Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Round-Up 11-14

Palin! Rogue Warriors: Palin's Power Is With the People AND
Palin’s Book: The Overview

Disgusting. Obama Ally Code Pink Justifies Fort Hood Terrorist Attack, Cashes in on Massacre in Veterans Day Fundraising Appeal

Obamacare - Defeat Obamacare in Detail AND
Wooing moderate Nelson could be a tough task for Senate Democrats AND
More in U.S. Say Health Coverage Is Not Gov’t. Responsibility AND
Behold, the swamp of Chicago health care and Obama's central role in cultivating it. Don your hip waders before proceeding AND
Is Health Care Reform Popular? The Democrats and the Polls Disagree AND
Health Care Reform Advocates: Take a Look at Public Schools AND
Study suggests costs rise under health care bill AND
CMS: House health bill will hike costs $289B AND
Anger at the American Medical Association AND
No Free Lunch: The True Cost of ObamaCare AND
Study suggests costs rise under health care bill AND
House Democrats Botched Health Care Bill, Republican Says

Gingrich: Contract with America round 2

Economics - California is overregulated, overtaxed, and just plain over AND
Jesus the Capitalist AND
Breathtaking -- And Not in a Good Way AND
"Stimulus" Fuzzy Math of the Day: Hope Doesn't Put Food On The Table AND
Regulators close 2 Florida banks, 1 in California; 123 US bank failures this year

Media Corruption - MSNBC Uses Fake, ‘Sexy’ Photos of Sarah Palin on Air; Will Network Correct and Apologize? AND
Speaking of Greedy Corporate Interests AND
Rogue's Eleven plus Overmanning (cont

ACORN - Obama’s ACORN Connection Can’t Survive Inspection AND
The Future of Wade Rathke and ACORN, Part II: Tea Parties and Protests AND
Is Justice Served Faster for Democrats? AND
A Convenient Time for Bob Bauer?
Newly appointed White House counsel Bob Bauer is "perfectly positioned to be tasked with erasing the tracks between Obama and ACORN," one Republican lawmaker charged Friday.
Rep. Steve King: Bauer was hired to 'erase tracks' between Obama, ACORN

Political Corruption - Senate Democrats want U.S. residency for kin of immigrant service members AND
Dodd's danger AND
Obama Is Losing Independent Voters. A number of recent polls show the president would be wise to shift right. AND
Anita Dunn is No Rogue AND
Few Dems in big races jump headlong into backing health bill

Junk Science - FDA: Caffeinated alcoholic drinks may be illegal AND
An Alarmist Modeler’s History of Climate Change AND
Glimps of our future? Everyone in Britain could be given a personal 'carbon allowance'
Everyone in Britain should have an annual carbon ration and be penalised if they use too much fuel, the head of the Environment Agency will say.

BWAHAHAHA - Polls suggest healthcare debate a boon to GOP candidates running for Senate

For Holder, much wrestling over decision AND Hot Air here.

China and Forced Abortions

Fighting Corruption - Tea Partiers Come to the Aid of California Farmers. The Farmer Relief and Freedom Relay is collecting aid for the Central California farmers rocked by environmental extremism and big government. AND
Lieberman Finds Stride in Senate as the Democrats' Maverick


Great reconstruction of events and WOW Captain Sully - What a pilot!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Comprehensive Daily Round-Up

As I mentioned in the post below, I spent the day having Baby Envy so here's a quick round-up of stuff in general.

ACORN: The LA Story, Part I AND
ACORN–The LA Story, Part II: ‘We knew we were gonna put in Obama.’ AND
GOP claims ACORN in financial trouble AND
ACORN Sues To Put Its Hand Back In Your Pocket AND
Another Bogus ACORN Lawsuit AND
Link to PDF of ACORN Lawsuit Complaint AND
More on Carnahans’ Ties to ACORN

Junk Environmentalism - Obama’s Big Climate Change Tool: Yes, It Is a Big Deal AND
It’s Not Easy Being Green AND
Senate Democrats Seek to Change Cap-and-Trade Debate from Energy to Jobs AND
Voters Want Green ... In Their Wallets

Media Corruption - CNN: Millionaire Movie Star = "Foreclosure Victim" AND
Let the Revisionism Begin Plus New York Times Responds

Does Justice Move Faster For Democrats in St. Louis?

