Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meat = Mouthwatering

The Competitive Enterprise Institute did an AWESOME counter-protest in DC. PETA protested outside the Capital Grille, so CEI counter-protested with pro-meat signs and handing out beef jerky. I love you guys! (Disclosure - husband works for CEI.)

Vinnie's Facebook Update - ‎
"208 pieces of beef jerky - 65$;
5 meat is tasty signs $5.00;
counter protesting PETA while giving away free beef - priceless"

Front View

Back View

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Daily Round-Up 10-22

Cyber Attack Strikes FreedomWorks. Nice try, jackasses


Gays In The Military Is A Good Thing

New Poll: Texans Will Re-Elect Gov. Rick Perry. A new poll captures Texans' attitudes on the governor's race and several other salient issues, pointing to one solid fact: Texas is red and will get redder. Don't get cocky.

Confessions of a Pollster


Military Voters, We Want to Hear From You. States are failing deployed military members and families, and the DOJ's Keystone Kops are doing little to nothing to help.

Fox Guarding the Hen House: Trial Lawyer Who Repeatedly Sued Food Companies Now Regulating Them

Illegal Aliens Canvass for Votes in Wash. State

"Did I mention I'm fighting against your Constitutional rights in court?"
Props for trying but in Obama's case what he says and what he does rarely match up. I prefer Tim Gunn's "It Gets Better" to this.

If you don't like it, vote!

Part one - Lawyers Gone Wild AND Part two - Places where judges don't allow justice to prevail AND Part three - Judicial Hellholes

Rasmussen: Only 25% Prefer a Government With More Services, Higher Taxes Here.

A Closer Look at CAIR

Leftist Group Finds 3,000 Suspect Hispanic Voters to Register & Vote on Last Day of Early Voting in Ruth McClung’s District …Update: 65% Are Invalid

After news of Google tax dodges, Obama raises money with Google execs

A Modest Proposal to the French

London borough becomes 'Islamic republic'


ObamaCare's Incentive to Drop Insurance My state of Tennessee could reduce costs by over $146 million using the legislated mechanics of health reform to transfer coverage to the federal government.

Obamacare's Unkeepable Promises. Utopian vision was a fraud from the beginning

A Glimpse of the Future Under Obamacare

Obama’s 'Big Lies' Get Bigger

Thanks To Obama And Health Care Reform, I'm No Longer Paying For My Employees' Insurance


An Alternative to Ethanol

A Wake Up Call to Anti-Mining Environmentalists: We Need Copper

Obama Underappreciation Syndrome

Fox Guarding the Hen House: Trial Lawyer Who Repeatedly Sued Food Companies Now Regulating Them

Media Bias 10-22

Is Fox News more tolerant than NPR? Do TEA Partiers want smaller government?

Rachel Maddow ‘apologizes’ for ‘editing error,’ mocks those who kept her honest

And the Award for Most Sanctimonious Non-Apology of the Week Goes To...

Politico’s Jonathan Martin Humiliated by Multiple Named Sources

CNN Shaping The Election: What About Abortion On The Ballot?

NPR’s intolerant firing of Juan Williams

NPR = Negative Public Relations

PJTV Video - Juan Word You Cannot Say: "Muslim"

Free the Taxpayers: Defund State-Sponsored Media

Juan Williams, the truthful dissident

After news of Google tax dodges, Obama raises money with Google execs

Just who are you calling an ‘un-American bastard,’ Keith Olbermann? We watch, because we’re paid to

Fighting Corruption and TEA Party News 10-22

Cantor Will Add NPR Funding to Chopping Block

WOW - Brutal new ad: “The Chinese professor”

The Sidewalks of San Francisco. Can the City by the Bay reclaim public space from aggressive vagrants?

Tea Party to the Rescue How the GOP was saved from Bush and the establishment.

Friday Free-for-All: Pledge Edition AND Patriotism shocks debate moderator

Repeal the 17th Amendment?

GOP lawmaker looks to increase scrutiny of Obama

George W. Bush Takes to YouTube

Bad Politician Bad 10-22

President Obama Job Approval

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated FEC regulations that restrict coordination between candidates and outside political organizations.

