Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mini Afternoon Round-Up 10-30

Civil Rights Commission: Administration Lied About Who Dropped Voter Intimidation Case

There’s good reason the masses are revolting

It’s the Spending, Stupid

ObamaCare Vote Haunts Congressional Candidates

Half of Democrats Think Obama Should Face Primary

Obama Heckled at Connecticut Rally

Who’s Really Dividing the Country?

Fiorina Campaign Manager: Carly's Going To Win By At Least Three Points

Finally: Meg Whitman Drills Jerry Brown With His Own Words

Concerns grow about election fraud, voter intimidation

Why the Tea Party? Ask John Kerry.

Prop 23: Will California Reject Climatism?

Comrade Hitler: Man of the Left

The difference between crime and, you know, crime-crime

Nevada Democrat Base Voters Launch Anti-Reid Commercial

Tiny Human Liver Grown From Fetal Cells; Next Step, Animal Transplant

Fake Newsman, Fake Sanity Lots of video

Rally to Restore Sanity' was hilarious and heartbreaking
Video: Riding the Peace Train

I’m Proud to Be a Heretic to the Preening Progressives

Akaka bill: Three questions

The Final Nail in the Democrats' Coffin

Barbara Boxer Puts Her Closing Hope in Barack Obama
HA. Silly Boxer. She thinks Obama gets votes now.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science

Obama Under Appreciation Syndrome

Alt. Pumpkin Carving

Awesome Old Man Makes A Jack-O-Lantern With A Gun

Random Round-Up 10-30

President Obama Job Approval

“High-level” political officials interfered in NBPP case, forced withdrawal

DOJ Voting Section Deputy Chief Misled Civil Rights Commission on Black Panthers Case. Hans von Spakovsky submits an affidavit saying Robert Kengle intentionally misled the Commission.

The great campaign of 2010

Rising Tide Of Government Regulation Faces Rising Opposition From American People One is not an immovable object and one is an irresistible force. One guess as to which is which.

Democratic Closing Argument: Personal Attacks. Democrats Attack Over Personal Issues, Republicans Over Policy

Elizabeth Warren has office at an agency where she doesn’t work

This is why I love libertarians. Very funny. Attack Ads, Circa 1800
The ending is PRICELES!

Suburban nation, but urban policies

Redistricting Is Driving Attempts at Voter Fraud

Concerns grow about election fraud, voter intimidation

On the Road With the King Street Patriots of Houston, Texas

Tea Partiers Outraged Over Democratic Tea Party Plant’s Fraudulent Google Ads

Voter Fraud Watch Video Exclusive: Poll Watcher Witnesses Misconduct in Houston. Witness describes poll misconduct, professors push the vote on campus, plus, if you want to report voter fraud, there's now an app for that courtesy of American Majority.

Leaks like this are bad. Tribe, Sotomayor, and Obama

New Jersey Teachers don't talk to strangers

Virginia Loves Republican Rule

Over $120 Million Spent on California Initiatives

Unpopular Financial Reform. Most Americans don’t like the Dodd-Frank act.


Paul Krugman and the last gasp of America’s liberal elites
Not only is Krugman’s article one of the most ridiculous pieces of scare-mongering in the history of modern American journalism, but it is the pathetic whimper of a decaying liberal Ancien Regime that is spectacularly crumbling. It also illustrates just how out of touch liberal elites are with public opinion, as well as economic reality. The tired old blame Bush line no longer works, and as a recent poll showed, the former president’s popularity is rising again.
This is why I love the British in general, my husband in particular and Nile's article above, especially. Their BS sensors(when functioning properly) are spectacularly expressed (I'm looking at your awesome self, Daniel Hannon).

2% Just Won't Do

Prosperity Index Shows That Democracy Still Works Best

Pelosi, Among Others, Could Exit if Dems Lose House

Henry in the House: Meek story shows Dem fears of Senate wipeout

DNC and Dems’ Private Club Delinquent on Taxes 16 Times in 7 Years. Isn't paying higher taxes patriotic? The Democratic National Committee and their private dining establishment in D.C., the National Democratic Club, are serious tax scofflaws.

Four Myths About the Tea Parties. And why liberals are too dismissive of the movement.

Redistricting Is Driving Attempts at Voter Fraud

You know, I think I want him gone just about as much as I want Boxer out of office. Down memory lane with Barney Frank . . .

