Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily Round-Up 02-28

I don't have a real problem with the Patriot Act but I imagine Obama's signing this extension is causing some real problems on the Left - Obama signs one-year extension of Patriot Act

I guess this is why my son rarely gets sick - Boogers, a New Addition to Your Diet

We must not discard greatest innovator in history. U.S. will lose its hard-earned technology edge


A mainstream meme that cannot speak its name

A Man Alone. Jesse Lee Peterson versus the “black experience”

News from the Nanny State - Now the Government wants competence tests before you can be a dog owner AND UK Digital Economy Bill will wipe out indie WiFi hotspots in libraries, unis, cafes

That could "never" happen here, right? - Islamic radicals 'infiltrate' the Labour Party. A Labour minister says his party has been infiltrated by a fundamentalist Muslim group that wants to create an “Islamic social and political order” in Britain.

Obama's Middle-Class Meltdown

Iran unexpectedly surfaces hidden nuclear stockpile

Immigration (February 2010)

SWAT Team Endangers Child, Parents Charged With Child Endangerment


Edwards epilogue: Does the press really vet presidential candidates? They didn't vet Obama either.

Seems they don't do much journalism at all - Press Release, News Story: What’s the Difference?

Run, Joe, Run!

Earthquake and Tsunami Coverage Relies on New Media AND here

Chris Matthews Compares Republicans To North Korean Politicians

Keli Carender & the faintest whiff of panic from the NYT. With Video


Organized labor's agenda hits roadblock; what now?

European Welfare State Model under Strain as Labor Tensions Rise. Weaned on decades of cradle-to-grave socialist largesse, workers across Europe are taking to the streets to prevent governments and private companies from imposing austerity measures

*Another* faux-populist Lefty group for potlatching money?


Go Dan Go - Dan Hannan calls for a return to sanity in the public finances and a revolutionary dispersal of power at the Brighton Tea Party

Today We Are One: Photos from the Tea Party’s One-Year Anniversary

Hartford Tea Party attendance surges

Unlikely Activist Who Got to the Tea Party Early


Debra Medina, new star of America's right, is firing up the race for Texas governor. Debra Medina of the Tea Party movement is making a Sarah Palin-like impact with policies stressing property rights and gun ownership

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