Illegal Aliens Canvass for Votes in Wash. State

Ortiz earmarks may have benefited former security firm

At 39%, Upopular Obama Runs Home for A Hug from His Rahm

New Poll: Texans Will Re-Elect Gov. Rick Perry. A new poll captures Texans' attitudes on the governor's race and several other salient issues, pointing to one solid fact: Texas is red and will get redder. Don't get cocky.

It’s Time to Call Barbara Boxer Ma’am Again

WOW - Brutal new ad: “The Chinese professor”

Who knew Barney Frank could be this much fun?

The View from California

The Inside Story of How Sharron Angle Won The Nevada Senate Debate

GA Gov Candidate Roy Barnes’ Mounting Financial Confusion

Dems Gone Desperate: Schakowsky Caught Electioneering in a Polling Place

Republicans and Democrats Should Be Especially Concerned about the Threat of Government When Their Party Is in Charge

Military Voters, We Want to Hear From You. States are failing deployed military members and families, and the DOJ's Keystone Kops are doing little to nothing to help.

Obama’s 'Big Lies' Get Bigger

Barney Frank rakes in $40G from bailed out banks... despite vow to shun bailed-out lenders

Awesome - Sean Bielat goes on the YouTube offensive

Pelosi subpoenaed in sex discrimination suit

Left Is Just Grasping at Straws

GOP challenges Pelosi in deep-blue San Francisco

Angle to Reid: Man up, man up, man up

Hope in Harlem

DCCC gets $17M line of credit

Democrats’ Financial Hypocrisy

After news of Google tax dodges, Obama raises money with Google execs

In two years, a fearful turn in Obama's speeches. The message in Portland in 2008 was hope. The president returns to talk about mistrust and threats

‘They,’ Madam Speaker, Are We the People

Leftist Group Finds 3,000 Suspect Hispanic Voters to Register & Vote on Last Day of Early Voting in Ruth McClung’s District …Update: 65% Are Invalid

Savers and Spenders Highlighted in NTUF FL Senatorial Study

Former Dateline producer, working with Democratic campaign, accuses GOP candidate of protecting pedophile priests

Reid: ‘But For Me, We’d Be in World-Wide Depression’

Rasmussen: Only 25% Prefer a Government With More Services, Higher Taxes Here.

Partisan grievances over campaign money piling up

Brown's Tax The Rich Mantra Won't Work

Teleprompter to make its debut in Parliament when Obama speaks

Fox Guarding the Hen House: Trial Lawyer Who Repeatedly Sued Food Companies Now Regulating Them

Hickenlooper: Backwards thinking in Western rural areas

Who's Going to Vote This Year?

High Tech Industry Gives More Money to Democrats. Sixty-six percent of contributions from the computers and Internet industry were to Democrats

Cook County: Voting fraud could pose threat in Illinois Senate race

In Economic Woes 10-22

Stimulus Failure: 48 Out of 50 States Lost Jobs Since Democrats Trillion Dollar Stimulus Plan

U.S. Debt Is Child Abuse

The Employee Coercion Act

Obama’s Tax Cut for Rich Oil Companies

The Inequality Delusion. Americans think the U.S. has far more income equality than it has. They want it to be even fairer. Yet they hate the policies that would make it so

New Study Shows Arizona Tax Credits Serve Low- and Moderate-Income Families

The Global Poverty Paradox

Bad Guys of the Foreclosure Crisis

Obama Has No Job-Creation Imagination

Video - Activists Uncover Foreclosure Scandal. Shattered Dreams: Regular folks discover irregularities

An Unthinkable Tax Code

The Myth of TARP's "Profit"

State Overspends, Gets Less for More.

Democrats’ Financial Hypocrisy

Broken California

Can Obama match Britain's guts on budget cuts?

Britain's 'Austerity' Lessons. What Margaret Thatcher can teach David Cameron—and the Republican Party.