Pelosi’s Cannon Fodder To the speaker, health-care reform was a hill worth letting her members die for

The LA Times says it like that is a bad thing but personally, it's one of the reasons why I will be voting for them - GOP plans attacks on the EPA and climate scientists. If Republicans win control of the House, they plan to go after the Obama administration's environmental policies and the researchers who have offered evidence on global warming, whom they accuse of manipulating data.

And this is another reason why I'll be voting for them. GOP Insurgents May Disrupt Leaders’ Plans and Go Rogue

ObamaCare and Voters Clinton and Obama told Democrats it would be popular. Whoops..

Obamacare Endgame: Doctors Will be Fined or Jailed if they Put Patients First Goon Chokes Jesse Kelly Supporter

Good news, I'm not a marxist - You Just Might Be a Marxist. Many people uphold Marxist tenets without considering themselves Marxists.

This doesn't seem very liberal (or sane). “Rally to Restore Sanity” pledges to “strictly prohibit filming” at National Mall

Thousands expected at Stewart-Colbert rally in DC

My Ordeal with Jon Stewart and His ‘Cone of Silence’ Event. Want a press pass? Dear Leader cannot be reached at this time.

Liberal groups tag along with Jon Stewart rally

Sanity Is Overrated. Well, some times of "sanity" are.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mini Morning Round-Up 10-28

These Are The Only 5 Countries Whose Pension Systems Can Survive

Bring Back the Teleprompter

Ballot Blunder in Arkansas

Labour and the left

Bush beats Obama 48/43 in poll

Americans to Pollsters: Don’t Cut Defense

FTC Drops Investigation of Google Less Than a Week After Company Exec Hosts Obama Fundraiser

A presidency heading for a fiscal train wreck

What Gets You Most Upset about the TARP Bailout, the Lying, the Corruption, or the Economic Damage?

Tea Partiers Outraged Over Democratic Tea Party Plant’s Fraudulent Google Ads

Don't get cocky - Pollster John Zogby: Strength of GOP Wave Remains in Doubt

Chris Christie

Did Robert Reich Just Accuse Obama of Accepting Bribes?

A liberal blogger confronts Barack Obama about gay rights... with tediously grim results.

New Hispanic Poll on Immigration

This campaign is the nastiest, voters say

Houston ABC Affiliate: Mouthpiece of the Left; Sends Dem Scare Message to Tea Party Poll Watchers

GM's Chevy Volt advertising might work today, but it's incredibly shortsighted

Blue-Dog Democrats Face Midterm 'Massacre'

Obama: The Pragmatist

Sandra Day O’Connor Crosses Ethical Line to End Election of Judges

Random Round-Up 10-28

President Obama Job Approval

Voter Fraud Watch

Young Voters More Hesitant to Commit to Dems

Radical in the White House Stanley Kurtz didn’t have to go to Kenya to figure out who Barack Obama really is.

The Incumbent Protection Racket

Taking a break from suing states, Obama's Justice Department wins hundreds of awards from itself

Obama’s Base Will Stay Home

Poll - Independents Drive GOP Midterm Advantage

Harry Reid Steals Nevadan's Milk Money To Buy Campaign Ad

ON THE ROAD: Bielat Relishes Underdog Role in Bid to Beat Barney Frank

A Pre-Election Day Prediction: Massachusetts Will Retire Barney Frank. Robert Snider predicts that America's bluest state will retire a long-term Democrat, sending military veteran and Republican Sean Bielat to Washington in place of Barney Frank.

New Video Exposes The False Narrative of the "Stomping" Victim AND Shhh—Nobody Tell MSNBC

Astonishing Stats on Women Voters

Linda McMahon vs. Richard Blumenthal: Connecticut's wrestling match

Candidate Sharron Angle is a ‘bitch’? Women’s groups outraged by ’sexist’ View co-host Joy Behar And yet Joy still has her job, unlike Juan.

Bucks election board to hear GOP allegations of absentee-voter fraud by Democrats

Pennsylvania's Race Gets Dirty As Sestak Slings Feces

50 Laboratories For Health Reform

Boxer Campaign Apologizes for Getting Caught Soliciting Teachers to Recruit Student Volunteers AND Boxer faces ethics complaint for telling teachers to send students to work for campaign This is why you should sign up for your opposition's communications - to make sure you know what they are up to.

Public-Employee Unions Funnel Public Money to Dems Franklin Roosevelt thought public-sector unions were a lousy idea. Do you?

