Friday, August 13, 2010

Pro-Liberal, Anti-Free Speech

This is yet again another example of how liberals do not like free speech when you say something they don't agree with.

Liberal groups push to exploit Target backlash

Target has every right to give money to whomever it wishes. But because it gave money to a pro-business republican who also happens to believe in the sanctity of marriage, liberals are protesting Target and calling it anti-gay.

Everyone has the right to protest something just as everyone in America has the right to support the political candidate of their choice. What is ridiculous on the part of the liberals is hitting Target which promotes affordable style and probably indirectly aids more gays than not.

Who designs their clothes, furniture, art, etc.? Who does the store buyer purchase clothing from? But because this corporation wants a politician who is pro-business, it has to suffer for that same politician's social beliefs. And yet, liberals are the first to vote for politicians based solely on their personal beliefs rather than their real world policies.

These liberal groups are bullying Target to change in ways that would get conservative groups pillared. Just imagine how liberals would react if conservatives bullied San Francisco businesses for donating money to pro-gay, anti-business politicians in the same why they are doing Target. Forcing someone to act against their own business interests is as bad as forcing someone to act against their own personal beliefs. Would you like being forced to give money to both republicans and democrats? Churches and atheist groups?

Finally, just because Target gave to a pro-business politician doesn't make its policies anti-gay. Most pro-gay groups have never protested Target before because they are very socially responsible. The first section of their online employment page is on "Diversity". But Target can't be a successful, diversity-promoting company if its driven to bankruptcy by idiot politicians.

I suppose this makes Target another example of liberals not even thinking the matter through but engaging in another knee-jerk reaction. Like Unions refusing to give at the negotiating table and ending up costing their members jobs rather than a pay reduction.

Well, as a general rule I shop where the prices and products are what I desire. I'll see you at Target.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Media Bias 08-11

PJTV Video - Keith Olbermann Takes on PJTV, Sharron Angle & Basic Arithmetic. (And Keith-O Loses) He is such a tool.

Lib Meltdown… MOGOP Videographer Assaulted By Top Kansas City Dem Official at Carnahan Event (Video)

Now it can be told: Liberal blogger says racism ‘barely materialized’ in 2008 campaign

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher’s Failed Defense of the ‘N-Word’ Lie Dismantled

Spin Control

How come Sarah can meet with an angry voter and keep her cool when these jokers can't?
Sarah Palin meets an angry lady with a sign AND Video: Palin confronts “worst governor ever” protester; Update: Palin rips media coverage of video

Juan Williams Plays Race Card: Old White People Voted For Prop C (Video)

PJTV Video - Hair of the Dog: What If They Held A Sunday Chat Show and Nobody Came?

Confirmed: GE CEO Immelt Scolded NBC Journalists For Reporting Negatively on Obama

How Did The Word "Ponzi" Get Into The MSM?

Krauthammer on Michelle O: A vacation to Spain Is a “Bad Idea for a First Lady Who Literally Tells Us to Eat Our Spinach” (Video)

Lip service to transparency: Free Press fails to disclose direct lobbying

Rand Paul Camp Threatening to Sue Magazine Over Report He 'Kidnapped' Woman While in College

Big Union/ACORN/Leftie Groups 08-1

Congress Takes Food from Poor People to Win Teachers Union Votes

Not Just a ‘Special Interest,’ A Super Special Interest

Union Jobs vs. Children’s Lives: Which Side Are You On?

NY Times: Museum Directors Enjoy Tax-Free Housing in Multi-Million Dollar Condos

House passes state aid bill (AKA Teacher's Union Bailout)

Union Boss: Deficit Crisis Myth Right-Wing Media Propaganda

The Left's Special Interest Human Shields

In Economic Woes 08-11

Not In 25 Years, Social Security Is Bankrupt Now

2010 Social Security Trustees Report Continues to Show the Urgency of Reform

Fed leaders meet as U.S. economic recovery loses steam

How much do your City officials make? AND City of Bell salaries: Robert Rizzo is only a symptom

Reap What You Swap

House passes state aid bill (AKA Teacher's Union Bailout)

States not facing teacher layoffs get federal money from education jobs bill anyway

Congress Takes Food from Poor People to Win Teachers Union Votes

Stimulus Pushers The latest bailout for public unions and spendthrift states.

Why business isn't hiring

Cronyism: Undermining Economic Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

California Roundup: Jobs! Jobs!! Jobs!!!

Illinois is Broke

How Did The Word "Ponzi" Get Into The MSM?

Elizabeth Warren is ill-equipped to be America's first Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director.

