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Daily Round-Up 05-28

President Obama Job Approval

DC Bank Protest: ‘Showdown In America’ Motives #3 And #4 Does this make it right for me to TP Visa's CEO's house because I owe them money?

What if Sestak isn't the only one?

Sestak: When White House Speaks, I’ll Speak

You'd have thought they'd gotten the hang of this by now - Disorganized White House Can't Even Get The Friday News Dump Right

Here's the PDF of the memo but it still smells like old sushi to me.

White House asked Clinton to talk to Sestak about Senate run

Obama dodges, but Sestak questions won't go away

It’s Not the Crime, It’s the Cover-Up — Sestak Edition

Sestak Can’t Keep Quiet, Plot Thickens

Will the United Nations try to intervene over Arizona’s new immigration law?

I'm happy to say "I told you so" - ObamaCare: Death Panels Are a Real Concern After All

It's a start - GOP moves to repeal healthcare law

This is a terrific and comprehensive Tea Party article and I only have one nitpick. The anger people feel about Obama's "bitter clingers" comment is not being called "bitter" but the condescension about what we "cling" to.

Time to Fight Back Against the EPA's Power Grab

We’re too broke to be this stupid. Beleaguered taxpayers may finally put a stop to the sheer waste of government spending

Obama's Master Plan: Targeting and Eliminating the Dissenters

Liz has Left; But Corruption Remains at Salazar's Interior

Obama, awash in answers on oil

Racists: Illegal immigration crackdown passed by … Massachusetts senate

Investigators: Edmonds rape suspect deported nine times

Good for her - Palin makes good on fence threat

Adam and Obama

So a man named Adam Albrett (also known as Muhannad Almahmoudi) has threatened Obama's life. Now as much as I deeply dislike Obama's policies, I whole-heartedly reject assassination.

In one of the many articles about this breaking news - Patent Attorney Arrested for Threatening President Obama - it is explained that Mr. Albrett is a patent attorney and CEO of Serenada. Lebanese-born, he came to the US and attended the University of Virginia's law school.

But this is not the first time Mr. Albrett has been unhappy with US policies. He is reported in this story back in 2003 in Electronic Iraq readers flood France with anti-war support as saying
That said, many of those who wrote have never read an article in this newspaper. They wrote in order to address French public opinion, a sort of letter in a bottle. One of them, Adam Albrett of Sunnyvale (California), states that he also wrote to "various organizations in the United States" calling for Jacques Chirac to be awarded the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize
. Basically, Mr. Albrett deeply supported Mr. Chirac's opposition to the Iraqi war. In itself not a sin by any means but one can only imagine his fury at Obama for his various drone attacks and his authorization of assassination of US citizens.

According to the Patent Prospector, Mr. Albrett wrote this "alleged message to the White House":
"THIS IS NOT A JOKE...Inform the FBI, CIA, U.S. Military and DOJ that I am going down to DC to blow the brains out of OBAMA unless he vacates the White House and I am going to shoot up the place and Rham [sic] if I see him... THIS IS NOT A JOKE...I am going to leave Mara at home with water and some food..."

Mr. Albrett's distaste for Obama is clear but he doesn't much like his adopted country either. In January 2009 he wrote a letter to Asia Times Online (scroll down) discussing Israel. It is not out of place for someone with Mr. Albrett's presumed background.
On some days I wish the US had succeeded in Iraq so that Mubarak and King Abdullah II of Jordan could be examples to the rest of the high price to be paid for toeing the line of US/Israeli influence. The price is nothing less than one's rule or crown. Go ahead and let Hamas sink (it won't), but don't complain when you are living out your last days like a kafkaesque cockroach and someone like [senior Fatah official] Mohammed Dahlan or one of his sons lords it over you and your people. Even if Hamas wins it doesn't mean that Arab leaders' authority is secure. The US and Israel will never stop trying to get someone like Dahlan, [Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad] Allawi or one of his sons in power, and their promises to the contrary are just lies that so deepen the pain when their treachery eventually strikes. As Nobel prize winner Bertrand Russell pointed out regarding the limits of inductive thinking, the hand that feeds the chicken every day is the same hand that twists its neck.
He is clearly an intelligent man who has been enraged by Obama's policies. The starting phrase "On some days" implies that on most days he wishes America had failed in Iraq and he ends with stating that the US and Israel's promises "are just lies" and they are planning "treachery".

