Thursday, October 1, 2009

Political Corruption Daily Round-Up

So it has come to this. My Corruption Daily Round-Up has gotten so big, I must break it into smaller segments.

Exposing Obama’s Tax-Pledge Sham

Dem Calls Health Care Crisis ‘Holocaust’ With Video! As I said before, I do not want to see this man forced to apologize, I want to see him keep making the democrats look bad. And now thanks to Pelosi, the democrats continue to look boorish - Pelosi: No Grayson apology needed.
Pork Report From Yesterday. I'm not necessarily opposed to all pork, just not this much pork in a recession for crying out loud. Today's Pork Report: October 1, 2009

IDs For Everything–Except Government Benefits

Hypocrisy Alert: Shea-Porter was removed from Bush town hall by two police officers

I'm gonna keep banging on this drum because it is just so dreadful, Wolf vs. Holder And U.S. panel chides Holder in Panther probe.

'Fingers Crossed for Rio'

Freaky-deaky Edwards love child scandal even freaky-deakier than thought Another two-fer, gotta love it when politicians are "efficient".

From a Zelaya Backer, an Admission That Honduras Got It Right. Now will Obama admit that Honduras got it right and he was wrong?

Obama's foreign policy is abysmal. The Ambivalent One

Yadda, yadda, yadda. We've Been Talking to Iran for 30 Years. And it hasn't done a damn bit of good either. All I have to say is rubble doesn't make trouble.

Democrats Win Lobbyists but Lose Basic Reforms Obamacare is a lobbyists wet dream - all those mandates they can squeeze themselves into. Ugh!

Surrendering U.S. Sovereignty at G-20 Summit - Britain surrendered its sovereignty to the EU and now half their laws are made in another country. No Thank You.

U.S. senators vote to encourage healthy behavior. This "encouragement" will look a lot like socialism in about two minutes.

Key Dems confident card-check will pass. Another two-fer, wow, this is a busy day. Politicians giving Big Labor everything it wants.

House Leaders Trying to Give All Democrats a Say. In this instance, giving all democrats "a say" - especially Rangel - actually means giving all democrats pork bribes so they will fall in line. Until 2010 that is when furious voters have their "say".

I wonder why? Obama's deputy national security adviser resigns

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