Monday, March 1, 2010

Junk Science 03-01

This is the saddest story yet about the pathology of "global warming" fanatics - Baby girl survives after being shot in the chest in parents' 'global warming suicide pact' The parents murdered their son and themselves but their baby miraculously survived. They committed this atrocious act because they held baseless, cult-like fears of global warming. Truly heartbreaking. Guess who I blame.

Like recycling - Green fuels cause more harm than fossil fuels, according to report.

Thanks that make you say "Hmmmm" - API snags enviro group vet to take on new role as director of grassroots push

IPCC “science” on hurricanes no longer settled, either

Rebutting the Myth of “Evil” High Fructose Corn Syrup

Global Warming Fraud: The Big Picture

Ever notice how no one ever attributed "good news" to global warming? Not that I necessarily believe that animals attack humans solely because of the temperature of their environment. I'm just pointing out that if shark attacks had increased, I would be willing to bet this story would include a claim that the increase in attacks was due to global warming. Now it's just a "study". Fewer shark attacks reported in the US

Gore Feels the Heat, Comes In From the Cold. Al Gore has come in from the cold -- writing an Op-Ed for the New York Times just two days after noted the former vice president's seeming unwillingness to comment on the Climate-gate scandal.

Al Gore Takes Aim at Climate Skeptics Nothing is scarier than being attacked by ManBearPig

Don’t believe white lies, says Al Gore, record-breaking snow is due to global warming

What Gore Missed When He Broke His Silence. Politicians, such as former Vice President Al Gore, don't appreciate the role that transparency plays in science. But scientists trust others' results much more when they are actually able to examine the data themselves

Harrison Ford slammed for 'unnecessary' flights I wonder how they feel about Harrison Ford's support of Roman Polanski, child-rapist?

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