Monday, February 8, 2010

In Economic Woes 02-08

Borrowing from Our Children? And Hegemony

Many Jobless Giving up on Finding Work AND Failed Job Seekers Add to Homeless Ranks in N.D.

House Democrats support ending tax cut, but see it as tough sell

Toward a Different Fiscal Future. Tax increases can't plausibly address the coming entitlement crisis.

China's debt bomb. America's No. 1 creditor holds the ultimate weapon

America's candor gap on the budget

Deficit Distortion Makes for U.S. Fiscal Disaster

We needed a poll to learn that? - The Numbers Reflect Voters Hate The President's Budget

Big Government's Big Shortfall

Recession For The Citizens

The Welfare Issue Returns

U.S. special pay master for TARP Kenneth Feinberg talks about Goldman-Sachs executive payouts

Analysis: U.S. Economic Stress Hit Peak in Dec

Public-sector unions bleed taxpayers

Census Having Trouble Recruiting Workers in Nation's Most Unemployed State

A Formula for Real Economic Growth: Cut Public Employee Pay by 20%

Geithner Claims Mortgage Modifications a Success Despite House Probe. Millions more Americans are facing financial security as a result of stabilizing home prices, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said Sunday, even though only about 66,000 people have benefited from permanent mortgage loan modifications aimed to prevent foreclosure, a figure that has resulted in a House panel investigation.

If only class war had remained a Marxist meme

Recession chugs on, except in government

California’s Costly High-Speed Rail Hoax: Using Borrowed Money to Build a Flawed Train

Stocks trade mixed as European debt woes remain. Stocks trade in tight range as investors remain wary about economic recovery; Hasbro, CVS rise

Faber: Big Banks Are Freakish Offspring of Easy Fed Money

Fed to Outline 'Exit Strategy'. Bernanke Prepares Future Strategy for Curbing Credit; Policy Shift Remains Months Off

My Important Super Bowl Thoughts (Ha Ha, Kidding, Just AIG and Goldman)

Five myths about how to create jobs

Europe Risks Another Global Depression

Argentina Seizes the Central Bank President Cristina Kirchner wants to pay foreign creditors but doesn't want to use treasury revenues.

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