Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick Husband Round-Up 03-16

(Technically this is a "Random Round-Up" But I'm hoping the sick husband explains why.)

President Obama Job Approval

22% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction, Lowest of Obama's Presidency

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Herman Cain: ‘It’s Not Planned Parenthood -- No, It’s Planned Genocide’

At Justice, It Just Keeps Getting Worse. The Civil Rights Division has blocked a much-needed reform of a local school board in S.C., once again showing it has no interest in protecting minority voters if they are white.

Massacre of the innocents

The Deep, Virulent Evil of the United Nations

Why They Celebrate Murdering Children Islam is as Islam does.

In dramatic revolt, Miami-Dade voters fire Mayor Carlos Alvarez over pay hikes, tax increase Listen up politicians. Your old allies won't save you because there are not as many of them as there are of us. Heed us well or lose your jobs.

Congressmen as securities traders

The Justice Department Fix Is In. The long-awaited internal report on the New Black Panther voter intimidation dismissal is done, and sensible Americans aren’t going to be happy.

Normal Interest Rates Would be a Disaster for U.S. Debt

You know what is "untouchable"? My body. I don't want any government policy/official/beaurocrat having anything to do with MY BODY. The ‘Untouchable’ $23.6 Billion Funding ObamaCare

Woman Claims ACORN Continues to Deduct Money for a Now-Defunct Membership

There's no there, there - The Obama Doctrine

Congress Must Stop $105.5 Billion in Automatic Obamacare Spending

Illinois' wacky way of redistricting

In the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda, protesters — not noticing the self-dramatization — sing about how they're standing up to "goons and ginks and company finks" and how one day they'll "be free."

uh-huh - In MLK rallies, unions to stress collective bargaining as civil right

Union Supporters Protest Wisconsin Senator’s Home
There is a reason you won’t see the tea party hanging around outside of politicians’ homes. That’s because it is incredibly inappropriate. It’s behavior which is designed to intimidate in the worst kind of way.

Yet in Wisconsin, and elsewhere throughout the country, liberals find this tactic to be acceptable if not preferable.

Wisconsin Investigations Into Fake Doctor Excuses Heat Up

Labor backers arrested at Tenn. Capitol protest

Redistricting in California

Letter to House: Sign Letter to House Leadership Requesting No Federal Mandates in Health Care Alternative Plan

2012 will be about Obama

Oh well, if the tax cheat says we should do it... - Geithner says Congress must raise debt limit

Protection racket

Tell the Senate to stop the EPA global warming power grab!

Failure to Represent

DHS Releases Report on Illegal Alien Charged With Killing Virginia Nun in August 2010 Drunk Driving Incident

Food prices increase most in 36 years. Labor Department says Producer Price Index rose 1.6 percent on higher food costs; doubled from previous month

Bye-Bye Secret Ballot?

There’s More to Birthright Citizenship Than You Think

Wholesale prices up 1.6 pct. on steep rise in food

Copying Christie Others try emulating the governor's tough-talking approach.

Hope. Change. Nixon.

John Kerry's Recycled Government Slush Fund Recipe

Obama: The Great Fabricator

Head Start's reality

EPA Vote: Who wants to be a U. S. Senator?

Mandatory Spending to Exceed all Federal Revenues — 50 Years Ahead of Schedule Bah! According to my husband so is my mandatory spending.

CA Labor Unions: We’re ‘At Governor’s Service’ To Fight For Tax Increases

Boehner: ‘Take a Real Serious Look’ at Regulators

Video: Political leader who couldn’t pass a budget lectures on fiscal responsibility

White House wants new copyright law crackdown

Counterpunching that made-up line, ‘follow the money’

Make the Bush Tax Cuts Permanent Unemployment is down since the president had to give way on taxes, but trouble still looms in 2013.

Mrs. Christie’s Issue: Down Syndrome Research

Subsidized Energy-Saving Programs Pay Off Big for Nonprofit Provider

Affirmative Action Since Obama Shattered the Highest Glass Ceiling

TSA Admits Bungling of Airport Body-Scanner Radiation Tests

Senate Key Vote: Support Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011, S. 482

The SEC should investigate the Dept. of Education

Hidden workforce challenges domestic economic recovery

Attrition Works, Respected Think Tank Edition

A prez gone AWOL

Obama Heads to Rio Sunday

Lessons from Libya for Dictators in Distress

New York mosque project site faces legal challenge

Glenn Loury identifies the "perversion" of public sector unions.

Perfect global storm Japanese tsunami plus Libyan civil war equals worldwide woe

Is Obama Like Ike? The president isn't sweating the big stuff.

Obama to raise money in Harlem

Democrats rope-a-doping Republicans on spending

TSA Unionization: An Exercise in Political Back-Scratching

IRS Pays Enron Whistleblower $1.1 Million

A Charisma Election?

Obama the invisible

Profiteering Off New Regulations on For-Profit Colleges

News Flash: NYT Writer Is Out of Touch

Intolerance of the Avant Garde It's nice to see that what I've suspected for a long time is actually true.
Art should challenge the status quo, the staid complacencies of the bourgeoisie; it should even shock. So goes a standard Leftist line. But when art actually DOES that, they do their best to suppress it. That helps to explain why the ideas of the avant garde have been the same for more than a century, and why, today, avant garde means defending the statist status quo.

What Happens To Your Online Data When You Die?

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