When Unions Vote Your Money

Ouch On the Daily Show, Obama is the last laugh

Taxpayers win in court

It Ain’t So, Joe

Teachers Spent $9M On Cosmetic Surgery in 2009

The Role of the Elite

TARP plays well for Dems in wealthy N.Y. suburbs

New Jersey abandons toothless reforms

About California's Prop 23

Closing in California

California can't mess with Texas

Job Losses Outweigh Obama’s Successes

Tax Breaks For The Wealthy Do Boost Economy

Gore leaves car idling for one hour during speech; Opts for Swedish government jet over public transportation

Starting Afresh in Pursuit of Liberty

Democrat Gets Booed for Blaming Bush-- In Massachusetts!

Officials scramble to send out vote-by-mail ballots

Foreclosure activity up across most US metro areas

The real foreclosure mess: Lack of accountability for banks

Energy Crisis Over!

The PC Revolution Devours Its Own Children, Part CLVII, NPR Edition

Actually, it is sickening us all - Health Care Is Ailing Democrats

Poll: Independents Drive GOP Midterm Advantage

When Clinton fails to excite, trouble looms for state Dems

s Time for Some Cold, Hard Truths

Economy Top Issue for Voters; Size of Gov't May Be More Pivotal

Forgetting the Constitution The assurance that “separation of church and state” is in the Constitution shows our elites’ ignorance.

Signs of the Democratic Apocalypse. Midterms are tough for presidents, but party leaders aren't usually in trouble..

The Right on Public Broadcasting

Energy and anger

Tea Party Movement Is A Game-Changer

Labor helps key Senate Dems, but abandons most House Blue Dogs

Democrats Doing Opposition Research For 2012

Foreclosure activity up across most US metro areas

Public Pay Study Seems Bogus

'Stranger Danger' and the Decline of Halloween. No child has ever been killed by poisoned candy. Ever..

Obama's got his midterm mantra down, so why isn't anybody listening?

Another Debate Audience Recites Pledge When Another Moderator Says ‘No

Memo to Candidates - Dire Economy Calls for Deep Reforms

New York City’s Dumb Gun Laws Could Get Dumber

Poll: Most Want Obama Fired In 2012

Top DOJ Official Describes Recent Controversy As "He Said, She Said," Insists Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Confronting The CBS Reporter Who Threatened to Harm A Conservative Radio Host

Health Law Unpopular in Key House Districts.

Could Disgruntled Gay Voters Impact Close Blue State Elections? If gay voters choose to sit out the election, it could mean Democratic losses in tight races.

ObamaCare: Political Trouble for Moderate Democrats?

Channeling Milton Friedman

The high cost of Obama’s health 'savings'

Saudi Prince Backs Moving Planned NYC Mosque

Mercatus Center Financial Markets Working Group Wins Templeton Freedom Award

How the White House Bungled the Politics of Health Care

There They Went Again The 111th Congress fits a familiar Democratic pattern..

Obama Coalition Is Fraying, Poll Finds

A classic case of Obama's sophistry and lack of candor

The Coming Struggle

Baseball, the World Series and Steroids: George W. Bush Was Right

New York City Nominated for Ballot Bungle Booby Prize

The Rage Against Citizens United Why Barack Obama gave the Supreme Court a public tongue-lashing.

Uh Oh

U.S. companies hoarding almost $1 trillion cash: Moody's

AlfonZo's Take

On Juan Williams, O'Reilly, Whoopi, and Joy.

I am America

Hat Tip - AlfonZo Rachel

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Economic Woes 10-27

A Stark Choice Between European Model Or the American Way

Red Tape Rising: Obama’s Torrent of New Regulation

Republicans Plan Budget Cuts as Early Act If They Take Power

The elusive search for villains in the foreclosure crisis.

Why I Suspect That Nothing Good Will Come Out of the Deficit Panel

Employers in U.S. Start Bracing for Higher Tax Withholding

Does It Make Sense to Decrease Your Retirement Savings to Pay Down Your Mortgage? Maybe ... Maybe Not.

Smoke and Mirrors in Sacramento. California’s latest state budget is a fraud.

Our Leaders Aren’t Truthful about the Deficit

2011 Business Tax Climate: Chilliest in Blue States

Clinton, Bush Prove Cutting Capital Gains Rate Works

Big Union/ACORN/Leftie Groups 10-27

Left Takes Accommodating Attitude toward Vote Fraud

ACORN and Polarization

Following the money is always the best way to go - Where does the SEIU get its money?

