Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 04-07

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Fla. voters frown on Obama reelection AND Obama Hits Losing Trifecta In Florida, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Increased Support For Offshore Drilling

Obama's support among blacks slips unexpectedly, Hispanics too

Polls: Public Fury at Budget Impasse Surges — Voters Turn to Tea Party

Obama Will Veto ‘Troop Funding Bill’

House Reveals Corrupt Freedom of Information Process

Obama pays tribute to Al Sharpton

There’s politics happening in Washington, Obama complains

Why Holder must resign AND Holder Out of Touch With Americans

Nancy Pelosi’s absurd math on senior citizens losing their meals

Expand Voters’ Rights to Recall Politicians

This time, Americans won’t be fooled by promises

Obama Above the Fray, Hill Dems Under the Bus

OBAMA: "Get Used To High Gas Prices.“

Obama to voter on gas prices: 'You might want to think about a trade-in'

Obamateurism of the Day; Update: Video added

"Obama seems stunned that someone might actually *need* a larger vehicle rather than using it as a status symbol."

White House fears gas prices could tank Obama. Rising prices at the pump are a new political obstacle to the president's reelection. He is trying to defuse the situation by reassuring the American people he has a plan to draw down costs.

Dems’ Cheap Stunt Blocks School Choice in Idaho

The Democrats' Friends 'n Fat Cats Protection Plan

Obama's Government Shutdown Gambit The president sees political profit in demagoguing GOP spending proposals.

Wisconsin GOP rep. questions state DOJ’s ethics after state attorney advises fleeing Dems, shows political support in private e-mail

From Critic to Convert: Obama Adopts the Bush Doctrine

Obama embraces policies he opposed as candidate

Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s Controversial Hiring Of Alleged Journalist As Communications Director

Hammertime: Obama Ignores Results on School Choice

They don't call it The Stupid Party for nothing - The Right’s Missing Organizational Machinery

Which ‘Extremists’ Are Forcing a Governmental Shutdown?

Dig Deep for Dinner With Obama: $38,500 a Plate

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