Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Media Bias 02-08

See What You're Witnessing, And Call It By Its Right Name

Happy Birthday, Mr. President: Desperate MSM Use Ron Jr. to Trash Reagan Legacy

HBO’s Reagan — Where’s the Rest of Him? HBO serves up a textbook case of documentary bias masquerading as an honest assessment of a transformative president.

The Biggest Myths About Republicans

Keith Olbermann joins ‘recovering politician’ Al Gore’s Current Media

Destructive economic myths. Supposed ‘truths’ are toppling America’s financial success

Huffington’s Heist. Hundreds of millions, on the backs of free help. Imagine the outcry if a conservative site did that.

Our media is fearless and intrepid — except when it comes to abortion

Think Progress and the Racist Rhetoric Double Standard

What They Mean by 'Civility' The New York Times raises no objection to murderous, racist rhetoric at a Common Cause rally.

Christian Super Bowl Ads More Offensive Than Lurid Ads

All the Real News About Israel Is Good. It's the reporting that's bad.

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