Thursday, March 4, 2010

Media Bias 03-04

New Rules, MSNBC and MSM: Every Time You Call Us ‘Nazis,’ We’re Punching Back

ABC Berates Bunning's 'Politics of No' for Causing Unemployed to 'Struggle' and Lose Homes

CNN Repeats Lie, Fails to Contradict Guest on 47 Million 'Uninsured Americans'

MSM and the Obamacare Vote Count

The Mainstream Media’s New ‘Favorite Republican’

PJTV Video (The Hicks File) - Hey, Rube: Why The Left Thinks Dissent Is For Dummies

Treason Is A Matter Of Dates

Deficit-Enabling Media

Wake Up, Media, Pelosi's Lying About Tea Parties. Our Speaker of the House has suddenly changed her tune about tea parties. So why won't the media call her on it? What part of lapdog are you failing to understand?

Tea Partiers and the Angry Left

Fringe Benefits AND YET That Wilders Win

President Uses White Coat Prop... Again

Junk Science 03-04


Activist ‘Green’ Lawyers Billing U.S. Millions in Fraudulent Attorney Fees. Radical environmental groups have ripped off taxpayers to the tune of $37 million.

Treason Is A Matter Of Dates

The Inevitable Failure (by Design) of Cap and Trade. Even if the global warming malarkey were true, cap and trade would actually cause the problem it seeks to remedy

EPA Wants More Money, Thinks Blood Comes From Stones

Sugar Tax To Hit Philly

‘Anti-Lobbyist’ Obama Administration Recruited Left-Wing Lobbyists to Sell Bogus ‘Green Jobs’. A FOIA reveals the Department of Energy turned to George Soros and to wind industry lobbyists to help cover up two economic studies pointing to the failure of European wind energy programs. AND What, exactly, is a ‘green’ job?

Four Democratic senators aim to halt stimulus wind project

PJTV Video (Specials) - COMPLETE PJTV INTERVIEW Climategate: Al Gore Doubles Down & Lord Monckton Ups The Ante Against Him AND The short version Climategate Minute: Lord Monckton v. Al Gore: Doubling Down On Global Warming


What Ever Happened to ‘Drill Baby, Drill’? AND YET Murkowski wants ANWR ‘on the table’

Al Gore Returns. The climate change crusader breaks his silence in a New York Times op-ed piece. But do his arguments make sense?

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Unfit To Print: Al Gore's Epic OpEd Fail

Salazar: No ‘secret agenda’ at Interior Department on land protection

In Economic Woes 03-04

Confidence In Economy's Future Is At Lowest Point of Obama's Presidency

Where did all the people go from the collapsed financial institutions?

Bring Back the Robber Barons There's a big difference between entrepreneurs who make a fortune in the market, and those who do so by gaming the government.

Created or Saved or Estimated or Assumed. The Congressional Budget Office's predetermined stimulus reports

Subprime Mortgage Crisis Hits Brothels

ShoreBank, Sharia Law and Bank Bailouts

New ghost towns: Industrial communities teeter on the edge

Taxpayers Have $1.3 Billion in Unclaimed Refunds

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 03-04

Start calling! White House sets March 18 goal for House vote on Senate health bill

Oh my: Two House yes votes on ObamaCare may flip to no

Stupak: 12 previous health bill supporters could flip over abortion

Ignore and Lie About This at Your Own Risk, Speaker Pelosi, President Obama ...

Dems to Ryan: 'Get Ready, We're Reconciling'

If Democrats Don't Pivot On Health Care They're Doomed. If the president decides to forgo compromise and move forward with his original health care bill, only two things could happen and both spell political disaster for Democrats.

Wow, he is really angry - When In The Course Of Human Events

The same rotten Rx. ObamaCare -- now with GOP sprinkles!

Obama Now Selling Judgeships for Health Care Votes? Obama names brother of undecided House Dem to Appeals Court.

