Friday, October 14, 2011

Party Vs. Occupy

Reading this story, NYC official: Protest cleanup is being postponed, made me think of three things: One, when did NYC become so spineless (oh wait, Bloomberg. Gulianni wouldn't have tolerated this crap), Two, winter isn't going to be kind to these jokers (bwahahaha). And three, did they realling think "Occupy" was an appealing name? The last is the most telling. "Occupy (insert place name here) is so much more negative than "Party". Tea Party protests didn't occupy someplace, they came, they expressed themselves, they went back to their jobs. These Occupy (insert place name here) protests go on and on, are filthy, and incoherent. If you think this is a "movement" you can support, read the quote below and decide if all this occupying is even remotely part of the American ethos as partying is.
The protest has led sympathetic groups in other cities to stage their own local rallies and demonstrations: Occupy Boston, Occupy Cincinnati, Occupy Houston, Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy Philadelphia, Occupy Providence, Occupy Salt Lake and Occupy Seattle, among them.