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More Union Thuggery

Every member of EVERY UNION in America should be ashamed and disgusted by this behavioir. I know I am ashamed and disgusted by them. This is the one of the most UnAmerican things you can do. Get control of yourselves and your fellow union members or you will destroy yourselves.

Protesters Destroy Recall Petitions Against Wisconsin Democrat

The petition rally was originally scheduled at a local Merrill restaurant but was relocated after the proprietors received many phone calls and felt they needed to back out. The committee then set up in front of the Lincoln County Courthouse to offer citizens an opportunity to sign their names to the petition. Over 1,000 calls had been sent out the previous day notifying area residents of the petition rally.

Upon arrival, members of the recall committee were encircled by union protesters carrying signs and a leader with a mega phone who began chanting and ranting loudly. They packed in tightly around the petition collection table so as to prevent those attempting to sign from doing so. At one point, a pro union protester, pretending to be interested in signing the petition, wrote profanity across a partially collected petition form, than began ripping up the completed petitions that were in close proximity.

The policemen who were there, and who were standing in close proximity to these events as they unfolded, did nothing to assist those collecting the petitions as they were being destroyed, despite such an action being a Felony under Wisconsin law. Police also did nothing to clear the walk way for citizens that wanted to sign the petitions. Recall Committee members received many phone calls the following day from Merill area citizens who stated that they showed up to sign the petition, but were too afraid to get out of their vehicles and approach the recall table.
Plust two videos (proof) and lots of links (here).

Sick Husband Round-Up 03-16

(Technically this is a "Random Round-Up" But I'm hoping the sick husband explains why.)

President Obama Job Approval

22% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction, Lowest of Obama's Presidency

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Herman Cain: ‘It’s Not Planned Parenthood -- No, It’s Planned Genocide’

At Justice, It Just Keeps Getting Worse. The Civil Rights Division has blocked a much-needed reform of a local school board in S.C., once again showing it has no interest in protecting minority voters if they are white.

Massacre of the innocents

The Deep, Virulent Evil of the United Nations

Why They Celebrate Murdering Children Islam is as Islam does.

In dramatic revolt, Miami-Dade voters fire Mayor Carlos Alvarez over pay hikes, tax increase Listen up politicians. Your old allies won't save you because there are not as many of them as there are of us. Heed us well or lose your jobs.

Congressmen as securities traders

The Justice Department Fix Is In. The long-awaited internal report on the New Black Panther voter intimidation dismissal is done, and sensible Americans aren’t going to be happy.

Normal Interest Rates Would be a Disaster for U.S. Debt

You know what is "untouchable"? My body. I don't want any government policy/official/beaurocrat having anything to do with MY BODY. The ‘Untouchable’ $23.6 Billion Funding ObamaCare

Woman Claims ACORN Continues to Deduct Money for a Now-Defunct Membership

There's no there, there - The Obama Doctrine

Congress Must Stop $105.5 Billion in Automatic Obamacare Spending

Illinois' wacky way of redistricting

In the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda, protesters — not noticing the self-dramatization — sing about how they're standing up to "goons and ginks and company finks" and how one day they'll "be free."

uh-huh - In MLK rallies, unions to stress collective bargaining as civil right

Union Supporters Protest Wisconsin Senator’s Home
There is a reason you won’t see the tea party hanging around outside of politicians’ homes. That’s because it is incredibly inappropriate. It’s behavior which is designed to intimidate in the worst kind of way.

Yet in Wisconsin, and elsewhere throughout the country, liberals find this tactic to be acceptable if not preferable.

Wisconsin Investigations Into Fake Doctor Excuses Heat Up

Labor backers arrested at Tenn. Capitol protest

Redistricting in California

Letter to House: Sign Letter to House Leadership Requesting No Federal Mandates in Health Care Alternative Plan

2012 will be about Obama

Oh well, if the tax cheat says we should do it... - Geithner says Congress must raise debt limit

Protection racket

Tell the Senate to stop the EPA global warming power grab!

Failure to Represent

DHS Releases Report on Illegal Alien Charged With Killing Virginia Nun in August 2010 Drunk Driving Incident

Food prices increase most in 36 years. Labor Department says Producer Price Index rose 1.6 percent on higher food costs; doubled from previous month

Bye-Bye Secret Ballot?