This letter was written just as Obama was taking office. While Obama is certainly not pro-Israel, it is clear that Mr. Albrett was hoping for a lot more "change" than he got from Obama. He became profoundly disillusioned with Obama's policies and finally snapped.

Mr. Albrett is entitled to his opinions (which I disagree with) and he is entitled to be furious at Obama (which I am as well) but he can not threaten assassination. Period.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

When 85% Is Real Bad

We're All Babies in a Nanny State It's a terrifying statistic that Bill Whittle mentions in this PJTV Trifecta video about the importance of raising children with two parents - 85% of violent offenders in prison grew up without a father.

Afternoon Round-Up 05-27

Sestak/White House Bribery Scandal Ends Badly However You Slice It

Obama Says 'Official' Explanation Coming 'Shortly' on Alleged Sestak Job Offer

Look Who's Behind the White House/Sestak Stonewall

House Ethics Office turns over PMA-related files to Justice Department

A thug too far, part 5

Euro-Style Liberalism Leads to Euro-Style Violence By the SEIU's, Public Union Thugs

Actually they were always real but I'm glad you are finally figuring it out. ‘Death panels’ were an overblown claim – until now

CEI Seeks Climategate- and FOIA-Related Documents from University of Virginia

Taxpayers Foot Bill For "Stimulus" Weatherization Fraud

Extreme Refreshment Crackdown The FDA’s Misguided Campaign Against Alcohol Energy Drinks

"Extenders Package" Raises Taxes on 1 Million Small Businesses

The facts on whether Dems are in fact pushing a $165 billion union pension bailout

Study finds increased gov’t spending results in unemployment

Tax Liabilities for Sample Families Under Bush & Obama Tax Law

Obama's Chicago homecoming is not so sweet

PJTV Video (ZoNation) - Kids Gone Wild! Are Parents to Blame?

Candidates urge illegal immigrant crackdown in Massachusetts!

Reclaiming Our Language From the Left

Climategate and the Scientific Elite Climategate starkly revealed to the public how many global-warming scientists speak and act like politicians.

Morning Round-Up 05-27

Sestak scandal could be Obama's 'Watergate' AND Joe Sestak's lying or he's protecting a felon in Barack Obama's White House

Apparently this wasn't the first time Obama used the "Chicago way" - Sestak-gate: White House Offered Romanoff Job Too Typical liberalism, it failed the first time so let's do it again.

ObamaCare vs. Small Business. Why the National Federation of Independent Business supports the constitutional challenge to the health-insurance mandate.

Doctors on edge as Congress again goes to the brink to hold off Medicare fee cuts Personally, I'm trying to get as many medical concerns addressed as possible before Obamacare rationing kicks in.

She's hitting back and I hope she bloodies some noses! Nina Easton: What I saw at the SEIU thug protest at that banker’s home

Is HuffPo Threatening Political Pressure in Gladney Case on Behalf of SEIU?

Crisis Management. A strong quick read but I nearly did a spit-take with my coffee when I read this...
The first quote is good advice for judging the sincerity of someone attempting to persuade you to a course of action. When Al Gore leaves his huge mansion, hops on his private jet, then takes an armored SUV to lecture you about how we all have to reduce our carbon footprints and in general end our rampant consumptionism, it's pretty easy to tell why his eyes are brown

Chicagoans React To Recent SEIU-NPA Mob Actions

Big Labor's Payoff

Why does this not surprise me? Did the U.S. Government Leak James O’Keefe’s Privileged Attorney-Client Emails to the Press?

A Tea Party Candidate before Tea Parties were cool. Here's a candidate who has a good sense of the People's Mood.

Personally, I see this as an opportunity to challenge California's draconian anti-smoking laws. Similarly this could also result in a challenge to all "No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service" laws. Some Strange Consequences of Public Accommodations Laws

A Conservative Lesbian confesses to her torrid affair with Will Folks

The Alaska sensation is recruiting and endorsing GOP women nationwide—spooking the Democrats. Mark McKinnon surveys her 11 top prospects.

