Monday, November 1, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 11-01

President Obama Job Approval

Washington Examiner 2010 election guide

Pre-Tsunami Live Blog

Rasmussen Final Generic Ballot

Day of the Democratic Dead: Seat-by-Seat Predictions

A Vote Against Dems, Not for the GOP Voters don't want to be governed from the left, right or center. They want Washington to recognize that Americans want to govern themselves..

PJTV Video - The Greatest Hits of Congress: Featuring Pelosi, Reid and Boxer (Oh My)

The Madness of Barak Obama
Libertarians don't care which party is in power, only that they have libertarian values. Kinda like "content of their character".

McConnell’s Take

Obama preaches to (absent) choir. 5,000 empty seats at rally

Midterm elections 2010: Prepare for a new American revolution. Popular rage against the elite could change the nature of US politics

Top 10 Obama officials who will be watching the election results

USA Today - Why you should vote for Republicans

NYT (!) - Young Voters Say They Feel Abandoned

Final Gallup Poll sees historic GOP wave into 'uncharted territory' of a 60-seat gain or beyond

PJTV Video - The Obama Agenda: Just in Time for the Election, A Reminder of the Accomplishments and Failures

Don't. Get. Cocky. Top Democrat says party faces 'bloodbath' on Election Day

'They Suddenly Think Massachusetts is Going to Become Some Right-wing Tea Party State'

Debacle of Historic Proportions Looms for Democrats

Dick Blumenthal: A ‘Green Warrior’ Endangering Your Prosperity. The CT Senate candidate is a menace to your wallet.

Republican Angle delivers deal-closer TV ad. Democrat Reid sticks with commercials painting Angle as too extreme AND Nevada Senate Race in Gridlock at Eleventh Hour

Nancy Pelosi’s numbers among independents according to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll are almost unbelievably bad–8% favorable, 61% unfavorable. AND End of the Pelosi Era of Irresponsibility

SAD - DNC ad: 'Don't let Palin win'

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