Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random Round-Up 04-03

Obama Removes Jesus from Easter Message

April 15th Tax Day Protests only 14 days away!

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages. Given the crazy pro-Obama bias of some of these polls the fact that the average is near parity is major OUCH for Obama.

Danger Ahead: Obama Jumped the Shark, But Didn’t Drown. A Narcissus just had his own delusions reinforced. Be afraid.

Environmentalism: the new home of the Luddite reactionaries

Tinkering with U.S. global warming data? Say it ain’t so!

And So it Begins…EPA Regulates GHGs Under the Clean Air Act

Poll: Most Americans Remain Against Health Care Overhaul

Liberty in Action: First Private Lawsuit Challenging ObamaCare Filed in Mississippi

A Grotesquerie

Sick Thinking From 'Mainstream' Leftists

Michael Steele's very bad week. Don't blame me, I actually called the RNC headquarters and asked them to choose Ken Blackwell.

EPA Wasted $13,000 on Low-MPG Car Rentals in Copenhagen — Were Offered Free Zero Emission Cars

Coal Crackdown is Bigger Deal Than Obama's Drilling Plan

Watching the Obama administration's energy policy is a lot like trying to learn stage magic. You have to learn to look where he doesn't want you to look.

Digging into the March unemployment numbers

Where Slavery is Not a Metaphor

I always considered it play money anyways - Merkel has saved Greece – but not the euro. The German Chancellor’s rescue exposed contradictions that will eventually kill off the single currency

When you've lost the Germans.....

When the Germans give up on AGW you really do know it's all over…
No people on earth are more righteously Green than the Germans. They built the foundations and set the tone of the modern Green movement in, ahem, the 1930s. They invented the phrase Atomkraft Nein Danke. They were the first country to allow nasty, dangerous Sixties eco-radicals to reinvent themselves as respectable politicians. They were the first place to buy, wholesale, into the solar power con, which is why so many of their rooves – especially on churches – shimmer and glow like reflective-coated crusties at a mid-Nineties rave, while the German taxpayer is ruing the day his government ever chose to subsidise (Achtung Herr Cameron!) this fantastically pointless scheme…

Original Der Spegal article here - A Superstorm for Global Warming Research

And Global Warming, the Next Chapter in Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds Find the connection between Global Warming, Y2K, Tulips and Stock Brokers.

Bush Lite or Obama update

So much for hope and change - Obama 'Even Worse' Than Bush On Secret Wiretapping Case, Says S.F. Lawyer

Obama's Approval Rating Hits New Low - from fawning lapdog CBS so this is really bad news for Obama.

New ProgressiveSpeak: Denial On Obama's Triangulation

This article about the racism attacks by democrats and liberals on innocent TEA Partiers (and anyone who disagrees with them) is terrific - although the title is a tad hysterical - Barack Obama’s Helter-Skelter, Insane Clown Posse, Alinsky Plans to ‘Deconstruct’ America

Flat Tax Argument And Booze

I'm warming up to the flat tax argument but still need to think about it.

And Reason TV wonders if there's a crackdown on cocktails (oh no!)

When Journalists And Politicians Attack

Journo-politico Violence: Deadly Threat or Menacing Trend?

From Iowahawk and OH MY GOODNESS!

It just goes on and on with link after link after link. Kinda horrifying.

Keep Your Pocket Video Camera's Handy

As Glenn Reynolds puts hit when he linked to this video from Sharp Elbows.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Round-Up 03-31

I am slowly getting back up to speed. Slowly.

In honor of courage - Brave Saudi housewife set to win Arabic X Factor after blistering attack on hardline Muslim clerics on live TV

RCP - President Obama Job Approval And Congressional Job Approval (At 18% approval rating, good luck getting re-elected jokers!)

He is the liar's liar -
History will remember how often and how adamantly President Barack Obama insisted that the socialized medicine law he signed last week would reduce the federal deficit. It will be his defining lie.

Gallup poll shows widespread skepticism on ObamaCare costs, effects "Skepticism" is too weak a word for this.

