Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-30 UPDATED

Another NEW low - Support for Health Care Plan Hits New Low The verb cratering comes to mind.

"Keep Government Off My Body" No, no, no. Do not to worry, Obamacare won't put the government on your body. And if you believe that.... Should Government Have E-Record of Every Woman Who’s Had an Abortion? Guess who's gonna answer yes.

Senate Committee Rejects Stronger Anti-Abortion Language in Health Care Bill

Top Liberal Agrees: Cost of Health Reform Could Wreck Economy

Fate of Government-Run Health Insurance May Rest in Obama's Hands

That's gonna hurt. Why Obama Bombed on Health Care. The public wasn't dumb enough to believe the public option would save money.

Public option fate in Obama's hands

Dishonesty, Intimidation, Hypocrisy and Medicare Advantage Read this and you'll see Newt is ANGRY.

Grayson: GOP wants 'you to die' - It's a sign they are losing when they have to say things like that.

Liberal Religious Leaders Lobby for Liberal Health Care What no cries of separation between Church and State?

Obama compared government-run healthcare to the Post Office. The post office would never do this. FedEx flies terminally ill girl home. The USPS can't do something like this because its a government-run bureaucracy. Fedex can because it is a private company. Do not imagine for one tiny second that Obamacare would ever allow this to happen.

Health-care reform and the Jews

N.Y. Health Care Workers Revolt Over H1N1 Vaccine. Saying They Should Be Given A Choice, Employees Rally In Albany, Around State, Chant "No Forced Shots!" Protesters Hold Signs That Read: "The State Doesn't Own My Body'" Under Obamacare the state will own your body.

Feds on H1N1: Sorry, We Don’t Have a Line-Item For That

Democrats See Health Care as Top Priority, Others Say Deficit Reduction

Krauthammer's Take on both Obamacare and EU's trend rightwards.

Big Labor’s Big Prize in Health Care “Reform”

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