Monday, October 4, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 10-04

President Obama Job Approval

Ominous new Gallup findings for Democrats: Blacks still love Obama, others not so much

The Rise of Black Republicans Well, it is the Party of Lincoln afterall.

Tim Scott Rises

Delusional liberal elites are still in denial over Obama’s crumbling presidency

Nevada's Largest Newspaper Endorses Angle

McMahon hammers Blumenthal over Vietnam statements

What a tool - Emanuel's 'Glad to be home' video filmed in Washington

Democrat Introduces Legislation to End Right-to-Work States

Feds investigating W.Va. Democratic chairman

Please let this be true - Pelosi's Vote to Adjourn Could Be Her Last Hurrah

Conyers Has Driver's License Suspended After Bounced Check

Schakowsky’s Newest Bank Scandal Links to Blago, Rezko, Obama

He really is a douche - Alan Grayson's Embarassing Tenure in Congress

Could Kirsten Gillibrand Lose in New York?

Blagojevich issue casts shadow on Emanuel

Sweden – the newest Red State

Golden State 'Outsourced' By Boxer

Is Obama losing his hold over college students?

Reporter Assaulted at Leftist Rally

What We Learned from Obama's Rolling Stone Interview

PJTV Video - Liz Cheney on Obama's America: Abandon Our Allies, Apologize for Our Existence, Appease Our Enemies

Behind the Scenes of Obama’s Casual ‘Back Yard Visit’ in Virginia

Lawmakers face daunting tax agenda when they return for lame-duck session

Republicans Should Prepare for "October Surprises"

The awesome Ken Blackwell begs to differ - An October Surprise? Tell It to the Marines

Obama losing magic with younger voters, too

Gov. McDonnell Makes Changes to VA Liquor Privatization Plan

Dems turn fire on conservative third-party groups' advertising

The Lap Dog Coalition Blue Dog Democrats voted with Nancy Pelosi 80% of the time on economic issues.

Scary Monsters

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