Saturday, October 9, 2010

Honest Reporting

NAH. This will never happen.

Daily Round-Up 10-09

Remembering Why Columbus Day Matters


The Coming of the Fourth American Republic


Nicky Diaz, meet Mr. I.C.E.

Beware the Google Bomb

The Other Jerry Brown Insult: Police Chiefs Don't Read

PJTV Video - The Week in Blogs: Obama's Fate is Sealed, Plus See A Real Radical Republican

Holder Loses Gamble on Terror Trial. A ruling this week by a federal judge shows why the president and his AG were wrong in not conducting military tribunals for these unlawful combatants.

Che Guevara; Guerrilla Doofus and Murdering Coward

When Uncle Sam's in Charge, No One Claims Responsibility

PJTV Video - Kruiser Control Special: Don't Be A Such A Rick

What we can learn from watching the libertarians-for-Obama Great Economist Hope get caught doing the White House's dirty work in trashing libertarians against Obama

The Jerry Brown campaign's “whore” comment wasn't the first to slur against a Republican woman. And look where the attacks are coming from—progressives and liberal women.

Kos & Company: Stuffing the virtual ballot box with faux votes


Black Republicans offer hope after Barack Obama's failures on race. The Obama presidency has not led to a post-racial America, says Toby Harnden, but black Republicans in Congress could help break down barriers

Why I am a black Tea Party patriot opposed to Barack Obama. I've seen lives ruined by the welfare dependency backed by this Democratic president. We need the dignity of self-reliance

“A warning from someone whose present resembles your future.”

Tea Party Participation Up As Election Nears

PJTV Video - Rules for Radical Conservatives: Know Your Opponent and the Constitution

Revolt of the Accountants Washington is turning America into Paperwork Nation.

Obamacare 10-09

Senate Office to Host Health Fair for Well-Covered Staffers

Rationing can happen here

ObamaCare Breaks the Top Ten

One aspect of "government-run" healthcare is intense control of yours and your children's lives. For example, British schoolchildren are publicly weighed and measured (nice touch of humilation) to determine if they are "obese" or not. What could go wrong. Hundreds of parents wrongly told their children are overweight because of IT glitch. Hundreds of parents have been wrongly sent official letters warning that their children are overweight because of a computer glitch.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Also Builds Awareness of the Dangers of Government-Run Medicine

Odds are on Supreme Court striking down healthcare reform

There's already a shortage of healthcare in the UK and now this. Revealed: list of hospitals facing A&E and maternity closures and cutbacks. Despite pledges that the NHS would be ring-fenced from government cuts, dozens of A&E and maternity units have been earmarked for closure or mergers If Britain allowed the privatization of their healthcare system, this wouldn't happen. There'd be clinics and doc-in-the-box facilities where needed.

Battling ObamaCare: The Health Care Industry Starts to Awaken. Along the road to the passage of health care reform, Obama encountered little opposition from the very people who had the most to lose, but ObamaCare is now providing a much-needed wake-up call for many medical professionals.

PJTV Video - ObamaCare: If You Like Your Insurance, You Lose Your Insurance

Understanding Healthcare: Healthcare and Businesses

Red tape is driving clinical trials abroad meaning British patients will suffer: experts. Britain is at risk of losing its world leading status in medical research as red tape and cost push scientists to take their clinical trials overseas, experts have warned.

McDonald's Gets Taste of Obama Sausage-Making

Junk Science 10-09

This Week in Eugenics!

Three little letters - DDT. Don't let the bedbugs bite; The little suckers are back

U.S.-China bickering mars climate talks

Will Green Inflation Cost Taxpayers?

PJTV Video - Big Green 1: The Big Money & The Global Governance Agenda That Fuels Environmentalism

PJTV Video - BIG GREEN 2: The Big Business of Scaring America to Death

The Green War on Children

PJTV Video - PJTV REPORT: Election Politics, Gold Prices, and Big Green

Dangerous Carbon Pollution: Propaganda from Climatism

Media Bias 10-06

What we can learn from watching the libertarians-for-Obama Great Economist Hope get caught doing the White House's dirty work in trashing libertarians against Obama

Is Hate Speech Protected?

In spiked Vanity Fair piece, Jewish leaders worry about Obama

Your friend the S corporation. Biased and uninformed.

Big Union/Leftie Groups 10-09

A reckless liberal attack on nation's religious hospitals
This Week in Eugenics!