There’s More to Birthright Citizenship Than You Think

Wholesale prices up 1.6 pct. on steep rise in food

Copying Christie Others try emulating the governor's tough-talking approach.

Hope. Change. Nixon.

John Kerry's Recycled Government Slush Fund Recipe

Obama: The Great Fabricator

Head Start's reality

EPA Vote: Who wants to be a U. S. Senator?

Mandatory Spending to Exceed all Federal Revenues — 50 Years Ahead of Schedule Bah! According to my husband so is my mandatory spending.

CA Labor Unions: We’re ‘At Governor’s Service’ To Fight For Tax Increases

Boehner: ‘Take a Real Serious Look’ at Regulators

Video: Political leader who couldn’t pass a budget lectures on fiscal responsibility

White House wants new copyright law crackdown

Counterpunching that made-up line, ‘follow the money’

Make the Bush Tax Cuts Permanent Unemployment is down since the president had to give way on taxes, but trouble still looms in 2013.

Mrs. Christie’s Issue: Down Syndrome Research

Subsidized Energy-Saving Programs Pay Off Big for Nonprofit Provider

Affirmative Action Since Obama Shattered the Highest Glass Ceiling

TSA Admits Bungling of Airport Body-Scanner Radiation Tests

Senate Key Vote: Support Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011, S. 482

The SEC should investigate the Dept. of Education

Hidden workforce challenges domestic economic recovery

Attrition Works, Respected Think Tank Edition

A prez gone AWOL

Obama Heads to Rio Sunday

Lessons from Libya for Dictators in Distress

New York mosque project site faces legal challenge

Glenn Loury identifies the "perversion" of public sector unions.

Perfect global storm Japanese tsunami plus Libyan civil war equals worldwide woe

Is Obama Like Ike? The president isn't sweating the big stuff.

Obama to raise money in Harlem

Democrats rope-a-doping Republicans on spending

TSA Unionization: An Exercise in Political Back-Scratching

IRS Pays Enron Whistleblower $1.1 Million

A Charisma Election?

Obama the invisible

Profiteering Off New Regulations on For-Profit Colleges

News Flash: NYT Writer Is Out of Touch

Intolerance of the Avant Garde It's nice to see that what I've suspected for a long time is actually true.
Art should challenge the status quo, the staid complacencies of the bourgeoisie; it should even shock. So goes a standard Leftist line. But when art actually DOES that, they do their best to suppress it. That helps to explain why the ideas of the avant garde have been the same for more than a century, and why, today, avant garde means defending the statist status quo.

What Happens To Your Online Data When You Die?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daily Round-Up 03-15

Continuing coverage of the Japanese Crisis

Japan Officials Make Gains as Nuclear Crisis Sparks Rift Conditions at Plant Are Stabilized but Worst May Not Be Over.

My Husband's Assessments
Chu Surfaces
Japan Nuclear Update
Meltdown Now Looking More Likely

And VDH - The Fragility of Complex Societies


Senate GOP Crafts BBA Deal

Who Won in Wisconsin?

The Ike Phase

House GOP moves to repeal parts of Wall Street reform law


Apple's Role in Japan during the Tohoku Earthquake

Republicans Dig in for Spending Fight

Warning, parody - U.S. Stung By Latest Undercover Sting

O’Keefe Meets Kurtz on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’

Rush: I wish Rubio would run for President

Signs Point To Yes For Herman Cain Presidential Run


EXCLUSIVE: 'Baby Joseph' Gets Second Chance at Life in U.S.

Florida Acts to Opt-Out of Abortion Funding

Fighting Corruption 03-15

6 Reasons You Teabaggers Should Give Up On Controlling Spending

The Democratic Party Versus the Tea Party. The Democrats consider the Tea Party and its grassroots activists to be on another planet, and bitterly oppose everything they believe in ... like balancing the budget.

Mormon Politicians From Utah Feel Tea Party Heat

Ron Schiller is wrong: People who want small government are not racist

Tea Party opponents complicate GOP vote on new stopgap funding bill

Junk Science 03-15

I'm actually very pleased about this. Japan reactor crisis: Obama, Republicans still back nukes I mean, we don't HAVE to build our nuclear power plants in high-earthquake, high-tsunami risk areas like the Japanese must.