The Truth About the Left's Health Care Paradise: Shocking Photos From Cuba's 'Free' Health Care

Romneycare model a dud

The Basis for Tort Reform The real victims of the current medico-legal system are the American people.

PJTV Video (Medically Incorrect) - Memo To Dems: On Health Care, Anecdotes Warm Hearts, But Facts Are Facts

Dem Dozen Threatens to Bail on Health Care Over Abortion Language. Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak said Thursday he's counted 11 lawmakers willing to kill President Obama's health care overhaul over abortion language, Reuters reported

Thomas Sowell - Alice in Health Care: Part III

The Faux Health Care Summit?

Forget Reconciliation -- Why the Real Fight Is In the House. If the House passes the Christmas Eve version of the Senate health care reform bill, the game is up and the American people lose. If, on the other hand, the House rejects the original Senate bill, it’s all over.

Can the Moral ‘Narrative’ of ObamaCare Be Defeated?

Let the Bribes Begin: Obama Offering Judgeships to Secure Health Care Votes


From 200 in 2006, Retail Clinics Now Top 1,200 For First Time Ever; An Amazing 6X Increase in 3 Years

"My understanding of the Senate is is that you need 60 votes to get something significant to happen..."

Obama's Sledgehammer Strategy. Token concessions can’t soften the president's partisan health care bill.

The President’s Imaginary Health Plan

Daily Round-Up 03-04

How to ruin a child: Too much esteem, too little sleep I wrote about this NurtureShock book here and a link to the book's website is here (video below):

VIDEO - Rep. Chris Herrod, (R-Utah), on why he wants the state to be able to take land from the federal government.

Is David Cameron the ‘John McCain’ of the British Conservative Party? Despite all the Labor government’s problems, Cameron does not understand the mood of the people he is trying to attract. Personally I think he has been so indocrinated by the Labor Party that rather than differentiate the Conservative party in meaningful ways which is what Britain desperately needs, Cameron is copying many stupid Labor policies. Which reflects stupidity onto him. Are there any British Conservatives with spines? (Well, except my husband)


D.C. Ties the Knot but Leaves Voters Unraveled

Should It Be Illegal to Be a Jew in Massachusetts?

The Basement Boys. The making of modern immaturity. AND The Youth War On US - I blame the Boomers.

Change in Military Policy Will Censor U.S. Chaplains

"Through the Mud"?

The Logical Outcome of Illogical Non-Discrimination Policies at Universities


Time Magazine Says We're Failing Our Schools because of Unions

The Klan In Rhode Island? SPLC Exaggerates Again

Well, they did buy a lot of politicians - Will 2010 Be Labor's Turn?

Sneaky ACORN Changes Name of ACORN Housing Corp.


Why I took a stand

School Choice Facts at Your Fingertips

Watchdog groups seek revamp of ethics rules

Caffinated Astroturf - Pouring Cold Water on the Coffee Party AND Tea Party Knockoffs: Watered Down, Bitter. A possibly fake Tea Party candidate may be looking to help Harry Reid, and a blatantly Astroturfed "Coffee Party" gets a smattering of attention.

PJTV Video (ZoNation) - Zo's Take on the 3rd Party Makes Him Crazy Like a FOX

Court Date Set For the Kenneth Gladney Beatdown Case

Texas Hold ‘Em or California Roll: Shootin’ with the Right Governor

Tea Party activists internally debate ‘foolishness’ of Mark Williams’s response to Dylan Ratigan’s ‘racist’ charges

What the Tea Party Movement Is Not — A Short Primer

CWA at the Oxford Union Debates It was at the OUD that I met my husband (well technically, he saw me at a Conservative Club party but didn't get the courage to talk to me until we were introduced at the OUD bar.)

