Monday, May 24, 2010

Daily Round-Up 05-04

The Pulitzer Board’s Mysterious Aversion To Rupert Murdoch And the Wall Street Journal

A New, Emerging Black Leadership

PJTV Video (Klavan on the Culture) - Imagine There's No Border

Obama Should Send Sarah Palin to Louisiana

Remember Obama's emergency Gulf Oil 'SWAT' team inspections?


PJTV Video (Front Page with Allen Barton) - Donut Eaters Beware: The EPA May Want You (Disclosure: Marlo works with my husband, he's very good and plays a mean fiddle.)

Overturning EPA’s Endangerment Finding Is a Constitutional Imperative

Obama’s Model ‘Green’ Country? Denmark Evicts Citizens, Clear-Cuts Forests for Windmill Space. Following the embarrassment of having recommended Spain's failed "green" programs, Obama switched to using Denmark as a model. Best out of five?

A Legislative Trojan Horse

We Know About Soros — But Who Is Maurice Strong? Canadian mogul and avowed socialist Maurice Strong manipulates governments to benefit his "green" portfolio and those of his friends: George Soros, Ted Turner, Al Gore, and China.


I promise you that number is only gonna go up - 63% Favor Repeal of National Health Care Plan

Healthcare law tax credits encourage small businesses to stay small, not hire

10 Things That Are (and Aren't) in the Healthcare Bill

Central planning’s bad medicine

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