag Order' on Private Health Care Provider. U.S. health officials launched an investigation into Humana after the Louisville-based company mailed a letter to patients enrolled in its Medicare Advantage plans, alerting them that President Obama's health overhaul could eliminate important benefits of the program.

The Whole World Is Watching. What will be the fate of Obama's once-secret "arrangement" with Big Pharmaceutical?

Questions for Those Who Want Legislators to Pledge To Read Every Word of Every Bill Before Voting: Here's one too. Why aren't you reading the God forsaken laws you're voting on you sorry sacks of....(sorry got away from myself. Question still stands though.)

Yeah, that'll work. Pelosi Seeks to Make Health Reform Bill More Liberal. Deaf and dumb, nice two-fer Pelosi. I like how your political tin-ear matches your pearls.

UGH! Pelosi to Offer New Draft of Health Care Bill Next Week

Playing Doctor: McCain, Obama Propose Very Different Solutions to America's Health Care Woes

Dems block GOP demand for more time. Is the Dems' need for speed a reflection of their need to hide just how damn awful their bills are?

Senators Delay Confronting Hardest Issues Tied to Health Bill

Tempers Flare as Senate Committee Debates Health Care Plan. Republican Sen. Jon Kyl raised his voice after Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus urged him to hurry up and finish a point, as the panel started its third day of debate on health care reform. Given that this is a career-killing hunk of legislation, I'm not surprised voices are being "raised".

Massachusetts Touts Success of Mandatory Health Insurance as Critics Decry Costs.

Corruption Daily Round-Up 09-24- UPDATED

Politicizing National Security
The embarrassing revelation in a recent Washington Post story that Attorney General Eric Holder “did not read detailed memos that prosecutors drafted and placed in files to explain their decision to decline prosecution” of CIA interrogators is just another example of a seriously flawed decision-making process in the Obama Justice Department.

Obama Likes Tyrants and Dislikes America . . . and Here's More Proof Basically, Obama's just instructed the State Department to give $400,000 of American taxpayer's money to foundations run by Muammar Qaddafi's two children! Yet I doubt any media's gonna pick up this despite the links.

ACORN Corruption
Breaking: Treasury Inspector General to ‘Review’ ACORN and Hill’s Leading Nonprofit Watchdog Sen. Charles Grassley Demands ACORN Probe
ACORN fights back In a perfect world, that headline would be ACORN accepts responsibility for its decades of vile behavior.

**BREAKING** ACORN Sues Hidden-Camera Filmmakers, Some are speculating that this is all part of the plan, ACORN sues and ends up having even more of its illegal behavior exposed. Not bright on ACORN's part.

Relative to the above from Ann Althouse: "ACORN Sues Hidden-Camera Filmmakers, It should be fun to do discovery on this one." Glenn Reynolds is pretty sure ACORN is falling into a trap.

ACORN's Lawsuit A lawyer gives his opinion on ACORN's lawsuit's chances.

Pinstripe Suits and Purple Pimp Hats. Obama’s bankers are ACORN’s bankers, and we fund them.

Obama and ACORN: A Love Story. Why did the president feign ignorance of ACORN when his relationship with the group goes back almost 20 years?

Reid Rejects GOP Call for ACORN Hearings. Is Reid protecting Obama, fellow democrats, or just himself?

Frank turns against ACORN Actually it isn't entirely clear if Barney Frank has turned against ACORN but I darn sure wish the residents of Newton, MA would turn against Barney Frank.

More on ACORN and Eminent Domain Abuse I HATE Eminent Domain. HATE it.

North Carolina ACORN branch feels impact from national scandal

Liar's Dictionary Because How is "affordable housing" handed out?

IRS Severs Ties With, and Files $2m in Liens Against, ACORN. Well and good.