He's so dreamy I forget to listen. Just kidding (sort of), he makes an excellent point in this An Open Letter from the VodkaPundit

Majority give Obama, feds failing grade on oil spill response. I wish the press would stop reporting on things we already know.

The "Raging Cajun" Rages on Obama!

Carville goes ballistic on Obama over oil spill. SWEET!

Especially sweet is the indirect but positive comparison by Carville between Bush's handling of Katrina and Obama's handling of the spill. Everything Carville suggested Obama do are the very things Bush actually did.

Scandal Repeats Itself?

"It Depends Upon What The Meaning of 'Job Offer' Is"

Boundlessness Must Go

This review of Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State, by William Voegeli titled Insatiable Liberalism from The Claremont Institute's Fred Seigel discusses liberalism's origins in America and why its "boundlessness" must be bounded.
Liberalism's most acute critics such as University of Virginia political scientist James Ceaser emphasize the centrality of crises, real or manufactured, in expanding the size and reach of the liberal state (as in the recent case of the supposedly imminent global warming catastrophe). In Never Enough, Voegeli, a visiting scholar at Claremont McKenna College's Henry Salvatori Center and a contributing editor of this journal, points to a complementary concept: liberalism, he argues, "lacks a limiting principle." This boundlessness, as it might be described, is familiar to Americans across the country who have watched, for instance, secondary school costs and college tuitions grow at roughly twice the rate of inflation for a quarter-century now. This boundlessness generates some of the apprehension that animates the Tea Parties. As a friend asked me rhetorically—referring to the fact that the failing schools in Washington, D.C., spend $28,000 a year per pupil while Harvard tuition costs $34,000 a year—"When will enough be enough?" The same question could be asked regarding federal and state spending. Liberals, Voegeli explains, sometimes avoid trying to answer these sorts of questions by execrating as greedy racists those who ask them.

Liberals found a warrant for expansive government in their reconceptualization of the American republic. The Federalist had grounded government and rights in the imperfections of human nature. The proto-liberals of the Progressive era, who had drunk deeply of Darwinism, disposed of the notion of an inherent human nature. Like Woodrow Wilson, they were done with "blind" worship of the Constitution. Their concept of rights flowed from the felt necessities of history as it unfolded. History required, as Wilson argued, that "[t]he government of a country so vast and various must be strong, prompt, wieldy and efficient." Highly trained, disinterested experts, the products of university education, were to wield this powerful instrument untethered from Madisonian restraints and guided by visionary insight into the direction of history. Of course, notes Voegeli, "the dubious authority asserted by those who claim they can see farther over the horizon than the rest of us is, among other things, a way to make their own political preferences cast a bigger shadow."
Read the whole thing.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

About Time

Justice Department Sued Over Black Panther Documents

100Things You Should Know About DDT

I am very pro-DDT and think Carson and her Silent Spring to have blood on their hands.

This great post 100 Things you Should Know About DDT is a fascenating read. This nauseated but did not surprise me.
11. Population control advocates blamed DDT for increasing third world population. In the 1960s, World Health Organization authorities believed there was no alternative to the overpopulation problem but to assure than up to 40 percent of the children in poor nations would die of malaria. As an official of the Agency for International Development stated, "Rather dead than alive and riotously reproducing."

[Desowitz, RS. 1992. Malaria Capers, W.W. Norton & Company]
Every item on the list has a verifiable citation. Enjoy.

Sestak Scandal

Obama's Job Program. What did the White House promise Joe Sestak if he dropped out of the Senate race, and why won't they talk about it?

Look Who's Behind the White House/Sestak Stonewall

Sestak White House scandal called 'impeachable offense'

Sestak-Gate: Did Obama Commit an Impeachable Offense?

GOP requests special prosecutor to investigate Rep. Sestak's job offer Given the DoJ's track record with this administration, I wouldn't hold your breath.

ACORN/Big Union/Leftie Groups 05-25

A thug too far, part 4

Lost Angeles: Taking On City Hall for Political Stunts & Attacks on Arizona's Immigration Law AND DC Bank Protest: So, SEIU Now Owns the Cops Too?