France goes on strike while Britain remains silent

Fools Rush in Where Europe Rushes Out

Shamed By What America Owes, Payback Will Begin November 2

Big Union/ACORN/Leftie Groups 10-22

The Democrats and the Union Label

Stifling Steyn

Leftist Group Finds 3,000 Suspect Hispanic Voters to Register & Vote on Last Day of Early Voting in Ruth McClung’s District …Update: 65% Are Invalid

AZ Group Accused of Massive Voter Fraud Is Offshoot of SEIU

Support for Prop 19 Declining

Public-Sector Unions Choke Taxpayers

IATSE Union Member Fired for Wearing Bush Hat and Shirt

Wonder of Wonders

NYC Teachers Union to Transparency: Drop Dead

Juan Williams And The Preference Cascade

Campaign's Big Spender. Public-Employees Union Now Leads All Groups in Independent Election Outlays.

Public Sector Unions Try to Impact November Elections

Chicken Hawk Environmentalists

Great article by my husband's friend Ken Green over at AEI's The American blog titled,
Don’t Call Them Environmentalists Here's the article but follow the above link to the original article which is full of juicy connections to damning articles. YUM.
Over at uber-environmentalist, green, treehugging something-or-other website Grist, Dave Roberts is NOT, repeat NOT, engaging in an effort to rebrand environmentalism. Nor is he running away from it. He is just… going in a different direction. Dave’s desire to extract the climate change agenda from the general environmental movement has nothing to do with its steadily declining popularity, and its complete ineffectiveness in moving the regulatory agenda in the last Congress. Or, at least, that’s his story. “The point is not, emphatically not, to ‘rebrand environmentalism.’ Please kill me if I ever have to listen to another discussion about rebranding environmentalism.”

Dave’s not alone: other, environmentalist, green, treehugging, um, whatever groups, are also chucking Al Gore under the bus, and distancing themselves from the excesses of environmentalism. A few are even honest about it. As the New York Times recently reported about one such group, people in the heartland really don’t want to hear about all that conventional green stuff, so…
“Don’t mention global warming,” warned Nancy Jackson, chairwoman of the Climate and Energy Project, a small nonprofit group that aims to get people to rein in the fossil fuel emissions that contribute to climate change. “And don’t mention Al Gore. People out here just hate him.”
After a discussion with 226 of his green friends people formerly known as environmentalists, Dave has come up with a new name for his team: They’re not greens anymore, though green is good. They’re not environmentalist anymore, because while that’s mostly good, those darned local environmentalists keep opposing climate change boondoggles like wind turbine farms, solar farms, corn ethanol, and so on. And besides, the brand is tainted, and when Lisa Jackson gets done wreaking havoc on the economy under the banner of the Environmental Protection Agency, it’ll be more tainted yet. So the new term of art, Dave argues, is climate hawk.

Dave likes the way it sounds all conservative-like, and macho:
“Yes, I’m well aware that “hawk” has militaristic overtones. Trust me, when it comes to matters military I’m a DFH of the old school. But lefties shouldn’t be precious. The health of Mother Earth just doesn’t move that many people. For better or worse, more Americans respond to evocations of toughness in the face of a threat.

In foreign policy a hawk is someone who, as Donald Rumsfeld used to put it, “leans forward,” someone who’s not afraid to flex America’s considerable muscle, someone who takes a proactive attitude toward gathering dangers. Whatever you think about foreign policy, is that not the appropriate attitude to take toward the climate threat? Does it not evoke a visceral sense of both peril and resolve, the crucial missing elements in America’s climate response?”
Now, I’m sure that since Dave knows that the opposite of a “hawk” in such a context is a “dove,” he’ll take to calling those who oppose his policy desires “climate doves,” right? I like the sound of that, since that’s what I am, a climate dove. I don’t deny the reality of climate change, I just don’t believe assumption-laden computer models that are designed to project Climageddon, and I don’t believe we need to reinvent humanity to prevent the Climapocalypse.

So will I get the sobriquet of “climate dove?” Er, no. In the same article, explaining why he rejected the team name of climate “realist,” Dave trots out the old “climate denialist” language for those who might stand in his way: “climate denialists have tried to claim ‘climate realists,’ but to my ears they just sound defensive and pathetic.”