How the ACORN 'pimp and hooker' videos came to be

Media Corruption
Gov Protest: A "Fed" Hanged In Kentucky

Slate gives Breitbart some love. This is less Media Corruption and more Mea Culpa. Two Cheers for Andrew Breitbart

The Washington Post has written an article titled, "Honesty on Transportation" about Deed's announcing he will raise taxes for Virginia's roads. The Washington Post writes as if that is a good thing and isn't Deed's heroic. Bullploop! Raising taxes in a recession is criminally stupid AND there is no guarantee that those roads will be built in the areas that need it the most (Northern VA and Hampton Roads) AND they probably will not be built within a VA governor's four year term. So again Bullploop to Deeds and the Washington Post.

Political Corruption
Questions for Those Who Want Legislators to Pledge To Read Every Word of Every Bill Before Voting: Here's one too. Why aren't you reading the God forsaken laws you're voting on you sorry sacks of....(sorry got away from myself. Question still stands though.)

The Internet's New Enforcer. The FCC chairman appoints himself top cop on the World Wide Web. Great. The freest place on earth is getting Obama's sticky fingerprints on it.

Frank turns against ACORN We'll see if the worm has really turned or not. Watch the video Frank does his usual dance when pressured to do the right thing which he is deeply opposed to as a general rule.

Science Corruption
Environmentalists Seek to Wipe Out Plush Toilet Paper. Is there no part of our lives that these junk-science addicts won't exploit in order to force us to self-destruct by accepting their fraudulent policies?

General & Political Corruption
Yes it is. Barack Obama's churlishness is unforgivable From the UK's Daily Telegraph and this is from The Guardian Barack Obama snubs Gordon Brown over private talks When BOTH the conservative and liberal papers in Great Britain are pissed off at you, then your foreign policy towards our oldest and closest ally is ghastly and, rightly, unforgivable.

TARP inspector to say transparency 'attitude' on bailout frustrating

Dems block GOP demand for more time. Is the Dems' need for speed a reflection of their need to hide just how damn awful their bills are?

'Diversity czar' takes heat over remarks

Are Obama's policies turning off his youth supporters? Tough political realities quiet youth 'Obamamania'

Obama's peace moves risk stoking Mideast strife. The only thing worse for America than Obama's domestic policies is his foreign policies. It's as if he wants America to be weak.

The naif-in-chief. New York Post agrees with me regarding the above.

Keep up the good work here, Obama and your cronies. Obama’s
Job Approval Points to Republican Gains Next Fall
Let's hope this is the one job they continue to do well in.

Gee, I wonder why? GOP gets big bump of donors in August

Fidel Castro praises Obama on climate change. If Castro likes it, it must be wrong.

You know what, yes, yes I do think enforced "volunteerism" is wrong. Just Say No to Mrs. Obama


This is disgusting and vile. But thanks to Michelle Malkin who shines disinfecting sunlight on this unethical behavior.

“Mmm mmm mmm:” New details about the Dear Leader song video

I kinda wanna throw-up a little that teachers would expose their students to this kind of indoctrinationist propaganda.

Meet Dexter Manley and Mark Moseley

Got this email from the PWC Republican Committee to Elect McDonnell.
They've got some cool stuff going on!

Walks for Victory!
40 DAYS TO GO...

Can you help?! We’re meeting Saturday at 10am at the TWO following locations near you!:

Prince William County Republican Committee HQ
4431 Prince William Parkway, Woodbridge

Prince William County Victory HQ
10286 Bristow Center Drive (Bristow Shopping Ctr), Bristow
Please RSVP to either or to let us know you’re coming!

Calls for Victory!
Can you help?

If door-knocking isn’t your bag of chips...
...we still need help with phone calls!

When: M-Th, 10a – 9p; F, 10a – 7p; Sa, 10a – 4p

Where: Prince William County Republican Committee HQ
4431 Prince William Parkway, Woodbridge

Prince William County Victory HQ
10286 Bristow Center Drive (Bristow Shopping Ctr), Bristow
Can you help the candidates by making some phone calls? Please LET US KNOW!

Come Help Phone-Bank and Meet Fmr. Redskins Dexter Manley & Mark Moseley!

