Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daily Round-Up 10-06

TaxPayer's 2010 Ballot Guide

This is the matter of 1099 tyranny.


Incivility to Be Sure

Obama's 'Auntie' and the Scandal of Liberal Hypocrisy

Germany's terror mosque

Obama as Roman emperor -- the rise and fall of the propaganda master. President Barack Obama's campaign of images, emotions, and themes won him tremendous popularity – and the presidency. Now, his poll numbers are dragging, his followers disillusioned. To understand the 'ruler cult' cycle, we must look to ancient Roman emperors like Augustus.

McCarthy Called it; Judge Bars Key Witness in Civilian Terror Trial

he Case of the Terrorist Emeritus

Uh-OH - Man Found With 1 KG of Uranium in India

Green Supremacists An environmentalist fantasy of violent totalitarianism.

Dignity & Suffering

It's people like this that keep me supporting the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the ban on filming military caskets if only for privacy's sake. Anti-gay minister shouldn't be able to intrude on soldiers' funerals Soldiers' remains deserve dignity, not exploitation.

Five Societal Trends That Signal Our Nation’s Decline. America's weather forecast? Cloudy with a chance of collapse.

America's Assassination List

If assassination is OK, what rules are sacred?

Border Patrol Projects Caught Up for Months in Red Tape, Government Study Shows

The Gift of Obama’s Foreign Policy As the antithesis of Bush is learning, foreign dictators are likely to bite the hand that strokes them.

Am I Alone?

Letters to Scalzi: Atlas Snickers


Say NO to Government Subsidies For Frivolous Litigation

PJTV Video (Sonja Schmidt!) - TEA: Taking Effective Action (Against the Liberal Agenda)

True Rebel: Tea Partier & Velvet Underground Legend Moe Tucker

Tea Parties Forge Alliances in Bid to Advance Agendas

The November Elections: The Opening Salvo

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