Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Afternoon Edition - Updated 02-08

Nutrition Labeling Mandate Will Cost Jobs and Hurt Small Brewers

Internet Cop. President Obama’s top man at the Federal Communications Commission tries to regulate the Net.

Coming Supreme Court showdown with the Holder DOJ

If it moves, tax it; if it doesn’t move, tax it some more

The Limitations of Public-Private Partnerships

Chipotle under fire from feds

That this was necessary is the tragedy - New bill seeks to protect skeptical educators

Soros, Progressive Money Fuels Latest Assault on Americans’ Education and Career Choices
It turns out that if you stitch together all the little over-the-top McBain movie clips shown in several seasons' worth of Simpsons episodes, they form a coherent mini-feature -- a little Easter egg planted by the fun-lovin' Simpsons writing staff!

So much for "laid-back" California! - 20 most stressed, 20 least stressed counties

Muslims Destroying Evidence of Jewish History at Temple Mount

Affirmative Action for Conservatives?

Va. House advances anti-immigrant bills

EPA Guilty of Environmental Hyperbole in Mountaintop Mining Veto

CBS's Early Show Touts Government Banning Incandescent Light Bulbs

Planned Parenthood Says it Did Nothing Wrong; Orders Retraining for All Staff

A Cherry-Picker’s Guide to Temperature Trends Update: Warming Crisis Not

House seen blocking healthcare funds

Dem Senators Travel to VA Resort for 3-Day Retreat

The Next Big Thing among Eco-Apocalyptics?

POLICE: Contractor charged homeowner $107,000 for $10 seawall patch job

‘Unions vs. Good Teachers’ – Episode 3

State of the state: Texas Governor takes on ObamaCare

Abortion Media Matters

Huh? Huge spike in illegal immigrants from … India

Coffin, meet nail. – more on Steig’s reconstruction issues

Liberate to Stimulate

Economic Freedom and Human Dignity in the Middle East

Planned Parenthood VP’s wild claim: “tape from Bronx is doctored” (yet admits he hasn’t seen full tape

Leading scholar says Christianity is overtaking the globe, led by spectacular, ongoing growth in Africa and Asia

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