Obamanomics: Retirement of the World’s Greatest Cheer

First There was Funemployment; Now It's a 'Recession With Benefits'

Heritage Employment Report: July Jobs Scarce

Failure is Definitely an Option

Moody's: Money Market Accounts Were in Worse Trouble Than We Thought

The Muni-Bond Debt Bomb

Everyman’s Deficit

Pimco: US faces real risk of outright deflation

Millions face 25% cut in pensions as inflation rules for final salary schemes are changed

Are the Obama administration's policies making the labor market worse

Blame Barney Frank for the Recession, Not George Bush

Cut deficit without cutting services? Start here

Obama administration to provide $3B in housing aid

What Handouts To Cut

Average Personal Income Fell 1.8% in 2009

Who’s Laffing at Europe?

Bad Politician Bad 08-11

Rasmussen presidential approval index at -22

Signs of a Gathering Superstorm in November The forecast is getting ominous for Democrats as the trends continue to tilt toward a GOP wave that will inundate the majority and bring Republicans back to power.

Sen. Voinovich (R-OH) calls for a raise to the gas tax Dumb ass

Sorry excuses don't hold up AND Rangel Not Going Anywhere. Actually he will be going someplace. AND Rangel: 'Don't leave me swinging in the wind' AND Rep. Rangel: "My electorate are entitled to I corrupt?" AND Shocker: Corrupt Rangel Hit With New Ethics Charge

A Party for Charlie Rangel? Political Class Not Even Pretending to Care Anymore

And just how will that help? White House to deploy Michelle Obama for midterms

Why Can’t You Selfish Ingrates Feel the First Couple’s Pain? The Golden Rule implies that I should put myself in their shoes, so let's get that over with.

Umm no. Can Obama move beyond 'liberal uniter' to pragmatic centrist?

Obama's state capitalism: A failure of modesty

White House unloads anger over criticism from 'professional left’

'We Socialists' vs. 'We the People'

How come Sarah can meet with an angry voter and keep her cool when these jokers can't?
Sarah Palin meets an angry lady with a sign AND Video: Palin confronts “worst governor ever” protester; Update: Palin rips media coverage of video

ShoreBank and the ‘Triple Bottom Line’: Too Important to Fail?

The Left's Special Interest Human Shields

Bureaucratic Tyranny or the Renewal of Self-Government: The Beginning of Centralized Administration in America

Congress Takes Food from Poor People to Win Teachers Union Votes

House passes state aid bill (AKA Teacher's Union Bailout)

Civility for thee..., cont'd

GOP Seeks Big Gains in Deep Blue Maryland

Desperate Reid Dismisses Hispanic Republicans; UPDATE: Reid Defends Remarks

The Ever-Shameless Jerry Brown

McMahon takes GOP Senate primary in Connecticut

The Obsolescence of Barack Obama The magic of 2008 can't be recreated, and good riddance to it.

Incumbent Bennet holds on to win CO Senate primary

Is the Senate becoming riper for a Republican takeover?

Now they not only don't read the bills, they can't be bothered to name the bills either. Oh Goody. House Republicans Suggest Names for Democrats’ Untitled, $26-Billion ‘Second Stimulus’ Bill

Congress About To Pass 'The ______Act of____' (These Are The People We Elect?)

Well, he hasn't had a good track record on picking people, has he? Elizabeth Warren is ill-equipped to be America's first Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director.

Daily Round-Up 08-11


Love, Limits, and Loss


The Point of No Return

Are Americans Bigots? Attacking the motives of those who disagree with elite opinion has become all too common.

SC town adopts ADF-recommended prayer policy in wake of threats from atheist group

Only Government Bloodsuckers Made More Money Last Year

Special interests undermine the public interest

"Police Officers Don't Check Their Civil Rights at the Station House Door" Three law enforcement officials defend the arrest of citizens who record on-duty cops.

Constitutional Amendments and Citizenship Rights

“Shut up! You Can’t Sing the National Anthem Here!”

Judge Overrules Calif. Voters on Prop 8

Gay Marriage Myths and Truth VS. The Weak Case Against Gay Marriage

The Government Confiscates Your Money to Build Mosques Church, Temple, Mosque, whatever. I do not believe that a country in which the Church and the State are kept separate should fund any religious building projects.

America's parent trap

Greg Gutfeld, genius


Juan Williams Plays Race Card: Old White People Voted For Prop C (Video)

Medicare chief's ties questioned: Nonprofit's donors not filed


Invasion of the Invasive Species! Local biodiversity is increasing.

