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IPCCgate — Deliberate Alarmism?

(Originally posted by my husband on NRO - The Corner)
Richard North provides some very strong arguments that the inclusion of "dodgy" research in the Working Group II report of the IPCC on the impacts of global warming was deliberate and that the attempts to distract from this amount to little more than 'shroud waving.' To my mind this is a far more important indictment of the IPCC than the initial Climategate revelations.

Media Bias 02-12

Keith Olbermann is a funny, funny man

The Four Horseman of the Ablogalypse: 2010 Version - Go Glenn

Palin: Out with the ‘In’ Crowd. As demonstrated by the incorrect charge about her bracelet, hating Palin is a bonding exercise: a way to signal one's own tasteful judgment.

Lawrence O'Donnell's Emmy Clip
Oh, and lest you think O'Donnell's outburst rose up from some deeply-seated conviction, witness this tweet from Scarborough:
The best part of Lawrence O' Donnell's. rant is that when we went to break, Lawrence broke out in a huge smile. "It's what I do best."

Video: O’Donnell meltdown on Morning Joe

Iceland aims to become an offshore haven for journalists and leakers

AP Lies on Binyam Mohammed

A Disgusting Media Lie– TPM Publishes Bogus Story Citing Texas Racist As Tea Party Leader

ACORN/Big Union/Leftie Groups 02-12

Lefties Struggle To Crack Racist Right Wing Code (I Am Here To Help)

In Which I Extend the Benefit of the Doubt to Marcy Wheeler, Eric Boehlert, and Brad Friedman

Organization Man. How Andrew Stern Plans to Transform the Union Movement

Gotta love that teachers' union - Using Children to Lobby for D.C. Statehood. Teachers at a recent conference learned how to convince kids to back statehood and congressional representation for D.C.

Backdoor card check: GOP slams pro-union contracting policy

Iran's birthday bash

Yosi Sergant Blames White House & Right-Wing Media for NEA ‘Propaganda’ Scandal

Junk Science 02-12

Climategate, UK Edition: Following the Money, All €4 Trillion of It

CEI Releases Global Warming Study Censored by EPA. The Public Shouldn’t Be Kept in the Dark by an Agency Supposedly Committed to Transparency

Comment on Endangerment Proposal

Hot Enough for You? Global warmists used to love talking about the weather.

Rally for Academic Integrity

We are very pro-Sen. Inohofe - Climategate: Inhofe Raises the Temperature. Senator James Inhofe calls for Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, and the EPA, to respond to the "crisis of confidence" in the IPCC's CO2 findings

House OKs resolution doubting climate change

Interior to oil companies: Drill faster

Does Gore Feel the Chill?

Video - Flashback Clips: Snow Levels Cause Democrats to Demand Urgent Action

Oh for Pete's Sake - Harvard Hometown Plans Coercive Taxes, Veganism to Stop Climate 'Emergency'. Congestion pricing to reduce car travel. Elimination of curbside parking. A carbon tax "of some kind," not to mention taxes on plastic and paper bags. Advocating vegetarianism and veganism, complete with "Meatless or Vegan Mondays." Those are just some of the proposals put forth by the Cambridge Climate Congress, an entity created in May 2009 to respond to the "climate emergency" plaguing the Massachusetts city.

The "Green Jobs" Scam Unmasked AND Obama's Stimulus Creating Green Jobs Overseas

Climate Deranged – and How to Cope

Whatever - Bill Nye: Belief in global warming necessary for patriotism [video]

Perhaps Our Children's Fourth Grade Class Should Help the IPCC

Liberals and Scientific Method

Editor of Nature forced to resign from climate review panel AND Climate emails review panellist quits after his impartiality questioned. Nature editor Philip Campbell forced out of independent panel after saying there was nothing to suggest a cover up by scientists at the University of East Anglia

BBC - Prof Watson on Climate Science

Just What We Need: New Government ‘Climate Service’

Record snow storm sparks back-and-forth over global warming

U.S. Climate Skeptics Seize on Blizzard

PACHAURI confronted by a Spanish TV reporter about errors in AR4 and the use of WWF and Greenpeace reports. Of course, he fudges the issue:

We Need a National Elevator Plan NOW!

