Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boomer Rock Stars Pebble

Random Round-Up 02-12 (Updated)

President Obama Job Approval

According to Gallup, unemployment is up to 10.3%, under-employment is at 19.7%

Dubunking the leading Obamacare litigation myths

Bill Maher Says He Doesn’t Think Obama Is A Christian

No it wasn't - Rick Perry: Amazon decision wasn't the right one

Wisconsin's new GOP governor delivers the harsh news. "We are broke in this state. We have been broke for years. People have ignored that for years, and it's about time somebody stood up and told the truth."

Number of $100,000 retirees skyrocket in teacher pension system

Musharraf accused in Bhutto death

Defund Planned Parenthood AND ‘We Are Living in the Midst of the Greatest Human Genocide in the History of Humanity,’ Rep. Franks Says of Legalized Abortion

Court Holds that Data About Car Speed and Brake Usage Stored in Car’s Computer Protected by Fourth Amendment

No such thing as good inflation. Ben Bernanke seems to have won his imaginary battle with deflation, but he (like many others) seems oblivious to the real threat of inflation

U.S. Oil Producers Ramp Up Bakken Shale Output

Environmental Defense Fund admits propaganda effort against natural gas exploration is bunk

Mitch Daniels calls debt the new 'Red Menace'

Chapter 11 for Borders, New Chapter for Books

Larry Tribe Caught Up in Post-Employment Restrictions in AEP Case

House Republicans unveil new bill to ban resurrection of Fairness Doctrine

Another Dud from the Dim-Bulb Greens

Pigford Fraud Investigation Getting Very Interesting

Cramer: 20 Must-Watch Earnings Next Week

If you enjoy a good fisking - The New York Times Editorializes on Last Week’s Senate Judiciary Hearings on the Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate – Liberal in Bed, Conservative in the Head: Sophie B. Hawkins, Andrew Breitbart, Michael Steele, at the Big Gay Party

Conservative Political Victory in Fannie & Freddie.

Fannie, Freddie bailout: $153 billion ... and counting

Stay Classy, TSA

Mark Steyn: ‘The guy in charge of U.S. intelligence is an idiot’

Tea Party wins: $100 billion in cuts in House Republicans' spending bill

The latest research belies the idea that storms are getting more extreme.

UN Report Documents Food Price Spike Since Fed Easing

Obama assertion: FBI can get phone records without oversight

What a tool - Obama Refers To Himself As "The Gipper" In Farewell To Gibbs

Obama = Reagan? So Far It Ain't Close

House GOP trims tens of billions more from Obama budget plan AND Obama's Budget Holds Billions for Clean Energy

The Flight of the Intellectuals

Tea Party Express Names Snowe as Its Next Moderate Republican Target

Another view on why there is no robust job growth

Grading Jeff Immelt

Cuban Political Prisoner is Missing

The unhappiest bull market ever

The ‘Secular’ Muslim Brother

Potential Blockbuster?

Stuff 2/12/11

Extra Fees: What Airlines Really Charge

Conservatives cautious on 2012 pick Well, they'd better be.

Is it OK to bribe your kids?

Obama likens budget to family pocketbook choices I have no words. If any American family had "budgeted" like Obama's previous "family budgets", they'd have lost their house, their jobs, be in bankruptcy with tens of thousands in credit card debt. Oh wait. Obama already did that to American families.

Thoughts and prayers - Liz Taylor treated for congestive heart failure

Crazy Italian Packers fan celebrates on the Super Bowl field

Friday, February 11, 2011

General Bad Behavior 02-11

Merger Could Take NYSE Out of American Control

California Spends $21 Billion Annually to Support Undocumented Immigrants. The permissive nature that the border state of California displays toward federal immigration law has also spawned home-grown fraud. Cases in point are the allegations faced by Tri-Valley University, which U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claims has fraudulently issued numerous U.S. visas to foreign nationals masquerading as students.