Daniel Montalvo Defects From Scientology, Gets Arrested By Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

Assploding Hypocrisy: NOW Endorses Jerry Brown For Governor One Day After He Called Whitman a “Whore”…

Why Leftists Want to Pull You All on Mass Transit

What we can learn from watching the libertarians-for-Obama Great Economist Hope get caught doing the White House's dirty work in trashing libertarians against Obama

PJTV Video - One Nation Rally: Defining Moment in the Decline of Leftist Wingnuts

Kos & Company: Stuffing the virtual ballot box with faux votes

Shadow Party: Daily Kos Wants to Googlebomb Republicans into Electoral Oblivion. Markos Moulitsas, aka Daily Kos, denies being part of the Shadow Party, but his blog's latest game gives him away.

Beware the Google Bomb

What Burden of Proof Is Constitutionally Required for Denying Gun Rights to the Allegedly Dangerous and Mentally Infirm?

Teachers Union Spends $15M to Protect Status Quo

In Economic Woes 10-09

The Politics of Foreclosure Washington's latest obstacle to a housing market recovery.

The Foreclosure Mess

U.S. Won’t Recover Lost Jobs Until March 2020 At Current Pace

Moody's considering downgrades on billions in CMBS

How Well Run Is Your State?

Well, So Much for ‘Recovery Summer’ Not at all unexpectedly, the final jobs numbers before the election in 26 days are in and they are, well, grim

Disappearing Jobs

Consumer Deleveraging = Commercial Real Estate Collapse

Promoting Job Creation and Economic Growth

California budget perpetuates deficit spending

Give Less Government a Chance

Nevada’s 14.4 Percent Unemployment Tops Nation; Has More Than Tripled from 4.4 Percent at Time of 2006 Midterm Election

Jobs Tepid, Dems Out, Stocks Up?

The Stimulus Emperor Has No Clothes

Middle Class Slams Brakes on Spending

This Ain't the Answer

It's bleak news for everybody, actually. Jobs report is bleak news for Democrats

Big government giveth, Big Government taketh away

Obama Jobs Deficit Further Evidence of Failure

Bad Politician Bad 10-09

President Obama Job Approval

On Looking ‘Bad’

Marxism, Socialism, Communism, and Obama. Tracing the president's behavior and opinions back to the source.

The John Tierney Scandal: Did Democrat Benefit From His Racketeering In-Laws?

Barrasso: Obama broke 'code of the West' on spending, healthcare vows

Kos & Company: Stuffing the virtual ballot box with faux votes

Obama’s Rolling Stone Interview Proves He's Out of Touch

Trash-talking Democrat faces defeat in Florida

‘Door-to-Door in Levittown’

The Marine Who Has Barney Frank Worried In a district where Scott Brown won, Sean Bielat mounts a serious challenge.

Angle: Reid Helped Child Molesters Get Viagra

Rossi on upswing against Murray?

Poll: In House race, Rob Steele leads John Dingell by 4 points

PJTV Video - Klavan on the Culture's Guide to the Elections, Part 2: WAR!

The Jerry Brown campaign's “whore” comment wasn't the first to slur against a Republican woman. And look where the attacks are coming from—progressives and liberal women.

Political Dynasty? Or American Dream? (The choice is yours.)

Democrat Bastions Besieged by GOP

PJTV Video - PJTV REPORT: Election Politics, Gold Prices, and Big Green

Nevada’s 14.4 Percent Unemployment Tops Nation; Has More Than Tripled from 4.4 Percent at Time of 2006 Midterm Election

Biden: "If We Lose, We're Going To Play Hell"

Jobs report is bleak news for Democrats

PJTV Video - 2010 Election: Can the GOP Expect an Election Earthquake?

Beware the Google Bomb

Food Stamps for Prosperity! Welfare for Jackpots!

PJTV Video - PolitiZoid: Obama's Stimulator 3000

Obama's Illegal Donations

Instapundit linked to this article and then reminded us all of the dubious dealing the Obama 08 campaign engaged in.

Topic of Foreign Money in U.S. Races Hits Hustings

Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations

The Obama Campaign’s Credit-Card Crack-up. A breakdown of controls has enabled foreign and other unaccountable funds to pour into the Obama campaign — and it's not an accident.

FEC Should Start Obama Audit Now

The lack of a computerized address-verification system would allow the Obama campaign’s computers to accept online donations from U.S. citizens above legal limits, and to accept donations from foreigners who are barred by law from contributing at all.

