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Help Stop Obama has begun

Check it out here, a new conservative fund-raising website, was launched yesterday with the mission is to raise money in support the Republican nominee to defeat President Obama in the 2012 presidential election

Daily Round-Up 04-09

Ivory Coast mercenaries 'are burning people alive'


House Republicans seek audit of AARP

Turnabout in Wisconsin

Maybe we are winning

What’s the opposite of a smoking gun?

John J. Miller Named Director of Hillsdale's Dow Journalism Program


Nearly a decade ago, NASA built an Earth-monitoring satellite that could have observed global warming in action. Then the agency stashed it in a warehouse in Maryland, where it remains to this day.

Conspiracy Characterizes Reaction to Uncounted Waukesha Votes My takeaway from this article comes from here:
Reflected in these statements is frustration and denial at the thought that despite months of anger and marching in the streets, despite the efforts of millions of dollars, and despite the fairly effective attempt to make a non-partisan judicial race a referendum on Governor Scott Walker, a narrow majority of Wisconsinites still turned out and voted in favor of Justice Prosser.

But how come no one is worried about the potential disenfranchisement of over 14,000 voters in the city of Brookfield? Is it because the majority of them appear to have voted for Justice David Prosser? Is it because it is a heavily Republican area? Are the over 3,000 voters of Brookfield who voted for JoAnne Kloppenburg part of this conspiracy to steal as well?

What happened in Waukesha was an error. A major error. But the canvassing process worked. It detected the error, and there was enough time to correct it. A representative from the Waukesha Democratic Party, Ramona Kitzinger, was part of the process and confirmed that “we went over everything and made sure all the numbers jibed up and they did. Those numbers jibed up, and we’re satisfied they’re correct.” As we have seen the numbers ebb and flow from all 72 counties in Wisconsin, it is abundantly clear that errors occur in data entry and tabulation everywhere. Often times, elections aren’t close enough for these corrections to change the outcome. This one did.

Russia wants 'red button' rights for US missile defence system Worse, Obama would probably give it to them.


Oregon Teen Says Father Saved Her From Sex Offender

Sessions Defends Americans Who Voted for Less Spending in November

Boehner Secures the Futures of D.C. Children

Bachmann, 27 other Republicans vote against short-term spending bill


President Obama Job Approval
Reid’s Retreat on Spending

Pelosi: Anti-Net Neutrality Bill Isn't Going Anywhere

At least not publically - Oprah Winfrey Will Not Endorse Obama in 2012

Barack Obama and Al Sharpton: A depressing duo

We're not being told the truth on Libya. Look at two other wars our government is currently deeply involved in - because they show that the claims made for this bombing campaign can't be true

Who Won the Shutdown Showdown? It Wasn't Even Close

Md. House OKs Illegal Immigrant In-state Tuition

Obama promised higher energy costs. He wasn't kidding

28% Say They Share Obama's Political Views.

Budget Showdown: Democrats Show Unrighteous Indignation

What a way to run a superpower.

PJTV: Trade in Our SUVs? Can We Trade In Our President Instead?

Demonizing the GOP, losing the budget battle


My only question is how much will it cost us taxpayers - 'Historic' deal to avoid government shutdown

From Billions to Trillions

The Kiss-Your-Sister Budget Deal Is Finalized, but Claudia Schiffer Still Ain’t Your Sibling

And because it is a “deal” that means there is good news and bad news.

We must call the bluff of the big, bad banks It would be insane not to change the structure of banking, because it’s doomed to fail again

Rising oil prices beginning to hurt US economy

9% Rate Economy Good or Excellent, 56% Say Poor

The Obama-Gaia Energy Partnership

Toxic Dollar: Why Nobody Seems to Want US Currency

Easy Money Fed Causes Dollar Decline

Obama promised higher energy costs. He wasn't kidding

Eat the Rich

Budget Showdown: Democrats Show Unrighteous Indignation

Treasury's Pension Raids in Past Debt Ceiling Fights

Corn reserves projected to fall to 15-year low, a trend that could lead to higher food prices

Why Investors Hate Tech Stocks

Washington vs. America – D.C. doesn’t doesn’t act like there’s a deficit problem

The seeds of the euro crisis are as old as the euro itself.