Bad Politicians Bad 03-04

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages

Poll - Off the Track

Let the Bribes Begin: Obama Offering Judgeships to Secure Health Care Votes

The fable of Emanuel the Great AND It's Emanuel who's dangerous to the Obama presidency

Stopping the Runaway Congress

In the Future Everyone Will Get to Chair Ways & Means for Fifteen Minutes

With Money on the Line, Local Governments Urge Illegal Immigrants to Fill Out Census. Cities, counties and states that haven't been very kind to illegal immigrants over the years are suddenly dusting off their welcome mats. With the 2010 census about to get under way, those undocumented residents will be worth a lot of money for the next few weeks

Sorry, Charlie Rep. Rangel and the politics of race. AND Facing ethics probes, Rangel drops tax leadership AND Are we missing Charlie Rangel yet?AND Stark Raving Stark AND Levin to Succeed Rangel as Ways and Means Chairman AND Musical Chairmen Wow, this makes Pelosi look really chaotic

Speaker Pelosi fumbles in dealing with the Rangel situation She does look tired...

Jobs for political dropouts. The White House may have broken the law

Anger at D.C. Shapes Races. Candidates Nationwide Try to Match Success of Perry's Anti-Washington Push

Giannoulias seeks to blunt damage, says family bank likely to fail

Loopy Liu So just how radical is Goodwin Liu, President Obama’s latest nominee to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals? In an administration studded with Leftists well out of the mainstream of legal and political thought, Liu stands out.

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Obama's SmartMan Answers Tough Questions With The Same Old Song & Dance

Comedy Rap Video Slams Obama as O.T.P. (One Term President)

The GOP Targets State Legislatures. He who controls redistricting can control Congress.

Hoyer knew of Massa allegations AND Leaders had been alerted of complaint by staffer against Massa

New York gone wild

Will Bishopgate Finally End Congressman Delahunt’s Career?

Paul Ryan v. the President. The Republican dissects ObamaCare's real costs. Democrats stay mute.

Ill. Dems seek post-scandal lt. gov. applications

When it comes to picking the next New York governor, don't count out Rick Lazio

Blanche Lincoln Files For Re-election… Tea Party Breaks Out (Video)

Will Senate Says Aloha to Racial Discrimination?

At least two Obama White House lawyers represented Guantanamo detainees

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Paul Ryan Faces Down Obama: Just the Facts Mr. President

Green-Jobs Fantasy

My husband's article at the top of the National Review website (good boy!).
Green-Jobs Fantasy Sen. Lindsey Graham picks up the standard for job-killing energy taxes.
After declaring energy cap-and-trade “dead” in the Senate, the Left’s new favorite Republican, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) has been working hard to resurrect it under another name. Working with Senators Kerry (D., Mass.) and Lieberman (I., Conn.), along with lobbyists for the major electric utilities (and, err, Big Oil), Senator Graham appears to have come up with a new boondoggle that would institute a cap-and-trade scheme for utilities only, thereby creating a carbon cartel. The plan would impose a carbon “fee” on transportation fuels, driving up the price of gas, that would be rebated in the shape of funding for highway projects — which the Big Oil lobbyists appear to believe would help offset the rise in gas prices. All of this, of course, amounts to a new tax on energy, so Senator Graham and his cohorts are cloaking their smash-and-grab raid in the mantle of investment in “green jobs.”
Read the whole thing here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Climategate: This Time It's NASA

The article below was written by my husband and Roger Abbott and was published in The American Spectator here is the link with comments.

The "Climategate" scandal, which broke in November 2009, revealed what many skeptics had privately suspected. Prominent climate scientists at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU) had collaborated to keep data out of skeptics' hands, subverted the peer review process, and used questionable methods to construct the temperature record on which the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change (IPCC) based its recommendations.

Now a new "Climategate" scandal is emerging, this time based on documents released by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in response to several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suits filed by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). The newly released emails further demonstrate the politicized nature of climate science, revealing a number of questionable practices that cast doubt on the credibility of scientific data provided by NASA.

