Friday, May 8, 2009

Dan is Warning All of Us

Dan Hannon warns the EU, they are behaving badly but what he says could easily be applied to life here in the United States under Obama.

Hat Tip

Released on Friday

Buried by the weekend. This administration will break out the shovel whenever they can but this lack of oversight and, quite frankly, judgement will keep rearing its ugly, ugly head.

Here. Here. Here. Here. And here.

Obama = Spock

Reading this article made my eyeballs throw up.

It wasn't Plato's Hummer, after all.

Ben-Peter Terpstra examines "Ancient Greece's 'Global Warming'" over at and points out some of the real inconvenient truths the whole global warming/climate change alarmist industry folks have to face if they are going to ever become credible.

Which they can't because history and the real science doesn't support alarmist theories (or computer models).

Mr. Terpstra's money quote is as follows.
The Holocene Warming a (11,600-8,500bp). The Egyptian Cooling (8,500-8,000bp). The Holocene Warming b (8,000-5,600bp). The Akkadian Cooling (5,600-3,500AD). The Minoan Warming (3,500-3,200bp). The Bronze Age Cooling (3,200-2,500bp). The Roman Warming (500BC-535AD). The Dark Ages (535-900AD). The Medieval Warming (900AD-1300 AD). The Little Ice Age (1300AD-1850AD). Recall that the Greeks survived the warmings without air-conditioners. "History," writes Plimer, "cannot be rewritten just because it does not fit a computer model with a pre-ordained conclusion."

We‘re not the "special generation," and we don't have special powers to control the earth's temperature through special one-world government plans and cap-and-trade tax scams. Indeed, the ancients, from the Egyptians to the Greeks, these "enlightened pagans," as I call them, were far more level-headed than today's tree-first Democrats.

There are many reasons why civilisations rise and fall, and in my view, thousands of stories to be told. But let's be real because certain patterns stand out more than others, from droughts and floods, to broken sexual norms and dangerously low-birth rates.

Back to the ancient Greeks though: "Greek mythology makes reference to deforestation, flooding, siltation of irrigation channels, salination and the collapse of the Sumerian city-states. Written records dating back 5000 years ago describe declining crop yields and decreasing production of wheat relative to the most salt-tolerant barley. Patches of soil turned white, suggesting salt accumulation on the surface of agricultural lands. The drier conditions made it impossible to flush salt from fields."

To my way of thinking, history undermines bad science and supports good science. Again, the Woodstock generation's thirst for specialness is way beyond narcissism.

When No Nukes is Bad

Obama has killed the Yucca Mountain project, effectively killing the development of more nuclear power plants in the USA.

How come France can get over 70% of its electricity from nuclear power but America can't. Enviros are nutty on the subject and they've made Congress schitzophrenic as well.

This decision is another bullet point on the long, long list of stupid decisions by Obama.

Nuclear energy is our friend.

Politics are like Movie Trailers

Leigh Scott makes a great arguement over at Big Hollywood as to why they are the same.

The money quote...
Politics today is very similar to Hollywood. We have a President known more for his wife’s fashion and his great speeches than any policy achievements. After all, do you call someone lost without their script (i.e. teleprompter) anything but an actor? It’s all style and no substance. People pick politicians like they pick movies, based on the short version, the “trailer,” and not on the substance of the actual individual. It’s an emotional decision, based on immediate needs and not on actual principles.

And this, my friends, is where the conservative movement has lost the battle. Poll after poll indicates that the American public likes President Obama, but are against every single one of his actions and policies. On a broader scope, they actually are against the very tenants of the liberal agenda. The people love the trailer and the poster, but the movie itself gets two “big thumbs down.”

The Democrats pulled a great maneuver. They sold everyone a bunch of tired, old, ideas that we know won’t work as “Hope and Change.” They inflated their box office to make it seem like they had the number one film in the country. They created the “must see” movie event of the year, despite the fact that their production is lamer than the last installment of the “Police Academy” franchise.
As always, the whole thing is worth a read.

Happy Mother's Day

I may not be posting too much this weekend as it is Mother's Day weekend and I take it very seriously.

I celebrate Mother's Day by spending as little time as possible with the two reasons why I get to celebrate Mother's Day in the first place.

Mother's Day should be a day off, not more of the same but with burnt toast and flowers masquarading as breakfast in bed.

