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Random Round-Up 11-04

It's been a freakin' busy week and from Friday until Monday, I will be emptying one of my father's houses and sprinkling his ashes.

More Monetary Cowbell "I got a fever, and the only prescription is more quantitative easing!".

New Congress to Include Two Black Republican Members

My 10 year old daughter has better political insight than these buffoons. That MSNBC pays these jokers explains a lot regarding their toilet bowl ratings. 5 Best Moments from MSNBC's Apocalyptic Night

President Obama Job Approval

Obama visit criticised for 'over-the-top' spending

34 warships sent from US for Obama visit

Tunnel for Obama near Mani Bhavan

Coconuts removed from trees in preparation for Barack Obama's India trip. India is preparing for Barack Obama's first visit to the country by removing coconuts from palm trees in Mumbai to protect the US president.

White House claims that Barack Obama's India visit will cost $200m a day is 'wildly inflated'

GOP lawmaker vows to haul climate czar before Congress

Republican victory was wide and deep

They aren't laughing at the Tea Party now

Gallup: Unemployment likely up in October

The Tea Party Takes On Washington

Environmental Toxins

Organized Labor Got Hammered In The Midterms

Happy Meals Banned!'s Nanny of the Month for October 2010

Obama's 'Green' Energy Plan Infringes on Liberty

You know who was a big loser in this election? George Soros.

Media Matters Not Handling Crushing Defeat Too Well

CEI Files Suit as NASA Stonewalls on Climategate-like FOIA Requests

Few Democrats survive healthcare vote

States urge court to uphold Ariz. immigration law

PJTV Video - Tales from the Right Side: Barack and the Beanstalk

I'm with Rush on this one - "They lost! Losers compromise!... They were wiped out!" Rush is raging this morning. Message: The GOP must be boldly conservative and not compromise AND When Compromise Is Not Called For AND Take Your Olive Branch and Shove It, Democrats

How to defund Obamacare

Nevada voters don't want Harry Reid, re-elect him anyway

It's not just the economy, stupid

It's the Ideology, Stupid

Texas Beats California in Economic World Series

How the Gray Lady Became Margaret Dumont

Sorry, Barney Frank, but you can’t be trusted

What the Election Was Not About

Welcome, Senate Conservatives Remember what the voters back home want—less government and more freedom.

Backlash against Fed’s $600bn easing

Actually, I Do Have One More Thing To Say To Barney Frank
Actually, there is one more thing I can say about the role of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and other holier-than-thou smartest-in-the-room Democrats who caused the mortgage bubble which led to the economic crisis in 2008, and which continues to haunt the economy.

Repeat after me: Congressional Subpoena
GOP to urge White House not to shred documents

California Wins Dumbest State Award in Landslide. Californians can see Greece from their bedroom windows, yet they voted for the status quo that's destroying their state anyway.

Obama’s Domestic Violence Initiative: Hope, Hype, and Hogwash. Before we plunge any farther into President Obama’s domestic violence rabbit hole, let’s get a firm grip on reality, and review the underlying evidence.

Mom Upset Over Son's Assignment to Recite Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Most Excited About

True change is from the bottom up. This is what I'm most excited about.

Historic GOP Gains in State Legislatures

US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama's Mumbai visit

US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama's Mumbai visit
The US would be spending a whopping $200 million (Rs. 900 crore approx) per day on President Barack Obama's visit to the city.

"The huge amount of around $200 million would be spent on security, stay and other aspects of the Presidential visit," a top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit said.

About 3,000 people including Secret Service agents, US government officials and journalists would accompany the President. Several officials from the White House and US security agencies are already here for the past one week with helicopters, a ship and high-end security instruments.

"Except for personnel providing immediate security to the President, the US officials may not be allowed to carry weapons. The state police is competent to take care of the security measures and they would be piloting the Presidential convoy," the official said on condition of anonymity.

Navy and Air Force has been asked by the state government to intensify patrolling along the Mumbai coastline and its airspace during Obama's stay. The city's airspace will be closed half-an-hour before the President's arrival for all aircraft barring those carrying the US delegation.

The personnel from SRPF, Force One, besides the NSG contingent stationed here would be roped in for the President's security, the official said.

The area from Hotel Taj, where Obama and his wife Michelle would stay, to Shikra helipad in Colaba would be cordoned off completely during the movement of the President.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

In Economic Woes 11-01

The economic theory of Leftist hopelessness vs. conservative optimism

A Foreclosure Moratorium Would Not Help the Housing Market

White-collar recession, blue-collar depression. Commentary: Loss of manufacturing jobs hollows out the economy The article blames "the free market" and "off-shoring" but neglects to look at why big manufacturing companies leave the US. Perhaps to get out from under the thumbs of unions and government over-regulation?

Bombshell Pension Vote Is About To Sink California Hundreds Of Millions Deeper Into The Red

PJTV - Story Time with Miss Management: The Money Tree

In Indiana Unemployment Offices To Add Armed Guards. 36 Offices Beefing Up Security Before Benefits Set To End (99 weeks of unemployment benefits.)

Obama's economists missed what voters plainly saw

Federal Reserve's, Bernanke's credibility on line with new move to boost economy

CNN Poll: Those who say things going poorly higher than 1994 or 2006

Media Bias 11-01

Political Blogs Rise As Trusted Sources, Media Watchdogs

Delaware TV Station "Forgets" To Air Christine O'Donnell Infomercial...Twice AND The Ad the Media Didn’t Want Delaware to See. The people of the First State get ripped off by members of the Fourth Estate.

