Monday, October 18, 2010

Mini Morning Round-Up 10-18

Just back from our trip to see King Tut in NYC (meh) and visit with family and friends (Fantastic!). So here is a mini-morning round-up of things I'm seeing on the internet. Please bear in mind this is being done before I've finished my coffee and since I need to make something like four dozen cupcakes and one small birthday cake before end of day today, I may not get around to a proper Round-Up. But I will do my best. Hope ya'll had as good a weekend as I did.

The delusion-factor in this article is awesome. The liberal media is actually trying to make the reader believe this Congress and its accomplishments are a good thing. Bwahahaha. I'm pointing and laughing at this rather sad attempt to change the tide. A productive Congress gets no respect from voters The article even clumsily brings up historic legislation that democrats passed 50 years ago that we are paying for now as good things. It's very sad, really.

This is easy, it's all bullS$#t - Food label lies: how to sort truth from hype. Just shut up and eat your veggies. No dessert until your protein and veg are eaten. And no snacking. There. You have a healthy diet.

Basically, he's staying with the friendlies hoping they will outnumber the disillusioned. Does Obama even look at polls? Obama targets key groups in election's homestretch

She right you know. Merkel says German multi-cultural society has failed But it is not the local Germans' fault. "When in Rome do as the Romans do" works for a reason. If you immigrate to another country, it is your responsibility to adapt to their customs. Many here in America from two very different areas of the world are failing to adapt to America. As a result, America's "Melting Pot" is fracturing and losing it's vibrancy. New cultures which blend in and use American values as their foundation are successful. Those which do not blend in, become isolated pockets with little chance of mainstream success. That's just a sad historical fact. If you don't want to be an American, then what the hell are you doing here except free-riding?

Bastards. Pentagon braces for huge WikiLeaks dump on Iraq war WikiLeaks, not the folks fighting to keep us safe and free.

I wonder if this has anything to do with Government Motors? Oil change reignites debate over GPS trackers

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