FDA Stops Stem Cells in USA

The Benefits of Friendly Oil


Central Illinois 9/12 Project

Instapundit’s “Save The Country” Challenge

How come Sarah can meet with an angry voter and keep her cool when these jokers can't?
Sarah Palin meets an angry lady with a sign AND Video: Palin confronts “worst governor ever” protester; Update: Palin rips media coverage of video

Tea Party Infiltrator Exposed Posing as Racist at Rand Paul Rally

Tea Party favorite wins GOP primary

Newly Proposed Florida Immigration Reform--'One Step Further' Than AZ Law

Catching Up with Eric Cantor

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stoning is Evil

While I have great respect for all the glorious differences in human cultures and belief systems, I have no respect for the aspects of certain cultures that tolerate and support this kind of inhuman cruelty. Call me judgemental, I don't care. This is unacceptable behavior on any level.

Iran Is Planning to Stone This Woman to Death. Can Anyone Save Her? Read the whole thing.

Keep Up The Good Work

Fingerprint sharing led to deportation of 47,000

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fighting Corruption And TEA Party News

First Black Conservative Press Conference Sent a Powerful Message

Tea Party Infiltration Done Wrong

Tea Party infiltrator caught on tape

Chris Christie: The Scourge of Trenton

Private Enterprise Does It Better. Why freedom and responsibility triumph over regulation and central planning

Activists Say Tea Party Imposters Infiltrating Elections

PJTV Video (AlfonZo!) - N-A-A-C...Puh-leeze: Zo Heads to Washington to Respond to Tea Party Attacks

Downstate 9-12 Group pushes back on Democrat bullies

Court rules NY town can open public meetings with prayer

What Beer Deregulation Can Teach Us

Leave Those Kids Alone!

We Love Pixar: What I Learned From ‘Ratatouille’

Media Bias 08-09

JournoList: 151 Names Confirmed (with News Organizations)

Media Matters Gives Glenn Beck’s Co-Hosts The Shirley Sherrod Edited Audio Treatment (Update)

The View of Obama From the Conde Nast Tower

The naked Internet square

Ezra, Coordinate! Ezra, Coordinate!

Can We at Least Have Some Elementary Journalism in Budget-Cut Scare Stories?

Junk Science 08-09

Carnival of Nuclear Energy 13

The assassination of King Coal Video

Browner: Energy bill success still possible before end of the year. Oh for Pete's sake!

Political Radicals + Environmental Regulations=Lost Jobs

Can Greens and Conservatives Get Along?

Can Conservatives and Greens Get Along? Cont’d

Re: Can Greens and Conservatives Get Along?

Putting the Toothpaste Back into the Tube

Big Union/ACORN/Leftie Groups 08-09

Why Public Employees Are the New Welfare Queens

Browsing the Leftist Mindset. Standing athwart millennia of civilization, yelling, "Start From Zero."

Battle Looms Over Huge Costs of Public Pensions

Teachers' unions plan to rev up recess action to protect Democrats' majority

How public worker pensions are too rich for New York's - and America's - blood

The Golden State’s War on Itself

Obamacare 08-09

What Patient-Centered Health Care Reform Really Looks Like

Medicare’s private eyes let fraud cases get cold

Richard Foster for President Medicare's chief actuary vs. President Obama on the ObamaCare facts.

PJTV Video (Front Page with Allen Barton) - The Breast and the Brightest: Hidden Features of Obamacare

WSJ: Democrats Against ObamaCare -- The 1099 Repeal Fiasco, and the Snooki Tax

Medicare Waste, Fraud, Abuse Costing Taxpayers Billions

What Missouri’s Law Against ObamaCare Does and Doesn’t Do

4 Cornerstones of Health

In Economic Woes 08-09

How Politicians and Regulators Caused the Sub-Prime Financial Crisis of 2007 and the Subsequent Crash of the Global Financial System in 2008, and Likely Will Again

Private Enterprise Does It Better. Why freedom and responsibility triumph over regulation and central planning

How public worker pensions are too rich for New York's - and America's - blood

Freddie Mac Posts $6 Billion Quarterly Loss

Internal memo shows Fannie's intense courting of Countrywide, Angelo Mozilo

The Golden State’s War on Itself

Battle Looms Over Huge Costs of Public Pensions

Selling Obama’s Spending Plans: Just Pay Separate Processing and Handling

The GM Volt: Fascism Strikes the Auto Industry. Corporatism produces one of the worst cars ever built, and citizens pay for it with their taxes and their liberty

Political Radicals + Environmental Regulations=Lost Jobs

Robert Rubin Is Waiting for the Deficit Fairy

Forced to retire, some take Social Security early

When it Comes to Free & Reduced Mortgages, I Want Everyone to Know That it Took Me Like 5 Years to Pay Off My Goddamned Honeymoon

Two Americas: The Reality

Gov't likely to keep big mortgage market role

Financial reform bill requires U.S. to pay millions to corporate whistleblowers

Jobless Nation: Heckuva Job, Barack

Time to admit Obamanomics has failed

Freddie, Fannie and the Third Rail of Housing Policy

Fairness and the Capital Tax Fetish No serious economist thinks higher dividend and cap gains taxes are efficient ways to raise revenue. Why not limit deductions for high earners instead?