(Originally posted by my husband on NRO - The Corner)
It is a travesty that in the 21st century so many people are forced to rely on the outdated technology of stairs. The only way to solve the ongoing disparity between those with access to elevators and those without is for the Federal Government to institute a National Elevator Plan now. Wayne Crews outlines such a plan here. The government must do something now before it is too late!

In Economic Woes 02-12

New dangers for the world economy. When the crisis started, governments helped save the world economy. Now they are the problem

China surprises by raising banks' required reserves

Debt Limit Increase Signed Into Law

Reid rejects bipartisan jobs bill endorsed by White House

Payment Card Networks Under Assault

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - A Monument to Stupidity: The Empty Legacy of Government Waste

Perpetuating a misguided ‘too big to fail’ policy

My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Dependency

Obama's Attack Machine—II The White House is deflecting questions about its ugly budget by hammering on Paul Ryan's plan.

Growth Is Not Nearly as Strong Beneath the Surface (pdf - sorry)

Economics: The Return of Debtflation?

More “unexpected” economic news

N.J. Gov. Christie Freezes Spending. With State's Budget In 'Shambles,' New Governor Slices Into School Surpluses, NJ Transit Subsidies; Dems Furious

Might just save all our woes - Forbes: Flat Tax Could Solve Calif. Woes

Why cities aren't hitting panic button -- yet

Goldman Gets another bite of the apple

Scarborough Shows Low Taxes = Low Unemployment in New Hampshire. MSNBC 'Morning Joe' host draws a parallel between tax rates and unemployment by comparing state to Rhode Island.

Here's to hoping - Obama report: 95,000 jobs to come each month

Illegal immigration translates into illegal employment

Re: Low-Income vs High-Income Unemployment Rate: A False Debate AND Re: Low-Income vs. High-Income Unemployment Rate: A False Debate

The "Green Jobs" Scam Unmasked

Sen. Reid kills Baucus bill, narrows focus of jobs legislation after complaints

Stimulus Jobbed

Jumpstarting employment growth


Obama ‘Agnostic’ on Deficit Cuts, Won’t Prejudge Tax Increases. I'm completely against tax increases on so many levels. Nothing "agnostic" about it with me.

Obama Backtracking: Open to Taxes for Middle Class

Bam's tax betrayal

Read Obama’s lips: Don’t believe anything that passes his lips

“Four Years Is Enough, Huh?”

Why Obama’s Going to Have to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Read His Lips: Middle-Class Taxes

Major spending cuts are the only way to avoid higher taxes

Pork Report, February 11, 2009: Reboot Congress Edition

They Ain’t With Main Street. Where Barack Obama’s sympathies lie.

Obama's Budget: Fiscal Armaggedon

Kristol: I Agree with Paul Krugman, Obama cozies up to too-big-to-fail bankers

Lawmakers' rush to punish banks threatens recovery

Republican Breaks Rank on Finance Bill. Tennessee's Corker Begins Negotiations With Dodd; Colleagues Urge Senator Not to Vote With Democrats

Lobbyist spending jumps 5 percent in 2009 despite recession woes

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 02-12

Shackling Innovation. The Regulation of Industry-Supported Clinical Trials

GOP to Obama: 'Disavow' Backroom Plots

Pelosi Aide Calls Democratic Plan to Pass Health Care Bill "A Trick"

Obama’s ‘Academically Approved’ Approach to Health Care. The president's Super Bowl Sunday interview provided more evidence of his disdain for the Constitution.

Democrats Hold 'Plan B' Over Republicans' Heads Going Into Health Care Talks. Senate Democrats may go into the bipartisan health care reform summit later this month holding a legislative gun to Republicans' heads. Some Democrats are readying a health care reform "Plan B" in case negotiations at the half-day televised forum on Feb. 25 go nowhere.

Now Obama Discovers GOP Health Care Proposals?

Gregg: Toward a ‘Constructive’ Summit

The 'Bipartisan' Summit AND Planned Summit Is Just an Infomercial in Disguise

Pelosi Makes Her Case: A Majority Is 51 Votes

Gary Johnson scolds Republicans for Medicare scare tactics

How Many People Die From Lack of Health Insurance?