Media Influenced by Unions to Protect Status Quo of Big Government

Email Reveals ABC News Walked Back ‘Bigs’ Publisher Participation in Election Night Coverage

Free Speech "Schizophrenia": Left Claims to Support Freedom and Openness, Yet Up in Arms that Andrew Breitbart Might Express an Opinion on ABC News The Censorship Continues: Last Week, Juan Williams; This Week, Andrew Breitbart - Who's Next? AND Left's Tolerance Limited to Liberals

The Commander in Chief of MSNBC

The Insanestream Media

Media Matters Was for Investigating Voting Fraud Before It Was Against It

Another Example of Left Wing Campaign Rage Set to Be Ignored by Media

The New Axis of Evil

NPR ombud gets 22,000+ emails on Williams ...many said the same thing: "NPR, you're fired." Or, "I'm never donating to NPR again." Some asked for pledge money back

Election Corruption Round-Up 11-01

A round-up of Stealing the Election

Voter Fraud Watch: Get the App (Updated) Download the app to be ready for anything you see at the polls. Plus: a look at Gallup's final generic voter preference poll.

2010 Election Watch: Security of Your Electronic Voting Machine

Election 2010: A Pre-Game Report

A stimulus to fraud. How the feds' gravy train was robbed

Chafee Benefits from Tax Breaks on RI Properties

And it’s time for the first allegation of election fraud.

Did Barbara Boxer Buy Maxine Waters’ Endorsement Again?

Bad Politician Bad 11-01

President Obama Job Approval

Washington Examiner 2010 election guide

Pre-Tsunami Live Blog

Rasmussen Final Generic Ballot

Day of the Democratic Dead: Seat-by-Seat Predictions

A Vote Against Dems, Not for the GOP Voters don't want to be governed from the left, right or center. They want Washington to recognize that Americans want to govern themselves..

PJTV Video - The Greatest Hits of Congress: Featuring Pelosi, Reid and Boxer (Oh My)

The Madness of Barak Obama
Libertarians don't care which party is in power, only that they have libertarian values. Kinda like "content of their character".

McConnell’s Take

Obama preaches to (absent) choir. 5,000 empty seats at rally

Midterm elections 2010: Prepare for a new American revolution. Popular rage against the elite could change the nature of US politics

Top 10 Obama officials who will be watching the election results

USA Today - Why you should vote for Republicans

NYT (!) - Young Voters Say They Feel Abandoned

Final Gallup Poll sees historic GOP wave into 'uncharted territory' of a 60-seat gain or beyond

PJTV Video - The Obama Agenda: Just in Time for the Election, A Reminder of the Accomplishments and Failures

Don't. Get. Cocky. Top Democrat says party faces 'bloodbath' on Election Day

'They Suddenly Think Massachusetts is Going to Become Some Right-wing Tea Party State'

Debacle of Historic Proportions Looms for Democrats

Dick Blumenthal: A ‘Green Warrior’ Endangering Your Prosperity. The CT Senate candidate is a menace to your wallet.

Republican Angle delivers deal-closer TV ad. Democrat Reid sticks with commercials painting Angle as too extreme AND Nevada Senate Race in Gridlock at Eleventh Hour

Nancy Pelosi’s numbers among independents according to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll are almost unbelievably bad–8% favorable, 61% unfavorable. AND End of the Pelosi Era of Irresponsibility

SAD - DNC ad: 'Don't let Palin win'

Random Round-Up 11-01

Latinos souring on illegal immigration

GOP Makes Serious Inroads Among Hispanics

Justice Department to Send Election Observers to Arizona as Concern Rises About Illegal Voters

EXPOSED! America’s Democracy Traded Away for a Slice of Pizza!

BUMMER. Kid Dresses Up as Obama Joker For White House Halloween Party (The kid could have been just The Joker but for the lack of green hair wig. Still it's interesting that Obama just pushes him past. Video.)

Spitzer: You are a ‘heinous terrorist’

PJTV Video - Hair of the Dog: Stewartpalooza! The Changing Face of America's Clown, John Stewart

Contraception could be free under health care law

Confessions of a Price Controller

Why Doesn't Everyone Know Jan Schakowsky's Husband Wrote ObamaCare in Jail?

The fabulous Sonja Schmidt on PJTV - It's OK To Leave the Plantation: Sonja Speaks with Author Mason Weaver (Pt. 1) AND It's OK to Leave the Plantation: Sonja Schmidt Speaks with Author Mason Weaver (Pt. 2)

Mid-term voters in three states will cast ballots on healthcare insurance mandate

The (Overwhelmingly White!) Stewart-Colbert Rally, From the Cheap Seats. Some fun and peace, a little anger and hate. But mostly, we just couldn’t hear anything.

The perfect snapshot of the Rally for People Who Are Smarter Than You So Shut Up

Just who is Obama granting clemency to and why doesn't he want us to know? Obama Ordered to Release Names of Clemency Seekers

Supreme Court won't hear challenge on campaign disclosure. I wonder if the Court would have heard the case if Obama hadn't been so stupid about complaining about the "Citizens United" ruling to their faces in his last SOTU?

Cornell and Dartmouth Shame Students for Not Adding Their Real Money to the Ongoing Bonfire of Imaginary Money

Political Correctness and the Thought Police. A look at the origins of the movement to expunge words and thoughts from modern life.

Investigate this

The Smallness of Saul

New Governors Will Have Hands Full Reforming Education, Spending

Elites, We Hear You!

Judith Curry’s Heresy

The Inversion Narrative. In his stance on education, tolerance, intellectualism, race views, peace advocacy, anti-authoritarianism, and feminism, the post-modern leftist is nothing that he pretends to be.

Cameron’s EU Muddle

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