By the way, I like how this chick thinks!

Private Sector vs. Public Sector

Basically, the private sector kicks the public sector/government to the curb then kicks in its government head with steel-tip boots.

Check out this website on how the private sector has been able to track all levels of government spending faster than the

Smaller government and bigger private sector is the correct path to American prosperity.


Pelosi Knew

Does this mean we can put her before a "truth commission" too?

Speaking Truth To Green Power

The New Republic has a lengthy piece up which basically looks at what they call The Green Bubble and why it is bursting.

I think this is the money quote.
Nonetheless, it has become an article of faith among many greens that the global poor are happier with less and must be shielded from the horrors of overconsumption and economic development--never mind the realities of infant mortality, treatable disease, short life expectancies, and grinding agrarian poverty. The convenient and ancient view among elites that the poor are actually spiritually rich, and the exaggeration of insignificant gestures like recycling and buying new lightbulbs, are both motivated by the cognitive dissonance created by simultaneously believing that not all seven billion humans on earth can "live like we live" and, consciously or unconsciously, knowing that we are unwilling to give up our high standard of living. This is the split "between what you think and what you do" to which Pollan refers, and it should, perhaps, come as no surprise that so many educated liberals, living at the upper end of a social hierarchy that was becoming ever more stratified, should find the remedies that Pollan and Beavan offer so compelling. But, while planting a backyard garden may help heal the eco-anxieties of affluent greens, it will do little to heal the planet or resolve the larger social contradictions that it purports to address.
Read the whole thing because the rare sight of liberals actually telling the truth about themselves for once is a wonderful and special moment we all should share.

Just What Is Waxman-Markey For?

My husband has an article in The Washington Examiner today about the Waxman-Markey bill today that I think everyone must read.

He starts by asking a question.
As the House of Representatives girds to debate the Waxman-Markey energy and global warming bill, no one seems to be asking the most important question: Just what is it for? Any honest look at the bill would show that it cannot be about reducing global temperatures, so President Obama and Congressional Democrats must be putting so much effort into it for other reasons.
He ends with a plausible answer.
In all, it seems very likely that Waxman-Markey’s “cap and trade” scheme is not about cooling the planet, but about creating a new income stream for government to pay for a completely unrelated and vastly expensive new entitlement.
I urge you to read the whole thing.

What To Do About Climate Change

Because anything Indur M. Goklany writes is about a thousand times more intelligent than any other environmentalist could do.

The man is a one-person think tank. Read and learn.

Bad Spock

Jonah reviews the new Star Trek movie (I call it Star Trek Babies) and for the most part he likes it, except for all the bits with Nimoy's Spock in it.

Oh my!

Vouchers for Cars but Not for Students

The Washington Times has a scathing editorial up. Congress is festuned with idiots.

Granny Is Robbing You.

John Stossel writes a preview article for his TV special on the generational theft that is medicare.

It's terrifying to think that on top of Obama's fiscal mess, we have a tidal wave of debt heading towards us that has been building since 1965 and will crest at $34 Trillon dollars.

For anyone under forty, don't expect anything from the government - you'll be dead by the time you "qualify" for it.

And beware of government-run healthcare - it'll make the medicare tidal wave look like a pond ripple and kill you twice as fast. See here for details!

Moral Relevance is a Crock

Why is it that liberals love to engage in moral relevance?

I imagine it is because moral relevance allows liberals to be both patronizing and elitist under the cover of being "non-judgemental" which is totally horse hooey.

It is completely judgemental to be patronizing and elitist. And let's face it, claiming that a despotic radical authoritarian regime is just the same as a modern industrialized democracy flies in the face of reason, decency, and compassion.

Okay, example. When India came under "imperialist" Britain as a colony, the British governors had no problem stamping out the Indian custom of burning the wife of a dead man alive at her husband's funeral.

There was NO moral relevance issue for the British. They didn't care if it was "custom" or not, those dreadful "imperialists" righted a grievous wrong and I'll bet you any number of rupees that most Indian woman are grateful for the change.

And the argument that because a group is in a developing country then they simply don't know better and therefore must be allowed to "cling" to their custom is patronizing at best, destructive at worst.