Bipartisanship Equals Single-Payer-ship

Democrats Pessimistic About Health Summit. Either both parties come together against all odds or the event proves that no bipartisan outcome is possible, spurring Democrats to act alone. Or, the summit is a bust and the entire health care overhaul falls apart.

Insurance reform empowers individuals, families

WH to announce new health IT grants Friday Nearly $1 Billion of taxpayer's money for these grants. Oh goody.

Amid talk of bipartisanship, acrimony grows in Washington

Top Lobbyist for Drug Makers Resigning After Ill-Fated Health Deal With White House. Billy Tauzin, the head of the influential trade association for drug manufacturers who struck an ill-fated backroom deal with the White House on health care reform last year, is stepping down. AND The Legacy of Billy Tauzin: The White House-PhRMA Deal

PJTV Video (Medically Incorrect) - Fact And Follicle: How To Save Your Hair The Healthy Way

Daily Round-Up 02-12

YouTube Video of Yesterday's Iran Protests

Iran's birthday bash

PJTV Video (Middle East Update) - World Reacts to Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

PJTV Video (The Hicks File) - You Have The Right To Remain Terrorists: Obama's Waterheaded Interrogation Policy

Closing the New Frontier. The space race still matters, and we’re losing it. AND Astronauts install space station observation deck

The President’s Meeting This Week with Civil-Rights Leaders

Virginia Legislators Outlaw Involuntary Implantation of Microchips

75% back letting gays serve openly

Where the U.S. went wrong on the Christmas Day bomber

Many in denial over China's quest for bases


VDH- Why Did Rome Fall—And Why Does It Matter Now?

Is al Qaeda Bankrupt? Desperate for funds, the terrorist group has turned to affiliates that rely more and more on crime. That'll win hearts and minds.

The FBI Knows Where You Are, Thanks to Your Cell Phone. A federal appeals court will begin debating on Friday a privacy issue you probably hadn't considered: the government's ability to track your location at any time, if you carry a cell phone.

PJTV Video (Special) - Interview with Israeli Amb. Michael Oren, Part 2: Iran - Will Sanctions Work?

Thomas Sowell - The Fallacy of "Fairness": Part IV

Big Government's Cronies

Religion on Trial in California Marriage Amendment Case

From InstaPundit - THEY TOLD ME THAT IF I VOTED FOR JOHN MCCAIN, they’d be trying to license bloggers to end Web anonymity. And they were right! AND THEY TOLD ME IF I VOTED FOR JOHN MCCAIN, we’d see a new Orwellian era of surveillance. And they were right! “The Obama administration has argued that warrantless tracking is permitted because Americans enjoy no ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’ in their–or at least their cell phones’–whereabouts.”

Death of D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program Would be "A Tragedy and an Outrage"

Free Speech on Campus: Michael Oren at UC Irvine

The Electorate vs. Obama's Agenda


PJTV Video (Sonja Schmidt) - You Not Good, Uh, Talker All the Time? Sonja Has Help

Rubio Rises

Tea Parties and the American Political Tradition. So far the movement looks a lot like the opposition to Roosevelt's court-packing scheme.

Scenes from a counter-revolution. The growing power of the tea-party movement will make it hard for Republican politicians to compromise with the president

The Tea Parties Are United in Favor of Limited, Responsible Government

Tea, anyone? The independent-bent thirst for limited government is more than just some marginalized shouting


Would Reagan Be a Tea Partier? His sons share different views.

Tea party groups attempt to transform passions into practicality with PACs AND Ensuring Liberty PAC: Creating a Tea Party Caucus

Feminists Still Furious Over Tebow Ad AND Saying grace

“In the land of Mahatma Gandhi, Indian gun owners are coming out of the shadows for the first time to mobilize, U.S.-style, against proposed new curbs on bearing arms.”