Unions - SEIU President Andy Stern Ready to "Share the Wealth", Solve America's "223-Year-Old Problems" AND
National Mediation Board Actions Set Dangerous Precedent

Feds Move Against Iranian Mosques; 1st Amendment Rears Its Head

Officials: Top White House lawyer to be pushed out AND
Most Partisan White House Counsel Ever?

For Obama, a dream from my father. China's Human Rights problem. AND
The Darfu problem - Losing the fight for Darfur

Apparently the swamp Pelosi was going to "drain" is filled with rum. Lawmakers lean on Pelosi and Rangel as controversy mounts over taxes on rum

NYT dishonestly distances Biden from alleged corruption

The Road To Nixon?

Democrats May Regret 'Pass Anything' Strategy

Progressive Bigotry and Natural Law

KSM - Obama Administration's Atrocious Decision AND
9/11 Prosecutor Preet Bharara AND
Does Holder have another agenda for moving KSM to civil courts? Holder's Hidden Agenda, cont'd . . .

White House to Begin Push on Immigration Overhaul in 2010 AND
Whining from Goliaths

From VDH - What Bush Inherited, and What He Left Left Behind


Feds ignored Medicare scam warnings for years

Health Care Bill Important to Everyone but the American Public

Another Gem From a 2,000 Page Bill: ‘Botox Carve-Out’ Survives in PelosiCare Bill

Who knew the "Shoe Lobby" was so "powerful" - Congress' Shoe Problem

More in U.S. Say Health Coverage Is Not Gov’t. Responsibility

Medicalizing Mass Murder

Winning the Abortion Battle but Losing the Pro-life War

A 69% Capital Gains Tax Hike . . . Pelosi's 5.4% income surtax would hit capital gains and dividends.

ObamaCare Is Not Pro-Choice – for Anyone

Healthcare Reform & Small Business: 3 Bills Explained

Why Small Business Groups Oppose the Health Bills

16 Percent Unemployment or Worse, On Its Way. Think things are bad now? Wait until the government has its way with health care.

Newt Gingrich: The job-killing president and Congress

Stimulus creates jobs in China. Democrats tax recession-wracked Americans to buy Asian machinery

No more 'too big to fail'

More on 100+% Implicit Marginal Tax Rates

Pork Report November 13th: End of the World Edition

How The Left Robs Dead People

Where Credit Isn’t Due

A Declaration of Dependence

The Bear Truth. Criminal prosecutions won’t fix finance.

New report: States in blue in fiscal peril: As the link points out, the states in peril also voted for Obama. Follow the link and decide for yourself.

A Jobs Summit Eleven Months Late

Voters Want Green ... In Their Wallets

George W. Bush warns about too much government without naming gee-who-could-it-possibly-be?

Rand or Thatcher? From my husband.

Poll: Anti-incumbent sentiment surges

More in U.S. Say Health Coverage Is Not Gov’t. Responsibility

GOP chairman ends abortion insurance for employees

May he be the first in a long line. Former Rep. William Jefferson Heads To The Slammer

How ADF Legal Efforts Helped Win the Battle for Marriage in Maine

The World with Vaclav Klaus: Chapter 5 of 5

Baby Envy

My uterus was (happily) removed this past year but today I experienced Baby Envy today when I went to visit a dear friend and her second (one month old) son.

Oh the joys of a itty bitty baby all snuggled up to your cheek. He weighed less than our cat! But what a snugglebunny.

I miss babies until I have to change them. Then I'm glad my own children are happy and healthy and toilet-trained.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Round-Up 11-12

Just a few last minute things.

National Mediation Board Actions Set Dangerous Precedent

George W. Bush to Unveil His Vision for Bush Institute AND Bush: "I Went Against My Free-Market Instincts"; Beware of This "Temptation"

Small Businesses to NYC: Get Off Our Backs!