Baltimore Confrontation Clause Problem? Red Light Camera Photos Signed and “Verified” by Deceased Officer

National Black Farmers Association President Calls Meeting to Address ‘Developing Crisis’ Threatening Pigford Settlement AND Black Farmer Eddie Slaughter Explains Pigford Fraud at CPAC Press Conference

AND Pigford Press Conference Resources: BFAA President Advises Non-Farmers on How to Collect Pigford Money

Busing Redux: Misunderstanding Brown v. Board. Diversity worship turns the landmark ruling on its head.

America's Third War: Arizona Border Patrol Curbing Crime With Technology

Stop the Hate!

Multiculturalism vs. American Exceptionalism

GM, Chrysler Salaried Workers' Bonuses Said to Reach 50% of Pay

‘There has been a lot of nutty talk about abortion lately’

Defund the Predators of Planned Parenthood It is an organization with blood on its hands

Daily Round-Up 02-11

Holder MUST GO - Politicized Justice Department skirts the law AND FOIA requests from liberals or politically connected civil rights groups are often given same day turn-around by the DOJ AND Rep. Frank Wolf demands answers


GOProud Party Breitbart’s Proudest Hour

House easily approves review of burdensome regs in 391-28 vote

CPAC Live Feed

Who Said Sarah Palin Wasn't Going to CPAC 2011?

Well, I'm not sure about that but it is still a good line - Santelli on Trump: It would be nice to have a president that ‘makes millions rather than spends billions’


President Obama Job Approval

GOP Infighting Is a Positive Development

It's nice to see a democrat staying as classy as ever - Republicans turn Congress into 'clogged toilet,' says Democratic lawmaker

Slaying Sacred Cows

I Hate to Burst Your Bubble; U.S. Government Is To Blame

Why Monday could be a turning point in Obama’s presidency


Going on Offense: AZ Governor Countersuing Federal Government Over Immigration

GOProud Party Breitbart’s Proudest Hour

Walker’s Budget Repair Includes Weakening Unions

New Congress Means Business

Florida considers forcing jobless to volunteer for unemployment checks

Tim Pawlenty turns up heat on Obama in vigorous CPAC speech

Duffy: Use Unspent Stimulus to Reduce Deficit

Palin: Foreign aid should not be considered 'Holy Grail' Why are we giving aid to China and other not-so-friendly countries? WHY?


CBO: Yes, ObamaCare is a job killer

McConnell Promises to Continue Attacking Health Care Bill

President Obama’s Own Health Care Officials Refuse to Answer Congressional Inquiries About the Impact of the Health Care Law

CBO: Obamacare will reduce employment by 0.5 percent by 2021


$100 Billion Jackpot

Sarah Palin Is a Feminist

America's Third War: Arizona Border Patrol Curbing Crime With Technology

Potential presidential candidates Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann and Trump slam Obama during first day of CPAC

Conservatism is back -- and this time it's serious

Cutting Crime. Cutting Costs. Reinforcing Conservatism

Big Union/Leftie Groups 02-11

The hypocrisy of Michael Moore. Filmmaker condemns capitalism while living high on the hog

GM, Chrysler Salaried Workers' Bonuses Said to Reach 50% of Pay

True dissent? Labor and left-wing groups meet in Washington to capitalize on Egyptian uprising

Last In, First Out “Reverse seniority” rules are harmful to American education.

Baltimore Confrontation Clause Problem? Red Light Camera Photos Signed and “Verified” by Deceased Officer

Unionizing the TSA In case you thought airline security wasn’t annoying enough.

Walker’s Budget Repair Includes Weakening Unions

Women’s empowerment programs hurt women

Junk Science 02-11

Is Al Gore wrong on the environment? IPCC says global warming is NOT to blame for snow

The Weather Isn't Getting Weirder The latest research belies the idea that storms are getting more extreme.