Bad Politicians Bad 02-12

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages

Quinnipiac: Obama down to 45%

NYT/CBS Poll: 46 Percent Approval for Obama

Poll: 8 percent support incumbents AND Few Americans Want Members of Congress Re-Elected, Poll Finds

Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2009

Midterm Election Challenges for Both Parties. Obama's Ratings Are Flat, Wall Street's Are Abysmal

Obama's Approval As Chilly As the Weather

Don't get cocky - We won showdown with President Obama

Dem Sen. Rockefeller On Obama: "He's Beginning To Be Not Believable To Me Video

Holder Must Go - More Smoke in the Black Panther Case AND Black Panther-judgeship nexus. Rewarding a non-investigation with a seat on the bench

The end of the era of Congressional dinosaurs AND my thoughts here - Good Riddance

The Off-Center President. Obama says he'd settle for a single term—and seems to mean it.

Democrats exiting the sinking ship? Part 21: Rep. Patrick Kennedy

Man Up, Obama, or Make Way for President Palin

PJTV Video (Klavan on the Culture) - President Me! The Musical

Crib Notes Technology Cost Analysis Fantastic diagrams!

Like it or not, the filibuster is here to stay

The Official Unraveling of the Obama Presidency

Blagojevich Pleads No to Corruption He also has a bridge he'd like to sell you.

Obama's Attack Machine—II The White House is deflecting questions about its ugly budget by hammering on Paul Ryan's plan.

Taxing times ahead for Democrats

Senior Obama Official Steers Sole-Source Contracts to Former Business Associates

Senate Confirms 2 Dozen Obama Nominees

The President Takes Charge AND Mukasey Shreds Obama Administration's Legal Claims on Christmas Bomber

Rationalizations by Eric Holder about the Miranda rights of suspected terrorists lack seriousness

OUCH! Obama's Great Achievement (by Peter Kirsanow)
In today's Morning Jolt, Jim Geraghty reviews some of the responses to Joe Biden's assertion that Iraq is one of the great achievements of the Obama administration.

Most of the commentators, including Rush, are astounded. But relatively speaking, the administration's achievement is no more astounding than Bull Connor's passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Kruschev's reunification of Germany, or Jefferson Davis's preservation of the Union.

Consequently, a bit of perspective is in order.

Your Time Is Up, Chuck

Sen. Blanche Lincoln appears to be on her way to earning the dubious title of most vulnerable Senate incumbent of the 2010 cycle.

It's One of Our Worst Political Traditions

The President's Reality Problem

Good Riddance

Kennedy won't seek re-election, marking end of era
Rep. Patrick Kennedy's decision not to seek re-election will leave Washington without a Kennedy in political office for the first time in more than 60 years.

The Rhode Island Democrat's term ends early next year but he says in a television message viewed by The Associated Press on Thursday that his life is "taking a new direction" and he will not seek a ninth term. The video was provided to the AP by Kennedy's congressional office.
Nine terms as a US Representative is 18 years. Since the man is only 42, that means he's been in office since he was 24 and clearly has NEVER held a REAL job. Good riddance. We need people who've truly worked for a living, not rich-kid dilettantes living off their ancestors' legacies.

Plus, clearly the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.
He has been in and out of treatment for substance abuse since crashing his car outside the U.S Capitol in 2006. Still, he has been comfortably re-elected twice since then, after making mental health care his signature issue in Washington.
At least when he crashed his car, he didn't kill a woman at the same time. So that's a step up from his father.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daily Round-Up 02-11

Congratulations to the ‘Tea Bashers’


John Mayer’s Penis Is A Racist Wonderland


Salad Days and Nights

PA-13: How scared are Dem incumbents? AND Is Allyson Schwartz Scared Of A Firefighter From Northeast Philadelphia?


Introducing the ‘Cold Reality’ Picture Contest ($10,000 Prize!)

Is it time to overhaul the IPCC?

The Real Climategate Scandal

Chevron Witch Trial Yields Bizarre $27 Billion ‘Environmental’ Claim

Something Revolutionary: Frozen Wasteland


CNN Clown to Obama: 'Go Gangsta Against Your Foes'


Michigan And ACORN: When At First You Don’t Succeed

Union Bosses Target 86-Yr Old Volunteer Crossing Guard


In Economic Woes 02-11

Obama's Budget Would Redistribute $112 Billion From Top 1% of Taxpayers

Jobs bill won't add many jobs

Why Did Obama Name Dimon And Blankfein?

