Friday, October 28, 2011

2 Sets of Questions About Occupy Wall Street

First and foremost, where is the demand for the collective justice? Shouldn't the first step of the OWS movement be the demand that all those "Wall Street Fat Cats and Bankers" be thrown in jail for the illegal act of putting a gun to those innocent students' collective heads and forcing them to sign up for student loans? Or is that their parents/respective universities' faults? Second, can I get a refund/rebate for the student loan my father took out for me so I could study abroad my junior year at Oxford, UK? Even though, I personally paid off the student loan completely myself by the mid-90s? I'd really like to see some of that money back if the government is handing freebies out to the loafers in Zuccotti Park?

Exposing OWS-ers and Their Very, Very Bad Behavior

Over at Powerline is this post - Occupy Wall Street Exposed - about a new website - Occupy Wall Street Exposed. Powerline writes...
I wrote yesterday that the occupiers aren’t a political movement, they are a crime wave. Until now, however, it has been hard to keep up with all of the occupiers’ misdeeds, most of which are reported, if at all, in local press outlets. Now there is a single web site, OWS Exposed, devoted exclusively to revealing the truth about the disreputable, crime-ridden, far left Occupy Wall Street movement. Check it out, for the news reporting that our major news outlets generally prefer not to do. Also, you can go here to sign a petition asking President Obama to stop fomenting class warfare. OWS Exposed is a brand new site, but it looks like the Occupy movement will be around for a while longer, so watch for content to be added daily. UPDATE: As always, the Left doesn’t like to be exposed. The people who run OWS Exposed spent much of the day yesterday dealing with denial of service attacks by enraged liberals. The site is working again today. FURTHER UPDATE: is down again this morning, due to more denial of service attacks by liberals. I find it somewhat ironic that the occupiers, who purport to be defending rights of free speech, try to shut down the web sites of those who comment on their activities.
Support the good guys and visit Occupy Wall Street Exposed Today! Oh, and Powerline!

Why Econ Modelers Are Always Wrong

Via the great Instapundit, this Scientific American Article (see link):
UNEXPECTEDLY! Why Economic Models Are Always Wrong.“If you had to readjust the constant in Newton’s law of gravity every time you got out of bed in the morning in order for it to agree with your scale, it wouldn’t be much of a law. But in finance they just keep on recalibrating and pretending that the models work.” Of course, if the models are always wrong, that’s a good argument for leaving things to markets, instead of having regulators — whose models are always wrong, remember — trying to run things.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ayers Teaching Occupyers - UGH

Looks like Villaraigosa will be the next Democratic mayor to send cops after occupiers

A Human Observation

Why is it that we are so happy for complete strangers when we see a successful marriage proposal but we laugh at compete strangers pain when they get hit with a football in the groin a la America's Funniest Home Videos, yet reach out and help complete strangers with real suffering? I may not like my fellow drivers on the road but I think we love our fellow travelers in this world.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Greenpeace Terror


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good line

Via Instapundit from Ace of Spades
SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “The social contract exists so that everyone doesn’t have to squat in the dust holding a spear to protect his woman and his meat all day every day. It does not exist so that the government can take your spear, your meat, and your woman because it knows better what to do with them.”

Why no jobs?

A question from a friend's facebook page in response to the above image;
There is a difference to being entitled and wanting people to pay their fair share. Why should people who earn more money pay less of a percentage of tax on that money? If they are "job creators" where are the jobs? They haven't been taxed yet, they have been living under this Bush tax cut for years, so again- where are the jobs???
My Answer:
Think of it this way, if you owned a flower shop and suddenly you had to spend hours filling out EPA forms and business registration forms and at the same time, your customer base was halved, would you hire an additional florist? If the government has created through burdensome over-regulation a business climate of uncertainty and expense, then businesses do not hire. If demand for goods and services is down, then businesses do not hire. If the tax rates could change at any moment, businesses do not hire. It started with the housing collapse but has continued with bad government policies frightening the horses. Finally, you are right. There is a difference between demanding an entitlement and contributing your fair share. In the 1980s only 19% of Americans did NOT pay taxes, today it is 47% of Americans who do NOT pay taxes. The top 1% of tax-payers pay 40% of taxes, the top 5% pay 60%, the remaining 40% is paid by the remaining 48% of taxpayers. So who exactly isn't paying their fair share?