Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apparently The Shame of Guantanamo No Longer Stings

Liberals ignore Obama's Guantanamos The same people who excoriated Bush's war on terror are letting Obama do as he pleases

"Venture Socialism"

Oh Goody! Another BAD idea from Obama Obama's subsidies: Private profit, public risk
Obama plans to use the Export-Import Bank -- a federal agency that gives taxpayer-backed loans and loan guarantees to foreign buyers who buy American goods -- to subsidize U.S. manufacturers even when they are selling to other American companies. This would be a significant step in the federal government's transformation into a venture capital firm and investment bank involved in all corners of the economy. It's private profit and public risk. Conservative Sen. Jim DeMint calls it "venture socialism."

Damn Dirty Hippies

Against the Hippies: Or, In Defense of American Individualism I've cursed the Baby Boomers for ages on this website. But the great Timothy Dalrymple does a better job above.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July Everybody!

"Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it!"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Difference

Shamefully swiped from Just A Conservative Girl

A Tale of One Tragedy and Two Campaigns

A Tale of One Tragedy and Two Campaigns

At the above link to Potluck Bloggers please find Just A Conservative Girl's outstanding post comparing how Obama and Romney are handling the current state-of-emergency in the states impacted by the "land hurricane" which killed over a dozen people.

Romney's campaign is working with the Red Cross to collect food and water bottles for distribution.

Obama's campaign wants to sell you a tank top.

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It's Gonna Get Taxing Soon

WSJ Chief Economist: 75% of Obamacare Costs Will Fall on Backs of Those Making $120K or Less