Thursday, September 24, 2009

In International News 09-24

Sarah Palin gave an excellent speech in Hong Kong and deserves big kudos for it.
Palin's Hong Kong Speech Read the whole thing but this is the conclusion of a review of the speech by the editor-in-chief of National Review (William F. Buckley's magazine).
Palin is an authentic, powerful voice of the populist right and in the speech she implicitly connects its call for limited government and sensible fiscal policy with America's role as a world power. Palin can play a very important role in channeling the inchoate populist anger out there in a responsible direction, which makes it all the more important that she engage on the issues in a serious way and avoid rhetorical over-kill. The speech, judging from what we've seen of it so far, is a big step in the right direction.

Bayefsky's U.N. Update

UN Delegates Storm Out Of Iran Leader's Speech. To bad Obama doesn't have the ethics, guts, class, or intelligence to actually stop working with this lunatic and help the Iranian people gain true democracy.

U.N. climate meeting was propaganda: Czech president. President Klaus is a good man doing hero's work and deserves as much support as possible.

Curfew-trapped Hondurans seek food amid crisis. This is Obama's fault for supporting a thug over the Honduran Constitution and he should face and accept full responsibility for it.

Prez comes across as a gullible sap. Big UN Speech not so big afterall.

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