Is fast food making children stupid? Don't swallow the stories

Reid 'not a big fan' of president's proposed cut to energy assistance

Gingrich calls for eliminating EPA, expanding domestic energy production

Our Green President, George W. Bush

The politicization of science is undermining the credibility of academia

Environmentalists to sue over new Gulf oil, gas projects

Dem leaders shy away from gas-tax hike despite party support

Dumped On by Data: Scientists Say a Deluge Is Drowning Research

In Economic Woes 02-11

Gallup shows worries over unemployment highest since …

Poll: Unemployment is No. 1 concern

Kraft says more price increases ahead AND U.N. Food Agency Issues Warning on China Drought

The top ten real causes of the crisis

Housing Seizures Rise

I'll believe it when I see it - Obama housing plan to end Fannie, Freddie

IMF calls for dollar alternative

America's inflation alarm is growing ever louder

Truth About Social Security Benefits and Wage Garnishment

Identifying Federal Regulations that Impede Job Creation and Slow the Economy

How Big is the U.S. Debt?

The Time for Spending Cuts Is Now. The White House argues that 'draconian' cuts will derail the economy. In fact, cuts are necessary to preserve tax rates that are compatible with economic growth.

Senate Democrats Resort to Scare Tactics on Spending Cuts

Romney Rails Against Obama’s ‘Hoovervilles’

The IRS Pays $12 Billion/Year in Phony EITC Claims -- A 25% Error Rate

Court: NY Can Tax All Income of Owner of NY Vacation Home Used 17 Days/Year

Media Bias 02-11

Media Matters’ Dishonest Misrepresentation of Pigford Presser

Local Media Whitewashes McCaskill’s Voting Record

Time Magazine Dismisses CPAC As 'Carnival' of 'Red-Meat Throwers,' Celebrated Liberal Netroots As Akin to 'Edgy' Punk Band

Time Magazine Joins In Repeating Fake Sarah Palin Story

Keith Olbermann’s New Show To Air In Familiar Slot: 8 p.m. Gotta love the optimism. Olbermann's MSNBC show had dismal ratings against Fox and CNN, now he's on a channel that's only in 18,000 homes. Even if all 18K tune in, he's still as watched as paint drying.

New York Times Covers Up for Its Favorite Muslim Brother
From the article but read the whole thing.
Concealing inconvenient facts is part of the sophisticated deception art practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood and by Islamist scholars like Ramadan; and in this they are aided by the formerly mainstream media. The IHT’s byline for Ramadan, correctly discloses that he is the grandson of Hassan Al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, but it fails to mention Mr. Ramadan’s close political ties to the Muslim Brotherhood today, or his periodic extremist pronouncements — like his suggestion that car bombings against U.S. soldiers in Iraq are legitimate. It also omits the fact that under the Bush administration, Ramadan’s American visa was revoked for his having taken part in fundraising for Hamas in France.

Ramadan is usually extremely guarded in his public speech. However, Americans for Peace and Tolerance has obtained – and Palestinian Media Watch has translated — a sermon delivered by Ramadan in Paris in 2008, where he strays from the usual talking points about peace and democracy.
Allah, we ask You because You are Allah. Allah, strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Allah, strengthen their faith in Palestine and make them triumphant over their enemy, Your enemy, the enemy of Islam with Your mercy, oh Generous One.

Allah, strengthen their faith in Palestine, in Chechnya, Afghanistan, in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, in Egypt, Sudan, Kashmir, and in every land, and on every battlefield. Allah, strike our enemies, Your enemies, the enemies of Islam.
This prayer in Arabic belies Ramadan’s lip-service to peace and democracy. It also exposes his true feelings toward the Muslim Brotherhood’s political opponents – as well as what he would like to see happen to them

Picture of Abuse and Dignity

Picture of Disfigured Afghan Woman Wins World Press Photo Award
A South African photographer's portrait of an Afghan woman whose husband sliced off her nose and ears in a case of Taliban-administered justice won the World Press Photo award for 2010 Friday, one of photojournalism's most coveted prizes.

Jodi Bieber's posed picture, which contrasts the woman's arresting beauty against the results of the violence done to her after she fled an abusive marriage, was published on the cover of Time magazine Aug. 1.

Jury members said the photo, though shocking, was chosen because it addresses violence against women with a dignified image.

The woman, 18-year-old Bibi Aisha, was rescued by the U.S. military and now lives in America.

The picture also gains part of its resonance from its similarity with the iconic 1984 National Geographic photograph of a beautiful young Afghan woman with a piercing gaze.