Media Mush

Health Reform's Moral Hazard

Walken Reads Gaga

This is great

But my favorite Walken video (as opposed to movie) is still Weapon of Choice.

Although this is pretty good too (look how young he looks!).

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 11-12

Forcing Us to Buy Health Insurance Is Not the Same as Mandatory Car Insurance First of all, I don't have to buy a car, I would have to buy Obamacare. Second, I don't have to insure my under-16 children, I would have to under Obamacare. Third, the auto insurance company can be sued, you can't sue Obamacare. Fourth, I can choose to run my car with a simple and cheap catastrophic coverage policy, I have no choice under Obamacare. Fifth, if my car breaks down, I can go anywhere to get it fixed and I can choose how much to fix it, under Obamacare a faceless beaurcrat will decide what medical procedures and drugs I can have. Sixth,....well you get the picture.

Reid is still trying to cram Obamacare down our throats. The Senate's Big Cloture Vote AND Hoyer, Reid move to finish healthcare reform legislation before the end of 2009 AND White House won’t rule out budget reconciliation rules on healthcare

I pray to God this is so. Conservative Principles Will Defeat Harry Reid AND Reid eyes payroll tax hike on wealthy

We Can't Sit Back and Allow the Loss of Our Freedoms. We elect the government. It works for us. As we watch the Democrats' plans for health care take shape, we can only ask how did our government get so removed, so unbridled, so arrogant that it can tell us how to live our personal lives?

Good! Trip to Asia presents risks for Obama on healthcare agenda

Publius vs. Obamacare AND Momentum is a challenge for Senate

Breast Intentions: Don't Fall for Nanny-Staters' Booby Trap

Your Health Care May Change: Please Stand By

Face it: The Democratic Party is not for women

Small Businesses on Health-Care Reform: What About Us?

Insurance Industry Stung By Health Care Deal

Under Baucus Bill, Mandate Penalty Could Lead to Prison, Congressional Analysts Say

Ensign receives handwritten confirmation
Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.

Pelosi Dodges Prison Time Question For Failing To Have Obamacare

There are more nasty surprises?!? - Obamacare's Nasty Surprise

Health care issues: Controlling medical costs

VIDEO - PelosiCare Ponzi Scheme: Will the Senate Drink the Kool Aid? Were you aware....?

At-risk Democrats defend their tough votes on healthcare reform bill

Another Bogus Health Statistic from the Left

Republican Lawmakers Encourage Health Care Protests at Planned Town Halls. Republican lawmakers are holding town halls in the next two weeks to rally opposition to President Obama's sweeping health care legislation that narrowly passed the House last weekend.

Health Care Watch for Wednesday, November 11 - Ever heard of the Constitution?

Health Care and the Constitution

A Minority View: Constitutional Contempt

Health Care Reform Advocates: Take a Look at Public Schools

Corruption Daily Round-Up 11-12

Shouldn't this have been done on Jan. 21st? Obama to Hold Jobs Summit in December

Federal Deficit Sets October Record at $176.4 Billion (That's $176,000,000,000.00 in one month folks. One Month!)

Robert Rubin: The Nexus Of Big Government and Wall Street

Ex-Pa. House speaker among 10 charged in probe

Don't tell them that until after the 2010 elections. The Cost of Victory -- Seeding Defeat in 2010

OPM is now claiming authority to weed out every former political appointee from being considered for ANY federal positions at EVERY level of the GS Pay Scale, for both the competitive AND excepted service – made RETROACTIVE for the past 5 years! (This is a new, extra layer of scrutiny previously reserved for SES hires.) OPM will now check the recommended hires to “ensure they comply with merit system principles and applicable civil service laws.”

It is well established anti-discrimination law in the Federal sector – the public (political appointees included) may not be excluded from consideration for federal jobs because of their political affiliation.

OPM’s alleged rationale is to keep political appointees from “burrowing in,” but agencies would need to have already considered the applicant the best qualified to even reach this new hurdle.