All human beings have the capacity to understand their options, to be educated to a more civilized level of existence, to appreciate the finer things of the developed world - like rule-of-law, clean water, indoor plumbing, clear property rights, and cheap energy. By claiming moral relevancy towards any situation, you are basically saying these people can not be judged because they can't ever possibly know better. I'd like to think all humans are better than that.

Claiming moral relevance is intellectually shallow.

These days, liberals have folks so twisted up with this moral relevancy crap that it actually feels brave to stand up and say just because it is that country's custom/tradition/form-of-government doesn't make it right.

When did saying no matter where it happens in the world, slavery is wrong, murder is wrong, genital mutilation is wrong, forced abortion and eugenics is wrong, tribal genocide is wrong? When did all that become okay for liberals because it damn well isn't okay for right thinking conservatives.

From now on, anyone justifying horrific acts and brutal authoritative governance by a moral relevancy claim should be prosecuted as a hate criminal. Turn about is fair play and I'm tired of being called judgemental simply because I want my fellow human beings to have a better way of life.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Ethics of Misallocation

(Originally posted by my husband at NRO - The Corner)
Tyler Cowan has a mystifying post over at Marginal Revolution about global warming. He seems to believe that climate skeptics have it in for the developing world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. One of the main reasons I and my colleagues oppose "aggressive action" on global warming is because it misallocates resources so badly that it actively harms the developing world, and locks them in poverty by ruling out their fastest route out of the state. Here, for instance, is Indur Goklany on the subject:

The world can best combat climate change and advance well-being, particularly of the world's most vulnerable populations, by reducing present-day vulnerabilities to climate-sensitive problems that could be exacerbated by climate change rather than through overly aggressive GHG reductions.
(Emphasis added.) The fact is that international development is the best way to combat global warming. Or do we really want to reduce the rest of the world to the level of Haiti and Somalia? I submit that that amounts to "aggression by alarmism."

I note also that Tyler isn't getting an answer to his question about what the Waxman-Markey Bill is actually supposed to acheive in terms of climate. That's because, as Chip Knappenberger has shown, using the U.N.'s own models, it achieves virtually nothing by itself, but at great cost. It represents, therefore, a hostage to fortune, or, should I say, to China.

Our Crumbling Foundation

The always excellent Mr. Blackwell has an opinion up at about the crumbling of the family in America. Why is this important?

Mr. Blackwell quotes Mr. Novak in response, "The family is the original department of health, education, and welfare."

If we let families fail, we let our communities fail, we let our children fail, we let our civil society fail. Families are central to all human endeavors and if we don't defend the family, the barbarians will enter the gates.

Amnesty Idiots

You will not see this heart-stopping photo on the front page of the NY Times, nor on the lead story of the major news networks. The protestors at Montebello High School took the American flag off the school's flag pole and hung it upside down while putting up the Mexican flag over it. (*See pictures below*)

It is a shame that these kits have harmed their own cause. Demanding amnesty and then denigrating the flag of the country they live in will not aid them in their goal. It doesn’t matter what country this happens it, it’s just not smart thinking. I can’t imagine the French giving Dutch immigrants amnesty if a bunch of Dutch immigrants pulled a stunt like this with their own flags. It was dumb and insulting.

Here is the website address confirming this story. This event originally happened in 2006 but I think its worth remembering as the situation has not changed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am Laughing My Butt Off

I think the title of this BBC article says it all...

"Eco-sailors rescued by oil tanker"


Political Marketing Advice

As someone who spent years as an advertising copywriter, hearing these calls for republicans and conservatives to ape liberals is infuriating because it contradicts all human psychology as applied to marketing.

In order to stand out and capture people attention, your company, product, service or - quite frankly - political ideology MUST be differentiated from others.

Why should I bother to listen to Brand X if it is identical to Brand Y?

Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians should be spending EVERY SECOND between now and 2010 highlighting their differences with democrats, liberals, and the socialists currently in power.

Failure is not an option or the GOP brand will die. And remember, to paraphrase the great David Ogilvy, the voter is not stupid, she is your wife (or your husband, neighbor, co-worker, etc.).

The point is if conservatives become the same as liberals, then the freedom of choice inherent in a multi-party democracy is eradicated. Americans can choose from any political party (but principally two) they want or they can choose not to vote at all. Republicans heeding the democrats' call to be more like them if they want to "succeed" are only falling prey to a nefarious plan to remove from Americans the choice of different governing styles and policies.