I’d have to say that given the fact that so many climate change policy-mongers (especially the wealthy ones, like James Cameron and Al Gore) fundamentally live lives of hypocrisy in which they refuse to give up the very things they’re telling others to give up, and refuse to show others the respect that they demand for themselves, a more appropriate term for Dave’s new team might be “chicken hawks,” which the unassailable Wikipedia defines as: “a politician, bureaucrat, or commentator who strongly supports a war or other military action, yet who actively avoided military service when of age.”

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Round-Up 10-21 (Part 1)

I've been ill but am getting better. Hopefully, I'll be back on track by next week. In the meantime, please enjoy this random round-up...

President Obama Job Approval

Obama's Approval Rating at New Low in Most Recent Quarter

PJTV Video - Breaking Away? GOP Takes Lead In Polls
Search for Your Favorite State Salaries Here's the database.

Insurance officials defy industry pushback, finalize key part of healthcare

Stanley Kurtz's irresistible book

A Soros Connection to Juan Williams Firing?

Vaclav Klaus: An anti-human ideology I love this guy. Met him once too!

Election 2010 mandate: Tackle the debt

Your Government: Nice Work If You Can Get It

Lobbying revenue for 2010 3rd quarter

An Interview with One of ObamaCare’s Strongest Foes

How low will he go? Obama approval hits yet another bottom and 54% now say, 'No second term'

Re: Re: Palin

As Greenpeace sets sail, Indonesia stands its ground

Condescension won't prove a very effective campaign tool

Revenge of the Right

The NYT, the Soft Sciences, and the Slow, Stupid Return to Reason. Lefty sociologists finally look past “oppression,” and accept that a culture’s commitment to prosperity affects that culture’s … prosperity.

Three Charts that Will Infuriate Taxpayers

NPR: Where “Teabag” Videos Are Defended But Blaming 9-11 on Muslims Will Get You Fired

Healthcare (October 2010)

GOP seizes early voting edge in key states

Killing our choices. ObamaCare starts to kick in

The Only Victims in the Foreclosure Mess Will Be Taxpayers. There are no heroes or good guys in this story. Only villains.

AP-GfK Poll: Likely voters ready to embrace GOP

Psst! A majority of Americans sees too much political correctness; even more say it's a problem

Angle Hones in on Reid's Personal Finances

Obama Says He Should Have Sold His Policies Better

Getting Out The Vote, the Chicago Way

Leftists, Progressives and Socialists

The Widening Gyre

What the Media Forgot to Tell You About the Bush Tax Cuts

Obama Admin Touts Jobs Created Under Bush

Bono Can't Save The World

Will the 2011 Congress Have the Backbone to Deregulate?

The Myth of Paying One’s ‘Fair Share’

Rasmussen: GOP’s Raese Widens Lead for Senate

Is Barney Frank?

Everyone's disintermediating the gateway media now

A government debt is a government claim against personal income and private property – an unpaid tax bill.

DeMint Threatens To Leave GOP If Agenda Is Not Limited Government

Soros Gives $1 Million to Target Fox News

Random Round-Up 10-21 (Part 2)

Tides Foundation Grantee Was Founded by Convicted Terrorist

Obama Promises of Change Hid His Real Agenda

PJTV Video - MONEY HONEY! Will Corporate Cash Corrupt or Clean-Up the 2010 Midterm Elections?

Obama ads on YouTube draw overwhelmingly negative response

A Purposeful Misunderstanding of the Movement

Fannie, Freddie bailout could nearly double in size

Think Progress Discovers Conservative Philanthropy Is a Lot Like Progressive Philanthropy I love the last line - "Next thing Think Progress will tell us there’s gambling in Atlantic City."

The Obama administration doesn’t have a plan for part two of the mortgage meltdown

Google 2.4% Rate Shows How $60 Billion Lost to Tax Loopholes

Don’t Ask Me about the NAACP’s Desperate ‘Report’ on the Tea Party

Liberal CEOs are the Next Target for Tea Party Activists, says National Center for Public Policy Research

Hubris, Nemesis, and Partying Like It’s 1773

Halloween Scare: Evil Rich People

Is Geithner the next to leave Obamaland?