Stated another way, “but for” the applicant having served as a political appointee within the past five years, all agencies would not be required to seek review from OPM for all agency positions. Effectively, the ONLY reason EVERY agency will now be REQUIRED to consult OPM is to “ask permission” to hire a person based on their political affiliation.

Why make the policy retroactive for 5 years? I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Breast Intentions: Don't Fall for Nanny-Staters' Booby Trap

AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Tells Board He Wants to Quit, WSJ Says

U.S. Adviser to Kurds Stands to Reap Oil Profits AND The Other Partner in the Galbraith Oil Scandal AND No Blood For Oil. Well, Unless It Is For Democrats.

A Tale of Two Presidents: The Calm Commander vs. The Cold Fish

'A Referendum on This White House'. Obama's plan to nationalize the midterm elections may backfire.

Poll: Dodd approval rating drops

At-risk Democrats defend their tough votes on healthcare reform bill

Face it: The Democratic Party is not for women

Not so fast: N.Y.-23 vote margin narrows AND Rumblings In The Conservative Underdog World

Conservative Resurgence: Election Results Send Shock Waves Through Capitol Hill

Jerry Brown: Acorn, Suspicion and the Rule of Law AND The Hypocrisy of Jerry Brown, California’s Top Cop

NEWLY REVEALED DOCUMENTS Conradict NEA Chairman Landesman

This seems wrong to me, does it seem wrong to you too? Obama uses school dollars to prod states to change AND Department of Education introduces billion-dollar achievement program

Lawmakers lean on Pelosi and Rangel as rum squabble mounts

Obama the Heartthrob: The End of the Affair?

Weaker U.S. Leads to Insecurity in Taiwan

Report: Shuler talked to TVA. Transaction legitimate but created suspicion, inspector general says

Apocalypse Then


Media Matters: ACORN Police Report Good, Gladney Police Report Bad

Did Fox Win the War? AND this well-linked piece - Obama and Fox News: Together Again?

Does Washington Post Columnist Ruth Marcus Not Know What a Tax Is?

Anita Dunn gone – is this the beginning of the night of the long knives? AND Anita Dunn and the Obama White House: Outfoxed

Fort Hood Fable: Media Persists in Painting Jihadist Killer as Victim AND Obama Dances Around the Truth

I had no idea our military personnel couldn't defend themselves on their own military bases! Time to Put An End to Army Bases as Gun-Free Zones


Stone Age humans crossed Sahara in the rain

How Will Cap and Trade Effect You? Not well.

If Cap and Trade Doesn't Work, Obama will Make it Work

Global Warming Has Brought on A New Ice Age!

Climate bill advocates want to see President Obama in Copenhagen But it's not like he'll stand out or anything - Denmark invites 191 leaders to UN climate talks

Climate bill critics battle over costs

Climate change 'sceptic' Ian Plimer argues CO2 is not causing global warming

Church bells to ring out warning on climate change Great. Now we've got noise pollution too.

How Sweeping Are the ‘Global Warming’ Bills?

BWAHAHAHAHA! Gore Media Company Current Media Cuts 80 Jobs (sorry)

Undercover Video: University Political Officials shut down Gulag Memorial

Lionel McIntyre assaults woman, English language

Should J-Students Work For The Defense?

Wedded to vitriol, backers of gay marriage stumble

CIA Clash: The Left Assaults Langley--Again

Collective Amnesia: 20 Years After Defeating Communism, Where's the Celebration?


The Oprah-Palin Interview Teaser

A Message for All of America's Veterans

Who I Met at the Tea Party: A Veterans Day Tribute

Anyone who runs against Reid is fighting corruption. Lowden Shows Up Nevada

Among Registered Voters, Republicans Now Outnumber Democrats

Here We Go Again: Rostenkowski, Health Care and the Original Town-Hall Protest

Republican Lawmakers Encourage Health Care Protests at Planned Town Halls. Republican lawmakers are holding town halls in the next two weeks to rally opposition to President Obama's sweeping health care legislation that narrowly passed the House last weekend.