Constituents Using a Forum to Register Displeasure With Representative: Spooky!* 700 Angry Protesters on a Bankster's Front Lawn: "About damn time"

Hit job: What Media Matters and the SEIU got wrong about Fortune’s Nina Easton

Obamacare 05-26

On the hidden cost of national health care My British mother-in-law has basically housebound because of socialized medicine AND because they deny her the one pain medication that helped with her arthritis ("too expensive") she no longer has the creative outlets she used to. I can not tell you how EVIL nationalized healthcare is. Evil. Death panels-are-real-Evil.

Think I'm kidding? Obama Names Rationing Czar to Run Medicare
“Happy birthday,” the ebullient doctor told the British health care socialists. If you have not noticed already, this man has a crush on collectivism. “Cynics beware,” he said. “I am romantic about the National Health Service; I love it.” This love extends to approbation for rationing health care and using the health care system to redistribute wealth.

“You cap your health care budget, and you make the political and economic choices you need to make to keep affordability within reach,” Berwick told the Brits."
That's the man Obama picked to make medical decisions about your health. Enjoy.

Obamacare’s Cooked Books and the ‘Doc Fix’

Obama Administration’s Taxpayer Funded Medicare Mailer Is Disputed By Their Own Actuary

Daily Round-Up 05-26

President Obama Job Approval This is the worst average for Obama I've seen. Just about dead even and under 50%. And I'm willing to bet a dollar, it is still gonna drop.

There's No Business Like Small Business My husband's post on NRO - The Corner.

I (heart) ZoNation (PJTV Video) - Doo-Doo Economics: Flushing Tax Payer Dollars Down the Drain

Unacceptable. NYers wage jihad vs. WTC mosque AND PJTV Video - London Super Mosque vs. the Ground Zero Mosque

Every Debt Clock Ever.

Head Start Scandal on Par With ACORN’s Antics Yet another reason for yanking the Head Start funding.

Ag Department shuts down embarrassing subsidies database So much for transparency.

When the Government Sector Grows, the Private Sector Shrinks

Our country is in the best of hands - Two more Census workers blow the whistle

The FCC's False Marketing Campaign to Regulate the Internet

Great Now Greenie is going after our food - EPA will gather factory farm waste information to settle lawsuit filed by environmental groups Face it, because this is the EPA, this is a preordained conclusion.

The Kerry-Lieberman Bill Will Cause American Layoffs

Wow and Ouch - Now That It’s Over, The Grey Lady Sings

Going "Green"

Just another act of deadly treason

Who's Side is He On?

Absent-in-Chief: Obama MIA for Memorial Day, Vacationing as Spill Worsens

Chris Christie to teacher: If you don’t like my education budget, find a new job

Anti-tax group hits Nevada GOP candidate in ad

Slaves to the government dole

Big Labor's Payoff

Presidential Prank: Now You See Spending, Now You Don't

President Obama clashes with John McCain in Republican luncheon

Rep. Schakowsky and ShoreBank: New Evidence of Conflict of Interest

Schumer's racket: Lobbyists and hedge funds

Mass Democrat Defection: Liberals Attack Obama’s Response to Oil Spill Crisis

And this my friends is what I mean by too much government regulation - The Pentagon's 26-Page Brownie Recipe

A Tale of Three States

Audio of WH Reporter: Gibbs Privately Scolded Press for Asking Too Many BP Questions

No Obama Coattails for 2010

The President's Self-Pity

Alabama Has Some Smokin' Hot Pols This Year!

“And they’re not going to call me a racist.”
Go 'Bama Go!

Two other Alabama ads are here.

Climategate and the Scientific Elite

Below is my husband's article originally published on National Review Online.

Climategate and the Scientific Elite.
Climategate starkly revealed to the public how many global-warming scientists speak and act like politicians.

Who knew President Eisenhower was so prescient! I'm just glad that MMR turd has been kicked out of medical practice. Let's hope they do the same to the climate warming scientists who've been proven to have falsified their data.