Common Web Tools Make Tracking Donors Doable. A Wealth Of Information Is Available On Even The Smallest Contributors

Donate Obama VS Donate McCain

Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Round-Up 10-08

Sharpton Turns Against Audience Over Lack Of Obama Help

LA Times: Jerry Brown or Aide Caught on Tape Calling Meg Whitman a ‘Whore’

All Your Economic Decisions Are Belong to Us

Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment at 10.1% in September

Two Years in, Obama Still Has an Unemployment Problem

GOP takeover of Congress would mean 'hand-to-hand combat,' Obama warns

Raped Under UN Auspices

If 2010 is an "anti-incumbent" election, how can it be that 80 percent of the incumbents will be re-elected?

Democrats reluctant to campaign with Obama

Phil Hare Denies Saying ‘Debt Is a Myth’

72,000 stimulus payments went to dead people

Tea Across the Pond

Keep fighting! Foes of health care law lose key court ruling

Obamacare vs. the Rule of Law

White House defends waivers from new health law

Union Pushes for ObamaCare Then Is Granted Waiver

FDIC Responds to PJM’s Freedom of Information Act Request. We asked if the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation kept a list of politically connected banks, and if they gave them special consideration as per the OneUnited matter.

Taxes and Presidential Math

Green Fervor, Red Blood Some environmentalists have a warped sense of humor.

Overestimate fueled state's landmark diesel law

The Green War on Children Eco-radicals use violence to achieve their green designs.

How Europe puts America at risk

The IRS and the latest licensing outrage

Labor Dept. Ignores Its Own Conflicts as It Eliminates Union Officer Conflicts of Interest Disclosure!

The Paranoid Style in Liberal Politics

Why Barack Obama is an anti-colonialist

"Fishy Business"

Below is a revision of my husband's orginal article here in the Washington Examiner titled "Fishy business".
Last week, I critiqued Ron Arnold’s story about the “catch share” program being instituted in New England, saying that free-market environmentalists should support Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) programs. I stand by that point.

What is interesting, however, is that the more I look into it, the more I realize that what is being imposed (literally – see below) in New England is not the sort of catch share program I support. As happened with what became cap-and-trade in energy policy, the left has taken a good idea and perverted it so that it is a ghastly parody of the free market institution.

First, it seems that the scientific claim on which the call for action is based is exaggerated. Students of the environmental movement should not be surprised at this, as it is a pattern that repeats itself from DDT to global warming. The claim is that the fisheries as currently managed are in crisis and severely overfished. This does not appear to be the case.

For many years, these fisheries have been subject to regulation that sets a Total Allowable Catch (TAC), which represents the amount of fish scientists believe can be sustainably removed from the fishery. The TAC has not been exceeded for many fish species for years, and in most cases the catch landed isn’t even close to the TAC. For instance, in the last year for which full figures are available, 2008, only 6% of the TAC for Haddock in the George’s Bank area was landed. Fishing sources tell me that this significant undercatch is because of the excessive amount of regulation that dictate when and where fishermen can fish (a “complex web” that is likely to get more complicated if the environmentalists’ latest attempt to designate “critical habitat” for the North Atlantic Right Whale succeeds.) Regulations also lead to significant amounts of caught fish being returned dead to the sea. These regulations will be unaffected, for the most part, by a transition to catch share.

Secondly, the catch share program is not a true IFQ scheme of the sort that has worked in New Zealand, Iceland and elsewhere around the world. In this peculiarly American version, quota shares are not being distributed to fishermen, but to fishing “sectors.” These sectors will then lease out the permits to fishermen. The “sectors” that are getting the permits are almost exclusively signed up to the environmentalist groups’ definition of sustainable fishing, so they are likely to lease permits only to “acceptable” fishing companies.

It is like an energy cap-and-trade scheme where the only companies that got carbon allowances were those that had signed up to the US Climate Action Partnership (which was, of course, the unstated reason behind USCAP in the first place). So the vehicle for allocating permits has become a special interest of itself.

Finally, for now, the reason why this sectoral scheme was used is because, under the Magnuson Stevens Act (Sec. 303A on Limited Access Privilege Programs), any IFQ program would have to be approved of by 2/3rds of the fishermen involved in a referendum. By allocating quotas to sectors, NOAA has performed an end-around run around the act, completely in contravention of the spirit of the law, if not the letter. No wonder the fishermen feel aggrieved.