And this - House GOP rejects amendments that say climate change is real

D.C. reneges on committment to reimburse residents for solar panels

Some Climate Change Advocates Glom Onto Tsunami to Advance Arguments

A President On Strike Against Energy

Obama at Wheel of Father's Oldsmobile

General Bad Behavior 03-15

DOJ Tells U.S. Soldiers: Go Bother Someone Else! Their new website just tells servicemembers to go call the Pentagon if they didn't get their 2010 election ballots on time.

Are Terrorists Flooding Across the Border?

Fuel rod fire?

Ken Blackwell - State Is AWOL on Religious Liberties

With the Copts, Egypt’s Army Plays Good Cop and Bad Cop

“If I had a dollar for every time that capitalism was blamed for problems caused by government, I’d be a fat filmmaker with a baseball cap.”

What’s Foreign Aid? Why Does the U.S. Provide It? It's time to reassess the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Anti-Semitism At UCSC?

UN's Watchdog Says the General Assembly Needs to Rein in 'Self-Expanded' Global Compact Initiative

Islam Stifling Free Speech in England

DHS Conducts ‘Drive-by’ Surveillance. What’s Next? The government flouts the Fourth Amendment in the name of security.

Horror: Palestinian Terrorists Slaughter Israeli Family, Gaza Celebrates AND The Other Tsunami

Space isn’t a jobs program. Let NASA focus on mission, not pork politics and landscaping

Bad Politician Bad 03-15

President Obama Job Approval

Obama’s Approval Ratings Slip in New Polls

Hope. Change. Nixon Don't for get Carter! Obama's reminding voters of Carter as well as Nixon.

Economy, Gas, Partisanship and War Gang Up on Confidence in Government Confidence in the U.S. System of Government Drops to a 35-Year Low

Obama, Wright, Farrakhan, and Gaddafi Let's refresh our recollections about the president's connections.

They are trying to recall the ones who stayed and did their job?!? Recall of Wis. GOP Senators Gaining Traction

Rep. Keith Ellison wrote that the Constitution is evidence of a racist conspiracy

Village Manager Earns More than All 50 Governors
Click here for the updated Palatine Village Manager Compensation Analysis.

Dem shames Obama for Crowley ousting

Rep. Hensarling: 'Spendaholic' Obama ‘Hides’ From Red Ink He Spews

Twilight Zone: Maryland’s O’Malley Keynotes Union Protest of His Own Budget

Obama wants it both ways on Sunshine Week

Wireless Tax Is A Tax on Women's Independence

Good Riddance - Eugenics advocating New Hampshire lawmaker resigns

Thomas Sowell - Blacks and Republicans The GOP needs to make its case to win blacks’ votes. AND Blacks, Democrats, and Republicans

House ethics chair blasts predecessor on idling of lawyers in Waters probe

Why It’s Bad Business to Hire the Long-Term Unemployed. The Obama administration has overseen the utterly preventable destruction of human capital that is arguably unprecedented in human history — and it's their fault.

TheDC Morning: Corrine Brown is broke

Because that's "leadership"? - Obama “staying in background” on budget debate

Just three? 3 Disturbing Images of Obama

Niall Ferguson: The Best Case Scenario Is A Rerun Of The 1970s, With Obama In The Role Of Jimmy Carter

Lawmakers Clash on Hill Over Government 'Takeover' of Internet

This is a bad idea. A better theme is "Reversing America's Decline". Much more positive. Well, they don't call the GOP the stupid party for nothing. GOP 2012 theme: American 'decline'

Good News: President Obama Tapes ESPN Special on NCAA Picks

DHS Conducts ‘Drive-by’ Surveillance. What’s Next? The government flouts the Fourth Amendment in the name of security.

