Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 02-08

President Obama Job Approval

Thomas Sowell - Undermining Allies AND from IBD - The Betrayal Of Great Britain AND Obama's Pattern of Shunning U.S. Allies

Why is Obama meeting with group that launders Chinese money?

Obama Pal Now Owes $3.7 Million in Back Taxes

Mr. Lott carries a lot of weight in our household - My Scary Encounter With Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley

Head Snapping Hypocrisy From Reid and Obama On the Debt Ceiling

Comedy central: Waxman whacks 'fishing expeditions'

The Incredible Lightness of Obama

'I Didn't Raise Taxes Once' Refreshing the President's memory.

Minnesota Man Continues Fight for Property Rights on Home Front from Iraq and Afghanistan

Obama adviser mistakes 4-star general for waiter

What Happens When You Ask a Bureaucrat About Government Spending?

Blagojevich Wants 'Missing' Phone Calls Recovered

Holder Must GO - “Weeks, not Months" AND Racialism within the Department of Justice AND The Stonewalling of the New Black Panther Party Investigation AND Obama DOJ Colluded with ACLU to Attack Arizona’s Immigration Law

Shades of Joe-the-Plumber! Obama: Corporate Profits "Have To Be Shared By American Workers"

Centrist group collapses after party is captured by ideological extremists

White House wants longer extension of Patriot Act than House Republicans

Anti-Obesity for thee, but not for me? Beer from Super Bowl states heads up Obama's party AND Restaurant Nutrition Draws Focus of First Lady Is Obama undermining his wife's efforts by hosting a Super Bowl party chockablock with junk food while she roams the country telling us (and restaurant businesses) what we can and can not eat?

Dem: Issa info request from agencies creates 'unproductive burdens'

The end of the Blue Dogs?

Dog bites man - New study: Federal workers are overpaid

There He Goes Again

Gibbs to Palin: Huh?

Say it ain't so - Governor Christie’s Islamist Problem. The New Jersey governor's stardom has just hit a bump, as he is under fire for embracing Muslims with Islamist ties

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