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 02-11

Health Care “Tricks” (Updated x2)

Pelosi Aide: Democrats Have Settled on Reconciliation

For You Baby

Snow dalek attacks!

It's The Economy, Stupid

Poll Shows Eroding Support for Health Reform
While half of Americans want some kind of health reform in the next two years, nearly 40 percent say it would be a good thing if the legislation proposed by the Democrats and President Barack Obama never materializes. And one-quarter aren't sure if health reform would be good or bad for the country, a new Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds.

"Essentially what they're saying is we want reform but we don't trust or like what we're seeing now," said Humphrey Taylor, chairman of The Harris Poll, a service of Harris Interactive.

While reforming health care is still important for many Americans, the most pressing issue is fixing the troubled economy, the poll found.

When asked to pick two top priorities for the President and Congress, about 8 out of 10 of respondents, regardless of their political persuasion, picked reducing unemployment and creating new jobs as a top priority over the next few months. Among Democrats, health reform came next (59 percent), while among Republicans preventing a terrorist attack in the United States (64 percent) took second place.
Reform could have started a year ago with a few simple changes (interstate purchasing, tort reform, etc.), but nooooo, the liberals wanted to make a massive power grab because they misinterpreted the election as a mandate for free-wheeling corruption and power. They forgot that, thanks to journalists epically failing at their job of reporting, the American people had to take Obama at his word when he said he was going to listen to everyone, be "bi-partisan", and make nice.

Stinkin' lying politicians, lazy, enraptured journalists, and one year later, the American people are angry, very angry. We can forgive a lot but not being lied to and demeans. Americans are smart, savvy people. We are friendly and trusting but that does not make us stupid. Pols and journos better wise up and start doing their jobs honestly and fairly or they are going to be joining the unemployed ranks sooner rather than later.

Mr. Davis Follows His Own Rules

Shani Davis does things his way

I always admire people who are comfortable with themselves enough to do follow their own pursuits regardless of the expectations others have of them. Sometimes this means I admire someone whose behavior I do not necessarily approve but there it is.

But no one could seriously disapprove of Shani Davis who is an African-American Olympic Speed Skater who shuns the press and just wants to skate. He does what he wants the way he wants with a great deal of class and elegance. I hope he wins all the medals he wants too!
At the World Cup meet in Heerenveen last November, Davis knew one of his most ardent supporters was celebrating a birthday. So, after winning a race, he walked over to give the fan a most unexpected present.

“He took off his medal and said, ‘That’s for you.’” Wicher Soek recalled recently in a telephone interview. “It totally swept me off my feet.”

Soek has been following Davis for years and has always loved his struggle against the odds - an African-American from the south side of Chicago growing up to become a world-class speedskater - as much as his sublime skating style.

“He is total elegance,” Soek said. “Just look the way he holds his hand on his back. No other skater does it like him.”

In Europe, they see a winning personality who just doesn’t know how to score points in the United States.

“It is the simplicity of the man,” Soek said. “He looks you up after the race, always for a chat.”

Bakker still remembers a night after a big race when Kleintje Pils was playing at a hotel close to the oval. Suddenly, he saw Davis in the crowd.

“He hung the big sousaphone around his neck, and he was all laughs,” Bakker said. “And the next day, he wins a race.”

For the Dutch, it’s a total mystery why Davis is not a hot marketing property in the U.S. The small Dutch advertising agency BKB was pleasantly surprised to find out in December that parts of Davis’ suit were still available for sponsorship.

His Dutch manager, Wietze Jongsma, knows that conventional wisdom means little to Davis. In the run-up to Vancouver, he was approached to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s blockbuster show and a children’s program in the Netherlands.

Guess which one he picked?