The publication of the picture provoked international debate over the ethics of publishing -- or not publishing -- such a disturbing image.

"It's a terrific picture, a different picture, a frightening picture," said Juror Vince Aletti, an American freelance critic. "It's so much about not just this particular woman, but the state of women in the world."

Bieber, the overall winner, also won first place in the portraits category for the same photo. She will receive a cash prize of euro10,000 in a ceremony later this year.

Close To Home

Illegal immigrant charged in Manassas killings

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Junk Science 02-10

In Praise of Cheap Food

‘Green’ Lobbyist Who Shaped Energy Dept. Policy Hired by Bailed Out Bank. Hmmm.
At what point does this sort of admission warrant investigation by Congress?

This would be one way of reducing the amount of junk science out there - Note To Republicans: Don’t Just Rein in the EPA, Abolish It

Planned Parenthood/Abortion Scandal 02-10

From Mother Jones so be warned - House GOP Declares War on Planned Parenthood

uh-huh! At this point, I'd like to point out that Boxer is a blowhole and a useless waste of hair. Subsidizing Health Plans That Cover Abortion Is Not Federal Funding of Abortion, Democrats Say

Planned Parenthood in D.C., Too

Daily Round-Up 02-10

Bombshell: Justice Department Only Selectively Complies with Freedom of Information Act According to documents PJM has obtained, FOIA requests from liberals or politically connected civil rights groups are often given same day turn-around by the DOJ. But requests from conservatives or Republicans face long delays, if fulfilled at all

PJTV: Panthergate Breaking News: Obama's Department of Justice Double Standard


Low-Tech Stove Saves Lives in Sudan's Darfur Region

Palin: Fine for GOProud to be at CPAC

New drilling method opens vast oil fields in US

The Free Frontier

Tennessee bill would require photo ID to vote


Criticizing Elites, Cultivating Excellence From the perspective of our founding fathers, our elites deserve rigorous criticism. But we mustn’t stop there.

E Pluribus Unum: Something to Remember as the Census Numbers Come In

Secret Plan To Kill Wikileaks With FUD Leaked

Leprosy, Plague and Other Visitors to New York

Baltimore man accused of plotting to blow up military recruiting station in Md.

Plan B Over-the-Counter Application is Filed, But CRR Says FDA has Enough Evidence

Fighting Corruption 02-10

Lessons for TEA Partiers - AND Local tea parties to offer classes

Tennessee bill would require photo ID to vote

'Patriot Act’ Fight A Brewin’

Discussing the DOJ at CPAC

CPAC Day 1 roundup

Big Union/Leftie Groups 02-10

Emails: Secrecy sought in Illinois trooper crash case

An Epic Failure: Detroit Public Schools


Labor Unions, and the Problem With "More"

New Jerseyans Tells State Workers to Toughen Up

Richard Riordan on Unions, Dysfunctional LA, and Golfing with the (Ex) Governator

Media Bias 02-10

Well, yes . . . When a “hidden agenda” is out in the open

Whoops! Us Weekly Publishes Sarah Palin/Christina Aguilera Spoof as Fact

Dear Mainstream Media Reporter Who Wasted My Time

How Al Gore Offered Keith Olbermann a Job
Sources tell THR that that agreement also stipulates that Olbermann cannot work for any network considered a competitor.

"He had no choice but to go to a place like Current because his non-compete excluded just about every other place," said an MSNBC insider.

Current averaged 18,000 homes in primetime for fourth quarter 2010, lower than any other network measured by Nielsen.

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network Ratings Keep Falling; Now Well Below Discovery Health Women 25-54 Averages She's seems to be struggling ever since Obama...


Bias lessened - Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch Joins CNN

Obamacare 02-10

Democrats Can't Filibuster ObamaCare Repeal The GOP needs 51 Senate votes, and a new president, to get it done.

Ken Blackwell - Don’t Sweeten the Hemlock

CBO Director Says Obamacare Would Reduce Employment by 800,000 Workers

Job Killing

Law Law Law Law Law Elite profs answer constitutional arguments by sticking their fingers in their ears.