Free Speech Vs. Freedom to Assemble

This is a tough one but in the particular instance of the Snyder's, I hope the Supreme Court rules in his favor. Slain Marine's father fights funeral protesters

Snyder, a Pennsylvania resident, is challenging the protests held by the fundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas. Westboro pastor Fred Phelps and other members — many of them Phelps' family members — have become well known for their funeral protests, which they have used to advertise their belief that U.S. Iraq war deaths are punishment for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality.

Church members have protested at numerous soldiers' funerals nationwide. In March 2006, they protested at the funeral of 20-year-old Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, Albert Snyder's son. Standing outside the funeral at a church in Westminster, Md., Westboro members held signs that read "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "You're going to Hell," among other things.
I bow to no one in my support of free speech, even when I want to wring the neck of the person speaking. But no one has the right to deliberately disrupt a funeral. Especially a the funeral of a man who died protecting your rights.

Twenty-nine states have signed up supporting Mr. Snyder's case and my question is why haven't the other twenty-one?

The Westboro tactics are repulsive and vile. Do they have the right to "rhetorical hyperbole"? Yes. Do they have the right to engage in "rhetorical hyperbole" at a stranger's funeral? Absolutely Freaking NOT.

Let's face it, the Westboro group is using "shock value". It's a nasty trend developed by Baby Boomers and their ilk to get attention. Shock value used to have currency but if we all work together we can debase that particular coin. May I suggest naming-and-shaming, legal recourse, funding withdrawl, and osticizing. Only once, shock value, created by "rhetorical hyperbole", is valueless can truly civil discourse begin.

Because manners, tradition, and customs are not some bourgouise relic of the past. They are the social glue of all communities and have evolved over all of human development as a way to mantain cohesive societies. Courtesy isn't quaint, it is a vital need if we are to work together as human beings. Learning good manners is learning to treat everyone with respect, dignity and fairness.

As always I blame the societal upheavals caused by the Baby Boomer's but we all now are responsible for reversing their bad behavior. While that generation refuses to grow up or accept responsibility for the ills their "movements" inflicted on us, we must insist on grown-up behavior from others.

Whether it is naming-and-shaming bad behavior or supporting Mr. Snyder's fight, just because you want to do something does NOT give you the right to do it. Defending Mr. Snyder's right to bury his son in peace isn't just about freedom to assemble, it's about the rights of all Americans to be treated with dignity and fairness. Good manners and civil behavior from everyone creates that respectful treatment. The Westboro group deserves to be made an example that Americans will no longer tolerate shocking behavior as a form of communication.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daily Round-Up 05-25

Obama Approval Index Hits New Low Well, he's been hitting a lot of new lows lately.

President Obama Job Approval

Obama Is Not Beholden to Big Corporations. He Is Beholden to the Executives of Big Corporations.

Also at new lows - Private pay shrinks to historic lows

From Investor's Business Daily - Mob Rule From SEIU

A thug too far, part 3

Unions -- The OTHER Democratic National Committee. Unions have made no secret that they plan to spend $100 million dollars to keep Democratic incumbents in office in 2010.

Pay, and pay some more, for the union label

As D.C. Cops Fine-Tune Their Story, Where’s the Washington Post On the SEIU Protest At the Bank Of America Exec’s Home?

Classic Sowell: Justice and Injustice

Video: Professor booed at Arizona graduation for criticizing immigration law

The Tax Caps Cometh Massachusetts shows how to put a lid on education spending increases.

Blumenthal digs deeper

White Guilt and Original Sin What the racial left has in common with the religious right.

Government: Destroying Your Wealth a Trillion Dollars at a Time

"Little-Noticed" is the New "Unexpected"

White House takes heat over spill response

American Jobbery Act Dissecting this week's stimulus bill.

The Privileged Call for Limited Dictatorships

Three Un-American Activities of Barack Obama

Obama White House probe of Obama White House finds no Obama White House impropriety on Sestak

White House's Sestak bid

Sestak’s Stall Not Working

Lack of sunlight over Mr. Sestak's claims

The Culture Wars are turning

Opposing view on financial reform: Step in the wrong direction

They're All Obama Liberals Now

Fawning press now gets cold shoulder from Obama

Planned Parenthood Patient Taken to Hospital, After Possible Botched Abortion

Waste, Fraud and the Truth

The Top Ten Lessons of the Global Economic Meltdown

THEY'RE WORRIED Libtalkers Worry Public Outrage Shifting Toward Obama

Monday, May 24, 2010

In Economic Woes 05-24

Marx, Keynes, Pelosi

Don't Rule Out a Double Dip Recession. In addition to Europe's woes, we have slower growth in China and a decline in bank lending and the velocity of money in the U.S.