ACORN’s October Surprise

Michael Bloomberg’s astroturf group

ACORN’s Get-Out-The-Vote Operative Under State Felony Charges

Public employee unions funnel public money to Dems

Watchdog Warns SEIU Contract for Nevada Voting Machines Poses 'Fraud' Concern

SEIU Controls ‘Glitchy’ Voter Machines in Clark County, NV

‘Go Watch This Video. It’s Enlightening, It’s Enraging.’: Gov Christie Raves Over O’Keefe ‘Teachers Gone Wild’

Exposing Institutional Left’s Astroturf Attack On Charles Koch

The ACLU Is Wrong: Net Neutrality Is About Government Control of Internet Content

Bad Politician Bad 10-27

President Obama Job Approval

Battle for the Senate

Battle for the House

Obama Donates $4.5M to Desperate Dems

Toomey back on top in Pennsylvania

President Obama Heads into Midterms at Lowest Approval Rating of Presidency

Majority Disapprove of Incumbents, Poll Shows

The Battle for America 2010: Shock Poll Has GOP Candidate Up 9 in NY-20. The 26-point polling swing means New York may be a big part of the Republican wave

Democrats Ask Pentagon for Info on Potential Obama Challengers

Very Unfavorable Ratings for Reid, Pelosi Hit New High

Barney Frank Still Doesn't Get It

The Battle for America 2010: Six Days from the Reckoning. Early voting continues and voting fraud and problems arise, CA sours on legalizing pot, the FL debate ends with a Democrat staffer getting fired for breaking the rules, the Ehrlich-O'Malley rematch looks all too familiar, and more in the penultimate Battle for America state-by-state update.

Babs Boxer tries to recruit kiddie campaigners in L.A. public schools

For Better or for Worse, or at Least Until the Green Card Comes Through

Democratic Veterans Headed for the Exits

Don't. Get. Cocky. Bookie says GOP can't lose House, pays bets early

If full Senate were up for grabs, GOP would likely win filibuster-proof majority, polls show

Democrats getting outspent? Not so fast

PJTV Video - Don't Get Cocky: Cross the Finish Line And Bring Some Friends With You

Blago Retrial Delayed-Until After Chicago’s Mayoral Election

I guess he doesn't want his fingerprints on this debacle anymore - Obama campaigning quietly from the White House

Princess Pelosi is upset

Did the DNC Get an Illegal Campaign Loan from Bank of America? Getting an easy line of credit may not sit well with cash-starved small businesses that have sought loans during the bad economy. The question is, will the DNC come clean and open their books on this transaction? (Update: Bank of America responds to the article.)

Judge Deals Blow to Murkowski Campaign

In Some Elections, Character Counts Less

Speaker Pelosi’s Family and Friends Program AND The Friendly Skies of Nancy Pelosi

Daytona Beach Commissioner Arrested On Fraud Charges

Tablet: Obama Has ‘Spurned’ American Jews

Democrats Retain Edge in Campaign Spending

U.S. Falls in Annual Corruption Survey

Barack Obama's dumb 'Daily Show' Jon Stewart appearance and the President's diminishing brand

Long-term incumbents become an endangered congressional species

Voters are not paying attention? You wish

Smug Democrats

Which Darrell Issa would run House oversight panel?

Which Democratic senator will turn Republican? Probably not Joe Lieberman or Ben Nelson.

Vice President Biden Stumps for Alan Grayson. Basically a moron supports an ass.

Our Contemptible Congress

Election Corruption Round-Up

Left Takes Accommodating Attitude toward Vote Fraud

Voter Fraud Watch: A Primer on What to Watch For. Our resident expert on election law explains the ins and outs of how to detect voter fraud

Fraudulent Voting Re-emerges as a Partisan Issue

Lawmakers May Probe Late Military Ballots

Watchdog Warns SEIU Contract for Nevada Voting Machines Poses 'Fraud' Concern

Nevada Secretary Of State Says No Evidence Of Vote Fraud

Angle campaign attorney: Reid “intends to steal this election if he can’t win it outright”

600 absentee requests tossed

The Left’s Voter-Fraud Whitewash

The Threat of Non-Citizen Voting

Incident Reports Alleged Voter Fraud in Houston, Texas

Residents cry foul over ballots

Did the DNC Get an Illegal Campaign Loan from Bank of America? Getting an easy line of credit may not sit well with cash-starved small businesses that have sought loans during the bad economy. The question is, will the DNC come clean and open their books on this transaction? (Update: Bank of America responds to the article.)

