Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Awesome Rant

One Angry Rant: "Land Of The Stupid, Home Of The Freaking Screwed"

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Facebook Round-Up 04-23

MURRAY: The midnight ride of Standard & Poor’s. The ratings agency sounded the alarm, but will Washington heed the warning?

"Cake or Death?" Would You Prefer Privatization or a Death Panel?

On Disrupting the Educational Status Quo. "Monopolies don't want to have direct competition."

Obama Has the Constitutional Scholar's Greatest Gift: He Can Tell Who Is Guilty Just By Lookin' At 'Em

Being Gay in Cuba still gets you arrested

Could Biofuel Policies Increase Death and Disease in Developing Countries?

Observed Climate Change and the Negligible Global Effect of Greenhouse-gas Emission Limits in the State of Ohio

Fisking the Cherry-Picking of Scientific Data.

Where Are the Climate Refugees?

The Green Nazis

Global Warming/Climate Change ‘Denial’ and Swastikas

A Christian Response to Earth Day

Jerry Brown's Vacation Gift to Prison Guards

Mort Zuckerman on America’s Looming Debt Crisis

The TSA and the six-year-old terror suspect. The grotesque invasion of Anna Drexel's privacy by a TSA patdown shows how cowed the American public has become Interestingly, this is from The Guardian.

Stranger Catches Toddler Falling From 4th-Floor Balcony

Just a Little Tax Hike ...

The New Face of 'Poverty' How economic freedom spreads the wealth around.

More Than 40 Dead In Syria: Censored and Uncensored

Islamic Law Comes to Dearborn

Yet Another Democrat Laughs at Libertarians for Wanting to Legalize Pot

Obama’s Embraces another Class Warfare Proposal – “Tax the Rich” Is the Universal Cure!

Republicans Should Vote to Raise Debt Ceiling

I’ll Gladly Trade America’s IRS Agents for Pakistan’s Transgender Tax Collectors

Seniors Thank Rep. Beutler for Protecting Medicare in New Campaign

U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade

Defending Republican Senate Seats in 2012

Skiers Cliff Jump To Escape Avalanche

Obama's visit slows some L.A. traffic to a crawl

The Tea Party tail wags the Republican dog, but it's Obama who's dragged off course

Murder Solved After Cops Find Crime Scene Tattooed on Gang Member’s Chest

Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Round-Up 04-22

NAACP official convicted of voter fraud


Blacks’ migration to suburbs will have big impact on congressional redistricting African-Americans moving into the suburbs is a wonderful and clear sign that their incomes are rising. Which is excellent.

New Poll Brings Bad News for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Secularist parties have a clear majority of support, but the Brotherhood might still have significant sway over the government.


Steve Wynn Calls Out Obama and His Media

Hatch will oppose any deficit-reduction deal that includes raising taxes

Oregon House votes to limit legislators from sliding into higher-paid state jobs


Federal Fiat

The Newest Labor War: Union, Feds Attack Boeing

Labor Relations Board Acting Like 'Thugs'

If the Ryan budget is so unpopular, where are the town-hall meltdowns?

NYC Teachers Union Plays Race Card Against Progressive Teachers Group

NAACP official convicted of voter fraud


FIGHTING CORRUPTION/TEA PARTY NEWS wins regional Murrow award for Tea Party documentary

Tea Party puts pressure on Boehner over debt ceiling debate

We'll see - Trump, Palin, Bachmann Turn Tea Party Into Kingmaker for 2012 I don't think Trump appeals to TEA Partiers all that much.

Evidence Aside, State Lawmakers Debate ‘Birther’ Bills

Media Bias 04-22

CBS News Coverupdate: No Comment On Obama Hot-Mic

New York Observer Knowingly Lies to Its Readers Despite Privately Acknowledging Error

New Tone? Attacking Sarah Palin’s Son

An Analysis of the Wonkette-Trig Palin Controversy, In Terms a Wonkette Reader Can Understand

Wonkette Editor Ken Layne Criticizes Palin’s Parenting — But Can’t Even Count His Own Children

Steve Wynn Calls Out Obama and His Media

A Surprise Challenge Interesting reporting. 1) The claim that the trustees are "apolitical" and 2) the challenger's views are described as "extreme" when merely conservative.

MSNBC’s Matthews: Tea Party Just Wants to Cut Funding to Poor

General Bad Behavior 04-22

Poll: Only 26% Think US Is on Right Track

I don't think so - Earth Day instead of Easter?