Republican's exit could clear the way for Tea Party vs. GOP incumbent Bennett

Happy Birthday Morton Blackwell!

Sarkozy: No Place for Burqas in France

In Economic Woes 11-12

More Stimulus Equals More Unemployment AND Stimulus job boost in state exaggerated, review finds AND Jobless Claims Drop More Than Expected to 502,000. It's still 1/2 a million people a week losing their jobs. A Week!

President Klaus is a very good man. Watch this video series and learn a lot! The World with Vaclav Klaus: Chapter 4 of 5

12 reasons unemployment is going to (at least) 12 percent AND Poorest Town In Illinois Suffers In Recession

The Center for LESS Responsible Lending

Econ 101: Do We Need a New Theory of Market Stability? Newsweek editor argues against free markets, but evidence suggests regulation was to blame for economic collapse.

U.S. looks to cut deficit with unused TARP funds: report

Another omnibus appropriations bill likely as the end of the year approaches

Standing still = falling behind in the Pacific Rim

Mack-Cali Chairman: Commercial Real Estate Is Between A Massacre And A Disaster AND More Foreclosures to Come AND Home-Purchase Index in U.S. Plunges to Lowest Level Since 2000

The Real Axis of Evil: Washington, the Fed, and Wall Street

Federal Deficit Sets October Record at $176.4 Billion (That's $176,000,000,000.00 in one month folks. One Month!)

Financial firms fight giving government breakup powers

Emerson’s Farr Says U.S. Is Destroying Manufacturing

Small Businesses on Health-Care Reform: What About Us?

Pulling the Plug

AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Tells Board He Wants to Quit, WSJ Says AND Obama's pay czar concerned firms could lose talent

Gambling with the dollar

Robert Rubin: The Nexus Of Big Government and Wall Street

Obama, Dems show growing anxiety as jobless rate surges

Blame Obama for Sky-High Unemployment AND Obama to Hold Jobs Summit in December

Some Good news?
Oil falls below $77 after US supply report

New Fed rule to end overdraft fees for the majority of Americans

Perry says Obama taking U.S. toward socialism

ACORN/UNIONS Corruption 11/12

Ratner Family Ties: ACORN and Justice Department Plot Thickens

Meet the Ratners: Defending ACORN is Their Family Business

New Document Reveals: SEIU Will Conquer Using Any Means Necessary

Tea Party Takes On Political Corruption and Big Labor In California

California Labor Wars. A rival union charges Andy Stern's SEIU with election fraud.

A Bloody Video - The B-Cast Interviews Victim of Bloody Beating at SEIU Meeting AND More on Card Check Intimidation

'Cause that'll help - Unions prod Obama to fix ailing airline industry

ACORN Sues Feds Over Funding Cut Great now we have to defend the non-wasting of our tax dollars in court. And will the American Taxpayer get justice under Holder's DoJ?

SEIU: Evidence Against Card Check Scroll down, they've got a lot.

SEIU Gives Card Check Another Lump AND Toxic Card Check Flipped for “Majority Signup”

Union Embezzlement: From Auto Workers to Disney, Union Corruption Knows No Bounds

ACORN Association Costs Levenson PR Firm Business

A Second SEIU Attack in St. Louis: The Kelly Owens Story

VIDEO Reminder: Why Card Check Is A Bad Idea AND Card Check Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Media Matters: ACORN Police Report Good, Gladney Police Report Bad

Commerce Department’s Rejection of ACORN Application Belies Alternative Funding Sources

NEWLY REVEALED DOCUMENTS Conradict NEA Chairman Landesman

The Future of Wade Rathke and ACORN, Part I


This is the article from in full because I so whole-heartedly believe in term limits. The link at the bottom is to the orginal article. Whether you are on the left or the right, any one who thinks the TEA Party protests have some value should back Sen. DeMint with this proposal!
DeMint Proposes Constitutional Amendment Targeting Career Politicians
Sen. Jim DeMint says Washington politicians are like fruit on the vine: the longer they hang around, the more rotten they get.