Where does the SEIU get its money?

Public employee unions funnel public money to Dems

SEIU Controls ‘Glitchy’ Voter Machines in Clark County, NV

Democratic Subterfuge in Maryland House Race

Voter reports problem with ballot machine

Nevada: ‘Harry Reid’s Name Was Already Checked’

Why PJM’s Military Voting Monitoring Project Is So Important. Eric Holder's DOJ isn't interested in making sure our military members' votes are protected and counted, so PJM is gathering evidence to ensure that problems are reported properly and will be fixed.

ACORN’s October Surprise

Glitch in Illinois' new vote-by-mail system

ACORN’s Get-Out-The-Vote Operative Under State Felony Charges

34 more face voter fraud charges in Hennepin County

Daily Round-Up 10-27

Black Republicans Demand Obama 'Bus' Apology

Awesome: Angle Sends Flowers & Thank You Note to Joy Behar After Screed Helps Raise $150K UPDATE: Behar's Profane Reponse


Nine Key Ballot Initiatives to Watch

Nice Backbone - NJ gov: I'm sticking with decision to scrap tunnel

Ford Proves Capitalism Works Better Than Government Motors

Could WikiLeaks do good? - Wikileaks on American Hikers

Midterm blowout: 50 or more Dem seats set to fall in the election Don't get cocky and don't forget to vote.


Dumb. Justice Elena Kagan's first vote is against an execution. The newest member of the Supreme Court is in the minority in backing a stay of execution over questions about the safety of a drug to be used in a lethal injection. Shortly after the stay was overturned Tuesday, Arizona executed Jeffrey Landrigan

Top DOJ Official Describes Recent Controversy As "He Said, She Said," Insists Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Feds arrest N.Va. man in D.C. Metro bomb plot

Public Optimism in U.S. System of Government Hits a 36-year Low

Why Socialism Breeds Racism

Taxpayer Funding for the Arts Corrupts the Arts

North Carolina Department of Revenue’s Demand for Amazon Customer Records Violates the First Amendment

Acknowledge the Black Community Is Committing Genocide on Itself

Block The Vote


How the “Scientific Consensus” on Global Warming Affects American Business—and Consumers

Plastic Water Bottles Won't Hurt You

Given the source... - Al Gore: Tea Party making climate science a ‘political football’

The Politics of Global Warming

Broken Telephone in Court Opinions

Baltimore Hands Out First Trans Fat Citation

Administration: No regrets pushing health reform before climate

When Hormone Creams Expose Others to Risks Actually, I'm still more concerned about women urinating artificial estorgen into our fresh water supply.

GM Salmon: Swimming Against the Regulatory Tide


The Moral Disaster of Health Care

Doctors vs. Bureaucrats: Are They Listening?

Administration: No regrets pushing health reform before climate

Obamacare Report Card: It’s Worse than We Thought

Take the Pledge, or Walk the Plank You can't stay in office forever. Failure to repeal Obamacare may result in failure of re-election.

Is there nothing Obamacare can't hurt? ObamaCare harms our troops

Florida Court Slams Obamacare


Media Research Center documents ABC, CBS, NBC bias

‘Go Watch This Video. It’s Enlightening, It’s Enraging.’: Gov Christie Raves Over O’Keefe ‘Teachers Gone Wild’ And still the MSM is silent.


Taking the Public Out of NPR

The rise, fall and rise of John Boehner
The Heartland Institute has good people - The Patriot’s Toolbox: Stock Up on Public Policy Ammunition

Lawmakers May Probe Late Military Ballots

Global Food Crisis Aggravated by Ethanol

I think this is such an important article I am copying it - links and all - at my own site. Global Food Crisis Forecast; Aggravated by Biofuels and Global Warming Legislation
A global food crisis is “forecast as prices reach record highs [1].” “Rising food prices and shortages could cause instability in many countries as the cost of staple foods and vegetables reached their highest levels in two years.” “Global wheat and maize prices recently jumped nearly 30% in a few weeks while meat prices are at 20-year highs.” “Meanwhile, the price of tomatoes in Egypt, garlic in China and bread in Pakistan are at near-record levels.”