Because if Republicans adopt the same policies as Democrats, then does it even matter who I vote for - America will become a one-party system.

So grow a pair/spine/whatever, Conservatives and trumpet your differences. We are NOT all in this together, the path liberals are advocating leads to socialism and the repression of American liberties we all hold dear.

The Best of Hands

As Glenn Reynolds likes to say, "Our Country is in the best of hands". This article from RealClearPolitics ought to make your spine shiver.

Other Western intelligence services regard the Obama administration with contempt and rising concern, an officer of the DGSE, France's military intelligence agency, told my friend Jack Wheeler (the real life Indiana
Jones) last week.

"All of us in our little community are worried -- us, our friends in Berlin, London, Tel Aviv," the DGSE officer told Jack. "It is not like the barbarians at the gates. It is every barbarian horde in the world being told there are no gates."

Basically the author of this article, Jack Kelly, lays out a compelling argument that the CIA felt betrayed by Bush so they undermined him. Now, the CIA is furious at Obama.

In short, this is not good for Obama or the country.

Protesting For Freedom

And other's are taking heart at the power of speaking up...

And now, let us praise (and continue to praise) those extraordinary grassroots civilians who organized yesterday’s rally in Times Square against Radical Islam and those 300-500 people who came and stood in the driving rain to listen to the words of Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians, direct and indirect victims of Islamic terrorism, enslavement, and persecution, who came together to stand against a common global enemy.
Read all about this virtually unreported event in Times Square here.

I imagine it would have gotten a lot more press if it had been a dozen half-naked hippies "protesting" Conservatives' right to breath.

PJTV on Knoxville TEA Party

What kills me is that these TEA Party Protests are going on around the country every week it seems, and yet unless you were on the internet, you would NEVER HEAR ABOUT THEM.

Luckily, we have the internet, bloggers, PJTV, and other fighters for freedom.

Can't stop the Signal! Video here.

AND here's a review of a terrific TEA Party Protest in Tuscan. Keep up the good work!

Let The Tax Cheat Talk

But the bottom line here is that Obama demonstrated very poor judgment in using Geithner for this particular attack. I don’t know why he did this.

Larry Kudlow opines on why Tim Geithner is the worst person possible to speak for Obama on the subject of tax evasion.

Standing Up to The Bully-in-Chief

Here's an excerpt...
Last but not least, the President screaming that the hedge funds are looking for an unjustified taxpayer-funded bailout is the big lie writ large. Find me a hedge fund that has been bailed out. Find me a hedge fund, even a failed one, that has asked for one. In fact, it was only because hedge funds have not taken government funds that they could stand up to this bullying. The TARP recipients had no choice but to go along. The hedge funds were singled out only because they are unpopular, not because they behaved any differently from any other ethical manager of other people’s money. The President’s comments here are backwards and libelous. Yet, somehow I don’t think the hedge funds will be following ACORN’s lead and trucking in a bunch of paid professional protestors soon. Hedge funds really need a community organizer.
Now read the whole thing here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Righteous Kick-Ass Babe

Margaret Thatcher is one of my three heroes (the other two are Helen Keller and Rosa Parks). Tory Diary recaps here exactly why Baroness Thatcher is such a righteous kick-ass babe.

White House Threats Corroborated

Business Insider reports that more than one Chrysler senior creditor has corroborated Thomas Lauria’s allegation that the Obama administration threatened them with public attacks if they didn’t surrender their contractual rights. One of their sources says that the Obama team comprises some of the worst “ends justify the means” people he’s ever encountered (via HA reader Geoff A)

Read the whole thing here and weep for our country.

UN Secretary General = Little League Coach

Ambassador Stages Coup At UN, Issues Long List of Non-Binding Resolutions

The Onion Correctly Targets Media BS in 08 Election

Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

Star Trek Babies - The Movie Review

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

Jack Kemp

(Originally posted on NRO - The Corner by my husband)

I have been remiss in posting this, but here is CEI president Fred Smith's remembrance of Jack Kemp. CEI doesn't go in much for recruiting distinguished fellows from the ranks of Congress or administrations, but we made an exception for him.