Obama's team seeks new ways to fire up his base

Denver City Council endorses pay raise for elected officials

Obama Urged to Seize Reins as Crises Pile Up

In Economic Woes 03-15

Job Creation (March 2011)

Discretionary Spending Cuts Could Net $1.8 Trillion in Deficit Savings, CBO Says

Two centuries ago, government was cheap and everything else was expensive

A different strategy for impatient fiscal conservatives

Is a Hidden Tax On Cars, Trucks, Tractors and Other Vehicles Just Around the Corner?

First PIMCO, Then OPEC, Then . . . ?

How to Get Ready for Smaller Government

More Mortgage Mischief Elizabeth Warren revs up her Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

New York Considers Hiking Cigarette Tax…Again

U.S. businesses not buying President Obama’s rhetoric on energy ‘race’ with China

'I Can't Eat an iPad' The Federal Reserve bombs in Queens.

California Moves Closer Toward Default

Why It’s Bad Business to Hire the Long-Term Unemployed. The Obama administration has overseen the utterly preventable destruction of human capital that is arguably unprecedented in human history — and it's their fault.

Thomas Sowell - The 'Redevelopment' Hoax

Nevada's Boom Ends in Record Number of Empty Homes

Michigan bill would impose "financial martial law"

If Market Keeps Falling, Fed Will Keep Printing: 'Dr. Doom'

Income Equality: Why Doesn't the Left Hate the Lottery?

Lawmakers Preparing Bills to Delay Debit-Card ‘Swipe’ Fee Caps

Obamacare 03-15

Healthcare (March 2011)

US States to Lose $1.08 of Every Medicaid Dollar

Gee I wonder why - White House Urges Supreme Court Not to Jump Into Health Care Law Cases Prematurely

Administration wants to slow health care challenge

Waivers For Everyone Exploring the Health Care Waiver Fairness Act.

DoD Wants Raise Premiums for Tricare

Defunding Obamacare more significant than budget cuts

Bachmann Exposes $105 Billion Secret

Obamacare Is ‘Platform’ for Creating Single-Payer System

Report: Medicare Issues $3.1 Million in Wrongful Payouts for Viagra

Obama’s Refusal to Provide Records on Healthcare Meetings Should Sound Alarms

Media Bias 03-15

For first time, you online news consumers outnumber those newspaper readers: the impact on politics

Dead Jews Is No News

Mainstream Media Dehumanizes Family Butchered by Terrorists In Israel Friday Night

Does Being A Conservative Now Require That We Join In Sexualized Mocking of Conservative Women?

Actor Harry Shearer blasts mainstream media during trip to Washington

Senior journalist implicated in hacking scandal: BBC

Susan Sarandon calls Scott Walker an ‘idiot’

The Oil Cabal — The President and His Media

Fear the Media Meltdown, Not the Nuclear One (UPDATED) Relax: this is not another Chernobyl or Three Mile Island, and I'll tell you exactly why. The only thing to fear is the sensationalist reporting that has the world panicked. (UPDATE: Fuel rod fire?)

National Pathetic Radio

Daily Beast/Newsweek Web Strategy:

No Vindication for Ex-NPR Exec: On the Blaze’s Accusations of Misleading Editing by O’Keefe

NPR gets punked

Media Has Double Standard on Gaffes

Big Union/Leftie Groups 03-15

Organizing For America Goes Hamas

Do We Still Need Unions? No.

US Public Schools: Progressive Indoctrination Camps (Part 2)

In California, unions are sinking Brown’s budget proposal

Wisconsin Catches Boycott Fever
What’s dumbfounding is how liberals think their boycotts are going to make any difference. Many of the companies on the list do very little business with the public. Will it make a dent in the economy if your average Madison bohemian stops ordering concrete and pallets? Hard-core liberals are going to end their ongoing love affair with Walmart? They’re going to throw out their “I Heart the Koch Brothers” coffee mugs?

Perhaps most ironically, investments in many of these companies are held by the State of Wisconsin Investment Board — the very same retirement system upon which these government employees will draw their pensions. (For instance, the fund holds $7.2 million in stock of Miller Brewing.) Kill those companies, and you’re hurting your own investments — and eliminating a lot of family-supporting union jobs. Bring those capitalist pigs to their knees at your own risk.

The Leiter Side of Union Thuggery "Collective bargaining" corrupts policemen and philosophers alike..

