Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facebook Round-Up 04-19

Ten Thousand Commandments

There Is No ‘Regulation Day’ to Remind Us How Much They Cost

If There Were An Annual ‘Regulation Day’

The price of regulation - Anti-stimulus

Latest Regulatory Highjinks - The use of a fitted sheet, instead of a flat sheet, as the bottom sheet on all beds within the lodging establishment.

Calif. ‘Disinvestment Events’ Reach New High As Companies Opt for Other States, Nations

Congress Debates the Debt Ceiling

Don't Single Out Standard & Poor's for Being 'Political' Because the Agency Looked at Our Credit Rating

S&P: US Needs to Get Its Act Together on the Debt

America’s Awful Tax System

Greetings from Argentina – An Obamaesque Land of Crony Capitalism and a Warning to America

This Cartoon Is Very Funny, but also Does a Great Job of Teaching Economics

Global Warming - Science, Economics, Ethics.

The problem I have is that trees are one of our most renewable resources, recycling metal and "Saving The Ore" would be a far better use of our energy and resources. - One person can save trees, together we can save forests But then again, Earth Day was founded on Lenin's Birthday and is full of crap.

Father Pfleger & Cornel West Are Shocked To Learn Even A Black Man Can Be Corrupted By Power

The Road to IPAB

Disinterested Headline of the Day

A Star Is Born

Our Incoherence in the Face of Brutality

The Tea Party Takes Publishing: HarperCollins Gets Broadsided

Commit Yourself. Self-control in the age of abundance

Why Accountable Care Organizations Won’t Deliver Better Health Care—and Market Innovation Will

Home Prices During the Great Depression

Ministry of Plenty Obama wants to raise taxes. So does Mondale. Obama won't tell you. Mondale just did

India, and the Economic Folly of a College Degree

Justice Served in an American-Islamic Honor Killing

What's sad and pathetic about these thugs is they are disrupting the moment with a lie filled chant. There are plenty of folks in the TEA Party from all walks of life, ethnicities, religions, and sexual preferences. The good folks over at GayPatriot.com would point and laugh at the stupidity of this chant. The ignorance of the Left is staggering. Union Thugs Disrupt Moment of Prayer at Boston Tea

New contract for California prison guards lifts cap on saved vacation. Gov. Jerry Brown negotiates a new contract for California's prison guards, who will be allowed to save unlimited amounts of vacation, potentially leading to massive payouts when officers retire

Teachers union protests Washington Post

CA Rep. Sanchez Mocks Tea Party Republicans as Slow with Bigoted Southern Accent

'Atlas Shrugged’ Earns $1.7 Million at Weekend Box Office

Get your Atlas Shrugged T-Shirts here!

Let’s Offset the Misery of the Tax-Filing Season with some Good Tax Jokes

Income Tax Propaganda Cartoon

Why I vetoed HB2177 (qualifications for federal, state and local elections)

The Future and Its Enemies

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