Portuguese Bail-out is the Beginning of the End of Big Government


Wis. Rep.'s Medicare Plan Worries Local Voters

Kagan’s Recusal Manuevers


Damn those effin' ethanol subsidies Corn reserves projected to fall to 15-year low, a trend that could lead to higher food prices

Boston mayor takes on sugary drinks

Government Land Management: A Waste of Green

Obama promised higher energy costs. He wasn't kidding

Coolest March since 1994

The Obama-Gaia Energy Partnership

Nearly a decade ago, NASA built an Earth-monitoring satellite that could have observed global warming in action. Then the agency stashed it in a warehouse in Maryland, where it remains to this day.

Wind power: Even worse than you thought


Help the MRC Fight George Soros and His Liberal Media Minions

House passes net neutrality repeal


ACORN pleads guilty in Nevada voter fraud case

What’s the opposite of a smoking gun?

SEIU Thugs Arrested in Washington After Shoving State Troopers at Governor’s Office


Open Secret: Planned Parenthood turns tax dollars into donations to Democrats

Planned Parenthood Did One Abortion Every 95 Seconds—As Many in One Year as Live In Cincinnati

Planned Parenthood spent more than $1 million electing Democrats last cycle

From Instapundit - "UPDATE: Dana Loesch on Facebook: “If you expect people to pay for your ‘family planning’ you are inviting Uncle Sam into your bedroom. And he’s a pervert.”"

Video: Oddly enough, new celebrity Planned Parenthood ad doesn’t mention abortion

Planned Parenthood, abortion and the budget fight


Blaming the Tea Party? Stop the Political Games

Tea-Party Groups Had Sought More Cuts, but Grant House Speaker High Marks for His Leadership During the Showdown

Sessions Defends Americans Who Voted for Less Spending in November

Rick Rolling the Oregon Legislature! Awesome

How one Oregon lawmaker convinced his colleagues to ‘Rick Roll’ the state legislature

This is one politician I'd see re-elected over and over again!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Random Friday Round-Up 04-08

President Obama Job Approval

Zogby: Obama's Approval Sinking

Declining Approval Numbers for Obama Among Blacks

Pew Poll: Obama Struggling With White Voters

BREAKING IN WISCONSIN: Clerical Error Gives Prosser Net Gain of 7300+ Votes AND Prosser's huge gain comes after Waukesha County flub is caught AND The greatest press conference of all time AND It looks like Waterloo in Wisconsin for government unions.

Internal DOJ report on Black Panther dismissal leaked

Obama: I’ll Shut Down the Government and Suspend Military Pay. He's such a smart president, suspending military pay after launching a third war. AND Will Obama Administration Hold Military Paychecks During Government Shutdown? AND Hey Obama, You Do Realize That You're Responsible for the Shutdown if it Happens, Dontcha?

Boehner Says It’s Not About Riders

Maxine Waters, your scandal is showing

Stay classy, lefties - Facebook event: Let's dump trash at Boehner's pad

I have no idea why the media is screaming about this scandel. Another Pigford Statistical Anomaly

‘It’s About Spending’

One Virginia Law Student’s Monument to Rejection AND Another Worthless Education Credential

US program seeks to increase use of E-85 fuel

Bank of America to Cancel State of Illinois’ Company Cards

Too good to check: Oprah not supporting Obama publicly in 2012?

64% Say Americans Are Overtaxed, Political Class Disagrees

Harry Reid: We’ll shut down the government for Planned Parenthood How nice to see Reid supporting an organization founded by a woman dedicated to killing African American babies.

Palin: Obama Should Sign C.R.

Former budget director David Stockman says America must deal with its mountain of debt, and faces an epoch of falling incomes and a stalled economy. “Bring it on,” he tells Lloyd Grove about the government shutdown.

Used and abused: How baby boomers are ruining their children’s lives

US Going Same Route as Greece, Portugal: Economist

O, So Out of Touch

Complaints About Budget Plan Veer Off Path

A Decisive Moment for Life

Conservatives: Bill would increase number of Obama’s czars

Tea party split on constitutional convention

A gallon of gas: $4. Presidential sarcasm: priceless.

