Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random Round-Up 02-12 (Updated)

President Obama Job Approval

According to Gallup, unemployment is up to 10.3%, under-employment is at 19.7%

Dubunking the leading Obamacare litigation myths

Bill Maher Says He Doesn’t Think Obama Is A Christian

No it wasn't - Rick Perry: Amazon decision wasn't the right one

Wisconsin's new GOP governor delivers the harsh news. "We are broke in this state. We have been broke for years. People have ignored that for years, and it's about time somebody stood up and told the truth."

Number of $100,000 retirees skyrocket in teacher pension system

Musharraf accused in Bhutto death

Defund Planned Parenthood AND ‘We Are Living in the Midst of the Greatest Human Genocide in the History of Humanity,’ Rep. Franks Says of Legalized Abortion

Court Holds that Data About Car Speed and Brake Usage Stored in Car’s Computer Protected by Fourth Amendment

No such thing as good inflation. Ben Bernanke seems to have won his imaginary battle with deflation, but he (like many others) seems oblivious to the real threat of inflation

U.S. Oil Producers Ramp Up Bakken Shale Output

Environmental Defense Fund admits propaganda effort against natural gas exploration is bunk

Mitch Daniels calls debt the new 'Red Menace'

Chapter 11 for Borders, New Chapter for Books

Larry Tribe Caught Up in Post-Employment Restrictions in AEP Case

House Republicans unveil new bill to ban resurrection of Fairness Doctrine

Another Dud from the Dim-Bulb Greens

Pigford Fraud Investigation Getting Very Interesting

Cramer: 20 Must-Watch Earnings Next Week

If you enjoy a good fisking - The New York Times Editorializes on Last Week’s Senate Judiciary Hearings on the Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate – Liberal in Bed, Conservative in the Head: Sophie B. Hawkins, Andrew Breitbart, Michael Steele, at the Big Gay Party

Conservative Political Victory in Fannie & Freddie.

Fannie, Freddie bailout: $153 billion ... and counting

Stay Classy, TSA

Mark Steyn: ‘The guy in charge of U.S. intelligence is an idiot’

Tea Party wins: $100 billion in cuts in House Republicans' spending bill

The latest research belies the idea that storms are getting more extreme.

UN Report Documents Food Price Spike Since Fed Easing

Obama assertion: FBI can get phone records without oversight

What a tool - Obama Refers To Himself As "The Gipper" In Farewell To Gibbs

Obama = Reagan? So Far It Ain't Close

House GOP trims tens of billions more from Obama budget plan AND Obama's Budget Holds Billions for Clean Energy

The Flight of the Intellectuals

Tea Party Express Names Snowe as Its Next Moderate Republican Target

Another view on why there is no robust job growth

Grading Jeff Immelt

Cuban Political Prisoner is Missing

The unhappiest bull market ever

The ‘Secular’ Muslim Brother

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