Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Round-Up 10-04

Go JC Go! Why is the Tea Party on a roll?


Tim Scott Rises

The Tower of the Sun

Suspension of AB 32 Would Add 150,000 Jobs in California in 2011 and More than 500,000 in 2012, According to New Study


Gloria Allred Has Played The "Nanny Card" Before

Europe to cut power of vacuum cleaners to save energy. The cleanliness of Britain's homes is being threatened by European bureaucrats who want to reduce the power of vacuum cleaners in a bid to cut energy use. It's the sort of thing Obama wants to do here too.

Are we sliding into a tyranny of good intentions

Kagan's recusals take her out of action in many of the Supreme Court's cases Great idea to pick a Supreme Court Justice who has to recuse "herself from 25 of the 51 cases the court has accepted so far this term".

California Death Penalty Once Again Thwarted by Thug Huggers

The 'anomalies’ of Dr Rajendra Pachauri’s charity accounts. Why did the Charities Commission let the European wing of Rajendra Pachauri's empire get away with such poor accounting, asks Christopher Booker

As Instapundit pointed out, don't worry, the government will handle univeral healthcare much better. IRS Answered Only 8.8% of 352,758 Telephone Calls From Deaf Taxpayers

Rejecting Science for Ideology

Who's Smarter Now?


Democrat Introduces Legislation to End Right-to-Work States

Unions Make Vote Push Labor Finds Barriers to Energizing Dispirited Rank and File

SAG and AFTRA Join Forces with Communists and Race-Hustlers for the One Nation Working Together Rally

Plundered by Our Own Employees

The Scribes and the Idea of Freedom

Labor Union Desperate to Save Phil Hare’s Seat

TheDC Analysis: Teachers aren’t heroes and pretending they are only muddles the debate over education reform

Worth recalling: FDR was no fan of public employee unions


Tea Party dominance was inevitable -- and I told you so

PJTV Video - Sarah Palin, Role Model for Women: Dana Loesch Interviews Liz Cheney at Smart Girl Summit 2010

Tea party connecting with more Americans

Debating Daily Kos: Is the Tea Party Violent? Daily Kos' dear leader says the Tea Party has violent tendencies. The facts disagree with him.

NY Gov Patterson Praises Tea Party, Says It Rejects Extremism

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