Why Is (Pacifist) Spain Selling Cluster Bombs to Libya? While Spain’s Socialist government publicly preaches the virtues of post-modern pacifism, in private it is busy selling weapons to some of the most odious and repressive regimes in the world

The Department of Distraction Swings Into Action

Racial Discrimination, Preferences, and Selective Enforcement by the Obama Administration

Apple slammed over iPhone, iPad location tracking

Facebook Ramps Lobbying to $230,000 in 1st Quarter

Suffer the Little Children: Cohabitation and the Abuse of America’s Children

NAACP official convicted of voter fraud

The Donald Gets His Twitter Death Wishes

Sealed Records Exposed In Major Court Gaffe

Brutal Mexican drug gang crosses into U.S.

New Christian Convert from Islam Murdered

Islamic Law Comes to Dearborn

Bad Politician Bad 04-22

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

More Polls, More Bad News for Obama

Getting Real About Obama's Chances, Part II

High Gas Prices Catching Up to Obama?

The Unhappy President

Obama’s Pen: The Most Powerful Branch of Government? This week's leaked executive order draft is far from the first time this administration has looked to ignore congressional or legal defeat (i.e., the rule of law).

The Department of Distraction Swings Into Action

For Obama, re-election turf is tricky in Nevada

The Traveling Obama Show

Why the Dems are stupid on this is that most of their money comes from Unions which fall under this ruling. US Democrats Widen Assault on Anonymous Campaign Cash

Re: When the President Does It, It Isn’t Illegal

Nevada Sen. John Ensign announces resignation Given that the Senate turned a blind eye for decades to the antics of Ted Kennedy, I doubt it was the extramarital affair that the ethics investigation involved.

Ouch Kim Kardashian, Others, Protest Obama's Broken Promises

Happy Days are Here Again (If You Live in Washington’s Bubble)

Obama Fires Up His Campaign Cash Machine. With the GOP eager to exploit relaxed spending restrictions, the President is asking top "bundlers" to raise far more than they did for 2008 Presumably, he's removed the illegal donation software from his online donation site as well.

NAACP official convicted of voter fraud

Trump’s Eminent-Domain Empire. This faux conservative scoffs at fundamental private-property rights

Earth Day Ends Obama's 53,300 Gallon Trip

Racial Discrimination, Preferences, and Selective Enforcement by the Obama Administration

They Carried Obama in 2008, But Can’t Carry a Tune in San Francisco

Obama’s Embraces another Class Warfare Proposal-’Tax the Rich’ Is the Universal Cure for Everything!

In Economic Woes 04-22

Nation’s Mood at Lowest Level in Two Years, Poll Shows

Obama's Permanent Spending Binge If government got by with 20% of GDP in 2007, why not in 2021, when GDP will be substantially higher?

11 Prices That Will Rise Along With Your Gas

Killer Combo of High Gas, Food Prices at Key Tipping Point

SEC can't be held liable to Madoff victims for its gross incompetence

GE Earnings Soar on Lending Arm

The Truth About the Debt Ceiling and Default

The dollar, less almighty: Big investors see possible long-term currency weakness

Apocalypse later: what happens the day after we hit the debt ceiling

Geithner's goof undermines the dollar

Budget Panel: Obama Deficit Plan Saves Less Than Advertised

Obamacare 04-22

We Call It ‘Rationing,’ Obama Calls It ‘Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board’
We shouldn't let either Obama's IPAB or Congress control our health care.

When the government talks to your doctor, who’s listening?

Republicans Just Voted To End Medicare -- So Where's The Outrage?

Critics Assail Fla. Pill Mill Bill as Stealth Obamacare

GOP Seeks to Reassure Elderly on Medicare

Don’t be EMO on Earth Day

Are ‘Patients’ the Same as ‘Consumers’?

Junk Science 04-22

'Green' Light Bulbs Linked to Cancer

Earth Day is a celebration of power and bureaucracy

Earth Day — a national establishment of religion

Ugh - Children sing the praises of environmental activism for Earth Day

Voodoo Economics? How About Voodoo Climate Science?

EPA’s train wreck could leave many in the dark

Earth Day Ends Obama's 53,300 Gallon Trip

Obama Fibs About Chevy Volt

Taxes Are NOT the Answer

Large Tax Increases are Not A Semantic Question
In other words, for the poorest 20% of Americans (who make less than $20,000 a year, with an average income of $11,500), taxes go from about $460 to about $920. For the middle quintile (making an average of $50,000 a year), taxes go from around $7,000 to over $12,000. For those in the top quintile, with an average income of $167,000, taxes jump from a $41,000 to $62,000.