The South Carolina Republican – hearkening back to the days of the party’s “Contract with America” – on Tuesday offered a fix to the corrupting influence of “permanent politicians,” introducing an amendment to the Constitution that would limit Senate members to three six-year terms and House members to three two-year terms.

“As long as members have the chance to spend their lives in Washington, their interests will always skew toward spending taxpayer dollars to buy off special interests, covering over corruption in the bureaucracy, fundraising, relationship building among lobbyists, and trading favors for pork – in short, amassing their own power,” said Mr. DeMint, who is running for a second term next year.
Senate leaders and longtime Washington watchdogs said Mr. DeMint’s bill had a zero chance of becoming law, mostly because of a general lack of interest and the high hurdles to amending the Constitution.

“It’s a great issue to talk about, but it’s not going to happen,” said Sen. Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the Democratic majority’s second-highest ranking leader.

DeMint tries to ban 'permanent politicians'

And Please Vote For My Son Too

He should be left out. Follow the link here. Again if the link doesn't work, George is photo #1019 and it looks like this.

Thanks a bunch!

Please Vote For My Daughter

Follow this link here and vote for my daughter (she's lovely). If the link doesn't work, her photo is number 922 and looks like this.

Thank you for your support. It's great!

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Random Round-Up 11-11

This is truly horrific and reveals China's profound corruption at its heart - When abortion isn't a choice.

From Forbes - It's Not The Economy, Stupid. It's the stupidity about the economy.

Yet another Obamacare Glimpse-Of-Our-Future ignored by the ignoramuses on Capital Hill - Maine Finds a Health Care Fix Elusive AND isn't this charming - Racial Preferences in Pelosicare

Apparently working for The Man sucks - AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Tells Board He Wants to Quit, WSJ Says

ACORN Claims Jerry Brown Will Whitewash Investigation. On one hand, this is ACORN making this claim, on the other hand, it is Jerry Brown. Roger L. Simon adds his sense - ACORN: Jerry Brown’s new Medfly Scandal?

So How Could It All Get Worse?

Sweet Defeat

It's a dumb thing to lie about, why bother? E-mails raise new questions about Crist's Obama denials.

12 reasons unemployment is going to (at least) 12 percent

Reagan's Impact

You know, it bothered me how few references to Ronald Reagan there were during the speeches surrounding the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

That's why I liked this shout out from a cartoonist.

Obamacare Political Cartoons from

Is the American Mainstream Media Now Useless?

What happened to American journalism? I really beginning to believe that only people aged Baby Boomer and up will bother with Network News, CNN or Newspapers in the next 5 - 10 years because of how self-discrediting the MSM is behaving right now.

PC News: Networks Downplay Terrorism, Muslim Connection in Ft. Hood Attack. All three networks mention 'terror' only after Obama hints at ideology during funeral ceremony. AND Talking ‘Bout Ft. Hood Terrorism on CNN:Pajamas Media vs. Nation Magazine

Gee, I wonder why - CNN finding that prime-time success is elusive

And this is just corrupt - NBC enlists prime-time programs in green message

Maybe it's Obama's fault?

Forced Against Our Wills Into Socialism

Pelosi's New Payroll Tax: A Whip for Socialized Medicine
Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, ranking Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, set out a startling scenario in floor debate Saturday before the House approved the health care bill pushed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The bill would slap an 8 percent tax on the payrolls of employers who do not provide health insurance to their workers and pay at least 65 percent of the premiums for an employee who has a family insurance plan and 72.5 percent of the premiums for an employee who has an individual insurance plan. Barton spelled out what he believes will happen if this provision becomes law.

Many Americans might be tempted to casually conclude that the purpose of Pelosi's new payroll tax is to force employers to buy health insurance for their workers and that the parties hurt most by the tax would be the employers who pay it.

This is wrong on both counts. The Pelosi tax will not force employers to buy insurance for their workers, it will give them an incentive not buy insurance. The parties most hurt by the Pelosi tax will not be the employers who pay it but the workers dumped into the government-run health care system Pelosi's plan creates.