‘Best Laid Plans’ of Health Care Bureaucrats Go Awry on Rationing

Jihadi jet-setters evade the TSA.

Largest federal worker union sues for pay lost in event of shutdown

Develop U.S. Drilling For Energy Independence

The Attack of the Cash Register

AP Exclusive: Terror suspects held weeks in secret

Reforming entitlements is key to a strong military

Government Shutdown Threat Begs the Question -- Just Who Is an 'Essential Worker'?

All Quiet on the Southern Front?

Nickels, Dimes, and Souls

Federal budget deadlock threatens Obama family's weekend vacation; more urgent talks today

Catastrophe looming thanks to Obamacare

Do the Math -- Lower Corporate Tax Rates = More Jobs, Growing Economy

It looks like the tea partiers beat the teacher unions in WI, barely

In U.S., 1 in 4 Adults Have Government Health Insurance

Malls Face Surge in Vacancies

CBO: Federal deficit continues to grow

Harry Reid Blames Tea Party For Pending Shutdown; Update: Kyl's Response

Rasmussen: Inflation fears up, 87% paying more for groceries

Would you buy a new car from this man?

Wisconsin DOJ Open Meetings Expert Secretly Gave Advice To Fleeing Dem Senators

Dems Delinquency on Spending

Freedom of Information? Fifteen Months Waiting for Four Blank Pages. Last year, PJM made a FOIA request regarding who flew to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Why did it go all the way to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and why was everything redacted?

Voters Say High Court Should Invalidate Health Care Law

One of the Best Things About the Ryan Plan

Michigan’s Crazy Drunk Uncle

The Ryan Journey

Mark Steyn: ‘I think Lindsey Graham is unfit for office’

Rachel Maddow Basically Calls President Obama a Liar Regarding New Drilling Safety in the Gulf

Why Aren’t the Rich Paying 50 Percent in Taxes?

Two George Soros Events Aim to Remake the Financial Order and the Media -- So Where's the Reporting?

The GOP, Democrats and why Taxpayer funded planned parenthood & NPR matters

Peter Suderman Talks Inflation and Agriculture Policy on Freedom Watch

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA): Still a jerk to his own constituents
Rep. Jim Moran Gets Testy With Veteran at Town Hall: Sit Down or Leave

Dem. Rep: Republicans Want to ‘Kill Women’

Reid: Shutdown will prevent Americans from walking down the National Mall or something Apparently he means that completely open space between buildings and around the Tidal Basin that has no gates and no restrictions whatsoever.

47% View Katie Couric Favorably

Government Shutdown Not So Shutdowny After All

BBC’s Charity Drops Proposal for U.S. Taxpayer Funding

Using the Backyard Grill This Summer Just Got More Expensive

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogging Delay

I am so sorry for my recent absence. I had a visit from my mother and aunt this past weekend and you know what they say....

If it's not one thing, it's your mother.

Thank you for your patience.

Daily Round-Up 04-07

‘Freak Show’: 911 Memorial Museum Officials Exploit Human Remains

Wisconsin City Caught Destroying Ballots


AP Count Wrong, Prosser Now Leads by 40 Votes in Wisconsin Election AND Latest vote counts give edge to Prosser

Conservatives unveil alternative budget with $9.1 trillion in cuts

Can the House speaker convince other Republicans, if not the Democrats, to avoid a government shutdown?

Paul Ryan's Adult Conversation

Cantor: ‘We Will Not Leave’

Mr. Trump, Your Argument Against China Just Got Stronger


‘The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.’

Obama, Reid Have Voted for D.C. Abortion Funding Ban

Lawmakers in Virginia Limit Abortion Coverage

Pro-Life Med Students Face Discrimination

Not So Pretty in Pink: Planned Parenthood Gets Its Raunch On


Tea Party Is the Most Powerful Player In Budget, Government Shutdown Fight -- And That Could Mean Big Trouble for the GOP That's because the TEA Party isn't about political parties as much as it is fiscal conservative values and the individual's unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness unencumbered by outrageous regulations and burdensome taxation.