ON THE ECONOMIC FRONT, a coming “panic attack?
From homeowners to government, the buck stops nowhere

Double Dip

IRS to end release of taxpayer debt information

Following Jobs Report, Consumer and Investor Confidence Falls to 2010 Low

Obama Overtures to Business Fall Flat

Black Females Crushed by Unemployment

The Revenge Against Fiscally Prudent States Act of 2010

The Democrat’s War on Investment

Bad Politician Bad 08-09

President Obama Job Approval

Disguise, the Limit

Capitol gluttony

The voters’ blinding hatred of Harry Reid

Rep. Waters charged on three ethics counts

Past Week’s Primaries Strongly Reflect ‘Enthusiasm Gap’ between Parties. Republican primary turnout was two or three times that of the Democrats, and the much maligned tea party movement is one big reason why

End the Government Entitlement Complex

Uh-Oh Senate faces full September agenda

After Bell's toll, what's next?
Calling out the city of Bell's flagrant misuse of taxpayer funds for enormous salaries for city executives has started a statewide movement for local cities and municipalities to post all salary information on their websites.
That's good news for those of us concerned with greater transparency, but the approach must be uniform for cities throughout the Golden State, and transparency should not be the only reform. Much work needs to be done on the public policy front to protect local taxpayers and address unbalanced compensation for civic employees. Such actions as local salary caps, tough pension reform and even new governing models, such as "strong mayor" – a full-time elected mayor – at the local level should be considered.

Rep. Charles Rangel says he tried to make deal to avoid ethics charges, but GOP wants trial. We all want a trial Charlie, we all want one.

FLOTUS Criticized For Extravagant Holiday Video AND Three Levels of Michelle's Vacation And then there's this.

A foolish trip. Michelle Obama's PR disaster

Michelle, the Media and the Costa del Sol

Raising the Bar on the Costa del Sol

Obama’s Blunder

Faced with chance of winning, GOP asks, 'Now what?'

Republicans see balanced budget amendment as potent campaign weapon

The Golden State’s War on Itself

How public worker pensions are too rich for New York's - and America's - blood

Downstate 9-12 Group pushes back on Democrat bullies

Obama message booed at the boy scout national jamboree 2010 Booing isn't nice but not showing up is worse.

WikiLeaks Afghan Papers Killing Obama

Virginia action reflects growing state-federal tension on immigration

Stateless Illegals?

Maxine Waters Influenced $12 Million Bail-Out For Bank In Which She Had Business Interest

Immigration issue boosts Brewer in Arizona race

Chris Christie: The Scourge of Trenton

"The New Deal is demographically obsolete. You can’t fund the dream of the 1960s on the economy of 2010."

Overhauling 14th Amendment 'worth considering' Video

The assassination of King Coal Video

Obama's Golden Touch Tested in Colorado Primary Race

Daily Round-Up 08-09

Slave-labor conditions at Sherrods’ farm?

Federal Judge Colluded with Prosecutors and Law Enforcement, then Presided over Trial

Justice Department's Civil Rights Division is out of control. AND
Why did feds claim Kindle violates civil rights? AND Voter Fraud and Democracy: How Damaging Is DOJ’s Failure to Enforce Voting Law? While election results aren't usually affected, voter fraud is common. And electoral integrity is perhaps more important than the outcome. Holder Must GO!


Bill would strike some FOIA exemptions for the SEC

Further thoughts on the higher education bubble AND In Five Years The Best Education Will Come From The Web

PJTV Video (Sonja Schmidt) - Arizona's Anti-Racists: Sonja Confronts the Angry and Confused in Phoenix

Birth of a Meme: Welcome to the ‘Summer of Corruption’

Post-Post-Racial America

PJTV Video - THE WEEK IN BLOGS: Gay Marriage at the Ground Zero Mosque?

The New Jim Crow, Same as the Old Jim Crow

Did the TARP Money Really Get Paid Back?

Pampering Illegals, Endangering Americans: The Obama Administration’s Immigration Policy. Another death caused by a criminal alien, allowed out of detention because of policy that tilts toward selective amnesty.

A Rather Angry America