The emails reveal that GISS, like CRU, has done a poor job of preserving and managing its data. Although there is no evidence that GISS has destroyed its data, as CRU did in the late 1980s, Dr. Reto Ruedy of GISS admits in an email that "[The United States Historical Climate Network] data are not routinely kept up-to-date." In another email, he reveals that NASA had inflated its temperature data since 2000 on a questionable basis. "[NASA's] assumption that the adjustments made the older data consistent with future data… may not have been correct," he says. "Indeed, in 490 of the 1057 stations the USHCN data were up to 1C colder than the corresponding GHCN data, in 77 stations the data were the same, and in the remaining 490 stations the USHCN data were warmer than the GHCN data."

Unfortunately, it seems that the discrepancy privately highlighted by Dr. Ruedy was not coincidental, but part of a broader pattern of misrepresentation on the part of GISS. Between 2002 and 2005, GISS chief James Hansen issued press releases headlined "2005 Warmest Year in a Century;" "2006 was Earth's Fifth Warmest Year;" and "The 2002 meteorological year is the second warmest year in the period of accurate instrumental data." In other words, global warming is happening and that immediate action is necessary.

However, as Canadian researcher Steve McIntyre points out, these releases were inconsistent with other NASA documents that suggest that the warmest year in U.S. history was actually 1934. In response to McIntyre, Hansen emailed Dr. Donald E. Anderson, saying that, "If one wished to be scientific, instead of trying to confuse the public … one should note that single year temperatures for an area as small as the U.S. (2% of the globe) are extremely noisy." In a similar email to Dr. Anderson on August 14, 2007, Hansen described the previously touted temperature "records" as "minor," "negligible," and "less than the uncertainty."

In fact, further corrections revealed by the emails indicate that U.S. temperatures on average had only increased by 0.5 degree Celsius since 1934, rather than 1 degree, as originally claimed.

The released emails from both the University of East Anglia and NASA illustrate how far the "scientific consensus" on climate change has been politicized -- to the point of unreliability. Dependent on an alarmist atmosphere for continued government funding, state-sponsored scientific organizations have a strong incentive to hire ideologically committed partisans.

Taken together, these revelations all show that we actually know much less about the workings of the climate than politicized scientists and advocates like Al Gore say we do. Yet virtually all calls to "action" to prevent climate change are based on the belief that the extent to which greenhouse gases have overwhelmed natural forces in affecting the climate is a settled question.

Despite all this, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is forging ahead with its politically motivated finding that greenhouse gases endanger public health and welfare and need to be expensively regulated. Thankfully, as the evidence of the bankruptcy of much of the "settled" climate science continues to accumulate, public outcry may help bring this politically motivated agenda to an end.

Random Round-Up 03-03

PPP: Obama’s approval rating now negative in every red state that flipped in 2008

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages

Ragel's temporary leave needs to be permanent

Pelosi picks fellow Californian to take gavel after Rangel bows out AND Pelosi Replaces Rangel with Pete Stark

Congressmen still mum on Rangel's 'Dirty Money'

Governor Christie: "Time to Hold Hands and Jump Off the Cliff" - Chris Christie For President?

PJTV Video (Climategate) - Lord Monckton v. Al Gore: Doubling Down On Global Warming

Head of 'Climategate' research unit admits sending 'pretty awful emails' to hide data

Key Lawmaker Reverses On Climate Action

'Archaic' Network Provides Data Behind Global Warming Theory, Critics Say

Fuel Taxes Must Rise, Harvard Researchers Say

Why Democrats have lost the public's trust.

Detroit teachers unions opposing the very reforms that have vastly improved New Orleans public schools after Katrina

The Freedom to Be an Adult. Why do liberals insist that the freedom enjoyed by a child is superior to that treasured by adults?

The Past Imperfect of ChicagoNow

Gore still hot on his doomsday rhetoric

Al Gore is not responsible for those alleged global warmicides

Readers, pick your poison

Brits: tell the LibDem Peers not to bring web-censorship to Britain!

