Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 10-06

President Obama Job Approval

Gallup Delivers a Stunner. The real historical parallel may be 1894 when Republicans took 100 seats. Don't get cocky.

AP-GfK Poll: Working-class whites shun Dems

Obama Strains to Get Liberals Back Into Fold Ahead of Vote

GOP leads widely, Dems in danger but race for House tight

Polls Suggest Election Day Debacle Looming for Democrats

How Big Is The Coming Political Tsunami?

President Obama, Democrats, Struggling With Women Voters

Red Herring Politics: Part II

A New Pitch for Term Limits

Harry Reid’s ‘Hottest’ Senator a Pinup Girl for ACORN. NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is nakedly ambitious, lacking in principles, and has a record for flip-flopping that would shame John Kerry.

Did Linda McMahon Just Win the Race?

Obama loses Perez Hilton. I don't think anyone would cry over losing Hilton.

Anatomy of the Obama Meltdown

The Battle for America 2010: Red October. Find out who gets the Crappy Novelist endorsement, learn more about Nannygate than you ever thought possible, and consider this: What began as the Democrats' year of the Great White Hope in Texas may be turning into a full-blown Republican rout. Plus: MA-4 and OH-10 updates added!

TIGTA to Investigate White House Disclosure of Confidential Taxpayer Data of Political Opponent

Congressman’s wife to plead guilty to tax fraud

Lawyer in Whitman flap mum on details, party ties

Because I loathe Boxer so much (she was rude to my husband once), I hope she continues to link herself to Obama because that's turned out so very well for dems. Boxer Features Obama in New Campaign Video

New Jersey’s 6th In Play

The Two Faces of Michelle Obama

Joe Manchin Suddenly Decides to Sue the Obama Administration

PJTV Video (Hair of the Dog) - Ed Rendell Claims Lying Is Not the Democrats DNA. Neither Is Reality

A Twenty-First-Century GOP. Republicans need to win back tech-savvy, educated voters. Here’s how.

And the comparisons to Jimmy Carter increase - Obama agrees to put solar panels on White House

Government and Mission Creep: An Interview with P.J. O’Rourke

The Gift of Obama’s Foreign Policy As the antithesis of Bush is learning, foreign dictators are likely to bite the hand that strokes them.

Obama's euthanizing of 4th Amendment

Frustrated House still waiting for Senate action on 420 bills

Stay Classy Joe - Biden: 'I am going to strangle' GOP

Too little too late? Obama-Clinton ticket 'on the table,' Woodward says

The GOP Must Fight Earmarks. If Republicans slip back into the bad old habits of the past, they may find this year’s electoral success to be fleeting.

Regarding the War on Earmarks

The Soul of the Spending Machine. Republicans need new rules to aid their policy priorities.

Leftist Groups Up To Usual Tricks In Florida, Could Cost GOP Seats

Busted for Growing Veggies!’s Nanny of the Month for September 2010

The Christie Way vs. The Quinn Way

More Disappointed Voters

NJ Dem Staffer Slaps 68-Year-Old Woman

The House’s Last Minute Net Neutrality Legislation Had ZERO Chance of Passage

Dems turn on Obama over Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo

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