Rasmussen: 48% Prefer Tea Party to Congress

Polls: Public Fury at Budget Impasse Surges — Voters Turn to Tea Party

Tea Party Talks Back

In St. Louis, a protest sign meets government arrogance

Tea Partyers Praise NY Governor Cuomo

Tea Party senator: Obama might have planned shutdown with ‘malicious’ intent

Utah tea party leader has political warning for Herbert, Hatch

And The Good Guys Are.... 04-07

Good News for All States and All Taxpayers: Rhode Island’s Medicaid Waiver Survives Scrutiny

Sir Richard Branson Launches Virgin Oceanic, Will Explore the Deepest Depths of Every Ocean

A year in the life of Richmond Park: Photographer captures London’s secret wildlife

A School Choice Triple Crown

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Ends in Virtual Tie

Launch industry earthquake

EPIC LICENSING BATTLE: The Florida Interior Design Cartel Strikes Back

The new data show urban America neither on the way out nor roaring back.

Paul Ryan, FDR’s Savior

General Bad Behavior 04-07

The Cause of All Discrimination? Me. One man makes a shocking confession.

Don't talk about fraud! Fraud?! There is no fraud! Pay no attention to those... those... those... frauders!

Wisconsin and the Voter Fraud Agenda. Democrats are pushing to weaken ballot security at the state and national level. Have they forgotten the 2000 election?

Do Challenges to Wisconsin Labor Bill Have Merit? No. A close look at Wisconsin law shows that Judge Sumi is wrong and the suits are simply buying time, hoping the state senate flips next election cycle.

Wisconsin City Caught Destroying Ballots

Reading the Wisconsin Tea Leaves

What Does WI Election Say About The Judiciary?

Looks like VDH is feeling glum - Kingdom of Lies

Is AARP a Business? The organization supported Obamacare to line its own pockets, a report suggests.

The new tone: Lefty who threatened Maine gov arrested, pro-lifers get threats and tire slashing in Chicago

Is Our Civilization a Bubble? Part I

Colleges Spend Far Less on Educating Students Than They Claim, Report Says

gaged judges would end government abuses

Antiwar No More?

Palestinian Authority torturing journalists

Krauthammer blasts Goldstone retraction: Ranks with the 19th century ‘blood libel’ against Jews

CWA Members Seeing Red After Union Bosses Blow Dues Money on Themselves

GOP says 5,000 non-citizens voting in Colorado a 'wake-up call' for states

Bad Politician Bad 04-07

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Fla. voters frown on Obama reelection AND Obama Hits Losing Trifecta In Florida, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Increased Support For Offshore Drilling

Obama's support among blacks slips unexpectedly, Hispanics too

Polls: Public Fury at Budget Impasse Surges — Voters Turn to Tea Party

Obama Will Veto ‘Troop Funding Bill’

House Reveals Corrupt Freedom of Information Process

Obama pays tribute to Al Sharpton

There’s politics happening in Washington, Obama complains

Why Holder must resign AND Holder Out of Touch With Americans

Nancy Pelosi’s absurd math on senior citizens losing their meals

Expand Voters’ Rights to Recall Politicians

This time, Americans won’t be fooled by promises

Obama Above the Fray, Hill Dems Under the Bus

OBAMA: "Get Used To High Gas Prices.“

Obama to voter on gas prices: 'You might want to think about a trade-in'

Obamateurism of the Day; Update: Video added

"Obama seems stunned that someone might actually *need* a larger vehicle rather than using it as a status symbol."

White House fears gas prices could tank Obama. Rising prices at the pump are a new political obstacle to the president's reelection. He is trying to defuse the situation by reassuring the American people he has a plan to draw down costs.

Dems’ Cheap Stunt Blocks School Choice in Idaho

The Democrats' Friends 'n Fat Cats Protection Plan

Obama's Government Shutdown Gambit The president sees political profit in demagoguing GOP spending proposals.