Obama’s Labor Department Is Serious About Ethics…Except When It Isn’t

Nine Technologies To Save Money For Our Health Care System

Warren Buffet And I Have The Same Advice

More Diplomatic Incompetence from the Obama Administration

Rahm Emanuel: Obama's Chief Of Sabotage

Sen. Jim Bunning’s Historic and Heroic Stand

Biggest-ever ACTA leak: secret copyright treaty dirty laundry motherlode

Sorry, Obama, but Russia and China Are Never Going to Help You on Iran

New Government Programs Always Cost More Than Predicted

Speculative thoughts on shadow banking and the fiscal deficit

Rick Perry's big win in Texas

Billionaires vs. Brooklyn’s Best Bar: Eminent Domain Abuse & The Atlantic Yards Project

For Obama and Pelosi, health care is ego trip

Treasury nominee profited from offshore tax dodge

Raw Deal What GOP Rep. Nathan Deal's resignation means for ObamaCare.

Fearmongering at the SPLC

Canada's warning against government health care Democrats want to ruin a system that's the envy of the world

Abuse of Power 'An undemocratic disservice to our people and to the Senate's institutional role.'

“Reasonable regulation” and McDonald

Scott Rasmussen: Americans Against Unpopular Health Care Reform


Upward Bound Is Down… Radical Sexual Indoctrination of Kids Is In

Debunking Some Emerging ACORN Liberal Myths

Brooklynn DA: No Criminality Found On ACORN Tapes AND YET The Best DA Money Can Buy? ACORN DA Lets ACORN Off The Hook


Cashing out of the Obama administration

Unions: Forever War

The Great Hate Hype: Are Libertarians Dangerous?

Obama proposes using four Republican health care ideas

African poverty is falling

What to Do About Long-Term Unemployment?

Party time at Veterans Affairs Bureaucrats live it up while taxpayers foot the bill

Residents sue Atlanta over "illegal" pension changes

The Bob Corker Bailout Sellout

Betraying freedom in Latin America

Medicare's not fixed Even with 21% cuts stopped

An extreme description but plausible. Read the whole thing. ACORN and the Ku Klux Klan

Pork Report - Beer Museum Edition

Gov. Paterson’s Oath

Will Obama Still Be Blaming Bush in 2012? Bet on It

PJTV Video - Tea Party Youth: The Future Of The Movement

Obama’s Continued War on the Market

Judge sides with teacher on God banners display

Study of Tea Party Activists Reveals Motivations of Political Movement

What This Crime Problem Needs Is Another List

Texas and New Jersey: perfect together.

You can save a* life today

DOJ Relents, Outs the 'Al-Qaeda Seven'

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today Too Exhausting

I'm just one mother with a keyboard.

And I'm tired.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Junk Science 03-01

This is the saddest story yet about the pathology of "global warming" fanatics - Baby girl survives after being shot in the chest in parents' 'global warming suicide pact' The parents murdered their son and themselves but their baby miraculously survived. They committed this atrocious act because they held baseless, cult-like fears of global warming. Truly heartbreaking. Guess who I blame.

Like recycling - Green fuels cause more harm than fossil fuels, according to report.

Thanks that make you say "Hmmmm" - API snags enviro group vet to take on new role as director of grassroots push

IPCC “science” on hurricanes no longer settled, either

Rebutting the Myth of “Evil” High Fructose Corn Syrup

Global Warming Fraud: The Big Picture

Ever notice how no one ever attributed "good news" to global warming? Not that I necessarily believe that animals attack humans solely because of the temperature of their environment. I'm just pointing out that if shark attacks had increased, I would be willing to bet this story would include a claim that the increase in attacks was due to global warming. Now it's just a "study". Fewer shark attacks reported in the US

Gore Feels the Heat, Comes In From the Cold. Al Gore has come in from the cold -- writing an Op-Ed for the New York Times just two days after noted the former vice president's seeming unwillingness to comment on the Climate-gate scandal.