ObamaCare's Incentive to Drop Insurance. My state of Tennessee could reduce costs by over $146 million using the legislated mechanics of health reform to transfer coverage to the federal government..

Video - Eyeblast Hits The Street: Reactions To Obamacare And The Individual Mandate

HHS Giving States Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to ‘Help Consumers File Complaints’ Against Their Health Plans

Wall St. mogul picked for State Department post

CWA Union Boss Says Tea Party Advocates ‘Slavery’

Al Gore urges California to vote no on climate initiative

Barney Not-So-Frank The Massachusetts congressman implausibly denies his role in the mortgage meltdown.

Tea Party revels in Barney Frank’s money woes

Steve Rattner, canceled

Social Media To Produce More Entrepreneurs?

The Extremists Are Coming!

Facts prove troublesome for Obamo. They always have.

Avoiding the Stalemate State

Every email and website to be stored. Every email, phone call and website visit is to be recorded and stored after the Coalition Government revived controversial Big Brother snooping plans

Majority says no 'change' under Obama, or change for the worse

Soros Gives Media Matters $1 Million to Fight Beck and Fox News

Obama Costs $43K per Person

Volt Fraud At Government Motors

WaPo/AP Caught Revising the O’Donnell Story Without Issuing a Correction

Ground War More Intense Than 2006, Early Voting More Prevalent. Democrats Stirring But Are No Match for Energized Republicans

Juan Williams Commits the Ultimate Kinsleyesque Gaffe

Audit: NJ Turnpike Wasted Millions On Perks

Media comes to the rescue for Democrats

Where Is Gloria Allred?

Schilling: ‘Let the Private Sector Fix This’

At The Blue Curtain Cafe. The joy is in the comments section!

$100 Billion Difference in PA Senate Race

Muslims speak out against NPR’s political correctness

The Hill's 2010 Midterm Poll: Media has gotten more partisan, likely voters say

Nothing to Fear but More Government

Majority of independent voters say Dem leadership is more left wing than they are

On Climate Change, Most Tea Partiers Get It

Soros-Funded Documentary Embraces Left-Wing Terrorists Who Plotted To Kill Republicans

Obama Administration's Priority Is Public Relations

Fannie, Freddie bailout could hit $363 billion

Spain's Solar Deals on Edge of Bankruptcy as Subsidies Founder

Year after year, our culture of dependence grows

Would the Supreme Court Dare Undo the Mandate?

We’re Getting Cap, No Trade

The False Choice Between a VAT and Impossible Spending Cuts
Personally, I'd accept a national VAT on two conditions. 1) No more income or corporate taxes. And 2) All tax rates are transparent and added on at POS and not folded into the price like the taxes on gas is.

George Soros’ Millions Buying ‘Political Reporters’ for NPR

Video - "Today Show" Profiles Gov. Chris Christie

Two Numbers Behind Voters' Sour Mood

Just Say Yes — Or Else!

In wake of NPR controversy, Fox News gives Juan Williams an expanded role. The cable news network signs the analyst to a new three-year contract for nearly $2 million. Meanwhile, conservative figures blast the public radio network for its response to Williams' comments about Muslims.

The best defense against bigoted cultural tribalism...

Labor increases spending on ads in midterm campaign home stretch

Government Intervention in Health Care Increases Costs

Fairfax County Renews Lease for Saudi Wahhabi School

GOP Is Poised to Reap a Redistricting Bonus

Top 10 ways government kills jobs in America

Dude, show some respect

Schumer cutting monster checks to help out fellow Senate Democrats

NAACP Kicks Cameras Out of Presser, Lies, Refuses to Repudiate Gladney Incident

So Much For Smart Diplomacy

White House cancels Obama trip to Sikh temple over Muslim rumor concerns

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mini Round-Up 10-19

I'm sick. So I'll be brief.

President Obama Job Approval

I like him - Jimmy ‘Rent Is Too Damn High’ McMillan Speaks

BWAHAHAHAHA - Early vote a bad omen for Harry Reid. Please Dear Lord, let this trend continue.