Turn it around and look at the effect on incomes: after tax incomes drop from $11,040 to $10,580**, in the lowest quintile; from $43,000 to $38,500 in the middle quintile; and from$125,000 to $105,000. And the higher you go, the stronger the effect is; for the top 1% (which starts at AGI of $400,000), you reduce their minimum income from a bottom of roughly $275,000 to perhaps $210,000, either through taxes, or through lower capital income as a result of higher corporate income taxes*.

Can this be done? Maybe. Probably, at least on the lower tiers, who don't respond to tax rates the way the wealthy can. But it won't be easy or moderate. I'm sure there are a number of people in my readership where two spouses take home $125,000 between them. How easily can you guys chop $20,000 out of your budget? And though the percentages are lower, in practical effect it's even worse for the bottom: if you're making minimum wage, $460 is several weeks worth of paychecks.

Now, if you don't want to take more money from the lower quintiles, you have to take even more from the top quintiles. But the effective tax rate on the top 1% is already almost 50% if we raise all taxes by the same amount. Those people also pay other taxes: property taxes, state income taxes, sales taxes. How much of their income do we think the state can claim? How much do we think it should claim?
Read the whole thing and weep.

Good Friday 2011

May God Bless Us and Keep Us. Amen.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Birther Issue - McCain's

Gotta love the Internet and the fact that nothing is ever lost on it. So why if it was such a big deal that McCain was born in Panama when his father was serving on a US military base there back in 2008 that they had to pass a resolution saying McCain could serve. If that was a big deal, why didn't the media investigate Obama in the same way?

Meet McCain 'birthers': ABC, CBS, NBC, FactCheck, N.Y. Times, more. Eligibility issue was huge in 2008 when Obama opponent was focus of attention

Just look on Google Mccain birth certificate

New movie tackles Obama eligibility Lots of links.

Obama's Budget Still A Sick Joke

Budget group: New Obama budget plan would fail, could cause tax trigger to be pulled
The bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has taken a crack at deciphering President Barack Obama’s murky new budget plan, called the “Framework for Shared Prosperity and Shared Fiscal Responsibility.” And its findings are devastating:

Just like in my analysis here and here, the CRFB found that the Ryan Plan cuts more debt than the Obama Plan. Also note that while the White House said its plan relied just 25 percent on higher taxes (33 percent if you exclude interest), the CFRB found that it actually relies 30 percent on higher tax revenue (40 percent if you exclude interest.) And since the debt trigger would be pulled, even higher taxes would be possible, as well additional spending cuts.


Why is the latest move by the NLRB against Boeing important? It impacts all levels of the American economy when an unelected government quango gets to tell any business how it must run its business. That's why it is important.

Obama to Boeing: Drop Dead
This could well be the most outrageous insult yet to the free market economy:
In what may be the strongest signal yet of the new pro-labor orientation of the National Labor Relations Board under President Obama, the agency filed a complaint Wednesday seeking to force Boeing to bring an airplane production line back to its unionized facilities in Washington State instead of moving the work to a nonunion plant in South Carolina.
Do I need to explain how many kinds of wrong this is? Not only is the federal government saying to Boeing that it gets to decide where it puts its production lines, it's telling South Carolina it may as well not enact laws designed to attract investment. All that's missing are the words "Five Year Plan."

Daily Round-Up 04-21

In the State of ‘Live Free or Die’–Its Senators Chose to Live Free Today


The state Department of Regulation and Licensing and the Medical Examining Board said Wednesday that they had opened investigations into eight individuals who allegedly wrote doctor excuse notes for protesters at the state Capitol during rallies in February.

Don’t Keep Hope Alive "Wisconsin’s official Government Accountability Board has now investigated the election results in Waukesha County and found no reason to overturn the results that gave Supreme Court Justice David Prosser a 7,300 vote victory over his labor-backed challenger, JoAnne Kloppenburg."

More Companies Pull Ads from Wonkette Over Trig Post

Democrats Join Threat to Hold Up Debt Ceiling Vote Without Spending Cuts

The Future of School Choice: Arizona’s New ESA Program


Email from Tricia Willoughby, the 14-year-old girl who spoke at Saturday's Tea Party rally.

Scott Walker Is Just Getting Started

Bobby Jindal hammers President Obama on drilling

Business owner casts reasonable doubt on accuracy of speed cameras

Graham Takes on Bill Daley, NLRB

Senator Corker Explains His Plan to Cap Spending and Reduce the Fiscal Burden of Government


Planned Parenthood Holds Back on Challenging Wave of Anti-Abortion Bills


Email from Tricia Willoughby, the 14-year-old girl who spoke at Saturday's Tea Party rally.