Obama Pressures Democrats into Energy Tax

(Originally posted on NRO - The Corner by my husband)

The president called Democratic members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in for a little chat this morning about the "cap-and-trade" energy tax. The so-called moderates on the committee appear to have caved already, getting a couple of tiny concessions on other items in the bill. So it looks like they'll vote the bill out of committee, despite the extra energy costs of $2000 or more it will impose on their constituents. Of course, the Senate doesn't look like it will make any moves on increasing energy prices this year, so the question has to be asked why the president was willing to spend political capital on this. The answer is probably that the cap-and-trade tax is actually a vital part of the president's healthcare plan, in that it will provide the revenues to pay for the plan. So it is important to get that principle established now. The next step comes with the Blue Dogs and other energy-state Democrats. It will be interesting to see how close to the fire the president holds their feet.

Like Freedom and Whisky, Order and Liberty Gang Thegither

(Originally posted by my husband on NRO - The Corner)

I am bemused by the idea that freedom and order are somehow at odds with each other. The whole history of Anglo-American conservative thought is about what we call "ordered liberty." The concept pervades Burke's writings, for instance. Today, I am unaware of many libertarians who despise the Rule of Law, and the idea of them as longing for some lawless state of nature replacing all traditional government is a mere caricature. In some ways, the current calls from certain parties on the Right to reject the central importance of liberty is a reversion to pre-enlightenment days, when liberty was thought of as a Bad Thing because of its role in the fall of Athens and Republican Rome. Those who need a refresher course in what ordered liberty means could do no better than start with John O'Sullivan's Hillsdale College lecture on the subject. If they remain unconvinced, perhaps they should call themselves what they really are — Tories.

Nano, Nano

(Originally posted by my husband on NRO - The Corner)

In a tremendous achievement for personal liberty and mobility, the Indian micro-car, the Tata Nano, has sold 200,000 units in just eight weeks. As these cars will be replacing the "informal car," hand-built from whatever mechanical parts a poor Indian can lay his hands on, I expect Ralph Nader will be celebrating the massive increase in safety involved. As for our friends in the environmental movement, what will they think? "On your bike," I should imagine.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Taking Threats Seriously

The Business Insider is taking the "alleged" threats the White House made seriously here.

Reason Interviews Victims of Obama

The Obama administration has killed the voucher program, particularly in DC.

Reason with Nick Gillepsie interviews the victims of this despicable, ideologically motivated attack on children that Obama has executed. Shame on him.

Watch the video and feel your heart just break despite the video's basis in facts and relatively unemotional examination of this rotten situation! I mean, why can't they spend the lousy $18 million on one of the few educational programs in DC that actually work? Why?

Stone Chipper Lobby's Origin

It's nice to see that nothing changes - ever!

Fun At Airports

This is wickedly evil and funny. Link and listen.

Hot, Hot, Hot

The Global Warming Guys over at CEI are hot, hot, hot. Now guess which one is my husband (who created this over at

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

America In The World

America in the World is a terrific new pro-USA website that is actually based in Great Britain. Their goal is to fight the anti-Americanism in Europe by presenting a more accurate, truth-based view of America and her role in the world.

So check out this post on Americans and the Great Depression and give this excellent website as much support as you can!

Also see these two videos produced by America in The World here. There is a real reason why Great Britain is America's best friend (even if Obama isn't).

Screw it. I'm posting these videos below - well worth the watch.

GayPatriot Votes Bush

Jeb Bush that is. And according to GayPatriot (a smart man by the way), folks should keep their eyes on Florida.

Pray for Noah

This 5 month old baby was brutally shaken by his daycare provider and now his parents are begging for your prayers.

This child's parents are friends of our babysitters - a woman whom we deeply respect.

Please visit this site - they aren't asking for anything but prayers - and offer your support. Thank you.

It's a Kitten vs. Puppy Swarm, that's why

Welcome to the 20th Century

Saudi Arabia is considering setting a legal age to marriage of 18 after embarrassing publicity of an 8 year-old-girl being married to a 50 year old man.

I'll welcome the Kingdom into the 21st Century when they actually pass and enforce this marriage age limit law.

This is What The Senate Will Look Like

Well, roughly 60% of the Senate will look and act like this.

And I always throught it was the House of Representatives that was the clown car.

Looks like the entire Capital Building is not one giant clown car.

New Website of Intelligent Blogrolls

The Bizosphere or Home of the Carnival of The Capitalists is up and running and looks like a great site.

