Monday, August 9, 2010

In Economic Woes 08-09

How Politicians and Regulators Caused the Sub-Prime Financial Crisis of 2007 and the Subsequent Crash of the Global Financial System in 2008, and Likely Will Again

Private Enterprise Does It Better. Why freedom and responsibility triumph over regulation and central planning

How public worker pensions are too rich for New York's - and America's - blood

Freddie Mac Posts $6 Billion Quarterly Loss

Internal memo shows Fannie's intense courting of Countrywide, Angelo Mozilo

The Golden State’s War on Itself

Battle Looms Over Huge Costs of Public Pensions

Selling Obama’s Spending Plans: Just Pay Separate Processing and Handling

The GM Volt: Fascism Strikes the Auto Industry. Corporatism produces one of the worst cars ever built, and citizens pay for it with their taxes and their liberty

Political Radicals + Environmental Regulations=Lost Jobs

Robert Rubin Is Waiting for the Deficit Fairy

Forced to retire, some take Social Security early

When it Comes to Free & Reduced Mortgages, I Want Everyone to Know That it Took Me Like 5 Years to Pay Off My Goddamned Honeymoon

Two Americas: The Reality

Gov't likely to keep big mortgage market role

Financial reform bill requires U.S. to pay millions to corporate whistleblowers

Jobless Nation: Heckuva Job, Barack

Time to admit Obamanomics has failed

Freddie, Fannie and the Third Rail of Housing Policy

Fairness and the Capital Tax Fetish No serious economist thinks higher dividend and cap gains taxes are efficient ways to raise revenue. Why not limit deductions for high earners instead?

ON THE ECONOMIC FRONT, a coming “panic attack?
From homeowners to government, the buck stops nowhere

Double Dip

IRS to end release of taxpayer debt information

Following Jobs Report, Consumer and Investor Confidence Falls to 2010 Low

Obama Overtures to Business Fall Flat

Black Females Crushed by Unemployment

The Revenge Against Fiscally Prudent States Act of 2010

The Democrat’s War on Investment

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