Scarborough: Walker’s Victory No Gift to Dems

Do you really want to use rote chanting to train kids to protest against authority?

Unions vs. the little guy in Wisconsin recall fight

Facebook Round-Up 03-15

Below is a round-up of stuff people have posted on my facebook page, enjoy.

Also - Beware the Ides of March (aka today)

By my husband - Meltdown Now Looking More Likely

Verizon and AT&T Make Calls Free to Japan!

Instead of Supporting Higher Taxes, Rich Leftists Should Deal with Feelings of Guilt by Giving Their Money to Me

Tsunamis are not stimulus

Do We Need the 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage?


Illegals Threaten To Murder Americans With Axes and Shovels SB 1070

Green Pressure Groups Want More Corporate Climate Disclosure

"Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey" a Finalist for a Digital National Magazine Award!

Wanted for Premeditated Murder: How Post-Normal Science Stabbed Real Science in the Back on the Way to the Illusion of “Scientific Consensus” on Global Warming

Green Injustice: How Obama's environmental policies hurt the poor

Video: White Police Officer Files Reverse Discrimination Against Mayor "As soon as Hardwick was elected, he launched a systematic campaign to dump White supervisors throughout the village."

Andrew Klavan: Liberal Fantasies vs. Reality, Can you Spot the Difference?

The Whiniest President Ever

NPR: tripped up by its own elitism

Ag industry, lawmakers try to limit secret videos

The Battle over H.R. 910: Waxman, Markey, Inslee Put Greenhouse Agenda Ahead of Constitutional Principle

Going bananas over radiation

Radical Immigration Reform Rally, ATL Ga

55 Positive Externalities: Hail to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Fearmongers go into their own meltdown
Brendan's conclusion: "The result is that the Western focus is mostly on one nuclear power plant in a country in which entire towns have been destroyed and thousands of people killed. The politics of fear has made us so irrational and self-obsessed that we risk becoming deaf to the already occurring horrors in Japan."

Four Ways the U.S. Can Help Japan, Also Itself: Amity Shlaes

Utah governor under spotlight over immigration laws. Hispanic groups want the governor to strike down the enforcement bill and have announced a two-week boycott of Utah businesses, beginning March 14.

La Raza Mexicans Invade Texas Townhall

Radiation decreasing, fuel ponds warming

Social Media's Influence on Revolution

SUR 13 vs La Gran Familia vs 18st vs La Raza 13 vs Norte 14

Europe's Ill Wind A fascenating mini-documentary/short film about the problems with living next to wind turbines.

And Yet the Western Left then Celebrated the Glories of the U.S.S.R.

Tax-consumers Use Our Money to Lobby for More of Our Money

School Choice in Pennsylvania Is a Bigger Threat to the Left than the Loss of Union Power in Wisconsin

Climategate 'hide the decline' explained by Berkeley professor Richard A. Muller

Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Round-Up 03-14

Overview of Crisis in Japan (may God bless the departed and comfort the suffering.)

Japan earthquake: Many are the terrors of the earth, but they're not our fault Why do we insist on blaming ourselves for natural disasters like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, asks Boris Johnson.

President Obama Job Approval

Holder MUST GO - DoJ ignores the law on racial discrimination

‘Bipartisan’ Redistricting in Va. Targets Cantor, Other Republicans

Tax Foundation: On April 1, U.S. Is #1 (World's Highest Corporate Tax Rate)

Why Is It So Easy for Lila Rose and James O’Keefe?

Overview of NPR Scandal

Donors Told Obama in Weaker Position As Push for 2012 Funds Begins, Campaign Chief Offers Early Glimpse of How President Stacks Up Against the GOP Field Well, if they said Obama was a done-deal, they wouldn't get donations at all.

The 30,000-foot presidency?

The Great Tractorcade That Wasn't

Jobs growing slowly, wages falling fast

Bachmann: Obama May Have Used Pigford to Win Black Vote From Hillary

Team Obama Realizes 2012 Will Be Harder Than 2008

The Supreme Court and the health-care mandate muddle

Bring it - Wis. labor protesters say next fight at the polls

Unions plan more protests and a recall effort, as authorities ID death threat sender AND ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC and NPR Ignore Death Threats to Wisconsin Republicans

Obama's transparency myth

The global food crunch

Bernanke's Tsunami of Greenbacks

REIN-ing in the Regulatory State

Health care fight: Round 2

The White-Hot Seat

The Dayton Police Department is lowering its testing standards for recruits.