Here's hoping.

Driving CIA Nuts

Who knew that art could be so mysterious?

Apparently there is an employees-only sculpture at the CIA headquarters that is encrypted and no one at the CIA has ever cracked its code.

How cool is that? Read all about it here.

HAT Tip: Glenn Reynolds

Jonah's Right

Arlen Spector is a crapweasel.

What Hedge Funders Are Saying

Because I can't link to it, I have to copy it in full. Let's just say the post below from NRO - The Corner is an interesting glimpse into the mind of intelligent, non-rent-seeking business folk.

Atlas Frowned [John Derbyshire]

A friend in the hedge fund biz sent me this on Friday. I didn't get the chance to read it on Alan Colmes' show. Identifying information removed.

Hey John — Would you like a sound bite from one of those evil hedge fund guys for Colmes' show tonight? How's this: "As a professional investor I'd have to be out of my skull to partner with this government on anything."

This administration has made it quite clear that they can't be relied upon to honor contracts or legal precedents and if I can't know what the rules are before the game starts then I'm not going to play. Hedge funds aren't like the banks … we haven't failed. We aren't beholden to the taxpayer to make our way. We have contractual and fiduciary obligation which we will honor. People pay us to make them money not to meet a political goal. So Obama had better think long and hard before he tries to bully us like he did the banks, or try to tell us that "he's the only thing between us and the pitchforks."

Also, Geithner and Obama have been saying that they plan on balancing the budget once the crisis is past. The press may believe that twaddle about how he'll do it by "making things more efficient," but we in the hedge fund industry aren't so stupid. We've looked at the numbers and know what he's planning to do. I know dozens of people who are already putting the legal structures in place to move their companies and themselves offshore and away from the grip of the tax man. These are some of the smartest most dynamic people in the world and they'll have no trouble staying ahead of the kids from the short bus over at the IRS.

So unless Obama wants to run out of "other people's money" a lot sooner than he expected, he had better keep some people around to pay the bills. And if he keeps demonizing the productive and saying that it's their responsibility to let him spend their money on the unproductive, then we'll all be gone. I'll be working my 14 hour days is Bahrain or Singapore, and Obama can go suck eggs. He needs the productive classes a lot more than the productive classes need him.

On the plus side, at least my [offspring] will be able to get a decent education.

Forced Political Correctness is A Hate Crime

Andrew Breitbart has an article up on The Washington Times website on the attempts to enact more hate crime laws.

I don't believe they are necessary either.

Having a hate crime doesn't or rarely leads to harsher prison sentences. And if a state does not have the death penalty for murder then a murder committed with "hate" isn't going to get punished any harsher than life anyways.

But aside from their uselessness, hate crime laws are just a means of dividing us. Does it really matter what your skin/hair/eyes look like when you get mugged? Does it really matter if you are a man/woman/other? Will you hurt less if you were mugged not because you were Christian/Jewish/Muslim/other but because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Seriously? Is a woman being raped more or less of a hate crime than a man being raped? Is a child being murdered more or less of a hate crime than a mother? Is a man being robbed more or less of a hate crime because he's black or because he's white?

Doesn't being raped, murdered, or robbed suck in and of itself?

Hate crimes are stupid, useless, and divisive. My cousin who is gay was robbed, raped and dumped into a dumpster like human trash. It was a horrible terrible thing. But not once, not ever, did my aunt or my cousin describe it as a hate crime because what was done was an act of pure hate in and of itself - regardless of to whom it was done.

We're All Felons Now

Best not to say anything if this law gets passed as The Volokh Conspiracy makes so abundantly clear.

It's nice to see that "liberals" are fighting for "free" speech (so long as said speech is approved by them).

See you in prison, my fellow felons.

UPDATE: "Prison Awaiting Hostile Bloggers" Or why broad laws are stupid.

Because It Needs to Be Done

Below was copied in full from NRO - The Corner because our fallen should rest in peace knowing their children will go on to better things.

No Greater Sacrifice [Marc Thiessen]
I attended an amazing dinner Friday night for No Greater Sacrifice — a group that raises money to provide full college scholarships for the children of our fallen heroes in the war on terror. The guest of honor was Gen. David Petraeus, who received the 2nd annual NGS Freedom Award and gave a moving speech.

