Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrities Supporting Child Rape

Yes, we have a list of them now.

Yes, I know they think the defense of Roman Polanski is more "nuanced" but I am not a hair-splittin' gal. He raped a child. He admitted he raped a child. He pled guilty then fled before doing the time for his crime.

And yes, the victim wants the charges dropped. Although because she's sick of her life being dragged out and prolonged by Polanski's disgusting behavior and media focus than that she feels he's innocent. It's exhaustion that drives the victim rather than a belief that no crime took place.

There is now a list of the celebrities who support child rapists up on a website that feels it is being supportive rather than condemning these morally-empty souls. See for yourself who supports drugging and raping 13-year old girls here.

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