From Newsweek - The Numbers Don't Lie About how little Americans support Obamacare. "Only 21% think the new law will improve their health care, while 50% believe it will make it worse."

If the individual health insurance mandate survives court challenges, states’ rights will have withered before our eyes.
The new health care law has states and citizens lining up — but not quite in the way President Obama or Congress had hoped. Across the country, lawsuits are being filed that could have sweeping implications, not just for health care but our constitutional system. To date, 14 states have joined the stampede to the courthouse to challenge the legislation. One of the most contested issues is the so-called individual mandate under which Congress has ordered all citizens to get medical insurance or face fines. Though the federal government has the clear advantage in such litigation, these challenges should not be dismissed as baseless political maneuvering. There is a legitimate concern for many that this mandate constitutes the greatest (and perhaps the most lethal) challenge to states' rights in U.S. history.
Makes you wonder why they bothered in the first place unless they are complete and utter idiots... oh.

From The Wall Street Journal - The ObamaCare Writedowns—II. Democrats blame a vast CEO conspiracy. Technically, the dems should just look in the mirror.

From The Weekly Standard: Economics for Dummies. Nancy Pelosi’s cockamamie ideas. Really the title of this piece should have been Economics from Dummies.

Speaking of economics for dummies - Waxman Convenes the First Death Panel. The chairman is denouncing businesses for complying with the law. Also from The Wall Street Journal

ADP Says U.S. Companies Unexpectedly Cut Payrolls. Why is it always unexpected unless you've drunk the Obama Kool-Aid. Oh...

Terrific Idea - Advocates: Earmark database needed I'm not necessarily anti-earmarks per se but tracking them and knowing who got what is a VERY good idea! The more sunlight the better.

Birth of a Notion Obama throws the weight of the presidency behind a bogus poll.

SEIU scum are running amok in this administration - Unions buy their way into the White House From The Washington Examiner

From The Washington Times - Obama, who 'excluded lobbyists', has appointed 50. All his promises come with short expiration dates.

From RPC - How Much Debt Is Too Much for Voters? AND America in the Red

Glimpse of our Nanny-State Future - Pet shop owner fined £1,000 and told to wear an electronic tag... for selling a GOLDFISH to a boy aged 14

From Booker Rising

A website to keep an eye on.

Flavored Tea: Black Tea Party Activists Protest Against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid In His Hometown

I love news that runs counter to the MSM "narrative"

Gallup: Congress Abused Power

When you get a majority on Gallup reporting something "rightwing" then you know Rasmussen would have another 5 points added to the polling numbers.

Gallup: Majority Says Dem Health Reform Tactics Were “Abuse Of Power”
Now Gallup has released some new numbers that shed a bit of light on this:

Regardless of whether you favored or opposed the health care legislation passed this week, do you think the methods the Democratic leaders in Congress used to get enough votes to pass this legislation — were [they] an abuse of power, or were [they] an appropriate use of power by the party that controls the majority in Congress?
Abuse of power 53%

Appropriate use of power 40%

No opinion 7%
A surprising 58% of independents, too, said Dem tactics constituted an abuse of power.

Deadly Union Jobs

They Kill the Economy

Naming and Shaming Thugs

Help out if you can.

It’s Time For Out-a-Thug: Help Us Identify These Men (click on this for more thuglife videos)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who's Mainstream Now?

Fox News is crushing its competition!


Fear of Transparency

Dollars to donuts, these clueless democrats forgot that these corporations are legally bound to publish this ghastly financial hit they will take due to Obamacare. The idiots thought this negative impact wouldn't come to light until after the November elections. Ironically, this law that requires the corporations to report the hit their assets will take came about due to bi-partisan, post-Enron financial laws that Waxman himself voted for.

Dems fear honest Obamacare accounting

Take Back Congress to Stop Obamacare

Take Back Congress to Stop Obamacare

Monday, March 29, 2010

Franken - The Jerk's Jerk


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