This will happen when employers discover that paying Pelosi's tax is cheaper than buying health insurance. The Pelosi payroll tax will be a whip wielded by the state to drive Americans into a socialized health care system from which there will be no escape.
Read the whole thing and weep.

Warning to Congress

Obama has No Coattails and Americans do not like your healthcare reform. Just something to think about between now and Nov. 2010. From Gallup - Republicans Edge Ahead of Democrats in 2010 Vote

Some Capital Hill Dwellers have figured this out. Democrat Ben Nelson Draws a Line in the Sand on Health Care AND Senate Dems. jump off the healthcare bandwagon.

While most Americans share Stossel's whithering scorn for the House vote - The U.S. House of Presumptuous Meddlers, they don't realize that the few democrats who did vote no may not have done it out of love for their constituents so much as their own hides - The Myth of the Moderate Democrat.

All of this begs the question, did the democrats in the House of Representatives destroy their careers (and those of their staff) for nothing - it may well appear so.

China - Red-Hot Dragon or Another Paper Tiger?

Many say China will get old before it gets rich due to its "One Child" eugenics program, but this article here argues that mismanagement by China's socialist leaders is heralding an economic collapse in China along the same lines as the US housing collapse.

Is China headed toward collapse?
But there’s a growing group of market professionals who see a different picture altogether. These self-styled China bears take the less popular view: that the much-vaunted Chinese economic miracle is nothing but a paper dragon. In fact, they argue that the Chinese have dangerously overheated their economy, building malls, luxury stores and infrastructure for which there is almost no demand, and that the entire system is teetering toward collapse.

A Chinese collapse, of course, would have profound effects on the United States, limiting China’s ability to buy U.S. debt and provoking unknown political changes inside the Chinese regime.

A Curious Supoena

This editorial from Investor's Business Daily askes very serious questions about the Obama administration and Holder's DoJ. I am reposting it in full below. Link is here.
A Curious Subpoena
Posted 11/10/2009 07:36 PM ET
Big Brother: The Justice Department wants an online news site to hand over its visitor list. Why? No one's quite sure yet. But if this is just a fishing expedition by the government, it's a troubling precedent.

The unusual request for information, delivered via a grand jury subpoena to Philadelphia-based, also demanded that the Web site "not ... disclose the existence of this request," unless the Justice Department approves it.

For those who don't know, Indymedia is a far-left news aggregation site run by the Independent Media Center, not exactly known for its moderation either in content or tone.

That said, we wonder what could be behind such a sweeping government attempt to search a journalistic organization's files?

According to new reports, the subpoena from U.S. Attorney Tim Morrison in Indianapolis sought "all IP traffic to and from" the Web site for the day of June 25, 2008.

It went much deeper than that, however. It also sought Internet addresses and "any other identifying information" of those who contacted the Web site — including e-mail addresses, home addresses, online accounts, Social Security numbers, and bank account and credit card numbers. So much for privacy.

The subpoena, we're told, has since been withdrawn. Someone, perhaps Morrison, had second thoughts. Still, the sweeping nature of the requests and the threat to prosecute Indymedia if it so much as revealed even the existence of the subpoena raises questions.

To begin with, this is a form of prior restraint — something not permitted under our Constitution, at least not in ordinary times.

Moreover, the Justice Department claims Attorney General Eric Holder didn't see the subpoena — even though it's normal procedure for the top Justice official to approve any subpoena issued to the media. If Holder didn't see it, why didn't he? And if he did, did he think it was OK to bully a news organization like this?

While we're at it, isn't this a bit hypocritical coming from the same administration that harshly criticized President Bush for the trampling of Americans' rights by the Patriot Act and by the wiretapping of foreign terror suspects?

What most concerns us is that this fishing expedition against a left-leaning publication, now rescinded, may have been a test. Maybe it's a prelude to aggressive action later against those in the media who strongly oppose the policies of this administration.

This administration has already shown a strong preference for tough-guy, Chicago-style tactics against its foes, both real and imagined. Who'll be next? Conservative and libertarian bloggers? Rush Limbaugh? Fox News? IBD?