Yep, the children got the nod over Oprah’s couch.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ACORN/Big Union/Leftie Groups 02-10 UPDATED

ACORN Eligible For $4 Billion In Federal Taxpayer Money in Obama FY2011 Budget

Unions bash Democrats, warn of political fallout

"Rotten to the AmeriCorps," Indeed

Anti-Tea Party Web Site Part of Scheme to Funnel Funds. A new Web site targeting the tea parties is a part of a complex network of money flowing from the mountainous coffers of the country's biggest labor unions and trickling slowly into political slush funds for Democratic activists AND Fox Uncovers Anti-Tea-Party Slush-Fund Scam

Tea Party Convention Exposes Progressive Left’s Age Discrimination Problem

IPPF Wants Fifth Graders Taught "The Pleasures of Sex" As I said before...What's Planned Parenthood's Real Agenda? AND Planned Parenthood Pushes Intensive Sex Education for Kids as Young as 10 This is just the sort of cynical agenda an organization founded by a ghastly racist woman (Margaret Sanger) who believed in eugenics (specifically directed towards African-Americans) would come up with. Let's rob children of their childhood by sexualizing them as early as possible, profoundly increasing the likelihood they will get pregnant and want abortions which will justify our existance and funding. Evil, awful, vile.

Dooming Minority Girls

Memo Shows SEIU Setting Senate Schedule on Becker Vote. Good thing they failed. GOP blocks Obama labor board nominee

Frances Fox Piven: ACORN-style Mass Movement May Deepen Foreclosure Crisis, Forcing Government & Banks to Address Homeownership Rights Video

Junk Science 02-10 UPDATED

Sen. Inhofe is a good and gracious man. So I love this story - Inhofe Family Builds Igloo 'Gore's New Home'

AP Story Breaks US Media Wall of Denial on IPCC Mess; Al Gore Still Silent

Gore’s group woos Senate centrists in climate bill ad push

New Wind Farms in the U.S. Do Not Bring Jobs Quite frankly, they don't even bring in much energy either.

Top Science Journal Calls for Climate Science Reform. A steady drip of errors in the top report on global warming -- and the erosion they are causing in public confidence of the science behind it -- have some scientists calling for drastic changes in how future United Nations climate reports are done.

MSNBC anchor rebuffs weatherman’s objectivity on climate change Wow, dumb and dumber in one MSNBC anchor. Fantastic.

Climategate: MoveOn’s Triple Whopper. Air quality in the United States has improved dramatically over the past 40 years, yet Moveon.Org wants you to believe that breathing the air is like being a pack-a-day smoker

Brewer Ignores MSNBC's Meteorologist & Declares DC Blizzard Result of Global Warming

Scientists seek better way to do climate report

NY Times Swings, Misses At IPCC Story: Readers Still In Dark

Someone is wrong. Kerry: 'Dead wrong' to write obituary on climate change bill AND Political will on climate-change bill buried under record snowfall in capital

U.S. climate envoy Todd Stern says ‘fundamental science’ supports Copenhagen Accord despite IPCC mistakes

Chattering About the Green Police Ad AND Audi's Gorewellian Super Bowl Ad Ha, Gorewellian. That's good, Jonah. Very good.

The SEC Takes On … Climate Change

Moran poised to lead Interior, EPA panel

Eve Ensler: Global warming’s real, Sarah Palin! Just look at the earthquakes and tsunamis! Calling her dumb is an insult to morons. AND Top Scientists, Feminist Playwrights Agree: Fire Make Sea Gods, Vaginas Angry! AND Video Of 'Vagina Monologues' Creator On 'Joy Behar Show': "Earthquakes and Tsunamis" Proof Of Global Warming!!!

Media Bias 02-10 UPDATED

Get used to this - A newspaper starts exiting the Web

AP Story Breaks US Media Wall of Denial on IPCC Mess; Al Gore Still Silent

Eve Ensler: Global warming’s real, Sarah Palin! Just look at the earthquakes and tsunamis! Calling her dumb is an insult to morons. AND Top Scientists, Feminist Playwrights Agree: Fire Make Sea Gods, Vaginas Angry! AND Video Of 'Vagina Monologues' Creator On 'Joy Behar Show': "Earthquakes and Tsunamis" Proof Of Global Warming!!!

Misunderstanding the tea party AND IowaHawk explains all - Heart of Redness

Is Robert Gibbs a Sad Clown?