Fight Like a Girl!

General Bad Behavior

Loser in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Demands Recount And according to this chart, her chances don't look too good.

Kloppenburg - Full Statewide Recount ("Kloppenburg's Folly") From "CoolHandLuke" in the comments is a very good point (hat tip: Instapundit) "Let's see ... first she immediately (some cynics might say waaaaaay toooo prematurely) declared victory with a scant 200 or so vote lead when only preliminary totals were in. Chutzpah!!"

Indiana’s government unions paid for Democrats to flee-bag their constituents.

Chavez-style Economics Fail Miserably in Bolivia

Man’s Crisis of Identity at the Dawn of the 21st Century

What we know about Project Gunrunner

Privacy fears raised as researchers reveal file on iPhone that stores location coordinates and timestamps of owner's movements

Forget Big Old Jet Airliners; It's Big Old Jet Air Traffic Control System That's the Problem.

Disabled Americans are substantially more likely to be victims of crime than able-bodied people.

Attacking For-Profit Schools Threatens Training, Opportunity

The Nature of Arab Unrest. Neither the Arab Street nor the Obama administration has looked for the real causes of Arab poverty and oppression.

In Shot Heard Around Business World, Obama’s Labor Board Issues Complaint Against Boeing

Bad Politician Bad 04-21

President Obama Job Approval

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Latest Election Polls

A bad time for Obama’s approval dip

Obama's Likability Gap. Obama today is different than the 2008 candidate.

Getting Real About Obama's Chances, Part 1

About That Speech. Mr. Obama's budget speech makes more sense when one realizes that his sinking poll numbers indicate an erosion in support with his liberal base.

Obama 2012, the dollar and the stink of instability

Obama: Mistakes? Can't think of any.

Faced with Obama ’slow walking’ document requests, GOP aims at outside groups

The divide for 2012. America needs a serious fight

LEAKED: Obama Executive Order Intends to Implement Portions of DISCLOSE Act "They lost in the Supreme Court, they lost in Congress, they lost at the FEC, so now the president is just going to do it by edict." PDF file here

Democrat files suit forcing donor disclosure

Obama’s $3 million S.F. dinner — the complete guest list

Pigford Blues: Starring President Obama

Indiana’s government unions paid for Democrats to flee-bag their constituents.

Obama as political historian

Attacking For-Profit Schools Threatens Training, Opportunity

Incriminating HHS Records Detail Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare Propaganda Campaign

White House Floating Proposal to Curb Contract Campaign Cash

Obama crafts an executive order to get around the Citizens United ruling AND White House Floating Proposal to Curb Contract Campaign Cash

Obama says spending cuts could trigger second recession

He lost me at Kelo - Trump on Kelo: I happen to agree with it 100 percent

Did Obama Doze Off in Tax Class?

President Obama's Fundraiser Interrupted by Singing Supporter/Protestors Wanting Bradley Manning Freed

In Economic Woes 04-21

Strangulation by Regulation

Fleeing the Dollar Flood. The world tries to protect itself from U.S. monetary policy.

Dollar weakens against most major currencies

I guess it pays to be in Obama's pocket - GE's Profit Jumps 77%

More on Tax Redistribution

S&P Cuts Fannie, Freddie, FHLB, Farm Credit Outlooks After US Cut

NO. Uncle Sam Wants You ... or at Least Your Spare Change. Can you donate money to the federal government?

How Republicans Can Win the Debt Limit Fight. Democrats will have the upper hand if the GOP waits too long to move a budget through the House.

We Spend Too Much and Grow Too Little

Just A Little Tax Hike . . .

More Cutting, Less Taxing

Attacking For-Profit Schools Threatens Training, Opportunity

Senator Corker Explains His Plan to Cap Spending and Reduce the Fiscal Burden of Government

Simple Economics

Job Creation and Carbon Dioxide Regulation

The Middle-Class Tax Trap

NLRB dictates Boeing operational plans

Lost faith in government means voters reject new taxes

There is a 'magic' formula for lower gas prices

The Four National Debts

$6 Gas? Could Happen if Dollar Keeps Getting Weaker

Obamacare 04-21

Incriminating HHS Records Detail Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare Propaganda Campaign

Obamacare’s Cruel and Inhumane Inflation-Indexed Vouchers

Drug Industry: President Reneges on Health-Reform Deal

Letter of Support: Repeal the CLASS Act, S. 720 and H.R. 1173

Time to Get Serious about Medicaid

Obama calls GOP Medicare, spending plan 'radical'

Junk Science 04-21

Energy saving light bulbs 'contain cancer causing chemicals' And this my friend's is why my round-up about environmental & energy issues is called "Junk Science".