A link-loaded and awesome post - Globe Columnist Dares to Question Barney Frank's Credibility

Fannie, Freddie, Frank, and fiction

Republicans Kind of Suck … Which Is Why They Will Win Huge in November. Because in the Democratic land of epic, mega, ultra, apocalyptic levels of sucking, those who kinda suck are king.

ObamaCare, for Some Step right up and get your waiver..

NY Fed, Pimco, BlackRock and Others Suing BofA Over Foreclosure Mess

Big Government’s Government Union Firewall

Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground Sets the Record Straight

The Cult of Multiculturalism. This modern obsession has created problems so obvious that only the intelligentsia could fail to see them.

Day 5 Of NY Times Cone of Silence On Maurice Hinchey Assault

First, Kill All the Pensions

The Overseas Profits Elephant in the Room There's a trillion dollars waiting to be repatriated if tax policy is right..

The Playboy of the Green Hypocrisy

Volt Fraud At Government Motors

I love it when the Left demonstrates it's intelligence - Leftist dullards mock Palin for correctly referencing Boston Tea Party

The left's condescension won't help Dems in November

Pelosi’s Favorable Rating Drops to New Low

Boxer Staff Stonewalls Military Mom on Code Pink ‘Fallujah Aid’ Letter

‘Don’t tread on me’: At least one Tea Partier denied the right to vote in Texas

Poll Watchers Claim Harassment And Intimidation At Houston, Texas Voting Places

Illinois Soldiers Wait for Ballots. Prisoners Get Hand Delivery.

Obama putting himself above party on political spending?
Unions are desperate for a tax-paid pension bailout

VFW's election betrayal. Veterans' PAC gives aid and comfort to enemy politicians

More Enviro Idiocy

Want to Green Your Home? It’s Not for the Faint of Heart This is the summary.

Here is the article - After two years of eco-living, what works and what doesn't. After experimenting with solar panels, gray-water systems and chickens for two years, a budget-minded consumer takes stock of what worked and what didn't.

What she claims are her successes are handily debunked in the first article.

More WaPo Idiocy

Democrats suffer from Americans' unwillingness to accept economic reality

Please somebody Fisk this idiocy hard and good. He is basically saying Americans are too stupid to understand how "great" everything is. What a moron! What an Obamabot tool!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mini Morning Round-Up 10-18

Just back from our trip to see King Tut in NYC (meh) and visit with family and friends (Fantastic!). So here is a mini-morning round-up of things I'm seeing on the internet. Please bear in mind this is being done before I've finished my coffee and since I need to make something like four dozen cupcakes and one small birthday cake before end of day today, I may not get around to a proper Round-Up. But I will do my best. Hope ya'll had as good a weekend as I did.

The delusion-factor in this article is awesome. The liberal media is actually trying to make the reader believe this Congress and its accomplishments are a good thing. Bwahahaha. I'm pointing and laughing at this rather sad attempt to change the tide. A productive Congress gets no respect from voters The article even clumsily brings up historic legislation that democrats passed 50 years ago that we are paying for now as good things. It's very sad, really.

This is easy, it's all bullS$#t - Food label lies: how to sort truth from hype. Just shut up and eat your veggies. No dessert until your protein and veg are eaten. And no snacking. There. You have a healthy diet.

Basically, he's staying with the friendlies hoping they will outnumber the disillusioned. Does Obama even look at polls? Obama targets key groups in election's homestretch

She right you know. Merkel says German multi-cultural society has failed But it is not the local Germans' fault. "When in Rome do as the Romans do" works for a reason. If you immigrate to another country, it is your responsibility to adapt to their customs. Many here in America from two very different areas of the world are failing to adapt to America. As a result, America's "Melting Pot" is fracturing and losing it's vibrancy. New cultures which blend in and use American values as their foundation are successful. Those which do not blend in, become isolated pockets with little chance of mainstream success. That's just a sad historical fact. If you don't want to be an American, then what the hell are you doing here except free-riding?

Bastards. Pentagon braces for huge WikiLeaks dump on Iraq war WikiLeaks, not the folks fighting to keep us safe and free.

I wonder if this has anything to do with Government Motors? Oil change reignites debate over GPS trackers