Friday, October 2, 2009

The List Of Movies To Avoid - Corrected & Updated

Here is the list of Hollywood people who've signed a petition supporting admitted child-rapist Roman Polanski. Now this list simply represents those who've signed a petition and not idiots like Whoopi Goldberg who said it wasn't a "rape-rape".

I've pulled out the major names from the petition and the films these child-rapist supporters will be releasing soon (source May I suggest you go elsewhere.


Wes Anderson - The Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009
My Best Friend (in prod.)
Darren Aronofsky - Black Swan 2010
(in prod. - Breaking the Bank, The Hunt, Black Files, Robocop, Riverview Towers)
Jonatham Demme - Neil Young Trunk Show 2009
Marley 2010
Stephen Frears - Cherie 2009
Tamara Drew 2010
The Burial (in prod.)
David Lynch - My Son, My Son What Have You Done? 2009
Change Begins Within 2009
King Shot 2010
Snootworld (in prod.)
Martin Scorsese - Untitled George Harrison Documentary 2009
Shuttered 2010
Silence 2010
Sinatra 2010
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt 2010
Penelope Cruz - Nine 2009
Rain in Spain (in Prod.)
Alfonso Cuaron - A Boy And His Shoe (pre-prod.)
- Saturn and The End of Days (dev.)
- The Witches (dev.)
Guillermo del Toro - Biutiful 2009
- Don't Be Afraid of the Dark 2011
- Hater 2010
- Pinnocio (dev.)
- Bag of Bones (dev.)
Terry Gilliam - The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 2009
- The Man Who Killed Don Quixote 2011
Buck Henry - Jailbird (in dev.)
Get Smart 2 (in dev.)
John Landis - Burke and Hare 2010
- Epic Proportions 2010
- The Rivals 2011
Michael Mann - Empire (in dev.)
- Death of a Dissident (in dev.)
- Texas Killing Fields (in dev.)
Tilda Swinton - Gene to the Fourth (in dev.)
Harrison Ford - Crossing Over 2009
- Extraordinary Measures 2010
- Morning Glory 2010
- Indiana Jones 5 (in dev.)
Sam Mendes - Away We Go 2009
- Preacher (in dev.)
- Butcher's Crossing (in dev.)
- Middlemarch (in dev.)
- Lost in Austen (in dev.)
- Netherlands (in dev.)
Mike Nichols - High and Low (in dev.)
- Deep Water (in dev.)
Natalie Portman - Brothers 2009
- Love and Other Impossible Pursuits 2009
- Hesher 2010
- Your Highness 2010
- Black Swan 2010
- Thor 2011
Kristin Scott Thomas - Nowhere Boy 2009
Steven Soderbergh - Night Train 2010
- The Prince of Providence 2011
- Cleo 2011
Diane von Furstenberg - Just remember she supports a child rapist when you consider buying her clothes.
Salman Rushdie - Just remember he supports a child rapist when you consider buying his books.
Milan Kundera - Just remember he supports a child rapist when you consider buying his books.
Bernard-Henri Lévy - Philosopher, apparently his deep thoughts don't cover the ethics of raping children.
Woody Allen - No movies in production or pending
Jeremy Irons - No movies in production or pending

Full list link, here. Text fisked here.

FYI - Hollywood's Lame Defense of Roman Polanski

Below are some names of people who have verbally supported Polanski - more will come as I find them.
Whoopi Goldberg - On The View
Debra Winger - at presentation of lifetime achievement award to Polanski in Switzerland
Lech Walesa - (former pres. of Poland)
Ethan Coen - Of The Coen Brothers (A Serious Man- 2009, Hail Ceaser - pre-prod. 2009, and True Grit - in dev.)
Patrick Goldstein - Entertainment Columnist for the LA Times
Kim Morgan - Huffington Post blogger
Joan Z. Shore - Co-founder, Women Overseas for Equality (I guess they don't need your donations)
Anne Applebaum - Washington Post Columnist
Jeff Wells -HollywoodElsewhere blogger
Glenn Kenny - Film writer and Premiere mag. film critic
Robert Harris - Author
Jeff Berg - Polanski's agent
Mike Medavoy - Producer (Colter's Run-in dev., The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag-in dev., Mile Zero-in dev., The Last Voyage of Demeter-in dev., The Day They Stole the Mona Lisa-in dev., RoboCop-in dev., The Long Road Home-in dev., The Soundman-in dev., Playing for Pizza-in dev., Stepmonster-in dev., The Heretic-in dev., The Brass Wall-in dev., Black Swan, 2010-pre-prod., Shutter Island, 2010-post-prod., Shanghai 2010, The Wildest Dream, 2010)
John Farr - writer & Huffington Post blogger
Patricia Arquette - TV Show Medium; (Movies: Untitled 12-Year Richard Linklater Project - 2013-post-prod., A Single Woman 2009)
Lisa Kudrow - (Dirty Girl 2009, Easy A - 2010, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits 2009, Bandslam 2009, Paper Man 2009, Hotel for Dogs 2009, Powder Blue 2009)
Jillian Michaels - trainer for Biggest Loser

Sources: Here A. Here B. Here C. Here D.


  1. Milan Kundera is a novelist not a film maker. No movies pending indeed!

    You should at least find out who people are before boycotting them. Kundera is one of the great champions of the novel and of free speech.

    I advise you to read him on the Rhusdie fatwa before starting your own

    Having said that I support the extradition of Polanski for his crimes. But take Kundera off the list because suggesting he is a film maker will make you a laughing stock.

  2. Thanks for this list! I will USE it and maybe even write letters!

  3. I wasn't in danger of patronizing most of these, but I do find it a shame that Harrison Ford is on the list.
    I guess it shows what a great actor he really is. All this time, I'd transfered the nobility of characters like Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan and even ruffian Han Solo to the actor himself. My bad.
    I have no doubt the characters mentioned would no just what to do with a man who takes advantage of a girl in the way Polanski did. I don't picture Indy lining up to sign a petition in favor of what used to be called a dirty old man.
    But I guess it will be a pass on Indiana 5 for my house.

  4. Looking at the length of that list, I shouldn't be going to any movies. Then again, I doubt that list of supporters of child rape are too concerned about losing my business. I can't remember the last movie I saw in the theater.

  5. Harrison Ford is on the list??!?


  6. Indy! Oh, Harrison Ford, what could you be thinking??

  7. Actually thank you Henry94. Good point. I marked Rushdie as a novelist but was wrong not to point of Kundera. And thank you again for pointing that out because I rechecked another name and Levy is a philosopher not a director. Oops. I've made corrections but I am removing no one from this list because whatever their profession, they deserve to be named and shamed.

  8. Thanks for the list.

    How about a list of those who have spoken out in favor of his extradition and punishment?

    Yeah, it would be short, but useful.

  9. Worst part here: Harrison Ford.

    I've linked to you at my blog, too. (The Anchoress sent me here, BTW.)

  10. I so rarely go to movies that it's unlikely I can join the boycott. But I'll not be there in spirit.

  11. I saw Lisa Kudrow on TV slamming the Polanski supporters, saying "what does this tell 12 and 13 yo girls?"

  12. Thank you Christine The Soccar Mom.

    Tim Maguire, I am suggesting avoidance, not boycott. Everyone must decide what is right within their own hearts and how you choose to spend your hard-earned money is your business.

    Edmund, if you go to my source links at the bottom of post and click on Here D it will take you to a National Review article which then links to a CNN video clip of Lisa Kudrow saying "I have very mixed personal feelings." No one should have "mixed personal feelings" about a child being raped. While she may have adjusted her stance, what she said can't be taken back completely.