Wisconsin GOP rep. questions state DOJ’s ethics after state attorney advises fleeing Dems, shows political support in private e-mail

From Critic to Convert: Obama Adopts the Bush Doctrine

Obama embraces policies he opposed as candidate

Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s Controversial Hiring Of Alleged Journalist As Communications Director

Hammertime: Obama Ignores Results on School Choice

They don't call it The Stupid Party for nothing - The Right’s Missing Organizational Machinery

Which ‘Extremists’ Are Forcing a Governmental Shutdown?

Dig Deep for Dinner With Obama: $38,500 a Plate

In Economic Woes 04-07

White House talks fail to produce budget deal; House passes stopgap bill

Obama Threatens to Veto Short-Term CR AND Obama vows to veto short-term bill

Government Shutdown Myths

Federal examiners protested help for politically connected bank, e-mails show

Two Americas: Public vs. Private Employees

Shut down the government? Seriously?

GOP Ideas On Fannie, Freddie Criticized

U.S. Fiscal Meltdown in Spitting Distance

CBO: Federal deficit continues to grow

Do We Really Need to Raise Taxes to Close the Deficit?

Don't Take This Recovery for Granted

On what John Boehner should to avert a government shutdown

Christie: Government Shutdown Failure of Everybody

Life Beyond Blue: Faith and the Inner City

High energy prices: Poor, minorities hardest hit

Ryan: Debt on Track to Hit 800 Percent of GDP; 'CBO Can't Conceive of Any Way' Economy Can Continue Past 2037

RSC Introduces 2012 Budget Proposal

Obama Will Veto ‘Troop Funding Bill’

The Mother of All Bankruptcies

Dem amendments pummel Ryan budget

The national debt will hit young Americans hard

EPIC LICENSING BATTLE: The Florida Interior Design Cartel Strikes Back

Taxpayer Alert: The Coming Postal Service Bailout

New Budget Plan from Conservative House Members Would Do Best Job of Shrinking the Burden of Federal Spending

A Better Way to Reform Welfare

Forty-five percent of Americans say anti-poverty programs increase poverty

Is AARP a Business? The organization supported Obamacare to line its own pockets, a report suggests.

Inflation and Dodd-Frank: What Were They Thinking?

Thanks for Raising My Taxes - What Else Can I Do For You?

Paul Ryan's Budget Plan: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Food Prices and Global Hunger Equal Riots, Civil Wars and Revolution

On Budget, The Children Scold The Adults

The All-New Failure of the New Economics

Obamacare 04-07

Senate repeals health law's 1099 provision, sends bill to president

Good News for All States and All Taxpayers: Rhode Island’s Medicaid Waiver Survives Scrutiny

The Purple Health Plan

Medicare for a New Century Paul Ryan's plan would modernize a program stuck in 1965.

Reforming Medicare for the Real World

Washington Post and CBS receiving money from Obamacare slush fund

Is AARP a Business? The organization supported Obamacare to line its own pockets, a report suggests.

Smothering Medical Innovation. If we want to maintain our innovative mojo, the one thing we cannot do is continue down the road we are on of socializing the whole system.

Morality and Medicare

New reform regulations fire up health debate

Reforming Medicare for the Real World

Medicaid, Medicare must change

WHO Study Used to Justify ObamaCare a Scientific Fraud

More conflicts of interest in ObamaCare?

Washington Post and CBS receiving money from Obamacare slush fund

In U.S., 1 in 4 Adults Have Government Health Insurance

Junk Science 04-07

Thanks to Folks In the Senate, the EPA's Power Grab Continues

Wind farms are much less efficient than claimed, producing below 10% of capacity for more than a third of the time, according to a new report.

City Councilman Leroy Comrie's bill to ban toys in Happy Meals with over 500 calories is fat-headed

Senator Boxer: Dangerously Ignorant...... on CO2 She rants on the House floor about the health effects of carbon in the air, absolutely ignorant that the amendment being discussed was about carbon dioxide. Yes, really. (With transcript and video.)

Environmentalist George Monbiot Says Greens Have Been Lying About Nuclear Power

Senate rejects block to EPA climate regs

Councilman, heal thyself

Environmental community takes aim at Republicans over EPA

Obama’s New Energy Policy: A Lesson in Stealth Socialism