The Gathering Revolt Against Government Spending

This is akin to giving a known embezzler power of attorney - Frank to chair Wall Street bill conference

Cliff-Diving into Dependency, and Trolling for Democratic Votes. Welfare-related enrollment and spending is out of control — and the recession has very little to do with it.

Los Angeles: Tyranny of a Bankrupt City

When a public pension is a trust fund

Democrats Insert Union Pension Handouts Into Tax Extenders

Bad Politicians Bad 05-24

President Obama Job Approval

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

The incredibly shrinking favorable ratings for the Democratic Congress

House Freshmen Democrats Fleeing Obama Heading Into Midterms

The Gathering Revolt Against Government Spending

Relative to the lawlessness - The U.S. Justice Department has dropped a probe of American International Group Inc executives involving the credit default swaps that sent the insurer to the brink of bankruptcy and forced a huge taxpayer bailout, lawyers for the executives said on Saturday

Questions mount on claim of illegal White House job offer

What Joe Sestak would have to prove to make a case against the Obama White House

Dems Now Calling For White House / Sestak Bribery Investigation

Tea Party energy fuels effort to recall senator

For President Obama, staff firings come well after political firestorms die down

Cliff-Diving into Dependency, and Trolling for Democratic Votes. Welfare-related enrollment and spending is out of control — and the recession has very little to do with it.

Personally, I find him repugnant - Mexico’s Calderón Condemns the Country that Keeps His Haggard Land Afloat

ACORN/Big Union/Leftie Groups 05-24

President Obama Deeply Connected To Organizers Of Recent Angry Street Mob Actions

Outrageous! D.C. Metro Police Escorted SEIU Protesters to Bank Of America Executive’s Home UPDATED: Police union responds
Read more at the Washington Examiner:

A thug too far, part 1 AND A thug too far, part 2

SEIU, HuffPo and Media Matters: Is an Unholy Alliance About to Unravel?

The feral vanguard
Increasing levels of coercion are necessary to expand the socialist system, and keep wealth producers trapped within it. To maintain popular support, the socialist needs voters to stay angry at designated class enemies. The Obama style of total government control over private businesses tends to turn feral with frightening speed, because it attempts to preserve the illusion of private enterprise, even as the “entrepreneurs” are enslaved to the total state.

What's really behind SEIU's Bank of America protests?

Daily Round-Up 05-04

The Pulitzer Board’s Mysterious Aversion To Rupert Murdoch And the Wall Street Journal

A New, Emerging Black Leadership

PJTV Video (Klavan on the Culture) - Imagine There's No Border

Obama Should Send Sarah Palin to Louisiana

Remember Obama's emergency Gulf Oil 'SWAT' team inspections?


PJTV Video (Front Page with Allen Barton) - Donut Eaters Beware: The EPA May Want You (Disclosure: Marlo works with my husband, he's very good and plays a mean fiddle.)

Overturning EPA’s Endangerment Finding Is a Constitutional Imperative

Obama’s Model ‘Green’ Country? Denmark Evicts Citizens, Clear-Cuts Forests for Windmill Space. Following the embarrassment of having recommended Spain's failed "green" programs, Obama switched to using Denmark as a model. Best out of five?

A Legislative Trojan Horse

We Know About Soros — But Who Is Maurice Strong? Canadian mogul and avowed socialist Maurice Strong manipulates governments to benefit his "green" portfolio and those of his friends: George Soros, Ted Turner, Al Gore, and China.