Is somebody scared? Democrats: Justice Thomas should recuse himself in healthcare reform case

Deferring to the Constitution

In Economic Woes 02-10

Get ready for higher food prices

The 1993 Clinton Tax Increase Did Not Lead to the Budget Surpluses of the Late 1990s

Well, yes . . . When a “hidden agenda” is out in the open

Which Part of the Stimulus Worked the Best?

Federal laws and regulations have a real impact on people, jobs and the economy.

Billions spent on programs without knowing if they work

Reaganomics: What We Learned From December 1982 to June 1990, Reaganomics created over 21 million jobs. The right policies can do it again.

Job Killing

We Need to Cut the Federal Budget by 5%-Now

Battle begins on GOP cuts

House Kicks Off Debate on State Debt Crisis

Era of super-low mortgage rates appears to be over

US Home Foreclosures Rise in January, More Seen

Katrina, Bridge to Nowhere spurred ‘storm’ that doomed earmarks

GOP invites business to vent about regulations

President Obama's 'budget cuts'

Bad Politician Bad 02-10

President Obama Job Approval

Poll Shows Big Partisan Divides on Obama's Handling of Key Issues

Heartless: Obama Cuts Energy Assistance to the Poor

Shut up, she explained. First Lady's Office Holds ‘Listen Only’ and 'Invitation Only' Conference Calls for Reporters

Barack Obama should be nervous about 2012

CPAC Presser: The great Pigford fraud

President Obama's 'budget cuts'

NY Rep. Lee resigns after shirtless photo surfaces

Freshmen to GOP leadership: We were serious about ‘read the bill’

California GOP : Walking Zombies

Rahm attacked for supporting slavery reparations. To paraphrase a line from the fantastic movie Barbershop, "the only thing reparations would do is make Cadillac the number one dealership in America." Mayoral candidates go after Emanuel on taxes, slavery reparations

Before Rep Weiner Lectures Judge Thomas About Potenial Conflicts He Should Look At His Earmark Record

The Good Guys Are... 02-10

When Chris Christie Attacks New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lashed out at his Democratic state legislature yesterday for paying nothing more than lip service to his calls for rolling back public employee pensions.

CPAC Release of Explosive Pigford Undercover Audio Evidence

Freshman GOP to leadership: Business as usual is over

Low profiles make a winning team

Foxx: ‘We Made a Promise and We Should Keep It’

“Revolt” over: House GOP leadership agrees to caucus’s demands to cut spending by $100 billion

Julia Hurley Credits Hooters For Success

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daily Round-Up 02-09

I guess I better start speaking clearly into the lampshade. Change! Feds Are Spying on US Citizens Based on Political Beliefs


Rep. Allen West receives plum speaking slot at conservative gathering

Ariz. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords speaking again, asks for toast

Fannie, Freddie to Shrink Under Treasury Housing Plan

Judge Tosses Atheist's Lawsuit Over Grant to Restore Cross

House GOP Leaders Support Additional Spending Cuts

In Defense of Being a Kid. Childhood takes up a quarter of one’s life, and it would be nice if children enjoyed it.


WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices. US diplomat convinced by Saudi expert that reserves of world's biggest oil exporter have been overstated by nearly 40%

Entitlement Politics, Again

No room at table for Muslim Brotherhood

Fast Train to Nowhere. Who’s policing ‘Amtrak Joe’ Biden’s rail boondoggles?

Jordan tribes break taboo by targeting queen

As the Department of Transportation pushes for improvements, will debate over drinking age be revived? If you are old enough to enlist, then you are old enough to drink.

"They" are definately worried about something... Terror Threat 'Most Heightened' Since 9/11, Napolitano Says Homeland Security Officials Call Homegrown Radicalism a Game Changer

CIA officers make grave mistakes, get promoted AP: Since 9/11, many whose errors left people wrongly imprisoned or dead have received only minor admonishments or no punishment at all Of course, this is from MSNBC, so big grain of salt requred.

Tolerance, Lost

Cameron's Multicultural Wake-Up Call. The growth of Islamist extremism in the West is something even the politically correct can no longer ignore.