Are New Solar Power Projects Anti-Environmental?

The Case of the Missing Mollusks

Hold the accolades on China’s ‘green leap forward’ AND Lomborg: China Not So ‘Green’

Green Jobs and Red Tape: Assessing Federal Efforts to Encourage Employment

Generally-Not-Green Motors

Finally: The EPA climate change rap
Your tax dollars at work.

Earth Day Goal Should Be Human Prosperity

Obama’s Energy Lunacy

Job Creation and Carbon Dioxide Regulation

Apple Named Least Green Tech Company, Al Gore On Board of Director

What's Really Killing Us

Mission Implausible: AEP v. Connecticut

Media Bias 04-21

Is Anyone Going to Ask Obama Tough Questions?

What "conservative bloggers" was JoAnne Kloppenburg casting aspersions on yesterday as she asked for an investigation?

The Long History of Media Bias. It has taken its toll on journalistic credibility.

Institutional Collapse and Flight From the Printed Word

The Lingo of the Left Living in an illusory world, the left can maintain its privileged fiction only by adulterating language.

Times Company Profit Falls on Weak Ad Revenue

Well somebody should and The Donald is just catnip to these jokers. The Donald Takes on Media's Love Affair With Obama

Big Union/Leftie Groups 04-21

Indiana’s government unions paid for Democrats to flee-bag their constituents.

8 accused of writing protest excuses now under investigation AND Update: Wisconsin Doctors Writing Bogus Sick Notes

Attacking For-Profit Schools Threatens Training, Opportunity

In Shot Heard Around Business World, Obama’s Labor Board Issues Complaint Against Boeing

NLRB dictates Boeing operational plans

Is There an American Socialist Tradition? Possibly, but it is Not the one today’s Left Celebrates

In the State of ‘Live Free or Die’–Its Senators Chose to Live Free Today

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Round-Up 04-20 (PM Edition)

Wonkette Mocks "Retarded" Trig Palin on His 3rd Birthday And by doing so, revealed more self-loathing than truth. At least, has the decency to call them out about it - Boycotting Wonkette AND it goes on here.

Of course, Wonkette isn't alone in being devoid of decency - Twitter Power: Mock the MSM and Watch Them Launch Phony Attacks against Sarah Palin

Green Economics and ‘Reducing Spending in the Tax Code’

We Must End Our ‘Addiction to Economic Growth’ I go to my husband's standard response when liberals say idiotic things - You First. Sets the President Straight on the Ryan Plan

Parental Consent for TSA Pat-downs, but Not for Abortions

Golden Handshakes for Bureaucrats? Ex-Ante Severance Contracts in the Municipal Sector

Otter Signs Order Banning Health Care Reform. Order Prohibits State From Receiving Federal Funds

Income Tax Burdens in Perspective AND here

Congressional Republicans could do worse than to staple that graph to their respective foreheads whenever they appear on the Sunday-morning news shows.

Poll finds most Americans can't name a GOP presidential candidate

Rationing By All Means Necessary

Under Protest Basically, Megan McArdle askes where are all the anti-war protestors now that Obama has entered started a war in Libya?

Allahu Akbar! It’s Our Friends ‘the Rebels’

One Year Later, the Gulf Oil Spill Is Still Fueling Obama's Imaginary Energy Policy

France Stops All Illegals Coming In on Trains

No to Middle-Class Tax Hikes

Income redistribution will not solve our nation’s budgetary problems

$6 Gas? Could Happen if Dollar Keeps Getting Weaker

Dollar weakens against most major currencies

Re: Re: IPAB, Obama, and Socialism

Judge in Wisconsin Union Cases: ‘Transparency for Thee, but Not for Me’

Police, Apple watching, logging and downloading every move you make

The Tolerant Left AND Paul Ryan, Hypocrite?

Critics blast state-funded sex-ed Web site

Issa threatens contempt charges in gunwalker probe

As Obama gears up for 2012, his lawyers are busy answering questions about 2008.

Google and Obama’s Corporatism

Reagan Democrats: 'Tea Baggers' or MSNBC Viewers?

If Washington Is So Great, Let's All Pay for It

When the President Does It, It Isn’t Illegal