There are many more reasons to criticize the New England program. Free-marketers should support properly-designed IFQ programs, but the one that NOAA is literally imposing on New England stinks like a week-old fish.

Thanks to all those who contacted me in response to my prior post for opening my eyes on this typical piece of environmentalist newspeak.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unions Stealing Democracy

How Unions or Their Allies Could be Stealing November’s Election Right Now
This extraordinarily detailed and well linked article is terrifying to any American who believes in democracy on either the left or right. If you believe that the foundation of American civil society is every legal citizen having one vote and one vote only, then you need to read the article above.
Here is a prediction: Across the country, there will be races that some candidates will lose even though poll numbers, right now, indicate otherwise.

As you read this, at present, you should know that there are only seemingly disconnected anecdotal dots that are starting to connect. However, if the dots do fully connect, we may not know until well after the November 2nd election if, in fact, America’s democratic election process will have become the victim of the biggest fraud in our nation’s history. What’s worse, with early voting beginning this week in many states, it may already be too late to do anything about it.

One Stop Obamacare Lawsuit Site

What I like most is the interactive map showing all the state lawsuits against Obamacare.

Check out this terrific website!

Read To All Your Children

Letter to my daughter ( in the wake of senseless tragedy)
Hello my girl,
I wanted to say hi and tell you how much I miss you and that I hope your classes are going well and that you are having fun too.
But I also have to have a mommy moment- bear with me here. I won't take long, and I won't be saying anything I haven't already said in one form or another, but it is important.

You may or may not have heard about the NJ college student who killed himself last week because his room-mate had posted videotape of him having sex with another guy. A terrible, senseless tragedy.

My mommy job requires that I remind you of two essential things:
One: Nothing ruins your life forever. NOTHING.
Two: Nothing ruins your life forever. NOTHING.

If that young man had only waited a couple of weeks nobody would have cared- he'd have gotten past it. People have short memories- life would have gotten better, much better. His parents and friends? They loved him prior to the tape- they would have loved him afterward too. A few awkward moments and then life goes on.

But when you are young you don't know that even the awkward moments are fleeting. On this, you just have to trust the old people. Remember when you were really small and cried and cried over something? Well, it didn't last. That's kind of what it's like- awful things happen, you feel like there's a rock in the pit of your stomach, somehow time goes by and it gets better. I promise you, it ALWAYS gets better.

The students, a girl and boy, who were involved in the taping and posting-- they are being charged with bias crime, invasion of privacy and possibly other things. Their college life is over. They will have to live with this death the rest of their lives-- and their families are devastated. What they did was so wrong- but also so kid-stupid. Not to mention mean. And so their lives will be different forever- but even so- their families will love them and they will have time enough to hopefully live in such a way as to make meaning from their mistake.

So, my beautiful girl, never, ever think something is unfixable. NOTHING you do will ever keep us from loving you. NOTHING you do could be so awful you can't get past it.

And if someone is mean to you, and it isn't something you can ignore-- seek out people to talk to about it. Surround yourself with people who are supportive. If you ever need help and don't know how to ask- try writing a letter instead. And right now- before you might need such help- think about who you would talk to if needed. In the midst of turmoil sometimes we don't always think as clearly- having a plan makes it easier to find help in crisis. And remember there are always alternatives. Always.

Finally, don't be mean. Don't let other people be mean. Stand up for the underdog, protect those who aren't as smart or confident or easygoing as yourself. Treat people's feelings like fragile little puppies- if you play with them- be gentle.

I love you so much and I know you really don't need me to tell you this stuff.... but it's my job.
Love and hugs,

Spaghetti Taco

Instapundit just linked to a blog about Spaghetti Tacos but thanks to my daughter's iCarly obsession, I made them ages ago.

Joe Miller - Kind of a Tool

Todd Palin slams Joe Miller in leaked emails

Personally, I think this reflects badly more on Joe Miller and his staff than on Todd Palin. While Todd over-reacted, Miller forwarding the email to his staff and his staff leaking it is far, far more petty.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It Gets Better

Although I am not gay, etc., I did go through a couple of periods of profound dispair in school and as a young adult. And it did get better.

But Tim Gunn's message below is far more moving than anything I could say.

Obamacare 10-06

Healthcare (October 2010)

How About We Just Go Ahead and Assume You Didn’t Like Your Health Care Plan?