Time for Another Youtube Clip of Chris Christie Pwning His Critics

Chris Christie’s approval ratings rise in New Jersey

VA Attorney General Officially Files For Expedited Review of ObamaCare

House GOP Targets Dozens of Government Programs With Spending Cut Plan

Flake Defies GOP on Cuts - because he thought the cuts were insufficient!

Air Force chief to contractors: 'Don’t blow smoke up my ass'

Good for Texas - California taxes away jobs while Texas adds them

Lawmakers Line Up Against Federal Bailout for States

Fighting Corruption 02-09

Tea Party Creates Own Magazine to Reflect Movement’s Values

Bachmann, Paul headline Tea Party Express town hall

Tea Party Punches Back at Lugar

Tea party stirs up state steeped in opinion. Grass-roots movement starts to grow a year before primary

Rep. Allen West receives plum speaking slot at conservative gathering

Florida Gov. Unveils Huge Cuts Before Tea Party

Planned Parenthood/Abortion Scandal 02-09

Planned Parenthood Video Fuels Abortion Debate That souless slag Couric has a picture of Sanger in her office. What a tool.

The Planned Parenthood Contraception Canard

Stopping the Spin: Top Six Planned Parenthood Deceptions

GOP Takes Latest Abortion Fight To The Tax Code

Chinese Woman Seeks Asylum In The U.S. Over Forced Birth Control This is the ideal Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger wanted for African-Americans, FYI.

Progs Expose Their True Agenda with Planned Parenthood Defense

Bad Politician Bad 02-09

President Obama Job Approval

Obama's Approval Rating on Deficit Sinks to New Low

Just as things looked brighter for Obama, Americans' approval of his deficit handling craters

Looks like that 3am phone call went to voice mail - U.S. handling of Egypt protests now alienating pretty much everyone

Egypt Protests Prove That It's Amateur Hour at the Obama White House

Once again, Blumenthal appears to misstate his history

PolitiFact to Obama: You lie!

‘Help Wanted’ Senator Coburn just released this new report called “Help Wanted,” which looks at federal job-training programs and documents examples of waste, fraud, and mismanagement.

Cronyism isn't capitalism

Dems face dilemma on jobs plan Hey Democrats! Instead of trying to do something, why don't you try NOT doing something. Or better yet, UNDOING all the damn regulations you've done.

Bam's blue dog sham. Centrists fall to prez's spin

Another Business-Friendly Action From The Mostest Business-Friendliest Administration

Obama to propose relief for states burdened by debt from unemployment benefits

Will Congress Stop EPA’s End Run around Democracy?

Sun Tzu: The Enemy of the Bureaucratic Mind

Yes, another centrist runs for the exits in another bad omen for Obama

In Economic Woes 02-09

Homeowners face 'new normal' in housing bust AND 30% of mortgages are underwater

The Internet ‘Stimulus’-Just as Destructive as the Rest of the ‘Stimulus’

Cronyism isn't capitalism

Another Business-Friendly Action From The Mostest Business-Friendliest Administration

Before the recession, black-owned businesses boomed

Ryan confronts Bernanke over Fed’s purchases of U.S. debt, raises concerns about the dollar

Bernanke Backs ‘Cut and Grow’

How to create jobs

Job Tax Plan Lands With a Thud Hill GOP Leader Says Obama Proposal 'Isn't Going Anywhere,' but Some State Officials React Positively

Over-regulation run amuck - Cat groomers and lawyers

Bad for California - California taxes away jobs while Texas adds them

If Obama’s Allowed to Lie, I’m Allowed to Be Snarky

Put the Federal Reserve on a budget

Fannie, Freddie to Shrink Under Treasury Housing Plan

Geithner: Unthinkable US Could Default on Debt

Tricks but no miracles in recent jobs report

John Stossel - Passenger Trains: Clearly the Change We've Been Waiting For

The President’s hidden trade message

Rhode Island: A Fiscal Mess Few Care About

A Tale of Two Languages

FCC chairman: Regulations are 'slowing down broadband deployment'

Treasurys fall after weak auction of 3-year notes