Drought is one factor in the price spikes. Biofuels and ethanol subsidies and mandates are another major factor. According to the UN, “large-scale land acquisitions by foreign investors for biofuels is squeezing land suitable for agriculture [1].”

Ethanol subsidies have resulted in forests being destroyed [2] in the Third World, and caused famines [3] that have killed [4] countless people in the world’s poorest countries [4].

These subsidies are expanded in the global warming legislation backed by the Obama administration. Its ethanol subsidies will result [5] in “damage to water supplies, soil health and air quality.” The Washington Examiner earlier explained how the global warming bill backed by President Obama would cause deforestation by expanding ethanol subsidies, and thus increase greenhouse gas emissions [6] in the long run. It was larded up with corporate welfare: 85 percent [7] of its carbon allowances were given away to special interests free of charge, thanks to lobbying that turned the bill into an orgy of corporate welfare.

Earlier, Ron Bailey wrote in Reason magazine about the “global food crisis” that has resulted in food riots across the world [8], in countries like Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia, Yemen, Haiti, and Egypt. The crisis, he notes, is caused by “stupid energy policies” in the form of ethanol “mandates” and subsidies, which result in the world’s breadbaskets producing less food and more ethanol.

In 2008, two prominent environmentalists, Lester Pearson and Jonathan Lewis, published a Washington Post editorial, “Ethanol’s Failed Promise [9],” which explained how ethanol subsidies and mandates are destroying the environment and fueling hunger and violence worldwide [9].
Turning one-fourth of our corn into fuel is affecting global food prices. U.S. food prices are rising at twice the rate of inflation, hitting the pocketbooks of lower-income Americans and people living on fixed incomes. … Deadly food riots have broken out in dozens of nations in the past few months, most recently in Haiti and Egypt. World Bank President Robert Zoellick warns of a global food emergency.
Moreover, they noted,
food-to-fuel mandates are leading to increased environmental damage. First, producing ethanol requires huge amounts of energy - most of which comes from coal. Second, the production process creates a number of hazardous byproducts, and some production facilities are reportedly dumping these in local water sources. Third, food-to-fuel mandates are helping drive up the price of agricultural staples, leading to significant changes in land use with major environmental harm. Here in the United States, farmers are pulling land out of the federal conservation program, threatening fragile habitats. … Most troubling, though, is that the higher food prices caused in large part by food-to-fuel mandates create incentives for global deforestation, including in the Amazon basin. As Time Magazine reported [10] this month, huge swaths of forest are being cleared for agricultural development. The result is devastating: We lose an ecological treasure and critical habitat for endangered species, as well as the world’s largest ‘carbon sink.’ And when the forests are cleared and the land plowed for farming, the carbon that had been sequestered in the plants and soil is released. Princeton scholar Tim Searchinger has modeled this impact and reports [11] in Science magazine that the net impact of the food-to-fuel push will be an increase in global carbon emissions - and thus a catalyst for climate change.
In Human Events, Deroy Murdock explained how rising food prices resulting from ethanol forced Haitians to literally eat dirt [12] (dirt cookies made of vegetable oil, salt, and dirt), caused tortilla riots in Mexico, and fueled violent protests in unstable “powder kegs” like Pakistan and Egypt.

In 2008, finance ministers and central bankers called for end to ethanol subsidies and biofuel mandates [13]. South African finance minister Trevor Manuel called such subsidies “criminal [14].” Earlier, the Indian Finance Minister Chidambaram noted that [14] “in a world where there is hunger and poverty, there is no policy justification for diverting food crops towards bio-fuels. Converting food into fuel is neither good policy for the poor nor for the environment.”

The EPA is now ratcheting up [15] ethanol use, heedless of the fact that ethanol makes gasoline costlier and dirtier [16], increases ozone pollution [17], and increases the death toll from smog [18] and air pollution. Ethanol production also results in deforestation, soil erosion, and water pollution [19].

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Round-Up 10-26

Treasury Draws Negative Yield for First Time During TIPS Sale

Want to Stop Voter Fraud? There’s an App for That!