When: Friday, Oct. 9 between 6 - 9pm
Where: Prince William County GOP HQ
4431 Prince William Parkway, Woodbridge
POC: D.J. Eckert 804.814.7779 /

Prince William County Victory HQ
10286 Bristow Center Drive, Bristow
POC: Blake Waggoner 804.912.4087 /

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Newspeak Is Doubleplusungood

(Originally posted at NRO - The Corner by my husband here.)
If you've been following President Obama's speeches on climate recently (if you could pick them out from all the others), you may have noticed a new turn of phrase. From yesterday's effort:
I am proud to say that the United States has done more to promote clean energy and reduce carbon pollution in the last eight months than at any other time in our history. . . . We’re investing billions to capture carbon pollution so that we can clean up our coal plants.
In the administration's newspeak, "carbon pollution" has replaced "greenhouse gases." Presumably floods will henceforth be referred to as "water pollution" and heatwaves as "solar pollution."

Marlo Lewis has more at Openmarket.

In Political News

Obama Will Spend More on Welfare in the Next Year Than Bush Spent on Entire Iraq War, Study Reveals Looks like claiming "Bush did it." will soon be on the dustheap of history. HA!

A Secret White House Power Grab Is In Full Swing. It’s one thing for President Obama to surround himself with the advisers he’d like to have, but it’s another to bestow on them sweeping powers to broker secret negotiations and push forward vast new regulations that could cost American families thousands of dollars.

New poll: Democrat lead over GOP is smallest in five years; doubts about Obama continue to grow. I predict major shrinkage.

I hope this comes true because I've always been impressed with her but sad that many would see her "tainted" by Bush. I think as more and more people see the differences between anti-Bushism/Obama and the grace that Condi Rice brings to the table, that taint may no longer be politically significant. Condi: The should-be face of the GOP. She's smart. She's experienced. She's worldly. Republican strategists worried about their party's future should take heed.

Why My Time With the Radical Left Makes Me Wonder About Obama

Obama's Speeches-- The President Mentions Self Nearly 1,200 Times! They say that loving yourself is the greatest love of all.

What I find horrifying is the Kennedy clan think they have a right to "advise" on that Senate seat. Confidant: Family Want Ex-DNC Chairman to Take Late Kennedy's Senate Seat

McConnell Blasts Government Over 'Gag Order' on Private Health Care Provider

In Economic News 09-23

Obama Will Spend More on Welfare in the Next Year Than Bush Spent on Entire Iraq War, Study Reveals

Cap-and-trade will depress home prices

Bank of England rate setters see risk of false dawns for economy in September minutes

ACORN’s Empire Will Expand Under Obama’s Health-Care Plan and Financial Rules

Interesting Tax Amendments Offered on Baucus Health Bill

Alarming Debt Charts

In International News...

Obama's time warp: The U.S. is still the bad guy.

The UN loves Barack Obama because he is weak. From UK's Telegraph

Here Come the Bad Guys. The bad guys are in town this week and the list of rogue leaders scheduled to speak at the U.N. is long... You know, I'm absolutely certain creating a speaking platform for thugs and dictators was NOT why the United Nations was established.

Despot Housewives. It's sad because it's true.

Speech Analysis: Obama Mentions Himself Every 13 Seconds in UN Speech today. Full Text Here.

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-23

What are they afraid we'll see? Democrats nix putting pre-vote health bill online and Transparency! Democrats Refuse to Post Health Care Bill Online

Budget chief contradicts Obama on Medicare costs

Democrats on Healthcare: You Don't Need to Read the Bill!

Mandatory insurance: Yes, it’s a tax. From the Boston Globe (!)

Health Care 101: Terms and Phrases That Have Defined the Health Care Debate. Confused by all the health care jargon? breaks down the terminology in advance of President Obama's primetime address on health care.

Our $2 Trillion Bridge to Nowhere. Americans believe Washington squanders half of every tax dollar.

ACORN’s Empire Will Expand Under Obama’s Health-Care Plan and Financial Rules

McConnell Blasts Government Over 'Gag Order' on Private Health Care Provider

NBC Poll: Obamacare Still Sagging. I'd rather see them plummeting.

What Obama Doesn't Get About Americans and Health Care.