I promise you that number is only gonna go up - 63% Favor Repeal of National Health Care Plan

Healthcare law tax credits encourage small businesses to stay small, not hire

10 Things That Are (and Aren't) in the Healthcare Bill

Central planning’s bad medicine

The Administration Is Lawless

Charles Krauthammer is not a bomb-thrower. Sure, he is conservative but he gives credit where credit is due so when he says that this administration is "near lawless", it is shocking.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A New Reason To Hate Obamacare

It's an attack on marriage...
ObamaCare means a new tax will disproportionately fall to lower and middle income couples who choose to get married rather than just live together. The House Republicans gave an example of an unmarried couple, each earning $25,000, for a total income of $50,000 who would pay annual health insurance premiums capped at $3,076. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that about 17 million people would receive such subsidies in 2016 under the House health care bill. A married couple with the same combined income, $50,000 a year, would pay premiums capped at $5,160 — a “marriage penalty” of $2,084.

It's The Southern Border That's The Problem

That Ain't Hay, It's The USA.
Stupid, arrogant and massive negatives for threatening to use Eminent Domain. Evil really.

It's The EPA, What Did You Expect

A Very Disturbing, Job-Killing Trend

Who's A Rube Now Liberal Assassin?

What’s most striking to me about all of this is that — as I noted yesterday (and as Olbermann stressed) — George Bush’s decision merely to eavesdrop on American citizens without oversight, or to detain without due process Americans such as Jose Padilla and Yaser Hamdi, provoked years of vehement, vocal and intense complaints from Democrats and progressives. All of that was disparaged as Bush claiming the powers of a King, a vicious attack on the Constitution, a violation of Our Values, the trampling on the Rule of Law. Yet here you have Barack Obama not merely eavesdropping on or detaining Americans without oversight, but ordering them killed with no oversight and no due process of any kind. And the reaction among leading Democrats and progressives is largely non-existent, which is why Olbermann’s extensive coverage of it is important. Just imagine what the reaction would have been among progressive editorial pages, liberal opinion-makers and Democratic politicians if this story had been about George Bush and Dick Cheney targeting American citizens for due-process-free and oversight-less CIA assassinations.

If We've Learned Anything...

If we've learned anything about who we should elect for president in 2012 from the current administration, it's not that people of different ethnic backgrounds can not be president. Absolutely not that.

It's not that Senators can't be president. Although I strongly believe (and always have) that Senators in general are a worse choice than governors and that freshmen Senators should NEVER be president.

But what we have learned is never, ever elect anyone from Chicago to the presidency. Ever.

Never, never, never.

I Am Ashamed

I've been a rotten blogger lately. My round-ups have suffered. I've been tired, very busy, and thinking about developing a new business.

Also, I don't know about ya'll but I have been overwhelmed by the amount of corruption pouring out of the White House, Congress, and the Mainstream Media lately. Every day, they seem to concoct a fresh hell evoking paralyzing anger and horror. At least in me.

When I think of the arrogant stupidity Congress and Obama engage in each and every day, I am revolted and fear they are turning the great United States of America into a third-rate banana republic. When I consider how the above mentioned arrogance and stupidity is reported in the media I am disgusted by the complete and utter failure of 21st century journalism.

I will never be ashamed of being an American but I am deeply ashamed of how our Federal government is being run. I am repulsed and ashamed of the collapse of responsible journalism. And I am ashamed of the vile acceptance of corrupt politicians in our highest circle of government.

What's wrong with you people?

So, in an act of self-protection, I have not been blogging or doing my round-ups as much as I used to because it was so exhausting trying to keep up.

But perhaps that is their goal. Perhaps the democrats in Congress, knowing the hand is writing on their walls, are hoping to pass as much crap as possible knowing that once the voters kick them out, Obama will veto all repeals.

Well, I can promise you this. If I am reading the will of the people correctly, not only will all the bums be kicked out of Congress but all their crap will be repealed as Congress can overrule any vetoes of Obama's by passing the repeal bill a second time with a two-third majority in each house. The democrats and Obama should live to see all their corrupt works undone.

And that should be our goal in this fight. To win enough of a majority in each house to stop and reverse all of the socialistic laws originating from Obama and the democrats. To crush, once and for all, this movement to destroy the American values, the American exceptionalism that made this country so great.

I promise to try harder to help expose the unethical, the corrupt and the deceptive so that we can all make solid choice based on real facts.