Boxer says abortion views won't hurt her with socially conservative Latinos

Well, maybe this will. Ethics Foundation Requests A.G. Holder to Investigate Barbara Boxer.
“In a breaking development that may affect the close California Senate race, Pajamas Media has learned The Foundation for Ethics in Public Service sent a letter to Eric Holder last Thursday requesting the attorney general ‘begin an investigation to determine whether United States Senator Barbara Boxer violated any criminal laws or should be liable for any civil penalty for failure to disclose real property on her Personal Financial Disclosure Reports between 2002 and 2010.’”
Dem County Clerk Lets Voter Cast Ballot After-Hours, Democrat Legislator Electioneers in Polling Place

Military Vote in Question After DOJ Gives Illinois 'Pass' on MOVE Act, Advocacy Group Warns

New Study Says Cost of Health Reform Subsidies Could Far Exceed Previous Estimates

Aide to Harry Reid Lied to Feds, Submitted False Documents About Sham Marriage AND SCANDAL? Harry Reid Aide Lied To FBI About Fake Marriage to Alien With Possible Terrorist Ties

I’m Happy to Stand with Juan Williams, A Friend of School Choice

'Fighting' Obama tells House Dem candidate to 'run scared'

Voter Fraud Watch: Allegations of Poll Worker Misconduct in Harris County, Texas. We sounded the warning about Harris County, Texas, back in September. Now serious allegations of misconduct by poll workers and illegal electioneering by members of the union most closely connected to the Obama administration are coming to light.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Saves Democrat Party Boss From Embarrassing ‘Buying Votes’ Gaffe

Voter reports problem with ballot machine

We’d Better Win Big

Nevada Voters Complain Of Problems At Polls

SEIU Offshoot Mi Familia Vota Caught With 6,000 Bogus Colorado Voter Registrations.

Web video takes shots at teachers union

O’Keefe video appears to show New Jersey union official describing voter fraud

Obama to Latinos: ‘Punish Our Enemies’ AND Obama to Kids: Stop the Bullying; Obama to Latinos: Punish Your Enemies AND New Obama GOTV Rallying Cry: Let‘s ’Punish Our Enemies’

On being out, proud and conservative. My left-liberal experience was of intolerance if you dared challenge political correctness. The right is more accepting

Obama's post-election escape to Mumbai: "Obama’s contingent is huge. There are two jumbo jets coming along with Air Force One, which will be flanked by security jets." "There will be 30 to 40 secret service agents, who will arrive before him. The President’s convoy has 45 cars, including the Lincoln Continental in which the President travels."

Patty Murray’s Attack Ad Redux: Recycled Video May Raise Campaign Finance Questions.

Jack Conway may have tipped brother off about drug investigation


The Super La Nina and the Coming Winter. Things might get real cold.

Rep. DeFazio Investigating Impeachment of Chief Justice Roberts

Shocking Video: 60 Minutes Admits Unemployment is Actually 17%, 22% in California

Barney Frank’s Incompetence, Politics Made Financial Crisis Worse

More Barney Frank Lies Exposed

Paper Ballots

Voters fed up with Obama's big, bossy government

MoveOn Protester Stomped on at Kentucky Senate Debate

Look Who's Winning Under Obamanomics AND Firms who received bailout cash giving generously to Pols

Porker of The Month for October 2010: Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

Obamaphobia: What's Really Behind It?

Unsustainable At Every Level: Congress Fiddles and We Get Burned

Accelerating Towards the Abyss: The Real Story of Fiscal Year 2010. The Obama administration and the Pelosi-Reid Congress have spent wildly and run up deficits recklessly on a scale virtually unprecedented in human history.

Manchin distances himself from health care law he once supported

Feds consider limiting potatoes offered to kids

Federal Auditor Says Obama's Anti-Foreclosure Effort Risks 'Generating Public Anger And Mistrust' First

Five Signs the Dems are Doomed

New ACORN effort is mobilizing voters, run by woman indicted for violating election laws

More About That Voting Machine "Glitch"

Free enterprise just hasn't been good for journalism

When you can’t persuade voters Cheat

The Tea Started Brewing Under Bush

Identified: Right Nation Protester Who Called Andrew Breitbart ‘Gay’ Is A Democrat Party Official

Ed Koch: The Coming Political Tsunami

Fed Won't Join Supreme Court Appeal on Loan Disclosures

Difficulties in Defining Errors in Case Against Harvard Researcher

All except Gore - Nobel Peace Prize Winners on Behalf of Liu Xiaobo (updated)

Vanguard Endorses Obama, Democrats

Inspector General blasts Treasury for bungling everything TARP

More Democracy, More Incarceration. The devastating mix of politics and crime policy

Saved by the Closet We've got so much stuff that it's easing the slump