Interesting Tax Amendments Offered on Baucus Health Bill

Obama Will Spend More on Welfare in the Next Year Than Bush Spent on Entire Iraq War, Study Reveals

Did Sen. Tom Carper Just Admit PhRMA and the White House Had a Laws-for-Ads Deal?

Corruption Daily Round-Up 09-23

Breaking: Senate GOP Goes After NEA

Feel the Gleichschaltung

The Art of Corruption. The National Endowment for the Arts violates its founding principle.

Did Sen. Tom Carper Just Admit PhRMA and the White House Had a Laws-for-Ads Deal?

Democrats on Healthcare: You Don't Need to Read the Bill! "Trust us", says Congress. Yeah, right.

PJTV Salutes Mr. Tax-Law-Writing-Tax-Evader

Clinton Compared Gore to Mussolini? Now we hear about this?

U.S. 'diversity czar' takes heat over remarks. Lloyd lauded Chavez's rise.
President Obama's diversity czar at the Federal Communications Commission has spoken publicly of getting white media executives to "step down" in favor of minorities, prescribed policies to make liberal talk radio more successful, and described Hugo Chavez's rise to power in Venezuela "an incredible revolution."

Barney Frank on Acorn. He calls for an investigation—of the investigators.

Interesting Tax Amendments Offered on Baucus Health Bill

The Kennedy clan thinks they have a right to "advise" on that Senate seat. Confidant: Family Want Ex-DNC Chairman to Take Late Kennedy's Senate Seat

Hope & Change, ya'll. Senate Dems Reject GOP Attempt at Greater Transparency for Health Care

McConnell Blasts Government Over 'Gag Order' on Private Health Care Provider

IRS Severs Ties with ACORN Over Scandal

ACORN’s Hypocritical House of Cards. How One “Community” Group Helped
the Housing Crisis Harm Taxpayers

ACORN Stings: The Untold Story

ACORN's Overdue Unraveling

San Diego ratchets up the heat on ACORN

Satanic Abuse of Power. The investigator of ACORN's abuses has a history of abusing power himself.

Barney Frank on Acorn. He calls for an investigation—of the investigators.

John Fund on President Obama's denied association with Acorn.

ACORN’s Empire Will Expand Under Obama’s Health-Care Plan and Financial Rules

ACORN's Internal Investigation Draws Skepticism From Hill. ACORN's announcement that it has hired former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger to conduct an internal review was dismissed as inadequate by the ranking member on a government oversight committee

An ACORN in the Media's _____

Inhofe: I’m Bringing a ‘Truth Squad’ to Copenhagen

Then They Came for the Fresca. Using faulty science to justify the nanny state is a corruption of science and culture. A two-fer!

Same as above. Let Them Drink Water! What a fat tax really means for America.

Harsanyi: Chu on this, you crazy kids

By reporting the TEA Party protests as something they are not, the media has shown it's corruption of intellect. Dr. Helen, Michelle Malkin and the Women Who Gave Birth to the Tea Parties.

Why the Left Hates Glenn Beck.

An ACORN in the Media's _____

Sarah Palin's Speech

Palin Speaks to Investors in Hong Kong

Palin Addresses Asian Investors. Former Governor Touches on Budget Deficit, Health Care and China

Palin slams Obama's spending in debut speech in Asia

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Master of the Rude Gesture

Paul Rahe: Obama's gestures, part 3 I noticed this during the election but was pooh-pooed.

Now, I'm thinking Mr. Rahe is right when he says....
Barack Obama has a history of belittling his adversaries in just such a fashion. In April, 2008, he was caught on tape during a debate with Hillary Clinton, rubbing his hand across the right side of his face and extending his middle finger in an obscene gesture that many in the audience could see it but she could not, and when this provoked laughter on the part of his supporters he responded with a knowing smile. Later, after accepting his party's nomination, he did precisely the same thing during a debate with John McCain; and, after Sarah Palin remarked at the Republican National Convention that the only difference between a pit bull and a soccer mom was lipstick, he observed at a rally that a pig with lipstick is still a pig. Again, many in the audience caught the dig and they, too, were rewarded with a knowing smile.