It's a move required by the U.S. Department of Justice after it says not enough African-Americans passed the exam

Time Magazine Headline: 'Wisconsin's Governor Wins But Is He Still Dead Man Walker?'

There Aren’t Enough Millionaires

Green Development? Not in My (Liberal) Backyard

Medicare Illegally Paid for Seniors’ Viagra, U.S. Audit Says

Astroturfing in the Mid-West

Bill Clinton blasts drilling and permit delays at forum

The Real Battle: Makers v. Takers

There’s Lots of Oil in America’s Energy Cupboard

The SEC’s shrinking credibility

The Other Pension Crisis: Employer-Sponsored Plans

Naming the Dead

The world’s attention has been riveted by the horrendous natural disaster in Japan. Naoto Kan, the Japanese prime minister, somberly described the damage wrought by the shattering earthquake and tsunami the nation’s “worst crisis since World War II.”

That tragedy — and no one can watch the video footage of what happened in northern Japan without a feeling of horror — is everywhere in the news. Another story, smaller in scale, but no less horrific, has received scant notice. Late Friday night, some yet-to-be-identified people — the sort of people President Obama would doubtless describe as “lone extremists” — cut their way through a security fence and entered the Israeli town of Itamar in the West Bank. They then broke into the house of Udi and Ruth Fogel (36 and 35 years old, respectively), and stabbed them to death along with their 3-month-old daughter, Hadas, and two sons, Elad (3 years old) and Yoav (11).

Study: Energy Regulation Preventing Job Creation

It is a war, started by the unions

What’s Foreign Aid? Why Does the U.S. Provide It?

PROMISES, PROMISES: Little transparency progress

Islam Stifling Free Speech in England

Gawker Misspells ‘New Hamshire’ [sic] in Article Slamming Bachmann as Ignorant

Sayings of Chairman Maobama

Obama’s Refusal to Provide Records on Healthcare Meetings Should Sound Alarms

The Aroma of Illegality

Growing GOP Opposition to Short-Term CR

My First Media Matters Post

Republicans push English-only bill, requires language tests

Freudian Slip: Chris Matthews Calls Obama 'President Carter'

Union mobocracy drowns out democracy in Wisconsin.

Why Waste Billions on Obamacare Law that Might Be Void?

First-time Buyers Fade From Market.

Support for Offshore, ANWR Drilling Reaches New Heights

Broken windows fallacy?

Far Left Protesters Now Videotaping License Plates at Scott Walker Fundraisers

Facing Public Union Realities

As Budget Battle Rages On, a Quiet Cancer Grows

Chris Christie, bringing sexy back

3 Essential Facts About the Current Moment: We're Out of Money, The Public Sector is Overpaid, & We Can't Tax Our Way Out of This.

The significance of ‘significant’ cuts

Soaking up green

EPA Tangles With New Critic: Labor

Clinton spokesman resigns after WikiLeaks flap

Obama meeting with potential DNC donors

National Public Racket

Thompson Sheds Light on Alleged Improprieties of U.S. DOE

In Arizona, Defenders of ‘Stadium Welfare’ Use Intimidation Tactics

Unintended consequences in Wisconsin If public-sector unions continue to fight for concessions from states, American workers will pay the price

Invincible Energy Ignorance

The Exploding Cost of Servicing Our Debt

Welcome to Thunderdome politics

The Season of the Political Sting The NPR scandal shows we're in an age of radical transparency.

More Details in Rep. Hastings Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Michigan bill would impose "financial martial law"

Would You Let Your Daughter Fund This Man's Pension?

Win or lose, liberalism is always victorious!

The birth of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Ottoman Empire's collapse allowed Western inroads in the Middle East, and the Muslim Brothers arose in response.


My husband "upgraded" my computer system which is also regularly crashing. So round-ups will be a struggle for the next few days.



My husband "upgraded" my computer system which is also regularly crashing. So round-ups will be a struggle for the next few days.