Columbia Journalism Review to Salon and Max Blumenthal: You Can’t Just Make Stuff Up

Obama to Hire Keith Olbermann As Press Secretary? (Video)

NY Times Swings, Misses At IPCC Story: Readers Still In Dark

Watch out, Larry King and Anderson Cooper -- the anti-celebrities are at the gates. Heck, inside the gates. Red Eye on Fox beats out Larry King and Anderson Cooper. OUCH!

In Economic Woes 02-10 UPDATED

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Subpoenaed in AIG Fraud Case

Pork Report, February 9, 2010: Neon Edition

Porkulus II: Return of the Phony Jobs Boondoggle

Son of a B****! Proposed Senate jobs bill includes health-care provisions

An excuse for a new pork binge

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan tackles Obama's path to deficit disaster

Fudging jobless statistics. Conflicting government measurements skew jobless rate

Harry Reid pushes $80 billion jobs bill

Employing a fresh approach to jobs

In His Own Image

The 'jobs' con: O's tax trouble

Big Spending, Big Debts

Take This Jobs Bill and Shovel It

'Obama Budget Rigs Health Care Numbers'

China Dumps US Asset Backeds and Corporates

Bernanke outlines plan for pulling in stimulus aid

The New Budget's Single Worst Idea

Latest Plan to Cut Farm Subsidies Likely Dead

Private Sector Beats Government Again

President Softens Language on Wall Street Bonuses He Once Called 'Obscene' and 'Shameful' Maybe he finally remembered that another name democrates call Wall Streeters is "donors".

Like here - Schumer's Wall Street Donors Look for Revenge

Of course, it is too good to last - White House moves swiftly to stem fallout of Obama interview

Fannie And Freddie Aren't Making It, Despite Infusion Of Unlimited Cash

Housing in 2010: Reading the Homebuilding Tea Leaves

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 02-10 UPDATED

Obama Budget Rigs Healthcare Numbers

Son of a B****! Proposed Senate jobs bill includes health-care provisions

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Beware the Embrace of Bipartisanship: Does Obama Want to Negotiate or Just Share the Blame?

GOP Can Dominate Healthcare Summit

Ten GOP Health Ideas for Obama. We don't need to study lawsuit reform for one minute longer.

Obama would OK health bill minus items he pursued

'Obama Budget Rigs Health Care Numbers'

Obama Says Bipartisanship, But What He Wants Is GOP Surrender

Bad Politicians Bad 02-10 UPDATED

Obama’s Big Plans for Justice Department Nominee Johnsen

Why Voters Turned Against Obama Policies

Unions bash Democrats, warn of political fallout

Doug Wilder - Obama needs a staff shakeup. He's no Thomas Sowell but Mr. Wilder has a point.

Son of a B****! Proposed Senate jobs bill includes health-care provisions

John Stossel - Hurtling Down the Road to Serfdom

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages

Republicans Surge in New ABC News/Washington Post Poll

Poll: Republicans gain on Obama, public welcomes GOP power to block

Poll: GOP Gaining on Obama

NRCC's Record Month

Obama's perpetual campaign mode

Why Is Obama Ignoring Europe?

From Instapundit -
MORE ON THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AND THE NEW BLACK PANTHERS: “A Feb. 2 letter from Glenn A. Fine, inspector general for the Justice Department, to Rep. Frank R. Wolf, Virginia Republican, ought to give pause to lawmakers of any party. In effect, the letter says there is no independent authority that can investigate any decision by the department to stonewall congressional inquiries. If the department refuses to answer congressional questions by asserting legal privileges that have never been recognized in U.S. history, the IG is powerless to assess allegations of certain sorts of departmental misconduct.” They told me if I voted for McCain we’d have a rogue Justice Department that worried about politics more than law. And they were right!

With absolute power, Team Obama grows stupid

N.Y. Senate Expels Convict

Obama's Balloon Hits the Dirt

GOP Sends Out Valentine's Day Cards Mocking Democrats

President Softens Language on Wall Street Bonuses He Once Called 'Obscene' and 'Shameful' Maybe he finally remembered that another name democrates call Wall Streeters is "donors".

Like here - Schumer's Wall Street Donors Look for Revenge

Senate's Gridlock Fuels Frustration

Rep. Watson to retire