Obama is, in fact, a master of the insulting gesture.
This is not a good thing.

Who's the Whore?

Regarding Sunday morning, September 20, 2009...

Was Obama being a Media Whore or was the Media being a Whore for Obama?

And The Oscar For Vilest Hypocrite Goes to....

Micheal Moore!

Anti-Capitalist Filmmaker Enjoys Vulgar Displays of Wealth by Mark Hemingway
Last night Esquire threw a party for Michael Moore's new documentary Capitalism: A Love Story, which all about the vulgar displays of income inequality in this country and how Americans are suffering as a result of the recession. Then according to one person who attended the premiere, this happened:

Following the Premiere, Esquire shuttles many of the attendees straight down to SoHo to the opening of The Esquire Apartment – a fully decadent penthouse where every square inch is paid for by a luxury sponsor. Hot tub, $120k pool table, $60k home theater, fine food. The only thing lacking was a doormat saying “Welcome To Capitalism.”

I had fun….But ooooh the irony. Everyone I talked to was like, “man, this is the most bizarre combination. I bet Michael Moore would freak out if he saw that this was happening.”….And then he showed up. And was eating it up. And then one of the families from the film came.
I do not understand why anyone would be in the same room as such a vile hypocrite as Michael Moore. Too ugly and untalented to actually act, he makes his error-ridden (if not outright lying) documentaries centered around him. Basically, watching a Micheal Moore film is watching a narcessitic man intellectually masterbate. His false outrage, his demeaning of values and culture, and his mendancy towards the subjects of his celluloid delusions deserve nothing but avoidence and comdemnation.

And by the way, free speech does not prohibit comdemnation. Shame on Moore. And more shame on those who support Moore.

Obama Economics At Work or rather not working

When Work Doesn't Pay For The Middle Class
Middle-class folks are finding that a raise or second paycheck doesn't always mean living better. Time to work less?
Eighteen months after being laid off, Judith Lederman, a 50-year-old divorcee who lives in Scarsdale, N.Y., is ready to consider jobs paying half the $120,000 she earned as a publicity manager at Lord & Taylor. That's mostly because she's desperate, but it also makes sense when you consider how this country punishes work effort. While the first $60,000 of her income would be lightly taxed, the next $60,000 would be hit with what is in effect a 79% tax rate. [emphasis mine] Given a choice between a part-time or easy job paying $60,000 and a demanding, stress-ridden job paying $120,000, Lederman would be wise to take the former. In the tougher job she would be contributing twice as much to the economy. But she wouldn't be doing herself much good. It would make more sense to take it easy and spend more time with her high school senior daughter, Casey.

Re: Clunk

(originially posted by my husband on NRO-The Corner. The "Clunk" link here.)
What the economists found (free but complicated download for researchers) was:
With per vehicle environmental benefits at $596 and the costs at $2,600 per vehicle, the clunker program is a net drain on society of roughly $2,000 per vehicle. Given the approximately 700,000 vehicles in the program, we estimate the total welfare loss to be about $1.4 billion. The welfare loss would be even greater if we fine tuned our estimate of the social cost per gallon to account for the spatial mix of clunkers. Clunkers, especially the trucks that comprise a large percentage of the traded-in vehicles, may have been retired disproportionately from rural locations where the social costs of pollutants are significantly lower. Also, if the average value of clunkers exceeds our conservative figure of $1000, then cost of the program would be higher. Even if the environmental gains were double our estimate, the net drain would still be close to $1 billion. While a more rigorous analysis would no doubt adjust these figures, we doubt that the basic conclusion would change.
It is plausible that a much smaller, very well-designed program might have been a net benefit, but this verdict seems unassailable to me. I imagine that the costs to society in terms of damage to the used-car and spare-parts industries caused by the destruction of the vehicles concerned may result in the actual value of clunkers being more than $1,000.

In TEA Party News

From the National Taxpayer's Union,
"The 9/12 March on Washington: What I Saw."

