Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 02-09

President Obama Job Approval

Obama's Approval Rating on Deficit Sinks to New Low

Just as things looked brighter for Obama, Americans' approval of his deficit handling craters

Looks like that 3am phone call went to voice mail - U.S. handling of Egypt protests now alienating pretty much everyone

Egypt Protests Prove That It's Amateur Hour at the Obama White House

Once again, Blumenthal appears to misstate his history

PolitiFact to Obama: You lie!

‘Help Wanted’ Senator Coburn just released this new report called “Help Wanted,” which looks at federal job-training programs and documents examples of waste, fraud, and mismanagement.

Cronyism isn't capitalism

Dems face dilemma on jobs plan Hey Democrats! Instead of trying to do something, why don't you try NOT doing something. Or better yet, UNDOING all the damn regulations you've done.

Bam's blue dog sham. Centrists fall to prez's spin

Another Business-Friendly Action From The Mostest Business-Friendliest Administration

Obama to propose relief for states burdened by debt from unemployment benefits

Will Congress Stop EPA’s End Run around Democracy?

Sun Tzu: The Enemy of the Bureaucratic Mind

Yes, another centrist runs for the exits in another bad omen for Obama

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