Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Round-Up 04-20 (PM Edition)

Wonkette Mocks "Retarded" Trig Palin on His 3rd Birthday And by doing so, revealed more self-loathing than truth. At least, has the decency to call them out about it - Boycotting Wonkette AND it goes on here.

Of course, Wonkette isn't alone in being devoid of decency - Twitter Power: Mock the MSM and Watch Them Launch Phony Attacks against Sarah Palin

Green Economics and ‘Reducing Spending in the Tax Code’

We Must End Our ‘Addiction to Economic Growth’ I go to my husband's standard response when liberals say idiotic things - You First. Sets the President Straight on the Ryan Plan

Parental Consent for TSA Pat-downs, but Not for Abortions

Golden Handshakes for Bureaucrats? Ex-Ante Severance Contracts in the Municipal Sector

Otter Signs Order Banning Health Care Reform. Order Prohibits State From Receiving Federal Funds

Income Tax Burdens in Perspective AND here

Congressional Republicans could do worse than to staple that graph to their respective foreheads whenever they appear on the Sunday-morning news shows.

Poll finds most Americans can't name a GOP presidential candidate

Rationing By All Means Necessary

Under Protest Basically, Megan McArdle askes where are all the anti-war protestors now that Obama has entered started a war in Libya?

Allahu Akbar! It’s Our Friends ‘the Rebels’

One Year Later, the Gulf Oil Spill Is Still Fueling Obama's Imaginary Energy Policy

France Stops All Illegals Coming In on Trains

No to Middle-Class Tax Hikes

Income redistribution will not solve our nation’s budgetary problems

$6 Gas? Could Happen if Dollar Keeps Getting Weaker

Dollar weakens against most major currencies

Re: Re: IPAB, Obama, and Socialism

Judge in Wisconsin Union Cases: ‘Transparency for Thee, but Not for Me’

Police, Apple watching, logging and downloading every move you make

The Tolerant Left AND Paul Ryan, Hypocrite?

Critics blast state-funded sex-ed Web site

Issa threatens contempt charges in gunwalker probe

As Obama gears up for 2012, his lawyers are busy answering questions about 2008.

Google and Obama’s Corporatism

Reagan Democrats: 'Tea Baggers' or MSNBC Viewers?

If Washington Is So Great, Let's All Pay for It

When the President Does It, It Isn’t Illegal

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