More Astroturfing-- HCAN Organizers Caught Handing Out Signs At Russ Carnahan Rally VIDEO!

Potential Electoral Consequences of the Tea Parties

News Show Ratings

From Cable News Ratings - Morning News Broadcast Ratings won't be out until Thursday, Sept, 24th. Looks like Fox News kicked butt again and maybe, just mayb CNBC should just pack it in.

Cable News Ratings for September 20, 2009
P2+ Total Day
FNC – 918,000 viewers
CNN – 441,000 viewers
MSNBC – 257,000 viewers
CNBC- 146,000 viewers OUCH
HLN – 212,000 viewers

P2+ Prime Time
FNC –1,150,000 viewers
CNN – 548,000 viewers
MSNBC – 353,000 viewers
CNBC – a scratch w/98,000 viewers OUCH
HLN – 304,000 viewers

25-54 Total Day
FNC – 233,000 viewers
CNN – 138,000 viewers
MSNBC – 127,000 viewers
CNBC –70,000 viewers OUCH
HLN – 90,000 viewers

25-54 Prime Time
FNC – 262,000 viewers
CNN – 158,000 viewers
MSNBC – 185,000 viewers
CNBC – a scratch w/35,000 viewers OUCH
HLN – 107,000 viewers

35-64 Total Day
FNC – 392,000 viewers
CNN – 195,000 viewers
MSNBC – 132,000 viewers
CNBC– 72,000 viewers OUCH
HLN – 116,000 viewers

35-64 Prime Time
FNC – 442,000 viewers
CNN – 213,000 viewers
MSNBC –199,000 viewers
CNBC –a scratch w/47,000 viewers OUCH
HLN – 156,000 viewers

(Emphasis Mine)

The Problem With People

When it comes to the Earth's climate, many environmentalists make thinly-veiled eugenics arguments claiming it is People who are causing the problem.

Since I am not a self-loathing human, I think this stance is more than wrong. It is evil.

After all, simple geography demonstates that there is a lot more Earth than human beings. Arable land is only about 10% of the entire Earth's surface. And as Bjorn Lomberg demonstated in his book The Skeptical Environmentalist, the entire population of the Earth right now could live in the state of Texas with a population density equal to that of Paris's.

So these claims for the need to stop population control are nothing more than a desire to make sure no new people are born in developing countries where pollution is the worst. Environmentalists calling for this particular solution are oblivious to the fact that it is poverty not population that causes pollution.

Helping developing nations gain access to cheap energy, industrialized infrastructure, and clean drinking water would do far more to reduce pollution than reducing population.

As my husband always replies to these suggestions, "YOU first."

Population growth driving climate change, poverty: experts.

Prince Charles urges people to abandon car in favour of walking and public transport. Definately YOU first prince-y

UN plans 'shock therapy' for world leaders on environment. This one is hilarious because if politicians aren't "reminded" about how "urgent" climate "change" is, then those calling for "action" will become IRRELEVANT and lose their jobs as doomsayers. Golly gosh. I'd hate for that to happen.

In Economic News 09-22

Emissions of CO2 Set for Best Drop in 40 Years - thanks to the worst recession in over 40 years.

Exclusive: CBO predicts Social Security cash deficits in 2010-11

California Tax Plan Draws Fire. Well-linked.

There Are No Villains in Financial Crises

Bats in Congress's Belfry?


Suddenly this poll makes sense - "72 Percent of Respondents Think Poorly of Members of Congress."

PJTV Videos - Just Getting The Word Out

National Endowment for the Arts: ACORN for Eggheads?

Why We Should All Be Worried ... And Why You Should Run For Office

AS SEEN ON GLENN BECK Crowder Does Berkeley: How the #1 Public University Produces First-Rate Idiots

ACORN: Getting Rich Off Racism

"Married" Gay Couples

Now, I use the Kinsey Report number of 10% as a cheap and easy way to calculate the proportion of homosexuals in America despite it being proven much lower. Why? Because I'm lazy at math. Deal.