One in Four DEMS Want Obamacare Repeal

Doctor Shortage? Use Nurses

ObamaCare can and must be repealed

FDA Records Detail 16 New Deaths Tied to Gardasil

3M to Drop Retirees from Its Health Care Plan

HHS Can’t Meet Their Own Deadlines for Obamacare

Health vote haunts anti-abortion Democrats

Romney and Health Care

And The Good News Is....

Politics from the Kitchen Table

Hard work is the glue that holds society together!

The Brilliant Idea: A cleaner, quieter craft with a radical new design, setting the stage for a fundamental shift in aviation.

Heroes Who Need Help

Focus Less on Sex Education and More on Developing a Conscience

The First Amendment, Separation of Church and State, and Same-Sex Marriage: 5 Questions for Law Professor Eugene Volokh

Junk Science 10-06

Green Supremacists An environmentalist fantasy of violent totalitarianism.

Dust?!? - Going Rogue, Part IV: Guess what the EPA is going to regulate now?

PJTV Video - BIG GREEN 2: The Big Business of Scaring America to Death

EPA regulations will destroy jobs

Your tax dollars at work: National Science Foundation gives $700K grant to theater company for play on climate change

Psychology: The Latest Threat to Campus Free Speech?

Another brilliant moment in AGW marketing

Michael Savage Banned From Britain, 10:10 Global Eco-Terror Campaign ‘OK’ For Now

PJTV Video - Bloody Mess: Black Comedy Meets the Green Agenda

And the comparisons to Jimmy Carter increase - Obama agrees to put solar panels on White House

"Moderate" Doesn't Make It Any Better

Light drinking during pregnancy 'does children no harm'

Daily Round-Up 10-06

TaxPayer's 2010 Ballot Guide

This is the matter of 1099 tyranny.


Incivility to Be Sure

Obama's 'Auntie' and the Scandal of Liberal Hypocrisy

Germany's terror mosque

Obama as Roman emperor -- the rise and fall of the propaganda master. President Barack Obama's campaign of images, emotions, and themes won him tremendous popularity – and the presidency. Now, his poll numbers are dragging, his followers disillusioned. To understand the 'ruler cult' cycle, we must look to ancient Roman emperors like Augustus.

McCarthy Called it; Judge Bars Key Witness in Civilian Terror Trial

he Case of the Terrorist Emeritus

Uh-OH - Man Found With 1 KG of Uranium in India

Green Supremacists An environmentalist fantasy of violent totalitarianism.

Dignity & Suffering

It's people like this that keep me supporting the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the ban on filming military caskets if only for privacy's sake. Anti-gay minister shouldn't be able to intrude on soldiers' funerals Soldiers' remains deserve dignity, not exploitation.

Five Societal Trends That Signal Our Nation’s Decline. America's weather forecast? Cloudy with a chance of collapse.

America's Assassination List

If assassination is OK, what rules are sacred?

Border Patrol Projects Caught Up for Months in Red Tape, Government Study Shows

The Gift of Obama’s Foreign Policy As the antithesis of Bush is learning, foreign dictators are likely to bite the hand that strokes them.

Am I Alone?

Letters to Scalzi: Atlas Snickers


Say NO to Government Subsidies For Frivolous Litigation

PJTV Video (Sonja Schmidt!) - TEA: Taking Effective Action (Against the Liberal Agenda)

True Rebel: Tea Partier & Velvet Underground Legend Moe Tucker

Tea Parties Forge Alliances in Bid to Advance Agendas

The November Elections: The Opening Salvo

Big Union/ACORN/Leftie Groups 10-06

New GM, Same Old Union?

Waiting Long Enough for Superman

PJTV Video - One Nation Rally: Socialists, Astroturfers, and Anti-Israel Agitators Hit the National Mall

Campaign Finance Hounds Target Conservative Groups

Not in Our Name: The ‘One Nation’ March — Today’s Trade Unions and the Left

Inspector General Slams ACORN Spin-off, but Will it Matter?

Leftist Groups Up To Usual Tricks In Florida, Could Cost GOP Seats

PJTV Video - Mall Rats: Union Thugs Occupy National Mall to Support Democrats

Can $100 Million Change Newark's Schools?

Cathy Lanier Won’t Exactly Go Broke if She’s Fired

Your Stimulus Dollars at Work: Teacher Pay Raises