Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Round-Up 11-11

This is truly horrific and reveals China's profound corruption at its heart - When abortion isn't a choice.

From Forbes - It's Not The Economy, Stupid. It's the stupidity about the economy.

Yet another Obamacare Glimpse-Of-Our-Future ignored by the ignoramuses on Capital Hill - Maine Finds a Health Care Fix Elusive AND isn't this charming - Racial Preferences in Pelosicare

Apparently working for The Man sucks - AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Tells Board He Wants to Quit, WSJ Says

ACORN Claims Jerry Brown Will Whitewash Investigation. On one hand, this is ACORN making this claim, on the other hand, it is Jerry Brown. Roger L. Simon adds his sense - ACORN: Jerry Brown’s new Medfly Scandal?

So How Could It All Get Worse?

Sweet Defeat

It's a dumb thing to lie about, why bother? E-mails raise new questions about Crist's Obama denials.

12 reasons unemployment is going to (at least) 12 percent

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