At any rate, assuming that there are 30 million homosexuals out of the US population of 300 million, then this number from the Census doesn't seem all that high.

Census: 150,000 Gay Couples Report They're Married. About 27 percent of the estimated 564,743 total gay couples in the United States said they were in a relationship akin to "husband" and "wife," according to the Census Bureau tally.
Nearly 150,000 same-sex couples reported being in marriage relationships last year, many more than the number of actual weddings and civil unions, according to the first U.S. census figures released on same-sex marriages.

About 27 percent of the estimated 564,743 total gay couples in the United States said they were in a relationship akin to "husband" and "wife," according to the Census Bureau tally provided to The Associated Press. That's compared with 91 percent of the 61.3 million total opposite-sex couples who reported being married.

A consultant to the Census Bureau estimated there were roughly 100,000 official same-sex weddings, civil unions and domestic partnerships in 2008.

So of the 1,129,489 homosexuals who are in couple, only 300,000 said their relationship was like a marriage. And there are only 200,000 homosexuals who've had weddings or claimed domestic partnerships.

I do not believe this tiny percentage of the homosexual population can trump the claims to marriage that the 122,600,000 married heterosexual's have to marriage.

That said, I do believe Civil Unions should be recognized and given the same status as Marriage. But I do not believe the meaning of marriage should be twisted into something it is not.

NYC Capitalists Acting With More Honor Than Obama

New York Businesses Give Iranian President Ahmadinejad the Cold Shoulder.

As well they should. If only Obama treated thugs and dictators the same.

Obama Economics Are A Blast From The Past

And not a good blast either.

From Arthur B. Laffer, the economist who created the Laffer Curve, comes this op-ed in The Wall Street Journal titled, "Taxes, Depression, and Our Current Troubles. Tariffs, rising state and federal taxes, and currency devaluation ruined the 1930s, and they could do the same today."
The 1930s has become the sole object lesson for today's monetary policy. Over the past 12 months, the Federal Reserve has increased the monetary base (bank reserves plus currency in circulation) by well over 100%. While currency in circulation has grown slightly, there's been an impressive 17-fold increase in bank reserves. The federal-funds target rate now stands at an all-time low range of zero to 25 basis points, with the 91-day Treasury bill yield equally low. All this has been done to avoid a liquidity crisis and a repeat of the mistakes that led to the Great Depression.

Constitutional Amendments I Can Live With

Like my post titled "25 things I would do if I ruled the country", Steven Den Beste over at has created a list of 10 things he would do to the US Constitution titled, "If I could amend the Constitution."

Between the two of us, I think we've got the TEA Party Protest Manifesto.

Even The Chinese Think Obama's A Socialist

A pal in Hong Kong sent this to John Derbyshire over at NRO - The Corner.(The Chinese characters say "Serve the People!" — a Maoist slogan, and written in Mao's calligraphy.)

Conservative Elites Wringing Their Hands

Where once they wrung their hands over Sarah Palin, now the same increasingly irrelevant cast of characters are wringing their hands over Glenn Beck.

Listen. No body is perfect. We all make mistakes. People in general don't mind that. Sure Palin made mistakes. Yes, Beck goes a bit too far at times.

But they are being far more effective in combating the socialisation of America than YOU are.

So rather than whine, become relevant. Help those commentators that are actually making a difference - Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Andrew Breitbart. Rather than waiting for one of your own to rise from the ashes.

It ain't gonna happen. And until the GOP gets its house in order, the small-c conservatives and the TEA Party folks will continue to far more accurately address the concerns of middle class Americans than you intellectual elites will.

And please, can we get rid of Michael Steele and put Ken Blackwell in charge?

The Conservative Debate Over Glenn Beck

Analysis of the Obama-thon

'He's Turning the Presidency Into an Infomercial' From JammieWearingFool

Hair of The Dog: The Great Obama Overdose. The always excellent Stephen Green

The Obama Roadblock: Why He's Sagging Online

Obama's TV Blitz: On The Air, but Off His Game?

Barack Obama Officially Turns Presidency Into Infomercial (Video) From GatewayPundit