Al Gore Takes Aim at Climate Skeptics Nothing is scarier than being attacked by ManBearPig

Don’t believe white lies, says Al Gore, record-breaking snow is due to global warming

What Gore Missed When He Broke His Silence. Politicians, such as former Vice President Al Gore, don't appreciate the role that transparency plays in science. But scientists trust others' results much more when they are actually able to examine the data themselves

Harrison Ford slammed for 'unnecessary' flights I wonder how they feel about Harrison Ford's support of Roman Polanski, child-rapist?

Media Bias 03-01

Ken Blackwell - Do Liberal Editors Read Their Newspapers?

ABC News to cut half its domestic correspondents, close bricks-and-mortar bureaus [Updated] AND Network News at a Crossroads

Another Lie from Brad Friedman (And Eric Boehlert!)

HuffPo + Religion Still Equals a Liberal Blogspot

Rick Sanchez Asks Scientist 'Nine Meters In English Is?'

Who's Obsessed and Deranged AND Frank Rich: An Embarrassment to the New York Times

“If Our Colleges And Universities Do Not Breed Men Who Riot…”

Don't mess with bloggers - Whistlerblower Site Back After Microsoft Withdraws Complaint

ACORN/Big Union/Leftie Groups 03-01

ACORN Official: Gangster Group Will Be Bankrupt Soon But Fake Spinoff Groups Will Carry On The Corruption

What Happened to That ACORN Investigation Jerry Brown Promised?

Rashad Hussein and Obama's pandering to the Islamic Conference

Proxy Access: The Obama-Dodd-Alinsky Shareholder Jujitsu

Detroit Mayer Doesn't Like Public Sector Unions

Neither does NJ - It's time: Freeze N.J. public workers' pay, change bargaining rules AND New Jersey public worker bargaining rules are rigged; the state should take over contract talks

Nancy and Rahm Sitting In A Tree....


Have fun (but keep it clean)

Daily Round-Up 03-01

Anyone Can Do Anything

GOOOH: A New Way to Choose Our Representatives. Get Out of Our House aims to replace every member of Congress with people who pledge to play by different rules.

An armed society is a polite society? More Guns, Less Crime


Attorney Deceit Statutes: Promoting Professionalism Through Criminal Prosecutions and Treble Damages

Marketing the 2010 census with a conservative-friendly face

How the Islamist Mindset Rationalizes — and Promotes — ‘Sex Sins’

Re: Fill Out Your Census Form


PJTV Video (Afterburner) - Ghosts Of Independence: Old Ink, Eternal Ideals ... Spread the Word.

Worthwhile Reflections on WFB

Today We Are One: Photos from the Tea Party’s One-Year Anniversary

Daniel Hannan leads 300 British TEA Partiers

Successful Kickoff Party for Asheville Tea PAC

The Next American Tax Rebellion Has Begun

Liberty and Government: An American Tipping Point

In Economic Woes 03-01

What Taxes Will States Turn to Next? From 'Sin Taxes' to Complete Tax Overhauls, Cash-Strapped States Are Desperate for More Revenue

GAO chief says government wastes $98 billion a year on improper payments. But don't worry, they'll handle all those medical payments just fine.

Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute . . .the Economy with Taxes or Unnecessary Spending

Fiscal Death by Welfare

California is a greater risk than Greece, warns JP Morgan chief AND State government of denial

Where are Obama's Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac overhaul plans?

Homeowners Say Banks Keep Them Underwater by Spurning Loan Program Rules. A slew of struggling homeowners are coming forward with complaints about the way banks are operating under a federal loan modification program announced last year by the Obama administration

January construction spending slides

Angry commenters respond to state budget Web site

Lower Minimum Wage Might Lead To More Jobs FYI, so do lower taxes.

