Saturday, March 27, 2010

Human Achievement Hour 2010

While lame-ass hippies sit in the dark for an hour today from 8:30pm to9:30pm rejecting the very energy that fuels our modern world, we will be celebrating Human Achievement Hour by positively embracing the fantastic progress of the human race.

Below is the Competitive Enterprise Institute's fantastic video from last year explaining Human Achievement Hour (the voice you hear is my husband's):

CEI's Human Achievement Hour has faced some resistance as NewsBusters reported Enviro Wikipedia Assault on Human Achievement Hour. Which is as always pathetic and sad on the part of the deeply negative rejectionist Leftwingers.

You can find articles celebrating and encouraging Human Achievement Hour here, here, here and here.

As well as right here at Shout First where from 8:30pm to 9:30pm we'll be celebrating the greatest human achievements (including but not limited to fire, wine, cheese, electricity, TV, music, books, etc.).

Friday, March 26, 2010

Video Tour Cinderella's Castle Suite (Part One)

Warning, my husband uses a "funny" voice in this video. I'll load Part Two tomorrow.

Cinderella's Castle Suite

Here are some pictures from our stay in Cinderella's castle suite as well as a video tour my husband made. Enjoy.

Toyota Hybrid Horror Hoax

Read Toyota Hybrid Horror Hoax by Michael Fumento and then ask yourself this, is Government Motors via Government Media trying to crush Toyota? Probably farfetched. And yet, why is the Mainstream Media reporting this hoax a la Balloon Boy?

Smells a wee bit fishy to me.

I'm Back And I'm Pissed

I'm tired. And I'm still giddy from having slept in Cinderella's Castle! Amazing. Ask me about Jack Sparrow's Telescope!

But I'm also disgusted by Congress and hope those lousy sacks of excrement get thrown out in November. Normally I'd say call your Congressional Representatives but no longer. It's war and we aim to misbehave. Put on your browncoats because they won't stop the signal.

Let's work together to vote the bums out of office and elect representatives who will repeal this monstrosity. And let's elect enough Repealers that Obama's inevitable veto will be overturned.

I'm still in the process of post-vacation organization but I will start round-ups (and put up some photos of the world's most exclusive hotel suite) soon.