The wife of fallen Marine aviator Garrett Lawton spoke lovingly about her husband’s sacrifice. He flew combat missions in Iraq and was killed by an IED on a mission with a special forces unit in Heart province of Afghanistan. NGS is funding scholarships for the sons he left behind, Ryan and Caden, ages 5 and 6.

The father of Army Staff Sergeant Daniel “Sparky” Wagoner also spoke. After terrorists attacked Iraqis working at a radio and TV station in Diyala province, Daniel worked around the clock to rewire the station and get it working again so Iraqi journalists, Sunni and Shia, could broadcast a message of freedom, reconciliation, and democracy. He was killed by an IED. The Iraqi journalists he helped traveled to Washington to pay tribute to him, to thank America for getting rid of Saddam Hussein, and to thank the family he left behind for his sacrifice. It was one of the highlights of the evening. NGS is funding a full academic scholarship for Daniel’s 3-year-old daughter Diana. You can see a video about his story here.

In just the 14 months since its founding, NGS has raised half a million dollars in scholarship funds. And they have just launched a new campaign to ask 8 million Americans to give $10 each. If every American gives this small amount, NGS will be able to raise $80 million — enough to fund scholarships for every child of every warrior who gave his or her life in the war on terror.

This is about the best cause I have ever come across. NGS uncompromising in their support not only for our troops, but also for their mission. And they are making sure that every soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine going into combat knows that, if the worst should happen, America has their back — and we will provide an education for their kids.

If you want to know more, go to the NGS website. And share it with a friend.
I just made my donation, how about you?

The Pathetic Mr. Sullivan

I've been avoiding the whole Andrew Sullivan thing on NRO - The Corner because my husband used to consider Mr. Sullivan a friend.

However, this is pathetic, sorry, and quite frankly beyond the pale.

Grow up Mr. Sullivan. You deserve better from yourself. This is nothing but innuendo. Infantile, sophmoric innuendo.

Sir, you went to Oxford University! Surely you can turn on your brain again.

Is Obama the New Nixon?

The White House is threatening legitimate and legal businesses with ACORN-like tactics.

Oh, wait, ACORN was trained by Obama so what I should have said was, using the thug-like tactics he trained ACORN to perform, the White House under Obama is threatening legitimate and legal businesses with tactics such as "pitchforks" (metaphorically, of course) and public humiliation.

For The Chosen One to threaten medieval stockades really says something about liberal post-partisan enlightenment.

Hat Tip: Just One Minute

Don't believe me? Here is a New York Post Op-Ed by Irwin M. Seltzer titled "Contract Killers" that lays it all out pretty clearly exactly how Obama's actions destroy rule-of-law....
Obama is pressuring the some 20 "speculators" who are holding out to accept the crumbs that he's offering. But there is more here at stake than the money immediately involved. As George Schultze, managing member of Schultze Asset Management, a hedge fund, told The Wall Street Journal, "This is about contract and bankruptcy law, and upholding agreements -- which is important in the grand scheme of things."
More broadly, if lenders know that any deals they strike can be overturned by a president who, like Langella/Nixon, can do things that are otherwise illegal because he decides "they are in the interest of the nation," they'll raise the price they charge for their money -- and not only when lending to the government.

Cool Americana

Follow this link to learn a bit about Dr. Pepper and the man who may have found one of its originial recipe books.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Rose That Stinks

A rose by any other name would still smell bad.

According to the New York Times, global warming alarmists are losing the battle and rather examine why (because the science proves them wrong), the alarmists want to change the language to make their power-grabbing cramdown more palatable.

Instead of grim warnings about global warming, the firm advises, talk about “our deteriorating atmosphere.” Drop discussions of carbon dioxide and bring up “moving away from the dirty fuels of the past.” Don’t confuse people with cap and trade; use terms like “cap and cash back” or “pollution reduction refund.”

Truth and scientific integrity are unknown to these jokers yet somehow liberals continue to believe they are the openminded ones. BAH!

For A Savior, He's Average

Obama's rating polls at the 100 day mark are average. And I was positive he'd be walking on water by now.

Still average is pretty good for an empty suit.

Who Knew You'd Cheer for the CEO

This Wall Street Journal article about a sand-mining company fighting back against illegally acting tort lawyers and their dubious doctors is inspiring.

Hooray for real justice!