What Happened to 'Jobs Must Be Our No. 1 Focus'?

Entrepreneurs are fixing what government can't.

January spending increases but income growth slows

Deficits Are a Symptom … Not the Disease

Proposed House Budget Cuts Successful Education Options

The problem with the Volcker banking plan.

This is gotta stop - American reliance on government at all-time high

Actually, this might be a good thing - Obama announces $900 million for failing school turnaround project

The Fox Butterfield Effect and the Laffer Curve

It Is Time For a New Tax Revolt

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 03-01

"Individual Mandate" at Core of ObamaCare is Unconstitutional

Buffett: Scrap the Healthcare Bill, Start Over

I'll believe it when I see it. New Obama Bill Wednesday: 'Much Smaller' Than House, Senate Versions

The Case for High-Deductible Health Insurance

Tea Partiers on 'Alert' as Democrats Lay Groundwork for Health Care Passage. Democrats appear to be gambling that a perceived lull in Tea Party activism, combined with an eight-month window to the November midterm election, is going to buy them enough time to muster the simple majorities they need in the Senate and House to give President Obama at least partial victory in his push to remake the nation's health care system

Cantor: GOP will win majority if Dems use reconciliation rules

Whatever - Obama says GOP is protecting insurers, not limited government

Hoosiers and Health Savings Accounts. An Indiana experiment that is reducing costs for the state and its employees.

The Two-Bill Strategy

Pelosi, Obama Mislead On Abortion Funding In Health Care Bill

Barone: Dems' health strategy doesn't add up to a win

Nothing improves a law's chances than classic Chicago corruption - Obama Needs to Go Chicago-Style on Health Care

Carville: DeMint Was Right About Waterloo (video)

Grace-Marie Turner on President Obama's Health Care Summit

Entrepreneurs are fixing what government can't.

Names are named - 30 Senators Now Support Reconciliation for Public Option

Bad Politicians Bad 03-01

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages

Obama Faces Friction Among House Democrats Over Health Plan

Obama's Vegas Visit Does Little for Reid's Popularity, Poll Shows

The price of a Weiner

Nancy Pelosi's brutal reality check

Rangel to keep gavel in most ethical Congress evah

Relieve the Chairman of His Gavel AND The Photo That Could Doom the Democrats

Backlash Against What? Well, since this is an article about Boxer, I assume she is facing a voter backlash against her whorish political hackery and deep and abiding stupidity coupled with her nauseating rudeness to my husband.

A Republican Surprise

Well, when you've lost Damen... Matt Damon is disappointed in President Barack Obama

The Two-Bill Strategy

Obama Fatigue

Democrats' Obama bounce in California disappearing

You stay classy Louis - Farrakhan predicts 'white right' trouble for Obama

Indicted Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone should step aside in Bayonne

Reactions to Primary Challengers Aren't Always So Predictable

I'm Beat

How is it that I didn't get any sleep last night and still managed to get up early this morning, make coffee, empty the dishwasher, help my six year old with a school project (involving printing out pictures and spelling out words), make his lunch, make both kids breakfast, check two different email accounts, call a neighbor to let her know her kid made it over here, make sure both kids were dressed, medicated, and packed for school, take three kids to the bus stop, let an inspector in to check our hot water heater, check and balance our bank accounts, call our accountant regarding a minor tax matter, tidy up the children's detritus, and enter over 200 sweepstakes all before 10am.

And this doesn't even feel like a "productive" day because I still have errands to run and my desk is so disorganized.

I'm gonna do the round-ups but only so I can reward myself with a nap later (HA!).

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adjusting To C-SPAN

Filming Of Congressional Reality Show Disrupts Committee Meeting

Junk Science 02-28

Fisk Away - Gore: We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change AND We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change

The Al Gore Comedy Hour

Immanentize The Eschaton Watch

Al Gore Admits Errors in Climate Claims

Gore: Kick out lawmakers who fail on climate. Failure to stop the cap and trade bill is what will make me kick the bums out.

