Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help Fight CCC

The California Coastal Commission is a force of evil. Below is a post from a reader. Can anyone give her any help? My original post is here.

My mother has been embattled with the CCC for 14 years, they are constantly forcing her to pay fines and fees, get extremely expensive surveys, at a total cost of more than 50k in the last 5 years alone. She cannot continue fighting them over the right to build small sheds on her property, or clear brush, etc. They are bankrupting her. She lives in Topanga Canyon just within range of their grasp. Since she is already in 'violation' of their policies, they are threatening to seize her property. It breaks my heart to hear here cry her eyes out knowing she cannot afford to fight them. She must acquiesce to every demand they make, however unreasonable. I just want to find a way to help her. How can I help her fight them?

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