Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday Round-Up

President Obama Job Approval
Election Fraud Uncovered by Patriotic Citizens … Who Promptly Get Sued. Election watchers True the Vote have found disturbing amounts of fraud in Harris County, Texas. Rather than support their important work, the Texas Democratic Party (among others) is suing them.

Houston’s True The Vote Initiative

Time for Heads to Roll Over New Black Panther Dismissal Here is the original WaPo article.

WikiLeaks Show WMD Hunt Continued in Iraq – With Surprising Results (Yes there were Weapons of Mass Destruction afterall)

Stunner. SEIU Offshoot ‘Mi Familia Vota’ Caught With 6,000 Bogus Colorado Voter Registrations

They Hate Our Guts. And they’re drunk on power. From PJ O'Rourke (he once spoke at CEI and got magnificently slooshed. Buy his book, Don't Vote, It Just Encourages The Bastards.)

Obama launches rescue mission for top Democrat

What Would be the Biggest Tax Mistake This Year?

For U.S. Senate, The Miami Herald recommends Marco Rubio

The State Pension Implosion: A Chronology

Obama Campaigned Before Socialist Group in ‘96

George Clooney Exposes Bill Maher’s Ignorant Hatred For Conservatives

Think this economy is bad? Wait for 2012.

Which Outside Group Is Spending the Most on the Election?

NPR’s provincialism should make progressives worry

The Tea Party vs. the Ruling Class

Media Matters Is The Symptom, Not The Disease
No conservatives are trying to prevent people from appearing on NPR, but liberal interest groups and their media outlets are trying to prevent people from appearing on Fox News.

Now, You Can Investigate Maxine Waters

Democrats Call Lisa Murkowski A Liar

Justice demands execution for murderous jihadist soldier

Just the way I like it - Handicapping the House – Quick & Dirty Edition

WikiLeaks nails the wild Lancet scare AND The wages of Wikileaks: Understanding the Iraq war casualties

Don't get cocky - John Loughlin Will Win the Kennedy People’s Seat in RI-1

CBO Confirms: ObamaCare Discourages Work

Union Fires Stage Hand for Wearing Bush Hat and Shirt

Legal threats to Obamacare advance

Senators Complain IRS is Stonewalling Inspector General

Obama’s Destructive Foreign Policy

Our view on redistricting: As politicians pick voters, extremes grow entrenched

Big Labor's Big Mistake in the 2010 Elections

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