Al Gore climbs out of his igloo

Al Gore would like you to lie back and accept what the government decides is good for you.

Skating on thin ice for climate change. Steven Chu's zealotry leaves Americans cold

Global Warming Panel Seeks Independent Review on Reports. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says it's seeking some kind of independent review because of recent criticism about its 2007 reports AND Climate Panel to Appoint Committee to Review Its Procedures

A perfect storm is brewing for the IPCC. The emerging errors of the IPCC's 2007 report are not incidental but fundamental, says Christopher Booker

Energy & Environment (February 2010)

Bad Politicians Bad 02-28

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages

Generic Congressional Vote: Republicans 44.6%, Democrats 43.5%

Congressional Job Approval: Disapprove 75.6%, Approve 18.8%

President Obama Job Approval: Approve 47.8%, Disapprove 47%

Direction of Country: Wrong Track 59.2%, Right Track 34.8%

Democrats' Obama bounce in California disappearing

With Obama unpopular in the region, Democrats lack surrogates to help win the South in 2010

Change, loose change, spare change, and crooks

The British Aren’t So Special to Obama - I really dislike Obama's disdain for the British

Running Against Hooverville—The Presidential Blame Game

Gotta love that Chicago-style cronyism - Obama Nominee Under Fire for Political Connections, Lack of Experience. President Obama is facing sharp criticism for his decision to nominate Tim Purdon as U.S. attorney in North Dakota , a nominee who critics say lacks sufficient experience and owes the nod -- over more-qualified candidates -- to his political connections.

Narcissism and Denial in the Obama Administration

Barack Obama’s shrinking presidency.

And this is the genus behind health insurance reform? Video: Obama doesn't know what car insurance covers
AND here (scroll down)

Dream on Pelosi, dream on - Pelosi: Democrats will retain majority in House

Pelosi Claims Tea Party Hijacked by GOP

He's gonna drag her down into the swamp - Pelosi Not Prepared to Strip Rangel of Chairmanship After Ethics Violation. Rep. Charlie Rangel's admonishment by the House ethics panel does not disqualify him from leading the chamber's influential tax-writing committee, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday, even as she acknowledged the conflict doesn't pass the smell test.

Cantor: Pelosi breaks vow on most ethical Congress 'every day'

Pelosi Stands By Her Chairman

Pelosi says Obama has the votes to pass health reform AND Pelosi: GOP has had its day; confident Dems can pull together on health bill And White House: Simple up-or-down vote on health care AND Pelosi: "A [Healthcare] Bill Can Be Bipartisan Without Bipartisan Votes" (WHAT?!?)

Health care bill? What health care bill

Charlie the coward

Of course they did - Panel Clears 7 Lawmakers in Lobbying Scandal

Bluest states also most in debt, highly unionized and solidly Democrat (But that's all coincidental, right?)

State of the Union Wrap-Up (February 2010)

Agriculture & Food Safety (February 2010)

In Economic Woes 02-28

High state-worker payouts break rules, cost millions

The mother of all bailouts to come

Economists: Recovering 8.4 million lost jobs years away

Bluest states also most in debt, highly unionized and solidly Democrat (But that's all coincidental, right?)

Rotten. Led by New York, big-government blue states sink deeper into corruption.

Card-Swipe Dependency

Obama, Free Markets, And Lots Of Pretending

Five Decades of Federal Spending

23,000 now expected to lose jobs after shuttle retirement

European Welfare State Model under Strain as Labor Tensions Rise. Weaned on decades of cradle-to-grave socialist largesse, workers across Europe are taking to the streets to prevent governments and private companies from imposing austerity measures

Credit Culture: Incentivizing Greed and Irresponsibility

The Grasping Hand. The modern democratic state pillages its productive citizens.