Why Government-Run Healthcare is BAD

Peaceful TEA Party Protests

The Tuscon TEA Party Protest

The Beaufort TEA Party Protest

Veterans' Day Honors

Dear Lord, please bless, guide and protect all those who serve and who served in our military. And please bring peace, strength and hope to the families of those serving abroad. Amen.

Thank you for your service. It is much appreciated.

The History of Veteran's Day.
The 11th Hour: The Date Behind Veterans Day
While most know that Veterans Day honors those who have served in the military, the meaning behind its exact date (November 11) may not be so familiar. Here's the backstory:

Back in 1918, in the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, a stop to hostilities was declared, ending World War I. An armistice to cease the fighting on the Western Front was signed by the Allied powers and Germany.

President Woodrow Wilson immediately proclaimed the day "Armistice Day," kicking off the annual commemoration on November 11. But over the years, with veterans returning from World War II and the Korean War, Armistice Day became Veterans Day — a day reserved to honor veterans returning from all wars. But 11/11 still represented the end of the Great War in the public's mind, and the date stuck.

In 1921, unidentified dead from the war were buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., Westminster Abbey in London, and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The tradition to honor those killed in the war but never identified continues every year in the U.S. The ceremony is held at 11 a.m. at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

Congress designated Veterans Day as a legal holiday in 1938, and since then, most Americans have come to know it as a day for store sales and parades. Yahoo! Searches on the holiday have already surged on the Web. People want to know "veterans day history," "veterans day closings," veterans day sales," and "veterans day free meals."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Husband's Boss Talks To Glenn Reynolds

Fred Smith's guide to A Conservative Renaissance - Put Courage Back into Conservatism: GOP Must Resist Pressure to Be 'Democrats Lite'

AlfonZo Asks....

When Does the Right to Life Begin?

Hair of the Dog

I need a dring (and I (heart) Stephen Green).

Midnight Vultures: Shedding Light on Pelosi's Late-Night Healthcare Boondoggle

The Week in Blogs: Global Warming Snow Job; Drinking Up the National Debt

Political Corruption 11-10

Nancy Pelosi -- The General Custer of Our Time. Speaker Pelosi may have won a battle but she will lose the war. And voters will take their revenge at the ballot box in 2010. I've already called my Congressman (Connolly) and explained to his staff how I will never vote for him because he voted for Obamacare and betrayed the trust of the contituents he was supposed to represent AND I will actively donate to anyone who opposes him and shares my values.

Audio From ACORN Claims Jerry Brown Will Whitewash Investigation

Bush Is a Liar, Obama Is a Savior: The Rhetoric of Propaganda

What It Means
Yesterday, in the dead of night, the U.S. House of Representatives took a small step for Nancy Pelosi and a giant step for despotism.

Freedom, David Hume famously observed, is seldom lost all at once. More often, it leaks out slowly. The petty tyranny of good intentions colludes with the bureaucratic imperative to stymie individual initiative and barter liberty for the sake of central control.

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What If?—Mr. President

ObamaCare’s Redistribution of Health. Of course the president and Congress are after money, but they really want control over your life. (Update: House approves health care reform bill.)

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Pelosi Dances on Health Care's Grave. Nancy Pelosi envisions herself forever sculpted into liberalism’s Mt. Rushmore. But whether you are for or against it, the health care plan passed by the House is a truly a monumental disruption of our economy. Once enacted, we will never go backwards.

Health reformers prepare for Senate hurdle

What It Means
Yesterday, in the dead of night, the U.S. House of Representatives took a small step for Nancy Pelosi and a giant step for despotism.

Freedom, David Hume famously observed, is seldom lost all at once. More often, it leaks out slowly. The petty tyranny of good intentions colludes with the bureaucratic imperative to stymie individual initiative and barter liberty for the sake of central control.

ObamaCare’s Redistribution of Health. Of course the president and Congress are after money, but they really want control over your life. (Update: House approves health care reform bill.)

GOP Senator Draws Fire for Opposition to Vets' Health Care Bill


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